Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: As the Allix Falls

Maybe I chop it off here, readers:

"Boston caretaker stole from disabled veteran, DA says" by Melissa Hanson, Globe Correspondent  March 27, 2015

A Boston Police Department civilian employee was indicted Thursday on charges of stealing about $128,000 from a disabled veteran while she was working as his caretaker, officials said.

Michelle Allix, 48, of South Boston, was suspended without pay from her Police Department position after being charged with eight counts of larceny over $250 from a person over 60 or disabled by a Suffolk County grand jury, according to a statement from Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley and Police Commissioner William B. Evans.

Allix was working part time as a personal care assistant for the now 64-year-old Vietnam War veteran when she allegedly stole the money between September 2010 and October 2013. Allix did not commit the offenses while working in an official police capacity, Conley and Evans said.

A phone call to Allix’s residence was not answered. She is scheduled to be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court on April 16, prosecutors said.

According to authorities, the veteran was living in a Brighton nursing home during the time of the theft. Allix had unsupervised access to his bank account for payments and withdrawals that he was supposed to authorize.

She also had access to a Hyde Park condominium he owned, Conley and Evans said. The victim’s family became suspicious of Allix’s actions, which led to a Boston police anti- corruption unit investigation.

“It always infuriates me when someone takes advantage of those who deserve our utmost respect and admiration,” Evans said in the statement. “I hope these indictments bring some comfort to the victim and his family.”

Not as bad when it is any old slob like me or you, reader?

Allix allegedly used the victim’s bank account to withdraw more than $120,000, including some transactions that were recorded at ATMs in casinos. 

Great. At least people like her won't have to go far soon.

She also allegedly wrote checks using his account to pay her own bills and credit card debt, wrote a $4,000 check to herself, and used the man’s debit card to purchase items from home shopping channels.

In addition, Allix kept a portion of the veteran’s money after he sold his car, according to authorities.

“These indictments reflect evidence of a heartless betrayal,” Conley said. “A caretaker entrusted to act in the victim’s best interests should not be siphoning his bank account for her personal benefit. As a disabled older adult, this victim was particularly vulnerable, which makes the allegations even more disturbing.”

Yeah, where does she think she is working, Wall Street?!!??


Looks like the Globe cut it as well(?).