Monday, August 10, 2015

Apple in My Eye

Wanna bite?

“The winter was too cold, the summer not hot enough, and now comes an autumn of discontent for apple growers. Due to last year’s cold winter and cold, wet and late spring, the quality and quantity of our apples are not as good as last year. It’s a very touchy subject.” 

It sure is.

"This season’s above-average apple harvest contrasts with last year’s sparse crop, likely caused by biennial bearing — a phenomenon in which fruit trees bloom heavily one year, then produce very little the next. The small apple harvest followed a 2013 bumper crop."

“This year, growers can’t be happier,” and that is the reason they are now offering for the last year's sparse crop?

NEXT DAY UPDATE: Apple’s stock price woes a worry for larger market

They are being haunted by the bad winter as the shares fall off the trees!

Also see: 

"The population estimates play a huge role as the international community tries to figure out how to slow the danger of global warming, while pursuing the ambitious goals of eliminating both poverty and hunger."

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I used to believe in the U.N. 

Never again. 

I'll bet this post really ripped some, but the storm came and went pretty quick.