Friday, September 4, 2015

School Fire Drills: Newtonian Nonsense

Looks like we will be having one a day for who knows how long. Good way to condition the kids for the future society in which they will be living. Feel sorry for them.

"Newton cautious for start of school after learning of threats" by Ellen Ishkanian Globe Correspondent  September 03, 2015

Newton officials say they will have a security plan in place Tuesday for the start of school, after learning of threats made online during the summer against two local school buildings.

Newton police became aware of the threats to Newton North High School and the Education Center, both on Walnut Street in Newtonville, in June, Police Chief Howard Mintz said Thursday afternoon during a conference call with Newton’s mayor, Setti Warren, and the city’s school superintendent, David Fleishman.

No additional threats have been received since June, and the three officials said parents and students should feel completely safe at the high school and the Education Center, which houses the school administration staff and the city’s pre-school program.

“We’re taking a very conservative approach, and so we’re taking precautions,” Mintz said.

The three would give no specific information about what was threatened, or details about the security measures being put into place, citing the ongoing inquiry.

Can you kids see through this?

The threats were not connected to any particular time period, but the officials said they decided the safest course would be to take precautions now, as school starts.

“Public safety is our first priority, and from our standpoint we felt it was incredibly important to be transparent about this situation,” Warren said. 

This is the traditional slop shoveled out by authority and officialdom.

In a letter sent to all school parents Thursday, Fleishman acknowledged that “increased police presence can be disconcerting for students, staff and families,” but wrote that “safety and security is of utmost importance.”

You kids got that? How do you think you will like your police state?

“Please understand that we are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to work in partnership with the Newton Police Department to provide regular updates on this matter,” he wrote.

Mintz said police worked during the summer to tailor a plan for this situation, similar to how they go about planning security for the Boston Marathon, Jewish high holidays, various citywide events, and festivals. He said nothing will seem much different at the schools.

Yup. Someone got shot at the Caribbean thing a few days ago (down the memory hole), we get the long-running crisis drills gone live cited, and of course that chosen group of people more important than anyone else.

With all due respect, I'm sick of the daily flogging of psyop shit. Sorry.

“There is always more security during the first week or so of school,” he said. “This won’t look like anything different.”

Meaning if you pathetic patsies wait a bit....

Warren said that the additional security measures were put into place at the start of school “in an abundance of caution,” and that the community will be notified of any new developments in the “active police investigation.”

How long they need? Trace back the message to the IP, call NSA if you have to, I mean WTF?!!!!!

While Mintz said no particular vigilance is necessary, he said the same general precautions that are taken everyday should be used. “If you see something, say something,” and call 911, he said.

Why embroil yourself in false flag or crisis drill so you can potentially get sucked in by disingenuous law enforcement and government schemes?


I think it is nice to see Newton schools taking a Nazi mentality.

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"Millis officer may face charges after sparking manhunt" by Eric Moskowitz, Travis Andersen and Evan Allen Globe Staff  September 03, 2015

MILLIS — A small town teeming with law enforcement searching for a fugitive gunman became one searching for answers after police said Thursday that the officer who claimed he was fired on by a passing pickup truck driver had fabricated the account.

That's the best excuse they can come up with for a Jade Helm drill?

Residents of this pastoral suburb of roughly 8,000, who endured a lock-down that lasted more than six hours and included the closing of schools, were left mystified and saddened as to how and why one of their own concocted such a story.


The officer — a 24-year-old who was working as a full-time dispatcher and as a part-time patrolman — was scheduled to begin training for a full-time patrol position soon, according to police. 

Then WHY would he do this?

As the investigation continued, officials said the officer would be fired and could face criminal charges as early as next week.

The feeling here is crash story is a cover for the drill, or the cop invented the story because he crashed his cruiser.


Town residents expressed shock at the news that an officer sworn to uphold the law had apparently betrayed the public trust in such a bizarre fashion.

What planet have they been living on this past year? Apparently they don't get the Boston Globe.

Brenda Whelan, a longtime resident, said heavily armed SWAT officers descended on her backyard Wednesday searching for a suspect. By Thursday, any lingering fear in her 10-year-old granddaughter, Brooke, had been replaced by frustration that the manhunt prevented her from showing off one of her prized back-to-school outfits.

The officer has not been arrested, police said Thursday....

Why would he be?

Hours earlier on Wednesday morning, someone had called in a bomb threat to Millis Middle School. Authorities determined there was no threat to the school, and Millis and State Police said Thursday they were investigating whether the threatening call and the incident with the officer are connected.

Yesterday they declared flat-out there was not.

Kenneth H. Anderson, a Boston lawyer who represents police officers in legal proceedings, said in a phone interview that he could not recall a comparable situation in a Massachusetts department.

“It’s almost like the police version of Charles Stuart,” Anderson said, referring to the man who fatally shot his pregnant wife in Boston in 1989 and blamed the killing on a black suspect, setting off a massive manhunt fueled by a false story that inflamed racial tensions in the city. “It’s very unusual.” 

Is it?

Anderson said the allegations against the officer, if true, severely undermine trust in the justice system.

“Our whole system is based on public trust and that police officers are doing the right thing, and when they come into court and testify that they’re being honest,” he said. “And when you don’t have that, everyone questions the integrity of our system.”

We haven't had that in.... forever (blog editor frowns).

In addition to a motive for the alleged ruse, the cost of the manhunt that gripped the town also was undetermined on Thursday.

Cop has to pay that back, but I imagine the whole staged and scripted fiction going here can just write that way and we have no way of checking. Globe might get back to it with a report, but I no longer believe their account of anything. It's either a distortion filled with half-truths or a complete fiction full of lies. Sorry.

Most State Police investigators who responded, including a helicopter crew, were working their normal shifts, said David Procopio, an agency spokesman.

He said a small number of investigators may have worked overtime, but a cost estimate would not be available until early next week.

Town officials contacted by the Globe were tight-lipped about the case on Thursday.


Christopher J. Smith, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, declined to comment, except to praise the professionalism of investigators.

He said: “The dispatchers who worked in an extremely chaotic environment, the patrol staff, the management staff, as well as everybody that came in to assist us, they did an excellent job.”

Smith called the developments on Thursday “unfortunate” but added, “at the same time . . . it’s fortunate that nobody got hurt.”

Town Manager Charles J. Aspinwall also did not address specifics of the case but said in a written statement that “the selectmen’s office will work closely with the Police Department on the employment aspect of this case and trust that the department will take all appropriate action to prosecute this matter to its conclusion.”

Yeah, whooo you gonna call?


Of course, you kids aren't as smart as we used to be:

RelatedTeen in suicide case denies violating bail

She's is a looker, though.

"Scores on the SAT have fallen to the lowest level since the college admission test was overhauled in 2005, [and] the lowest composite scores of the past decade, adding to worries about the nation’s high schools. The test results show that gains in reading and math in elementary grades haven’t led to broad improvement in high schools, education specialists say. ‘‘Kids don’t make a whole lot of gains once they’re in high school,” said Michael J. Petrilli, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a think tank. “It certainly should raise an alarm.” Among the reasons that educators cite for the declining SAT scores are the enduring factors of poverty, language barriers, low levels of parental education, and social ills that plague many urban neighborhoods." 

I no longer care about them; how the elite of Bo$ton doing this morning? They okay?

Town releases agreement with ex-principal

That drill was a couple of days ago.

The talk in the cafeteria (“You’ve got to have fried clams”) is all Tom Brady (3 front page articles, 3 banner quotes, big, big news, that also includes a B1 column with a name drop) with plenty of follow-up turn-in print on pages A8 and A9 (noted, not read, won't), and if you want to waste a Leung giving birth during the drill go ahead.

Don't get me wrong; there sure is a fire out there, one I'm stamping out simply because it's not an issue that was ever meant to be a focus of this blog (and I reject the comparison; gays -- as far as I know -- were never blocked from voting or schools. They could go in the closet, as it were. Black skin forbade that option for the other group. Was there for all to see. Even women had it worse). 

Of course, the paper is full or race and sex yet again today, and it is clear who is behind the shove. At least they are helping you out with the loans, right?

See: School Fire Drills: Giving You a Fitchburg 

After the government made a few bucks, of course.

"The University of Massachusetts and seven labor unions representing 6,500 faculty and staff reached an agreement to pay $10.9 million in retroactive wages, both parties announced Thursday. UMass president Martin T. Meehan said the university needs to begin the year “with a clean slate and with harmony restored to the labor environment.” The unions heralded the news as a victory for worker solidarity. UMass negotiated new contracts with the unions last year, but because of a disagreement between the state Legislature and UMass over which should pay for the first year of the agreements, they have been unfunded since they took effect in July 2014. The three-year contracts call for 3.5 percent annual raises, a total of $13.1 million. The Legislature this year approved $2.2 million toward the raises, but not the other $10.9 million. Meehan said Thursday he expects the Legislature to appropriate the additional funds in a supplemental budget expected to be hammered out later this month."

Ready for the ball game yet?

Red Sox fan injured in fall at Fenway Park

At least they avoided a sweep.

Is it time to panic yet (a little lie never hurt anyone, huh)?