Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday's Twilight

There is only a ray sunlight left:

"Maryanne Cataldo, at 57; CEO of electrical company" by Kathleen McKenna, Globe Correspondent  April 02, 2015

Maryanne Cataldo walked away from a career as an economist in Washington, to become an electrician’s apprentice in Boston. Five years later she started her own electrical company while simultaneously finishing a master’s in business administration at Harvard Business School.

She died in her sleep at home March 13.


An economics degree from UMass Amherst led Ms. Cataldo to a job as an economist in Washington, but “I didn’t feel like I was adding value to the world,” she told the alumni magazine. “I saw a poster saying ‘Do you want to be an electrician?’ and a light went on,” she said. “What I got out of it was instant gratification. I could see exactly what I had accomplished each day, and that gave me a lot of satisfaction.

A 2003 letter from the construction management company handling a baggage screening security upgrade project at Logan Airport after the Sept. 11, 2011, terrorist attacks praised Ms. Cataldo.

She told UMass that as a mother and a businesswoman, “my role models were my aunts and my mother.” Her mother was a railroad chief clerk and an aunt worked for the Central Intelligence Agency....

Wow! Connections to 9/11 and the CIA!


And then things went dark.

Also seeNan Tucker McEvoy, at 95; media heiress, maker of olive oil

Tough to get a tan at night.