Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Second Day of School Done

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That seems to the the theme from the herd these days.

"AG, Elizabeth Warren help students mired in for-profit debt" by Jacqueline Tempera Globe Correspondent  September 02, 2015

Peguy Pierre stood inside the Boston University business school Tuesday evening with her 7-month-old daughter on her hip and her 10-year-old son by her side as she worked with a counselor trying to find a way to eliminate her student debt.

The 33-year-old Haitian immigrant, who now lives in Dorchester, registered for the Everest Institute in Brighton when her son Schlegel was born, hoping to find a career as a medical assistant.

What, they couldn't find a native-born American?

“They promised they were going to help me find a job,” she said of her alma mater. “Well, I don’t have one.”

Pierre and about 30 other former students of the institute gathered at BU for a workshop hosted by the attorney general’s office. At the event, Attorney General Maura Healey, joined by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, tried to help the students fight back against the for-profit institute.

Healey explained that her office had filed suit against the school, alleging administrators used false statistics about job placement and aggressive recruiting techniques to trap students into registering and applying for high-interest loans. The tactic left the students under mountains of debt and the school with profits, Healey alleges in her complaint.

“We sued because you were promised a job on the day you signed the dotted line,” she said.

Healey handed out packets of information, highlighting 10 ways her office believes the school deceived its students. Each attendee was invited to answer questions on a work sheet about their own experience, to be later used in court. The students were also invited to meet with a financial planner, who would help them file a claim for loan forgiveness.

Warren praised Healey for her efforts and vowed to fight for-profit schools in Congress.

“When somebody sells you something, and they lied about it, then you get to call off the deal,” Warren said. “And that includes a college.”

How about a war?

Attendees applauded loudly.

Anita Murrell, a 29-year-old former Everest student, said she is struggling to pay off nearly $80,000 in student loans from two colleges. She went to Everest Institute in 2012 hoping to find the high-paying hospital job the Brighton program promised her.

“I went there because I didn’t want to struggle anymore,” Murrell said. “And now I can barely support myself.”

Representatives of Everest Institute could not immediately be reached for comment.


Should have went to Babson instead (even if she is hurting the place).

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No night classes tonight.

Simmons College professor arrested on child porn charges

Let the Fun & Games begin!

"Steven Goldwyn, who represents James Stumbo, 27, pointed out that they were not armed when police stopped them from entering the convention center. “If they really had the true intent to do anything about it, why leave [the weapons] in the car?” he asked. “It’s absolutely possible, but it’s mere speculation that this vague bravado talk on Facebook was going to be carried out.” Neither has a criminal record, their lawyers said, and the charges they face are firearm-related. Judge Thomas C. Horgan ordered both men held without bail for 120 days." 

After the cops let them go back to the motel that day, and what a couple of losers!!

It's looking like this blog is done for the day, too. Sorry.