Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dumb Denny

If you believe this unbelievable pile of steaming swirl:

"Accused Brighton bank robber leaves wallet on counter" by Andy Rosen Globe Staff  October 16, 2015

The “bomb” that Kenneth E. Denny allegedly used to rob a Brighton bank turned out to be a hoax, but federal authorities say the wallet he left on the counter was real.

That's a given these days. Until proven otherwise, they all seemed to be staged and scripted fictions or false flag frauds set up by FBI instigators.

Denny, 60, was indicted this week in the July robbery of a Citizens Bank on Washington Street. Authorities said they found him with the help of the identification they found on the teller’s counter.

The Chelsea man had allegedly pulled a device from a newspaper and threatened to detonate it before attempting to make off with $4,040. A manager confronted Denny on the way out, federal prosecutors say, and the would-be robber dropped the cash.

Denny also allegedly pulled a white phone from his pocket and said, “I am going to blow it up.”

Law enforcement officials had seen a man resembling Denny as they approached the bank, officials said. When investigators found Denny, he allegedly said he could not show them identification because he had lost his wallet.

Officials brought Denny back to the bank for a lineup, during which employees allegedly identified Denny as the robber. He is charged in US District Court in Boston with armed bank robbery.


What was he on, heroin?