Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just Another Sad, Sad Sunday

Yes, I do wish it was Monday.

Between the Invisible Inks (web stories I find when I check their site) that never appear in my newspaper, the Sunday Censorship (articles my s***-city local picks up that New England's largest daily ignores? Sob!!!), the unknown rewrites, reedits, or scrubs, and the everyday printed fare, I'm really down this morning, readers. You will see why momentarily as I track back and move ahead for you.

I just want to take the time out for a moment to thank you, my dear followers. I haven't done that in a while. YOU are what keep me going and I love you all.

Meanwhile, let me clear out some things that are sad; however, I wonder about the news choices and selections on a given day, readers. WTF is going on down in the Boston Globe ed meetings? Is it all who you know? Who the authorities give 'em?

The floor is open for your interpretations, readers

Edwards admits child from affair

Glob has been running items on that sleazy scum all week.



Oh, I'm sorry, does my SARCASTIC ZINGER bother you?

Hey, I'm ONE of 'EM (and no, the priest never touched me) so I CAN SAY DEROGATORY(?) THINGS about my own, right?

You know, it is also worth noting the ENQUIRER was
way out in front of the MSM on this -- which is NOT GOOD for the MSM!

Anyway, I'm straying....

Quitting smoking aids patients with lung cancer, study finds

That's kind of self-evident, isn't it?

WTF? Some "study."

Methuen woman, 69, found dead near VFW hall

News of woman’s death shakes up Methuen

Bartender's death ruled accidental

Now look, I am SAD WHEN ANYONE DIES (except war-criminals and looters who deserve it); however, WHAT is with the INITIAL FRONT-PAGE METRO FEATURE over a BARFLY?

Then we get THREE DAYS of COVERAGE for a SLIP while DRUNK?

Aren't people dying in wars?

You judge the selections for yourself, readers.

College student stabbed to death

Ex-boyfriend charged in Fitchburg student's death

She made page B2, then B3.

Gloucester pans teen pregnancy TV movie

The Globe REALLY IS FICTION -- because THEY COVER IT (Al-CIA-Duh!)!!!!

And look who they give me as FRONT-PAGE HEROES today!!!!

"Three lives linked by call to duty, common tragedy; The sacrifices of Harvard Law graduates who took unconventional paths leave friends and classmates searching for answers about themselves" by Farah Stockman, Globe Staff | January 31, 2010

WASHINGTON - They were three best friends at Harvard Law School who turned their backs on lucrative careers to follow an exceedingly rare path:

Their choices - made out of passion, patriotism, and an urge to live an unconventional life - intertwined their fates.... In law school, their interest in military and intelligence work made them oddities to many classmates. Now, in law firms and investment banks across the country, some who knew them are questioning their own career choices. Indeed, their friends said, the close relationship of the three, their commitment to confront America’s enemies, and the tragic arc of their lives underscore how rare it is for people with privileged educations to volunteer to fight America’s wars.


Yup, no end in sight to them, and it's obvious the CIA controls our newspapers, America. Such a shame.

Well, tomorrow is February 1st and the high-school hoops season is heating up and the tourney is taking shape. I think I will start passing on the Globe and periodically get the pathetic(?) local s***-sheet (see Globe, it ain't just you; it's all of you)! You got one extra month out of me after my New Year's resolution, Glob -- and now you are going the way of the NYT.

This year will mark my 10-year anniversary of attending in my current run of games, readers, and it has been one of the -- no the most -- enjoyable things I have ever experienced in my life, readers. Other than actually playing the game myself, watching so many spectacular players and seeing so many incredible games has (sadly?) been the funnest and most pleasurable experience of my life.

Maybe I'll hand-type some clippings over the next few weeks to provide you a change of pace, as well as linking some of the local stories. I know just where to go!!

Gee, readers, I'm been hanging around these newspapers too long. I'm ending a sad, sad, Sunday on a happy note!

Not for long.