Monday, January 25, 2010

Netanyahu the Narcissist

What falls out of his mouth is really unbelievable at times.

He can't possibly believe what he says.

"Netanyahu’s claim riles Palestinians" by Mark Lavie, Associated Press | January 25, 2010

JERUSALEM - Israel’s leader declared his country’s permanent claim to parts of the West Bank yesterday, angering Palestinians again and complicating efforts by President Obama’s Mideast envoy - though the same claim was also made by previous, more moderate premiers.

Timing and context lent weight to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to two Jewish settlements and his declaration that they would remain in Israel forever, just as envoy George Mitchell was trying to restart peace talks....

This is the equivalent to taking a dump in Obama's face, folks.

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And the Israelis are supposed to be our friends?

In his claim, Netanyahu was referring to what Israel calls its “main settlement blocs,’’ most of them close to Israeli population centers. Israel has long said it would keep the blocs, where about 80 percent of its 300,000 settlers live, and trade Israeli land to the Palestinians in exchange for the blocs....

Yeah, but NO PRECONDITIONS if you are a PALESTINIAN, according to that scum NaZionist!!!

In Jordan, Mitchell appeared unmoved by Netanyahu’s declaration, restating the US goal of a Palestinian state living next to Israel in peace.

Yeah, I suppose after a while, you begin to grow immune to anything.


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Oh, yeah, did I mention I was tired of those, too -- especially the lies?