Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This Blog is Squat

‘Cybersquatting’ law could be tested in N.H. court case

That reminds me; I need to go take a dump (you are what you eat).

Speaking of sh.... (sorry, never cared much for the music).


For the second day in a row I've purchased a Globe and have not yet read a word or marked it with pen. I noted all the articles but haven't even scanned any today as I did yesterday. Never did get back to yesterday's Globe, either. That's what happens when I don't immediately dive into it over coffee; I end up looking at it all day saying why bother? The fact is, I just don't want to read it anymore. I'm tired of the Jewish war agenda and in$ulting elitism that is shoveled at us ad nauseam every day. Tired of typing the same things day after day, year after year. 

As to the whole you are giving up, didn't do all you could, stopped fighting the battle guilt trip, my only response to that is why? If I'm not here there are still plenty of smarter and better bloggers than me to read. Admittedly, I have not. It's the flip side to all of this (although I have also noticed the empty seats at the ballparks). Along with my lack of enthusiasm for the Globe, I have only been looking at a smattering of posts and have listened to the radio show only once in the last month (bad time for me now). Can't keep up with them, either, and as anyone who follows this blog knows I'm kind of tired of trying. Once you know the propaganda pre$$ matrix is illusion and imagery and there is always more to the story than the "official" version to be found in the agenda-pushing paper, well.... what's the point?

I'm winging this commentary so I guess you will have to bear with me. I'm sorry I've failed you. Sorry I failed to prevent all the terrible things coming to pass. Sorry I no longer believe in the new$paper and its framing of issues as I did when I began. Sorry I no longer believe in certain things. Sorry I no longer want to blog. That's all I can say for leaving this shit on your screen, other than thank you to all those who gave of their time and bothered to read or follow anything on this site. It's the hits that kept me coming back, and every time I voiced the feelings I have today they seemed to spike. Thankfully, they are declining now, no doubt due to the content carried here. 

I know I said I was take the summer off, but it's looking like I might be leaving a little early. See you next fall (maybe).

Here is something to nibble on in the interim.