Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Burkino Faso Coup Confusing

Violence follows coup in Burkina Faso

"This week’s coup has been met with sharp international criticism. US National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Washington would “review our foreign assistance to Burkina Faso in light of evolving events.” “We are deeply disappointed that the self-interested actions of a few are threatening the historic opportunity that the people of Burkina Faso have to cast their ballots and build a new future for the country,” Rice said."

That cleared things up.

Protests continue amid Burkina Faso negotiations
Burkino Faso talks continue amid unrest
Burkina Faso coup leader says he will hand back power
Burkina Faso coup leader expected to give up power Wednesday
Burkina Faso’s interim president returns to power, week after coup
Soldiers leave capital, Burkina Faso returns to calm
Authorities freeze coup leaders’ funds
Burkina Faso coup leaders refuse to disarm, citing promise of protection

The coverage was fascinating, but.... good to see 'em back under civilian rule, I guess.