Thursday, April 9, 2015

Missouri Mischief

Just fooling around today, readers:

"Danforth cites political bullying in Schweich eulogy" Associated Press  March 04, 2015

CLAYTON, Mo. — Former US senator John Danforth denounced the ugly nature of American politics Tuesday while eulogizing Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich, suggesting that political bullying and anti-Semitic whispers led his friend to kill himself.

Danforth expressed ‘‘overwhelming anger that politics has gone so hideously wrong’’ as he spoke at a memorial service that drew many of Missouri’s top elected officials and hundreds of others to the Episcopal church Schweich had attended in suburban St. Louis.

‘‘Words do hurt. Words can kill,’’ he said. ‘‘That has been proven right here in this state.’’

Say goodbye to free speech, and there is more to it than this (read everything).

Schweich, 54, fatally shot himself Thursday in what police say was an apparent suicide at his home in Clayton. Schweich leaves a wife, two children, and a political career seemingly on the rise. He had launched a bid for the Republican nomination for governor a month before his death, and was locked in a contentious primary with Catherine Hanaway, a former Missouri House speaker and US attorney.


"Mo. lawmakers demand GOP chief quit" Associated Press  March 13, 2015

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The chairman of the Missouri Republican Party mounted a public defense of his reputation Thursday as several state lawmakers called for his resignation over his alleged involvement in an anti-Semitic whispering campaign against a state auditor who committed suicide. 

So this is the cover the Jewish media is giving us for a political murder meant to cover up corruption? 

How can anyone take at face value any of the agenda-pushing slop we are being exposed to these days? Either outright lies or distortions beyond belief.

GOP Chairman John Hancock said that he is not resigning and that he has been the target of ‘‘malicious rumors’’ from people who believe he was telling Republican donors former auditor Tom Schweich, also a Republican, was Jewish.

Schweich fatally shot himself on Feb. 26, just a month after declaring his candidacy for governor and minutes after telling reporters he was ready to go public with allegations that Hancock had made anti-Semitic comments about him.

Maybe it wasn't comments he was going public with at all.

Schweich was a Christian, but he said he had Jewish ancestry.

On Thursday, five Republican lawmakers called for Hancock, who has said he mistakenly believed Schweich was Jewish, to resign.


And then comes ANOTHER "suicide?"

"Mo. auditor spokesman is apparent suicide" Associated Press  March 31, 2015

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The spokesman for the Missouri auditor’s office left a note before he was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound late Sunday, about a month after his boss killed himself, police said Monday.

Robert Jackson was found dead in his home in Jefferson City after police responded to a well-being check, said police Captain Doug Shoemaker.

Jackson’s boss, Auditor Tom Schweich, fatally shot himself at his home on Feb. 26, shortly after telling a reporter he wanted to go public with allegations that the Missouri Republican Party chairman told people he was Jewish. Schweich, who was Christian, said he perceived the remarks to be part of an anti-Semitic whispering campaign against him.

Jackson was among the first to say after Schweich’s funeral that the chairman, John Hancock, should resign. Hancock has denied that any remarks he made were anti-Semitic, and he has not resigned.


Let's keep the narrative going, shall we?

"Judge rules man will be tried in Kansas Jewish site killings" by Heather Hollingsworth, Associated Press  March 04, 2015

OLATHE, Kan. — A white supremacist accused of gunning down three people at Jewish sites in Kansas will go on trial for capital murder, a judge ruled Tuesday.

District Judge Kelly Ryan decided sufficient evidence exists to try Frazier Glenn Miller, 74, of Aurora, Mo., in the 2014 deaths at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park and a nearby Jewish retirement home.

Miller has said he felt a duty to kill Jews before his death, which he believed to be imminent because he suffers from emphysema. None of the three was Jewish....


I sure hope that wasn't another staged and scripted fiction, and I don't want to muck around too much in it either way.

Maybe you can make sense of this one-day wonder of a psyop:

"Eight shot to death in Mo. rampage" by Jim Salter, Associated Press  February 28, 2015

TYRONE, Mo. — A man who authorities say may have become mentally unbalanced by the death of his ailing mother killed seven people and then took his own life in a house-to-house shooting rampage in this tiny town in the Missouri Ozarks.

Joseph Jesse Aldridge, 36, carried out the killings with a .45-caliber handgun Thursday night or early Friday at four homes in Tyrone, the no-stoplight community of about 50 people where he lived with his mother, the State Highway Patrol said.

Aldridge was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound before dawn in a running pickup truck on the middle of a highway 15 or 20 miles away. No suicide note was found, authorities said.

The patrol said four of the dead — two couples — were cousins of Aldridge’s, ranging in age from 47 to 52. The names of the rest of the dead — and an eighth victim who was wounded but expected to survive — were being withheld until relatives could be notified.

All the victims were adults and were gunned down within a few miles of one another.

Authorities said the motive was unclear. But as the investigation unfolded, they found Aldridge’s 74-year-old mother dead, apparently of natural causes, on a couch in her home, officials said.

She had been under a doctor’s care and appeared to have been dead at least 24 hours, Texas County Coroner Tom Whittaker told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Whittaker speculated that the son ‘‘came home and found her deceased and then for whatever reason went on a rampage and started killing people.’’

Around town, Aldridge was described as a recluse. It was unclear what he did for a living.

The killings traumatized Tyrone, a town about 40 miles from the Arkansas line where many residents are related to one another, Sheriff James Sigman said. He said the last homicide in the county was a year and a half ago.

‘‘Start locking your doors,’’ the sheriff said. ‘‘The world’s changing. You’ve got to be safe.’’

I do.

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The sheriff’s office learned of the attack when it got a call about 10:15 p.m. Thursday from a woman who said she had fled to a neighbor’s home after hearing gunshots in her house.

The neighbor, who refused to give his name, said the teenage girl was barefoot and clad only in a nightgown when she came running across a snow-covered field full of thickets that left her legs cut up.


Children are in danger in Missouri:

"6-year-old heart patient’s shooting death rattles St. Louis" Associated Press  March 20, 2015

ST. LOUIS — A funeral was held Thursday for a 6-year-old heart patient killed during a shootout at a city park that his parents say stemmed from a traffic dispute.

Marcus Johnson Jr.’s parents figured a sunny day at the park was just what their son needed while recovering from heart surgery. Instead, the outing turned deadly when the boy was shot in the chest.

The boy’s father, Marcus Johnson Sr., said he returned fire in self-defense as the rolling shootout continued for several blocks.

In an unrelated incident, a toddler was shot in both legs Tuesday in another city park. That child survived.... 

Where are the police when you need them?


What kind of a world do we live in where children fear to play?

"Homeowners association denies playhouse for ill girl" Associated Press  March 06, 2015

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The parents of a young girl with leukemia want to build their daughter a playhouse, but they have been blocked by their homeowners association.

Pete and Jennifer Schultz, who live in the Kansas City suburb of Raymore, say they need the playhouse for their daughter, Ella Joe, 6, because her health keeps her from playing with other children. ‘‘She’s earned this — she deserves it,’’ Pete Schultz said, according to the Kansas City Star . ‘‘She can’t get out and play with other kids. . . . Is it really going to hurt someone?’’

The homeowners group released a statement saying the proposal didn’t have enough details to merit an exemption.


They relented a day later. 

As for other things, I can't remember the last time the lights flashed over in Ferguson, so won't be talking about the future of the police chief as a judge is now looking into the matter and police are to blame. The Justice Dept. report recommends decoupling immigration from local law enforcement to help improve police relations with immigrant communities (talk about always pushing the agenda) despite:

"In the report that focused solely on the shooting, investigators said versions of events that sharply conflicted with Wilson’s were largely inconsistent with forensic evidence or with the witnesses’ previous statements. In some cases, witnesses whose accounts supported Wilson said they had been afraid to come forth or tell the truth because they feared reprisals from the enraged community. The report gave credence to many of the grievances aired last year by African-Americans in the angry, sometimes violent protests following Brown’s death. Holder said investigations revealed the root of the rage that brought people into the streets." 

Good Lord, they are saying the cop was telling the truth all along regarding this particular case, and the president supports the findings. That ride won't be helping his legacy in history, or that of Holder.

Of course, now the authorities are going to review there tactics and the need to embrace reform (Boston is the example?) while showing restraint and reducing the amount of profiling (although that looks like it may be a bit difficult):

State bills would limit access to police body camera videos

‘‘It undercuts the whole purpose of the cameras,’’ so I guess they are not being as candid as they are presented. 

In addition to the new weapons, the guards will also be getting pepper spray as progress slows due to some agent provocateur (released from jail for just that purpose -- if it ever happened at all) in some sort of psyop -- which is then quickly forgotten as more work lies ahead.

The activist have won and it is time for the next phase: elections, and the hope for change as voter's reject the agenda-pushing agitators and stand with the police. So much for voting rights and the heroes that brought them:

"For champion of black museum, the wait gets longer" by Peggy McGlone, Washington Post  March 15, 2015

WASHINGTON — Weeks after President George W. Bush signed the law authorizing the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in November 2003, Donnette Cooper wrote a check for $500 — becoming the first individual donor to support the 19th museum of the Smithsonian Institution.

‘‘I just knew, if it was something I wanted to see happen, I had to be part of the change,’’ Cooper, 55, said.

But now she is waiting again. Construction is a year behind schedule, and museum officials have pushed the opening back to sometime next year, or the first weeks of early 2017.

A Jamaican who attended college in Massachusetts, Cooper came here in the mid-1980s to attend Howard University School of Law. She immediately noticed what she calls a ‘‘glaring omission’’ in the Washington’s cultural landscape.

‘‘I recognized the lack of museums for African-Americans and Native Americans,’’ said Cooper, a lawyer in the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development. ‘‘Art has a way of healing. The museum would be an important way of healing so many wounds — the loss of identity, loss of land, loss of so many things.’’

The museum’s first donor has never stopped providing support, giving every year since 2003.


Among the notable items are shackles worn by enslaved Africans while they were shipped to North America, a trumpet once owned by jazz great Louis Armstrong, training gear worn by boxer Muhammad Ali, and a Jim Crow railroad car. Bunch says officials receive offers for items daily, and they are pursuing purchases, too.

But fund-raising is the biggest concern. Museum officials say they have raised $189 million from 76,000 donors as of the end of February, about three-quarters of their minimum goal of $250 million.

The federal government this year paid the final installment in its $250 million share of the $500 million project. But museum officials are also looking for an additional $20 million for programs and collections.

Two recent fund-raising efforts showcased the museum’s ingenuity and earnestness. Last week, satellite radio host Joe Madison raised more than $167,000 for the museum while setting a record for longest radio broadcast. Bunch appeared several times during the 52-hour marathon on SiriusXM, and members of his staff discussed the museum’s mission and collections.

Earlier this year, the museum’s promotional video — featuring Beyonce singing ‘‘America the Beautiful’’ — played in Times Square in Manhattan four times an hour every hour for seven days.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm sick of conventional myth promotion via celebrity through mind-manipulating ma$$ media.


RelatedComplicit in racism

The article tells me whites are unwittingly enabling police brutality and misconduct, and that really is some goddamn nerve! 

I'm starting to wonder if all these shootings are not staged agitation propaganda in the hopes of declaring martial law on a racial basis. The medical scare of Ebola didn't seem to take, although it did get US troops into Western Africa.

Hey, at least Michael Brown’s parents are suing the city. That should make everything okay.

NDUs: Voters in Mo. city repeal anti bias law

Everybody happy now?

"Chief: 2 children likely dead before standoff began" Associated Press  March 18, 2015

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two young children found dead along with their father after a 23-hour standoff at a Missouri apartment probably died before officers arrived, police said Tuesday.

The children were fatally shot by their father, William Williams, who was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound when police entered their apartment in Springfield, police Chief Paul Williams said. The chief said the suspect talked to negotiators about his 4-year-old son, Brodie, and 2-year-old daughter, Marley, but never said they were dead.

A local attorney said Williams, 51, and his wife were divorcing and working on a custody plan for the children, but the police chief said investigators may never know the motive for the shootings.

The standoff began late Sunday and ended around 9 p.m. Monday, when police officers found the three bodies in the apartment.

Online court records show Williams filed for divorce from Brittnee Williams in March 2014.


Sorry I missed that one.