Friday, January 29, 2010

Barney Frank and Friends

WTF is he doing in DAVOS on YOUR DIME, America?

"Wary of regulation, bankers mobilize; CEOs seek ways to engage officials" by Christine Harper and Aaron Kirchfeld, Bloomberg News | January 29, 2010

DAVOS, Switzerland - The leaders of some of the world’s biggest banks met yesterday on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum to come up with ways to reassert their influence with regulators and governments....

Like they aren't already controlling them, sigh.

The closed-door meeting aimed to prepare executives for another meeting in Davos on Jan. 30 with policy makers and regulators, including the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat....

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In a separate private gathering, Frank spoke to about 50 investors, including KKR & Co. cofounder Henry Kravis, Carlyle Group managing director David M. Rubenstein, and Third Point LLC chief executive Daniel Loeb....

Meeting with Carlyle, huh, Barn?

And this guy has a reputation as some sort of flaming liberal?

Frank said after the session that he was going to “crack down’’ on hedge funds. He did not elaborate.

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I'm so tired of that sickening gas bag.


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I was right, wasn't I, readers?


We are tired of dealing with banks,’’ the man said. “I know you care. I know you’re trying, and I appreciate the pledge of $30 billion to small businesses. But lending to the banks to lend to us is not the answer. It’s just not.’’

Yeah, the AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW, world!

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