Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Continuing the ClimateGate Lies

It's what really brings you down when considering AmeriKa's MSM.

The war lies, the looting, come to expect them. Even understand them to a certain degree; however, LYING about the WEATHER so $OME PEOPLE can make $OME CA$H?

(That flushing sound you heard was the tattered toilet paper of MSM credibility whirlpooling out)

"Himalayan glacier report not backed up; UN study forecast total loss by 2035" by Associated Press | January 21, 2010

GENEVA - A United Nations warning that Himalayan glaciers are melting faster than any other place in the world and may be gone by 2035 was not backed up by science, UN climate specialists said yesterday - an admission that could energize climate change critics.

Yeah, WE KNOW! "Hide the decline."

In a 2007 report, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said the Himalayan glaciers are likely to disappear within three decades if the present melting rate continues. But a statement from the panel now says there is not enough scientific evidence to back up those claims. The warning in the report “refers to poorly substantiated estimates of rate of recession and date for the disappearance of Himalayan glaciers,’’ the panel said. “In drafting the paragraph in question, the clear and well-established standards of evidence, required by the IPCC procedures, were not applied properly.’’ The Himalayan glacier claim, made in the group’s voluminous Nobel-receiving report, was little noticed until The Sunday Times said the projection seemed to be based on a news report....

India’s Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday repeated his criticism of the panel’s assessment of the Himalayan glaciers. “The health of the glaciers is a cause of grave concern, but the IPCC’s alarmist position that they would melt by 2035 was not based on an iota of scientific evidence,’’ Ramesh was quoted as saying by The Times of India....

Translation: They are all s***-shoveling liars, and it is SO SAD!!!!



Like someone once said, tell a lie long enough and people will believe even the most foolish things.

Strongest hurricanes may double in number

The strongest Atlantic hurricanes may almost double in frequency by the end of the century as the planet warms, US scientists said yesterday in the journal Science.

Of course, we have just had two of the quietest seasons on record here, but why let that get in the way of the s*** sell?

"Melting Arctic ice helps cable project" by Dan Joling, Associated Press | January 22, 2010

ANCHORAGE - Global warming has melted so much Arctic ice that a telecommunications group is moving forward with a project that was unthinkable just a few years ago: laying underwater fiber-optic cable between Tokyo and London by way of the Northwest Passage.

Sorry to SPOIL the PARTY, BUT....

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Cold Night in New England

What do you mean the ICE is EXPANDING?

The quicker transmission time is important in the financial world where milliseconds can count in executing profitable trades and transactions....

Oh, IT'S NOT FOR YOU, stoo-pid cell-phoner! It's for BIDNESS!!!!!

The project, while still facing many significant obstacles, also serves as an example of how warming has altered the Arctic landscape in profound ways.

Yeah, NOT TO MENTION a FEW OTHER THINGS, if you know what I mean.

The loss of summer sea ice prompted the United States to list polar bears as a threatened species in May 2008. Walrus in two of the last three years gathered by the thousands on Alaska’s northwest shore rather than ride pack ice to waters beyond the outer continental shelf.

Yeah, PREY on your HEARTS rather than PRESENT FACTS!

Summer sea ice melted to its lowest recorded level ever in late 2007, and most climate modelers predict a continued downward spiral. The result is a path through the Northwest Passage.

Translation: It has been BUILDING BACK UP EVER SINCE and the MSM and GOVERNMENT are LYING TO YOU about it.


But no repercussions for lies, even the hugest lie in history:

"UN climate panel chief will not resign

NEW DELHI - The head of a panel of United Nations climate scientists said yesterday that he would not resign despite a recent admission that a panel report warning Himalayan glaciers could be gone by 2035 was hundreds of years off. The claim, made in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s voluminous, Nobel-winning report, came in a paragraph with several errors. Data indicate the ice could melt by 2350.


In fact, the MAKE POLICY off the LIES:

WASHINGTON - Seeking to resuscitate stalled global warming legislation in Washington’s suddenly changed political climate, a bipartisan group of senators including John Kerry of Massachusetts has been conducting private talks this week with the White House and a key business group over an array of concessions sought by Republicans.

The election of Scott Brown as Kerry’s colleague has added urgency to the negotiations for a compromise, which would include the Democrats’ goal of limiting carbon emissions while encouraging development of nuclear power, subsidizing coal mining, and drilling for off-shore oil. Trying to win Brown’s support for a deal is part of the effort....

How does it feel to be BETRAYED AGAIN, enviro-cultists?

And, YOU, too, Massachusetts voters!

Maybe the "revolt" isn't what it seems, huh?

During his US Senate campaign he said the regional program did not work and expressed doubts about the science of global warming....

He meant he knows about the lies.

Realizing that the climate change bill will die without Republican and moderate Democratic support, environmentalists in recent months have been reexamining their priorities and considering whether they should give up long-held opposition over issues such as offshore drilling in exchange for action on the broader issue of reducing greenhouse gas production.

Yes, YOUR MOVEMENT has been HIJACKED by the VERY SAME INTERESTS you thought you were fighting against, enviros!

“Many people understand that getting a bill through the Senate may require accepting policies that were previously unacceptable,’’ said Daniel Weiss, director of climate strategy at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.

Kerry accompanied Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, and Senator Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, to a White House meeting on Wednesday with presidential chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to discuss shaping a bipartisan bill.


The trio met Thursday with officials of the US Chamber of Commerce, which has been critical of “cap-and-trade’’ measures to limit greenhouse gases that have passed the House and been approved by a Senate committee.

Yeah, I heard the BANKS were BAILING on carbon offsets, so this may be much ado about nothing.

At the meeting, the senators said they were focusing on a strategy that would provide subsidies to kick-start construction of nuclear power plants, encourage the development of technology that would bury carbon emissions created by the burning of coal, and promote offshore drilling.


Although the chamber will make no commitment until a bill is unveiled, its vice president for government affairs, Bruce Josten, said that “generally we were in synch’’ because Kerry, Graham, and Lieberman were proposing an array of incentives for developing energy resources that would coincide with carbon emissions reductions....

Read TAX DOLLAR$, folk$!

Kerry said yesterday via e-mail that he is trying to follow a different political route on climate talks to avoid the pitfalls encountered during the health care negotiations.

“Unlike health care, we start out with a bipartisan issue where a progressive senator from Massachusetts and a conservative from South Carolina have already struck an alliance,’’ Kerry said, referring to himself and Graham. “We never had that on health care. Lindsey Graham and I even had a great meeting with the US Chamber of Commerce this week to get them engaged. What’s that tell you?’’


In interviews before Brown’s election, Kerry and Graham said they needed a bipartisan plan that appeals to disparate interests to get climate change legislation passed.

“You cannot pass a bill without a coalition of all of these senators,’’ Kerry said. “You are going to bring nuclear to the table, coal to the table, renewable and alternative energy folks to the table.’’

Graham, who said he believes the threat of global warming is real, said Republicans won’t support legislation to curtail carbon emissions without a plan to expand energy production.

“The environmental community understands that there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that a climate change bill is going to get 60 votes’’ as it was originally written, Graham said, referring to the number of votes required to break a filibuster. Negotiations are speeding up in part because of a recent announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency that it may unilaterally impose limits on carbon emissions.

And a snowball has to move pretty fast in hell.

That has motivated some Republicans to seriously consider striking a deal with Democrats instead of risking a crackdown by the EPA.

Translation: Bend and spread, America.

See: Obama's EPA


At the same time, Senator Lisa Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, is pushing a resolution to block the EPA’s effort. If Murkowski gains significant support from Democrats (several have indicated they may sign on) it could strip away chances for a bigger compromise.

The possibility that the EPA could act unilaterally to reduce carbon emissions stems from a lawsuit, Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency, in which the Bay State and others sued the government over its failure to control carbon dioxide levels. The Supreme Court in 2007 ruled, 5 to 4, that the EPA has the authority to regulate the emissions, but the Bush administration did not act. The Obama administration announced on Dec. 15 that carbon emissions endangered public health and pledged to take action.

Yeah, thanks a lot for f***ing the nation, Massachusetts?

Can't you s***ters be number one in something good for a change?

Before the Supreme Court ruling, “the question always was legislation versus no legislation,’’ said Representative Edward Markey, the Malden Democrat who coauthored the House climate bill. “The new formulation is legislation versus regulation. That changes the playing field for companies all across our nation.’’

Yeah, the leading jet-$etter of the global warming cult.


Of course, they blame global warming for everything so I'm sure it is to blame for this:

"British tourist, 6 others killed in rare torrential Middle East storms and flooding" by Associated Press | January 19, 2010

CAIRO - Rare torrential rains across the Middle East swept away homes, marooned resort towns, and killed seven people yesterday, including a British tourist, in what officials are calling the worst flooding in at least a decade.

The flooding along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, the border with Israel, and in the south left six people dead. It also damaged the roads leading to the resorts in the Sinai desert and brought down telephone and power lines. Israel temporarily closed its southern border crossings with Egypt and Jordan, while Jordanians were warned off the streets after nearly a dozen accidents in one area.

Really odd timing, isn't it?

Rains of this magnitude, which began Sunday night, are rare in this largely arid region and where heavy precipitation can result in sudden and deadly flash floods....

The heavy rains also washed away a dozen mud brick homes in southern Egypt and killed two women. Scores of families in Aboul-Rish village in Aswan slept outdoors after their homes were destroyed.

Seems to be a LOT of THAT going around these days!!!

In the famed monument city of Luxor, bad weather caused power failures in several neighborhoods and disrupted Nile cruises, sailboat, and ferry schedules. The heavy rains also killed a woman in Ras Sudr.

The dead lady is an afterthought compared to the boats?

What more is there to say about AmeriKa's MSM?


And don't believe me, readers.

Believe in NATURE, believe in the ANIMALS!

"After treatments, rescued sea turtles released off Florida" by Associated Press | January 16, 2010

JUNO BEACH, Fla. - They came in crowded trucks and left by flipper: Hundreds of endangered sea turtles are being released back into the Atlantic Ocean now that Florida’s weather has warmed enough.

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And please remember the MSM said the weather got warmer for later, thank you.

Officials in the Sunshine State helped rescue nearly 3,000 turtles from frigid waters in the past week, as air temperatures dipped into the 30s.The turtles - which weigh as much as 400 pounds - were found across Florida as the chilly temperatures sent them into a cold stress, leaving them stunned and largely motionless, the perfect prey for predators. After about a week of treatment, including soakings in heated pools and oxygen therapy, the turtles are headed back into the wild.


That might not have been such a good idea:

"Cold weather takes toll on Fla. manatees" by Associated Press | January 27, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - More than 100 manatees have been found dead in Florida waters since the beginning of the year, mostly victims of a nearly two-week cold snap.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the preliminary cause of death for 77 of the endangered animals is cold stress. They were found from Jan. 1 through Jan. 23.

The Sunshine State saw unseasonably cold weather starting around the first of the year that killed fish and stunned thousands of sea turtles. Officials say the numbers of dead manatees from the cold is a record for a single year. The previous record, set last year, was 56 deaths from cold stress.



Oh, poor fellas!

Yeah, the FREEZING COLD of FLORIDA ONLY WENT AWAY in my "newspaper."

I'm feeling a bight frigid toward them these days, readers.

Balmy bout of wind, rain hits region


Of course, we all know what it i$ about:
Developed nations urged to honor climate change pledges to poor countries