Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Boston Globe Cancer Gives Me the Benz

I really ought to decompre$$ and stop buying it then:

Dana-Farber head to retire next summer

"Simmons president makes cancer fight a ‘public journey’" by Linda MatchanGlobe Staff  March 20, 2015

September was a very inconvenient time for Simmons College president Helen Drinan to learn that she had an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Students were flocking back, orientation was in full swing, and she was scheduled to lead the final leg of a national $100 million Simmons fund-raising campaign.

But her annual mammogram detected a fast-growing tumor in one breast. She would need surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and then five years of drug therapy.

When she got the news, she cried. Then, with almost no time to consider it, she made a decision: “I will live this as a public journey,” Drinan, 67, resolved. After all, Simmons is largely a woman’s college and breast cancer is primarily a woman’s issue....

I'm going to cut it off right there.


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