Friday, January 29, 2010

Something Happened On My Way to the Forum

I was sidetracked to Brazil -- but only for a brief.

"Capitalism slammed at Brazil social forum" by Associated Press | January 26, 2010

Well, what would you like?

Communism? Socialism? NO THANKS!

I used to think like that, but never again!!!!

What we need is REAL CAPITALISM as envisioned by the CONSTITUTION, not this FASCIST MATTER we have in front of us!

The GOVERNMENT is the CORPORATIONS and the CORPORATIONS are the GOVERNMENT! And THAT, my fellow Americans, is FASCISM!

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil - Thousands of leftists converged yesterday in southern Brazil to spend five days railing against unfettered capitalism at the World Social Forum, the annual countercultural gathering held to protest the bankers and world leaders who will attend the World Economic Forum at a Swiss ski resort.

I see leftists and I think controlled opposition and big show (whar about the carbon footprint, guys?). Why has this annual gathering, etc, accomplished nothing in the world?

And the Globe's lone coverage of the controlled-opposition leftists is the opening of the conference? Seen nothing on it since.

Watch how quickly they MSM turns even this article into a Swiss promotion.

To the sounds of thundering drumbeats and samba blaring from sound trucks, 5,000 activists marched through Porto Alegre waving communist flags and shouting socialist slogans. They assailed corporate greed as the main reason the world plunged into an economic slump.

Nothing LEFT WING about that at all.

Organizers said they expected as many as 15,000 activists from around the world to swarm into this city.

Just wondering how they got there, and why they don't care about the earth and their carbon footprint.

In contrast, the economic forum that starts tomorrow in Davos is expected to see fewer leaders than in years past....

I told you! Globalist, agenda-pushing press can't help themselves; must always, push, push, push, the agenda.

Bankers Plead Poverty On Bonuses

Yeah, they usually call them masters of the universe.

Lingering fallout from the financial crisis is proof that the world economy must be retooled to benefit people, not big companies, said Francisco Whitaker, a Roman Catholic activist and cofounder of the social forum who was exiled from Brazil during its 1964-1985 dictatorship....

Activists are increasingly energized by the prospect of persuading governments to tackle corporate excess and spread more wealth to the needy, he said. Participants are expected to take strategies back to their home countries.

So the LEFTISTS are really NOT ABOUT CHANGE at all, huh? Just a SHOW!