Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chinese Ticked Off Over Taiwan Weapons Deal

Nice going, Obama.

You are failing faster than Bush!

Where is that false-flag Mossad/CIA/MI6 "terror event," huh?

Can't come quick enough, can it?

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Didn't take long for China to answer, and boy are they pissed!

"Military ties with US cut over Taiwan" by Associated Press | January 31, 2010

BEIJING - China suspended military exchanges with the United States, threatened unprecedented sanctions against American defense companies, and warned yesterday that cooperation would suffer after Washington announced $6.4 billion in planned arms sales to Taiwan. The response to Friday’s US announcement, while not unexpected, indicated that China plans to put up a greater challenge than usual.

Hey, it's all a balancing act, but cha-ching, check cashed!


Yeah, say goodbye to your economy and standard of living, AmeriKa, as China slowly dumps dollars and decides not to fund the war-busting budget deficits.

See you next time around, AmeriKa!!!