Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Biden's Platform

He hasn't declared yet, but I think he is just biden his time. He's already got the sympathy vote and has some powerful backers:

"The 53-year-old Obama and his 72-year-old vice president overlapped for a few years in the Senate, but they were not particularly close. After winning the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, Obama picked Biden as his running mate in part because he hoped the Delaware senator’s 36 years in Washington would offset his own inexperience. Once in the White House, Obama showed his confidence in Biden by putting him in charge of meaty issues, including Iraq policy and the economic stimulus. Biden also would become the point person on Ukraine and gun control....  

See, he has already been trained for the job.

The massive financial challenges that the administration in its early, said former adviser David Axelrod, helped forge a close rapport. The two have a private lunch once a week, Biden regularly attends the president's daily intelligence briefing, and Obama has tasked the vice president with other major initiatives."

Deeply involved in the domestic $ucce$$es of this administration, and as for his foreign policy:

"Biden tells Navy graduates of role in Asia" by Brian Witte Associated Press  May 23, 2015

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Vice President Joe Biden told graduates at the Naval Academy on Friday that American foreign policy is rebalancing toward the Asia-Pacific region, and he said many of them will be stationed there ‘‘to keep the peace.’’

That's the last thing these bastards are looking to do!

Biden described tensions over China’s development in parts of the South China Sea as an example of challenges in that part of the world.

‘‘In the disputed waters of the South China Sea, the United States does not privilege the claims of one nation over another, but we do unapologetically stand up for the equitable and peaceful resolution of disputes and for the freedom of navigation, and today these principals are being tested by Chinese activities,’’ Biden said.

As long as it is all on AmeriKa's terms, under AmeriKan control, and enforced with AmeriKan impunity.

The vice president told 1,070 graduates that the sea continues to be an arena for conflict and is as important as ever to the nation’s security.

‘‘Tensions run high,’’ Biden said. ‘‘As I speak, they run high, but you will be there to keep the peace.’’

Biden said many of the newly commissioned officers will head to the Asia-Pacific region to manage emerging challenges before they devolve to conflict.

‘‘US foreign policy is rebalancing toward the vast potential of the Asia-Pacific region, but we can’t succeed if you don’t show up,’’ Biden said. ‘‘That’s why 60 percent of the United States Naval Forces will be stationed in the Asia-Pacific by 2020.’’

The vice president also noted the vital role the Navy plays in protecting commerce at sea, as goods are transported around the world by ship.

‘‘That remains the backbone of world commerce, 90 percent of it, and that’s only going to increase,’’ Biden said.

Yeah, that's where I don't get all the war talk, what with all the cheap Chinese goods pouring into the country and making all us Amerikan con$umers happy.

Biden echoed some of President Obama’s comments at the Coast Guard Academy graduation this week about climate change. Biden said changing climate means more extreme storms and a greater need for humanitarian missions that need the Navy to deliver live-saving help.

‘‘Our forces will have to be ready,’’ Biden said. ‘‘You remain indispensable.’’

You aren't helping with the hot air, Joe. 

I suspect his whole platform while be an echo of Obama.

The vice president underscored the importance of officers ensuring that the sailors and Marines they lead are afforded the dignity and respect they deserve, no matter their faith, gender, race, or sexual orientation.


Army cadet found guilty of child porn

Looks like nothing more than a loving rub down on a Friday night to me.

Sailor cleared of sending nude videos

I didn't see the movies anyway.

‘‘As leaders in the United States Navy, we count on you to refuse to tolerate sexual harassment or sexual assault in any form, under any circumstances,’’ Biden said.

This as soldiers get in trouble for such things in places from the Philippines to Japan. They don't want us there!

‘‘It’s a matter of honor that you prevent that.’’

Biden also noted the death of Midshipman Justin Zemser, a 20-year-old student who died in last week’s Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia.

I've already gotten off that trak.

‘‘He would have made a great Navy Seal,’’ Biden said. ‘‘He will be missed.’’

How appropriate that lightning would strike when it's raining outside.


"Joe Biden reaffirms US support for Iraq against ISIS; Seeks to stanch officials’ fury after Carter’s comment" by Kevin Freking Associated Press  May 26, 2015

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden reassured Iraq’s government on Monday of US support in the fight against the Islamic State group, telephoning Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi with thanks for ‘‘the enormous sacrifice and bravery of Iraqi forces.’’

Biden made the statement a day after Defense Secretary Ashton Carter questioned the Iraqi forces’ ‘‘will to fight’’ the surging Islamic State.

RelatedDefense secretary says Iraq forces lacked will to fight

The U.S. is lacking Iraqi recruits so the answer is, of course, more Americans (lily pads of occupation, btw, where what the Bush neo-cons had planned on).

Carter’s comments in an interview broadcast Sunday drew strong criticism from Iraqi and Iranian quarters.

The White House said in a statement Sunday that the vice president welcomed an Iraqi decision to mobilize additional troops and ‘‘prepare for counterattack operations.’’ Biden also pledged full US support to ‘‘these and other Iraqi efforts to liberate territory from ISIL,’’ the statement said.

In reaction to Carter’s remarks, a spokesman for Iraq’s prime minister suggested the defense secretary had ‘‘incorrect information,’’ while General Qassim Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds forces in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, offered his own critical assessment of US forces.

The heated exchanges came after the loss of Ramadi and amid other gains by the Islamic State in recent days.

See: Ramadi Has Been Refrozen

Oddly, it provides the U.S. with an excuse to up the residual occupation.

The statements laid bare fissures among countries that have become allies of convenience.

Those are the only kinds of allies AmeriKa has.

The criticism from both Iraq and Iran began when Carter told CNN’s ‘‘State of the Union’’ that Iraqi forces ‘‘vastly outnumbered’’ the Islamic State group but ‘‘showed no will to fight’’ and fled the militants’ advance on Ramadi.

On Monday, Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for Abadi, said his government was surprised by Carter’s comments. ‘‘We should not judge the whole army based on one incident,’’ Hadithi said.

The spokesman said the Iraqi government believes the fall of Ramadi was due to mismanagement and poor planning by some senior military commanders in charge. However, he did not elaborate, and no action has been taken against those commanders.

In Iran, the daily newspaper Javan, which is seen as close to the Revolutionary Guard, quoted Soleimani as saying the United States didn’t do anything to stop the extremists’ advance on Ramadi.

In fact, they facilitated it.

‘‘Does it mean anything else than being an accomplice in the plot?’’ he reportedly asked, later saying the United States showed ‘‘no will’’ in fighting the Islamic State.

Why would they want to fight what they created and what gives them an excuse for regime change wherever they please?

Soleimani said Iran and its allies are the only forces that can deal with the threat. ‘‘Today, there is nobody in confrontation with [the Islamic State] except the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as nations who are next to Iran or supported by Iran,’’ he said.

That's why it was created.