Saturday, October 3, 2015

Obama's Outrageous U.N. Speech

I'm not the only one who thought it; the blog roll to my right is riddled with criticism at his hypocrisy, some even going so far to say he only mouths the words.

Yes, he may be a very good orator but he's dead inside, no soul.

"At UN, Obama and Putin clash over Syria solution; President insists no road to peace while Assad stays" by Michael R. Gordon and Gardiner Harris New York Times  September 29, 2015

Print copy was by Harris and Sengupta, and it is not the first time I've had to labor over NYT censorship.

UNITED NATIONS — After circling each other for the past year, President Obama and President Vladimir Putin of Russia squared off Monday at the UN in dueling speeches that presented starkly different views on the Syrian crisis and how to bring stability to the Middle East.

The leaders of the United States and Russia traded blunt criticisms on Monday at the United Nations, essentially blaming each other for the catastrophic war in Syria and the refugee crisis it helped to spawn. 

Certainly a different take between the two.  Circling and squaring off over a crisis a bit different than blunt criticisms over a catastrophic attempt at regime change.

Obama made a forceful defense of diplomacy and the system of rules represented by the international body, but in a veiled reference to Putin he warned that “dangerous currents risk pulling us back into a darker, more disordered world.”

The destroyer of Libya and president of AmeriKa makes a forceful defense for diplomacy. Yuh-huh. As for the dark and disordered world, the EUSraeli empire is responsible for that.

The speeches of President Obama, followed more than an hour later by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, dominated the opening of the annual General Assembly of world leaders.

Putin talked about mounting a broad effort to support Syria’s president, Bashar Assad, as the best bulwark against the spread of the Islamic State and other radical groups, even though the White House has said Assad has to leave power if there is to be a political solution in Syria.

In a private meeting later in the day, Obama and Putin agreed to discuss a political transition in Syria, but they remain at odds about the future of Bashar Assad, the Associated Press reported, citing an unnamed US official 

(Had to type that by hand)

Beyond the verbal jousting and steely looks over lunch after the morning speeches, however, the two leaders were still playing a subtle game of diplomatic poker, each trying to maneuver the other into shifting his position.

Steely looks, subtle poker (Russians play chess).

The official said Obama reiterated to Putin that he does not believe there is a path to stability in Syria with Assad in power. Putin has said the world must support Assad because his military has the best chance to defeat Islamic State militants 

(Had to type that by hand)

For the White House, this has meant accepting a Russian role in the region but hoping that Moscow will appreciate the risk of becoming bogged down. That, they hope, will raise the costs of backing Assad and force Russia to work sincerely on a political transition that will lead to the Syrian leader’s departure.

I don't think they had much of a choice.

The leaders began the meeting, their first one-on-one encounter in nearly a year, with a grim handshake. They spoke for about 90 minutes, and the topics included Syria and the Russian military presence in the Ukraine. 

(Had to type that by hand)

“Knock yourselves out,” one Obama administration official said, mocking Putin’s bravado about forming a grand coalition in Syria.

The hubris and arrogance that spews forth from AmeriKan officials is disgusting. 

What are they going to do when the Grand Coalition of the world is aligned against all EUSrael?

After the meeting, Putin told reporters that Russia has not ruled out joining airstrikes against the Islamic State but would not send ground troops into combat, the Associated Press reported.

(Had to type that by hand, and ground troops -- called advisers -- are already there)

For the Kremlin, it means restoring enough stability to Syria to win acceptance of an expanded role for Russia in the Middle East — not to speak of its expanded military presence. Such a development, in the Kremlin’s view, would also validate Putin’s contention that toppling authoritarian governments in the Middle East has only led to chaos and sanctuaries for terrorists.

Well, Putin does come out of this looking right, if only because it is the U.S. and its allies that are sponsoring ISIS™.

In his General Assembly speech, Obama made a forceful defense of diplomacy but also castigated Russia by name multiple times in his speech for its defense of the Syrian government, its takeover of Crimea and its actions supporting Ukrainian rebels. “Dangerous currents risk pulling us back into a darker, more disordered world,” Mr. Obama said.

Yeah, we got that earlier and he's a piece of work! 

Two speeches, one reception, and a meeting later, there was no hint that the two leaders had substantially narrowed the chasm between them on their principal disagreement: the future of Assad.

Those currents include major powers that want to ignore international rules and impose order through force of military power, he said. 


You are talking about your own nation, war criminal!

“The Obama administration would like to find a way to link arms with Russia on a diplomatic process and not have to tackle some of the less palatable issues like creating safe areas in Syria,” said Andrew S. Weiss, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “But the only road map Putin laid out today was a fuzzy concept of a grand coalition to fight terrorism arm in arm with Bashar Assad, the very man the Americans say is the source of the problem.”

“In accordance with this logic, we should support tyrants like Bashar al-Assad who drops barrel bombs to massacre innocent civilians because the alternative is surely worse,” he said in comments that seemed to be aimed directly at Mr. Putin. 

This from the guy who signs off on drone and air strikes. Haven't heard any criticism of Saudi Arabia coming forth for bombing a wedding party in Yemen, either.

And while on the massacre of innocent civilians, let's start totaling up the millions killed by this mass-murdering administration and those that have preceded it.

After the Russians surprised the Obama administration by deploying warplanes, tanks, and marines at an airfield near Latakia, Syria, the White House agreed to hold military-to-military talks to ensure against any accidents leading to a confrontation. But the larger hope, as Secretary of State John Kerry made clear Sunday, was that the two sides might work out a common political strategy on Syria.

Some are hoping for confrontation and it now only seems a question of how long until.

In what amounted to a basic rebuttal of Mr. Obama, the Russian leader extolled the Syrian leader, saying that he represented stability and that his forces needed support to fight the Islamic State extremists now threatening the region — even though Mr. Assad’s forces are for the most part fighting rebel groups dedicated to his ouster, not the Islamic State militants.

There was no hint of that in the two leader’s speeches Monday.

“We think it’s an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian government and its armed forces who are valiantly fighting terrorism face to face,” Mr. Putin said.

Obama singled out Russia’s annexation of Crimea as a flagrant violation of the international order. On Syria, he repeated the administration’s insistence that Assad would ultimately have to step down, though he provided no clues as to what steps the United States might take to pressure him to hand over power.

Yeah, except they DID NOT ANNEX Crimea. There was a vote and Crimea decided to join Russia (unlike Israeli operations in the West Bank and Jerusalem). 

Then again, I have to consider the POS I'm reading here.

But Mr. Putin, in what appeared to be a step to outmaneuver Mr. Obama on Syria, also spoke of creating “a genuinely broad international coalition” to fight the Islamic State, including a Security Council resolution to “coordinate” military action.

He has outmaneuvered him. A chess player will do it to a poker player every time.

“The United States is prepared to work with any nation, including Russia and Iran, to resolve the conflict,” Obama said. “But we must recognize that there cannot be, after so much bloodshed, so much carnage, a return to the prewar status quo.”

His word's ring so hollow when one consider it is the CIA-created regime change "rebels" that are responsible for the situation.

How the United States and its allies will respond to such an idea is unclear. But President Fran├žois Hollande of France, speaking to reporters later, welcomed the idea of a “broad coalition” and even a Security Council resolution as long as two conditions were met: a stop to the bombings and a “political transition with departure of Assad.” Mr. Hollande did not elaborate on exactly when Mr. Assad would have to leave. 

It's all about, and always was about, getting rid of Assad. That is what is behind the rise of ISIS™.

Obama also talked about a “managed transition” in Syria, in which Assad would be gradually eased out of power. There are intense discussions underway on how long that transitional period should be and how many in Assad’s close circle would have to go, several Security Council diplomats said.

Yeah, forget about the vote he won or the unfailing support of the Syrian people (those that are left). This is disgusting, these globe-kickers down in New York City.

In remarks about foreign Islamic State fighters that seemed clearly aimed at stoking fears in Europe, Mr. Putin said: “We cannot allow these criminals who have already felt the smell of blood to return back home and continue their evil doings. No one wants this to happen, does he?”

Putin, who was making his first appearance at the General Assembly in 10 years, was openly dismissive of US interventions in the Middle East. The US-led effort to oust Saddam Hussein in Iraq and its support for rebels opposed to Moammar Gadhafi in Libya, he complained, had made each country a haven for terrorists.

As planned. ISIS™ went into Iraq to rid them of the recalcitrant Maliki who kicked out U.S. troops. He's now gone and they are now back.

Mr. Putin did not hear Mr. Obama speak — the Russian leader had just arrived in New York from Moscow. But the tensions between the two are well known. In a deft bit of diplomacy, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sat in between them during a lunch he hosted for a number of top leaders.

Did you see the spread?

And the Obama administration’s attempts to train and equip a moderate Syrian opposition would end up swelling the ranks of Islamic radicals, Putin insisted. The Kremlin says about 2,000 of the extremists who have joined the Islamic State have come from Russia, fueling concern that they may return home and carry out terrorist attacks there. Russia has fought two wars against Islamist separatists in Chechnya. 

It is well-known that the CIA was behind that band of rebels, too.

In his earlier speech, Mr. Obama also chided China for its expansions in the South China Sea and Iran for its support of Mr. Assad.

On Monday evening, the two presidents came into a small room with a Russian and an American flag and shook hands before their widely anticipated meeting. They ignored shouted questions on Syria. The meeting, the first between the two leaders in two years, was held in a Security Council consultation room.

Obama said that he was realistic, but he said realism had to take into account the brutality of the Assad government in Syria, where war has raged for more than four years.

Better, Putin said, to rally around Assad. “We think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian government and its armed forces, who are valiantly fighting terrorism face to face,” he said.

“Let’s remember how this started,” Mr. Obama said of the Syria conflict. “Assad reacted to peaceful protest by escalating repression and killing and in turn created the environment for the current strife.”

I'm as sick of this guy as I was of Bush at this point in his term.

But he offered no prescription for how the Syrian political crisis might be resolved. Nor did Putin indicate that the Russian military buildup in Syria — including its first new military base in the Middle East in decades — would be reversed if the Islamic State was defeated.

Such violence makes it impossible for the vast majority of Syria’s population to accept Mr. Assad as their leader, Mr. Obama said.

Russia and Syria are longtime allies, with deeply interwoven personal and military connections that militate against any wholesale abandonment of Damascus by the Kremlin.

It would be like the U.S. giving up Egypt.

Similarly, Mr. Obama said, a fidelity to international rules required that the United States respond forcefully to Russia’s intervention in Crimea and Ukraine. He said that the United States had few economic interests in the region and understood the long history that Russia had with Crimea and Ukraine.

The world's greatest lawbreaker citing fidelity to international rules. Insane!

“The Russians have consistently said that they are not attached to Assad personally, but they insist his government is legitimate, that it is fighting terrorists, and they have rejected efforts from any outside country or combination of countries to impose a particular person or formation to replace Assad,” Robert S. Ford, a former US ambassador to Syria, said in a recent interview. “And they have stressed they want to preserve the Syrian state and its institutions, many of which it has long had close ties with.”

“But we cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated.” He added: “That’s the basis of the sanctions that the United States and our partners imposed on Russia. It’s not a desire to return to the Cold War.”

On Monday evening, the two presidents came into a small room with a Russian and an American flag and shook hands before their widely anticipated meeting. They ignored shouted questions on Syria. The meeting, the first between the two leaders in two years, was held in a Security Council consultation room.

Seems familiar, yeah.

Obama extolled the diplomatic course in which the United States and other world powers had successfully negotiated a nuclear agreement with Iran. And, in one of the first lines to yield cheers, he said that the United States had finally acknowledged that its posture toward Cuba had been wrong and that under his watch, diplomatic relations had been restored.

That is where the print ended, and SCREW HIM!

"Opponents of the US-Cuba rapprochement, announced by Obama and Castro on Dec. 17, have repeatedly noted that Cuba’s detentions of political dissidents have increased since then. Some dissidents were blocked in their attempts to see Pope Francis during his visit there this month. While most detentions do not result in arrest and dissidents are usually released within hours, many have been roughed up by security forces with the aim of disrupting any attempt at political assembly or public expression. Although the 1961 trade embargo and subsequent legislation restrict most direct US exports to Cuba, prohibit credit transactions and most interactions with the US financial system, and ban US tourism, Obama has pushed through regulatory changes that broadened the number of Americans who can travel there for specific purposes, allow correspondent banking in Cuba, and permit US businesses in certain sectors to set up offices and hire workers in Cuba. In a recent assessment of what has happened since December, the New York-based US-Cuba Trade and Economic Council described the US measures as ‘‘chum’’ that Cuba is using to attract investment and cooperation from other countries that may fear losing out to US businesses. On the plus side, the council noted that health care product purchases have increased. Direct long-distance telephone service between the United States and Cuba has resumed, and Cuba has authorized a roaming deal with Verizon. Limited postal service between the two countries has resumed, and Cuba has allowed operations there of Airbnb."

The only reason there are business deals with Cuba and Iran is because U.S. corporations were going to be left out of port.

Before the session, the prospects for close cooperation did not appear auspicious. Putin did not provide notice to Obama of the Russian decision this month to set up an air hub near Latakia or to conclude an intelligence-sharing agreement on Sunday with Iraq, Iran, and the Syrian government.

Does the U.S. inform Russia of everything they are setting up?

In recent days, the two sides sparred even over which one wanted the meeting more. Putin also appears to be coordinating his strategy with Iran, which has been Assad’s strongest backer.

Yeah, who planned to meet who first. How juvenile!

Still, Obama and Putin did work together in 2013 to forge an accord that called for Syria to give up its chemical arsenal. Putin pursued that accord to head off a US military strike that might have emboldened the Syrian opposition and undermined Assad, and since then the conflict in Ukraine has soured relations.

After the meeting Monday night, Putin said that the discussions had been “very constructive, businesslike and frank.” US officials, who insisted on anonymity as a condition of briefing reporters, echoed that description, noting that the first half of the session had been spent on Ukraine and the remainder on Syria.

Still, there was nothing to suggest that the two sides had overcome their differences on the future of Assad. “I think the Russians certainly understood the importance of there being a political resolution in Syria and there being a process that pursues a political resolution,” a US official said. “We have a difference about what the outcome of that process would be.

What if the Syrians democratically elected Assad like last time?

Obama told the international body that he commands the most powerful military force on the planet. But no matter how powerful its military or strong its economy, the United States could not solve the world’s problems on its own, he said. 

Hubris, and how can it solve the problems when it is responsible for them?

He pointed to the war in Iraq where, despite sending more than 100,000 troops and spending trillions of dollars, the United States was unsuccessful in stabilizing the country. 

(Blog editor just shakes head)

Obama made a forceful case for democracy and pointed out that “dictatorships are unstable.”

“You can jail your opponents but you can’t imprison ideas,” he said. 

V for Vendetta.

President Xi Jinping of China, speaking later in the day, reiterated what he called the Chinese priority of peace and stability for its economic development. He also demonstrated China’s enormous financial influence by announcing a $1 billion fund for the United Nations, and said his country would create a permanent standby peacekeeping contingent of 8,000 police and troops in case it is needed by the world body. 

Talk about outdoing Obama!

Despite a swooning Russian economy and Western condemnation of Russia’s takeover of Crimea and intervention in Ukraine, Mr. Putin seems to have surprised the Obama administration with an intelligence-sharing alliance with Iraq, Syria and Iran about the Islamic State militant group that occupies parts of Syria and Iraq. 

Yeah, I'll bet he was surprised.

The Russians and Americans even squabbled in recent days over who asked whom for the meeting between the two presidents.

Obama was the first in a line of speakers from the big powers scheduled to speak at the 70th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, where the Syria conflict and its consequences — the spread of Islamic State jihadism and the surge of refugees into Europe — were dominant themes.

In opening the General Assembly, Mr. Ban struck a somber tone, asserting that: “Inequality is growing, trust is fading, and impatience with leadership can be seen and felt far and wide.”

The remarks by Mr. Ban, who is approaching his last year as the secretary general, were unusually pointed. 

Why do they always wait until they are lame ducks to do the right thing?

He called to leaders to not stay in power beyond their constitutional terms in office, pressed permanent members of the Security Council to put aside their divisions, called explicitly for an “end to bombings” in Yemen, and named the five countries that, as he said, “hold the key” to peace in Syria: Russia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey.

Mr. Ban said 100 million civilians are in need of aid, for which the United Nations has pleaded for $20 billion. He rebuked the rich for not giving more, giving examples: One third of what the organization needs for Syria and Iraq has been received and for Gambia, whose children are among the hungriest in the world, nothing has come in.

He stepped up his criticism of countries that shut their borders to refugees. “I urge Europe to do more,” reminding the Continent’s leaders that “after the Second World War it was Europeans seeking assistance.”

He marked two pieces of good news. He praised the nuclear pact that the world powers reached with Iran. And with some relief, he noted that the world had come together to stop the Ebola virus from spreading.

President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, who was the first to speak, scolded those countries that have tried to prohibit refugees fleeing conflicts in the Middle East, pointing out that Brazil hosts Syrians and Haitians now as it opened the doors to Europeans and Asians a century ago. “In a world where goods, capital, data and ideas flow freely, it is absurd to impede the free flow of people,” she said.

She may be removed from office soon.


"‘Better ideas’ can help defeat Islamic State, Obama says at UN; Officials admit shortcomings in propaganda war" by Gardiner Harris and Eric Schmitt New York Times  September 30, 2015

If they wanted to defeat them why did they spend so much time and money creating them (not for virgin eyes)?

UNITED NATIONS — Even Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged in a candid moment when he arrived in New York that little would come of Tuesday’s meeting. He asked a group of reporters who were following him if they would stay awake at the United Nations meeting and “30 speeches about how we’re going to go after ISIS.”

The conclave seemed to highlight the bewilderment of world leaders over how a movement like the Islamic State, which slaughters opponents, enslaves women, and destroys historical artifacts, can continue to attract followers from around the world.

Yes, it's so bewildering!!

Nearly 30,000 recruits from more than 100 countries have poured into Syria since 2011, almost doubling the total that was estimated a year ago, officials have said. The increase occurred despite international efforts to tighten borders, share intelligence, and enforce anti-terrorism laws.

Yeah, strange, isn't it? All the tyranny somehow failed.

And international efforts to combat the Islamic State’s online propaganda have been an abysmal failure, according to a State Department assessment.

Well, when the source of the propaganda comes from the same entities allegedly fighting it.... SIGH!!!!!!!

So far, the Islamic State’s violent narrative — promulgated through thousands of online messages each day — has effectively “trumped” the efforts of some of the world’s richest and most technologically advanced nations, the assessment said.

Look at this absolute crap!

Some leaders attending the General Assembly this week acknowledged the challenges.

“We need to win this propaganda war far more effectively than we have to date,” said Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain. The way to do that, Cameron said, is to stop the dissemination of hateful messages in schools and prisons.

“I believe in freedom of speech, but freedom to hate is not the same thing,” he said.


On Monday, the UN imposed international sanctions on four British members of the Islamic State, a move aimed at stemming the flow of recruits to the organization. Responding to a request from the British government, the United Nations placed two men and two women, all described as active online recruiters for the group, on its sanctions list.

The four Britons will now be subject to travel bans and asset freezes under the terms of a UN resolution initially passed to fight support for Al Qaeda.

More than 700 Britons have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight for militant groups, and half of them have returned, according to the British police.

Meanwhile, the US Treasury Department announced it was freezing the assets or blocking the banking transactions of 15 people considered to be critical facilitators for the Islamic State.

Among them are a Libyan, Hasan al-Salahayn Salih al-Sha’ari, who after being released from an Iraqi prison in 2012 founded a branch of the Islamic State, and Ali Musa al-Shawakh, a Syrian who served as the Islamic State’s governor for Raqqa, Syria.

That is where that pos article's print ended.

Sorry for not "getting into it," but I've reached my fill of Jewish war propaganda masquerading as "news."

Six Zionist Companies Own 96% of the World's Media
Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed
Operation Mockingbird

Why Am I No Longer Reading the Newspaper?

And now you know.

Such financial targeting may be far less effective against the Islamic State than it was against Al Qaeda, since the Islamic State commands territory from which it can extract taxes, extortion fees, ransoms, and other payments.

Counterterrorism experts said Tuesday that while the Treasury designations would be unlikely to find any bank accounts or assets that could be frozen, they may be able to shut down some financing channels through otherwise legitimate businesses.

“Though ISIS runs a local and somewhat insular war economy, their financing does touch elements of the financial system — whether brokers in Turkey or microfinancing via social media,” said Juan C. Zarate, who was a top counterterrorism official under President George W. Bush. “Treasury is trying to do whatever it can to disrupt ISIS’ ability to access the financial system and attempting to deter others from supporting the group.”

You can start with the House of Saud.


RelatedObama’s Call at U.N. to Fight ISIS With Ideas Is Largely Seen as Futile" by GARDINER HARRIS and ERIC SCHMITT  |  SEPT. 29, 2015

I didn't even check to see if they were the same. 

Of course, the Globe has all the answers:

"Heading for failure on Syria at the UN" by The Editorial Board   September 29, 2015

THE UNITED STATES and Russia have a common interest in stopping the spread of Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq. But Wednesday’s Security Council meeting about how to tackle that common threat is widely expected to fail. When you don’t agree on the root of the problem, you can’t agree on a solution.

In his speech at the United Nations on Monday, President Obama made clear that he sees dictatorship as the root cause of the chaos. Obama blamed instability in Syria on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who brutally repressed peaceful protesters. Obama made a strong case that democratic governance is terrorism’s best antidote. If Assad’s the problem, then he can’t also be part of the solution. Obama called for a “managed transition” to a new leader in Syria.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin diagnoses a different problem. He sees ill-advised US policies of regime change in Iraq, Syria, and Libya as the root cause of instability in the region.

“It is now obvious that the power vacuum created in some countries of the Middle East and North Africa . . . immediately started to be filled with extremists and terrorists,” Putin declared in his own UN speech. “I cannot help asking those who have caused the situation, do you realize now what you’ve done?”

Putin has a point.

I did a double take when I read that.

It’s far easier to call for a strongman to step aside than it is to create a better government in his place. While Obama is correct that democracies are more stable in the long term than dictatorships, they take generations to build. In the meantime, a bad government can look better than no government at all.

Can it?

Libya is a case in point. Russia, which wields a veto on the Security Council, allowed NATO to create a no-fly zone there in 2011 — to protect civilians, not depose the regime. But NATO’s bombs helped rebels kill Moammar Khadafy. In the years that followed, Libya descended into chaos. Violence has driven thousands from their homes.

That's what was the plan all along, and Khadafy kind of did it to himself.

Since that time, Putin has refused to consider a no-fly zone in Syria, arguing that the results will be the same. In his UN speech, Putin complained that Libya’s “statehood was destroyed as a result of a gross violation” of the UN resolution that created the no-fly zone.

Oddly, this seemed a rare point of agreement between Russia and the United States. Obama acknowledged in his own speech that his “coalition could have and should have done more to fill a vacuum left behind” in Libya.

(Blog editor shakes his head at the lack of responsibility he shows. Yup, shoulda done more, oh well)

That comment provided a small glimmer of hope — that US officials understand they can’t call for Assad’s ouster without a credible alternative to put in his place. Until Russia and the United States can agree on what that alternative might be, the terrible stalemate in Syria will drag on.


So what is going on with that Russian action in Syria?

"Russian jets enter conflict in Syria acting ‘preventatively’; US officials claim targets hit were Assad opposition" by Helene Cooper, Michael R. Gordon and Neil MacFarquhar New York Times  October 01, 2015

WASHINGTON — Russian aircraft carried out a bombing attack against Syrian opposition fighters on Wednesday, including at least one group trained by the CIA, eliciting angry protests from US officials and plunging the complex sectarian war there into dangerous new territory.

We were told there were only a handful -- literally -- of them.

Russia’s entry into the Syrian conflict, foreshadowed by a rapid military buildup in the past three weeks at an air base in Latakia, Syria, makes the possibility of a political settlement in Syria more difficult and creates a new risk of inadvertent incidents between American and Russian warplanes flying in the same area. And it adds a powerful but unpredictable combatant to a civil war that has already resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and a flood of refugees.

Who wrote this shit?

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia justified his country’s entry into the conflict by saying that Russia was acting “preventatively, to fight and destroy militants and terrorists on the territories that they already occupied, not wait for them to come to our house.”

He's so good at turning the tables on Bushbama!

But US officials said the attack was not directed at the Islamic State but at other opposition groups fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom Putin has vowed to support. US officials said Russian warplanes and helicopter gunships dropped bombs north of the central city of Homs, where there are few militants of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

“By supporting Assad and seemingly taking on everybody fighting Assad,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Wednesday, Russia is “taking on the whole rest of the country that’s fighting Assad.” Some of those groups, he added, are supported by the United States and need to be part of a political resolution in Syria.

“That’s why the Russian position is doomed to fail,” Carter said.

Both Carter and Secretary of State John Kerry were critical of Russia for failing to fully inform US officials ahead of time of their mission. The notification consisted of contacting the US Embassy in Baghdad one hour before the strikes with the warning that American planes should avoid Syrian airspace. No effort was made to coordinate the airstrikes with US air operations in the region.

Looks like Putin basically flipped 'em the finger, and there is nothing they can do!

Illustrating the widening complexity of the war, the United States conducted its own airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, near Aleppo, without warning to the Russians. “No, we did not,” a US official said afterward. “It should come as a surprise to no one that we’re conducting airstrikes in Syria.”

(Blog editor is still astounded and astonished at the level of hypocrisy coming from arrogant AmeriKa)

Kerry raised Russia’s handling of the mission Wednesday morning with Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, and after a late-afternoon meeting at the United Nations, Kerry told reporters that the two sides had agreed to begin talks on avoiding unintended confrontations in Syria and clarifying which targets the Russians are picking as soon as possible.

How many nations is the U.S. bombing at this point?

“It is one thing, obviously, to be targeting ISIL,” Kerry said. “We are concerned, obviously, that is not what’s happening.”

Though Russia and the United States remain far apart on the critical question of whether Assad should remain in power, Kerry said that the two sides had agreed to explore “options” to ease the conflict.

“We think we have some very specific steps that may be able to help lead in the right direction,” said Kerry, who did not provide any details. “That needs to be properly explored.”

One is wondering if there is a conflict at the top between the globalists and the Zio-cons. Kerry has been actively defying them on Iran, Ukraine, and now Syria (he's suggested Assad can stay for a while).

At least one and possibly more Syrian opposition groups that have been secretly armed and trained by the CIA were among the rebel groups targeted by the Russian airstrikes, a senior US official said. The official would not identify which group or groups were attacked or where they were located. Nor would he assess the damage or casualties suffered by the Syrian fighters other than to say, “It was not minor.” US officials said they were still sorting through the battle damage reports coming in from the field.

Meet ISIS™, ladies and gentleman.

Kerry, speaking to the UN Security Council, warned Russia not to carry out airstrikes in areas of Syria in which the Islamic State is not believed to be operating. With his Russian counterpart in the chair, Kerry said that the Obama administration would welcome “any genuine effort” by Moscow to target the Islamic State and the Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s branch in Syria. 

It's al-nUSrA for those who are uninitiated in the roll of propaganda put out by the U.S. pre$$.

But Kerry made clear that the United States would have “grave concerns” if the Russians bombed other moderate rebel groups and repeated the American position that Assad would need to leave power as part of a political transition that would be intended to bring peace to Syria. He also said that the US-led coalition is poised “to dramatically accelerate” airstrikes against the Islamic State.

This was ALWAYS about REGIME CHANGE, something I said right from the start.

When a reporter asked Lavrov about Carter’s claim that the Russian airstrikes appeared to be directed at parts of Syria not known to be under the control of the Islamic State, he said, “Don’t listen to the Pentagon about the Russian strikes.”

But Western diplomats warned that Russia was sending a dangerous message if its attacks were aimed primarily against opponents of Assad, rather than the Islamic State.

“We need the Russians to understand that in coming to defense of the regime to attack ISIL, what they will do is forge a single united force under ISIL leadership against the regime,” said the British foreign secretary, Philip Hammond.

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said its pilots were engaged in precision strikes “against the military equipment, communication centers, transport vehicles, arms depots, ammunition and fuels and lubricant materials belonging to ISIS terrorists.”


"Russia insists planes struck areas of Syria held by ISIS; New round also hits rival groups; 50 aircraft used" by Anne Barnard and Andrew E. Kramer New York Times   October 02, 2015

Also another word for crap.

BEIRUT — In a second day of raids in Syria, Russian warplanes on Thursday largely struck targets that once again were not the Islamic State but a rival insurgent coalition.

However, antigovernment activists, including the opposition news agency Khoutwah, reported Thursday night that they believed Russian jets had struck the Islamic State-held town of Al Shedadi in Hasaka province, in Syria’s northeast. If confirmed, it would be the first Russian strike in undisputed Islamic State territory. The area is hundreds of miles from the sites of previous Russian strikes.

Russia sent more than 50 aircraft on about 30 sorties over Syria on Thursday, using drones and satellites to identify targets, said Major General Igor Konashenkov, a Defense Ministry spokesman. They were able to deploy quickly, he said, because ammunition and other supplies had been stockpiled at the Tartus naval base on Syria’s Mediterranean coast, Russia’s only military site outside the former Soviet Union.

The same kind of thing the U.S. has set up all across the planet. Had stuff prepositioned in Saudi Arabia before Saddam invaded Kuwait.

Russia’s entry into the Syrian conflict, which started Wednesday with a bombing attack on opposition fighters, has been condemned by US officials. They fear that President Vladimir Putin of Russia is using their shared goal of defeating the Islamic State, also known by its acronyms ISIS or ISIL, as a pretext for weakening other opponents of Syria’s embattled president, Bashar Assad.

Well if that isn't the pot hollering kettle.... PFFFFFFFFFFFFT!

Putin says Assad is a bulwark against the Islamic State; President Obama says Assad must go, though perhaps in a “managed transition” to a new government.

The new round of strikes Thursday — conducted with two models of Soviet-era warplanes, the Su-25 Frogfoot and Su-24 Fencer — was said by Mayadeen, a pro-Damascus news channel, to target the Army of Conquest, a coalition of insurgent groups that includes the Al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, the hard-line Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham, and a range of less extreme Islamist groups — all of which are opposed to the Islamic State.

And all of which are backed by the U.S. and its Arab allies. Once you know who is behind Al-CIA-Duh and the rest, this stuff is nothing but lame war lies, something Americans are used to.

Russian officials nonetheless insisted that they had hit four “objects of the Islamic State” in the provinces of Idlib, Hama, and Homs. The Islamic State is most active in areas significantly to the east of those regions. Russia, like Assad, has tended to make little distinction among the many insurgent groups in Syria’s four-year civil war.

Nor do I for the reasons mentioned above.

And the Russian military incursion may not be limited to Syria, the deputy foreign minister, Ilya Rogachev, suggested Thursday. He indicated that Moscow would be receptive to an invitation by Baghdad to assist in the fight against Islamic State in Iraq.

OMG!!! The U.S and Israel could find themselves edged out of the region!!! 

Putin better step very carefully, although how can the U.S. argue against it? 

Oh what a deadly web they weave when they practice to deceive to make war!

Later, in a news conference at the United Nations, the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, said there no immediate plans to hit targets in Iraq.

The Russian airstrikes, a major twist in the war, come after a series of setbacks that had put Assad in his shakiest position in years.

A government soldier serving in Homs province said the Russian military support had arrived just in time. “Without the Russians,” he said, Islamic State forces could have reached the provincial capital of Homs.

Government forces lost ground not only to the Islamic State in the east and center of the country, but also to the Army of Conquest in the northwest, where its advances have posed the war’s sharpest threat to the coastal provinces that are Assad’s base.

By striking at the group, Russia is unlikely to be able to give Assad full control over the country but could extend the deadly standoff.

Yeah, would have been better had ISIS™ taken over the whole place. Peace would have been achieved sooner. 


"Russia, Iran said to be expanding Assad aid; Actions anger Obama; president concedes bid to train rebels faltered" by Peter Baker and Neil MacFarquhar New York Times  October 03, 2015


WASHINGTON — The already fragmented battlefield in Syria grew even more complicated Friday, as Russia and Iran expanded their military efforts to defend the beleaguered Syrian government in defiance of President Obama, who predicted that their actions would only lead to a “quagmire.”


He's sending troops back into Iraq and he's.... 


Syria is already a quagmire thanks to U.S.-supported terror groups.  

What do you do with a president who is delusional, in denial, or a goddamn liar?

In his first comments since Russia began airstrikes on Syrian targets this week, Obama said that Moscow was acting “not out of strength but out of weakness.”


SeeUS airstrikes target key Taliban positions in Afghanistan

Still the strongest military on the face of the planet though!

Bristling at criticism of his own Syria policy, he rejected domestic opponents who offer “half-baked ideas” that amount to “a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.”

That's why I no longer watch his speeches.

“An attempt by Russia and Iran to prop up Assad and try to pacify the population is just going to get them stuck in a quagmire and it won’t work,” Obama said during a news conference at the White House on Friday, referring to President Bashar Assad of Syria, a longtime ally of both Russia and Iran. “And they will be there for a while if they don’t take a different course.”

Speaking of propping up rulers, why did the mass-murdering Saudi war crime in Yemen just cross my mind?

Neither Russia nor Iran showed signs of listening. While Moscow widened its airstrikes to hit Islamic State territory for the first time, Russian troops have unloaded a major long-range artillery system to add more firepower to its deployment in Syria, according to a US official.

At the same time, US officials said Iran had sent up to 600 additional ground troops to bolster Assad’s government.

It looks like once that Iran deal was done, they and the Russians have had enough of the EUSraeli Empire.

Obama was left to confront a deteriorating situation over which he seemed to have even less control than before. 

It's called FAILURE!!!!!!!!

In New York, Secretary of State John Kerry met separately with the foreign ministers of Russia and Iran without any apparent breakthrough, while US allies from Europe and the Middle East publicly called on Russia to stop bombing the moderate Syrian opposition to Assad.

You know why.

The president said that his program to select, train, and arm Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State group had failed in part because he had insisted they only the militants — and not also focus on toppling Assad’s government.

“I’m the first one to acknowledge it has not worked the way it was supposed to,” Obama said.

The disingenuousness coming from this government is incalculable.

Instead, he said the United States wanted to work more closely with Kurdish allies who have enjoyed some success against the Islamic State to see “if we can build on that.”

But he repeated his conclusion that there was no military solution to the long-running fratricidal war, only a political settlement that has to end with Assad’s departure from power.

“The problem here is Assad and the brutality he’s inflicted on the Syrian people,” Obama said.

No, the PROBLEM is YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

While the United States will work with “all parties” to broker a transition, he said, “we are not going to cooperate with a Russian campaign to simply try to destroy anybody who is disgusted and fed up with Mr. Assad’s behavior.” 

Guess who I'm disgusted and fed up with.

Russia widened its bombings Friday, saying its warplanes struck seven targets, including a command post and training camp near Raqqa, the northeast Syrian city that the Islamic State has converted into the capital of its self-proclaimed caliphate straddling Syria and Iraq. Until now, Russia had hit territory that was not dominated by the Islamic State but, in some cases, where US-supported rebels were located.

Russia seemed intent on adding more capacity with the delivery of a potent rocket system called Smerch. US intelligence analysts also have detected Russian military advisers pushing east to Hama, erecting tents at the Hama equestrian club, although the purpose remained unclear.

As if I would believe anything coming from US intelligence. Pffft!! 

Who wrote this piece of shit?

Similarly, Iran was reinforcing its own presence in Syria.

Can we get Congre$$ to take up that deal again?

US officials said 300 to 600 Iranian troops had arrived in recent days, augmenting some 1,500 who have been in Syria for months along with more than 5,000 militia fighters from Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group allied with Iran, which has played an increasingly important role defending government territory. 

Related: Globe Garbage From Lebanon 

Must be all cleaned up then because I haven't seen a word since.

Western diplomats at the United Nations expressed concern that the Russian strikes will only embolden Assad, making any political settlement more difficult.

For Arab allies in particular, one such diplomat said, it would be impossible to enter into political talks without resolving that Assad would leave after a transitional government.

“It’s very important we don’t leave this question mark open,” said the diplomat, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to address closed-door discussions.


What does Iran have to say about all this anyway?

"Iran leader blames US for Mideast wars; UN speech also casts blame on Israel, other allies" by Carol Morello Washington Post  September 29, 2015

UNITED NATIONS — President Hassan Rouhani of Iran on Monday offered to help root out terrorism in the Middle East and said the United States and its support for Israel are a major cause of the violence.

Rouhani told the UN General Assembly that terrorists excuse their brutality as a reaction to the military interventions and occupations of what he termed ‘‘newcomers’’ to the region.

‘‘If not for the US military invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and its unwarranted support for the inhumane actions of the Zionist regime against the oppressed nation of Palestine, today the terrorists would not have an excuse for the justification of their crimes,’’ he said.

The only thing he is missing is that USrael supports both sides.

Rouhani’s speech was closely watched because it was his first address to the world body since Iran finished a landmark nuclear agreement with the United States and five other nations. He said the deal, finalized in July, marked a ‘‘new chapter’’ in Iran’s dealings with the world, so his swipe at the United States was striking.

Rouhani said the United States and its allies in the region — an apparent reference to Israel and the Sunni states in the Persian Gulf — ‘‘only cultivate the seeds of extremism and division.’’

‘‘This must be brought to an end and its actions must be made compatible with the realities of the region,’’ he said. 

He knows. Whole world knows. Only ones who don't are studios who don't want to and the in-denial AmeriKan media and government.

Rouhani also called for a nuclear-free Middle East, and asked the world ‘‘not to allow the Zionist regime to remain the only impediment in the way of realizing this important initiative.’’

Yeah, ISRAEL HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS (stole them from the U.S., they did)! Jewish war pre$$ doesn't make a big deal of it though.

He said Iran is prepared to help bring democracy to Syria and Yemen. ‘‘The gravest threat to the world today is for terrorist organizations to become terrorist states,’’ he said.

There was no immediate reaction to Rouhani’s remarks from the State Department, which lists Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Rouhani’s UN speech reprised the same themes he raised during three meetings he held over the weekend with journalists, Iranian Americans, and scholars who specialize in the Middle East.

At an event for academics on Sunday evening, Rouhani spoke for almost 90 minutes, answering questions submitted in writing. He sat next to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who negotiated the nuclear agreement under which Iran will curtail its nuclear program in exchange for an easing of sanctions.

‘‘Iran is committed to its full implementation, and will remain so,’’ Rouhani said, calling some congressional predictions that Iran will cheat and use the money it gets when assets are unfrozen under the deal to create mayhem in the Middle East as comedic and false.

‘‘We are not a threat or danger to other countries,’’ he said.

No, it is the United States and Israel that are the threat to the world. Everyone can see it, and no amount of Jewish War Media spin can change that.

Rouhani planned to fly back to Tehran immediately after finishing his UN speech, canceling a news conference scheduled for Tuesday. The Iranian mission to the United Nations said he was heading home ‘‘due to the tragic events at this year’s hajj.’’

A perversion of religion if there ever was one. Haven't been since Monday.

Rouhani began his UN speech with blistering words for Saudi Arabia, saying the dead ‘‘fell victim to the incompetence and mismanagement of those in charge.’’ Saudi Arabia has opened an inquiry and promised anyone found at fault will be held accountable.

It could be even worse than that.

Rouhani’s departure closes off any possibility he will meet with relatives of the three Iranian Americans who are imprisoned in Iran. In recent days, Rouhani repeatedly has said he would try to secure their release if the United States would agree to free 19 Iranians who are imprisoned in the United States for violating sanctions.

Naghmeh Abedini said she wanted to speak to Iranian officials about her husband, Saeed Abedini, a Boise, Idaho, pastor accused of opening home churches in Iran. He has served three years of an eight-year sentence on charges of undermining Iran’s national security.


"Saudi stampede toll may be near 1,100" by Zarar Khan Associated Press  September 29, 2015

ISLAMABAD — Saudi Arabia has given foreign diplomats some 1,100 photographs of the dead from last week’s hajj crush and stampede, Indian and Pakistani authorities said, an indication of a significantly higher death toll than previously offered by the kingdom.

It's being covered up.

Saudi officials could not be immediately reached for comment Monday night about the discrepancy in the toll of the disaster in Mina. The Saudi Health Ministry’s latest figures, released Saturday, put the toll at 769 people killed and 934 injured.

Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, a lawmaker in Pakistan’s governing PML-N political party who is leading his country’s response to the disaster, said Saudi officials gave diplomats ‘‘1,100 photos’’ of the dead from Mina. Chaudhry told journalists during a news conference broadcast nationwide Monday night that the photos could be viewed at Saudi embassies and missions abroad.

‘‘This is the official figure of martyrs from Saudi officials, given for the identification process,’’ Chaudhry said.

His comments echoed those Sunday of India’s external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj.

‘‘Saudi authorities have released photos of 1,090 pilgrims who have died in [the hajj] stampede,’’ Swaraj wrote on Twitter.

Saudi authorities have said that the disaster began when two large waves of pilgrims converged on a narrow road last Thursday during the final days of the annual hajj in Mina near the holy city of Mecca. Survivors say the crowding caused people to suffocate and eventually trample one another in the worst disaster to befall the annual pilgrimage in a quarter-century.

Iran, Saudi Arabia’s regional Shi’ite archrival, has criticized the kingdom over the hajj disaster and daily protests have taken place near the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. Iranian state media also have suggested that the death toll in the disaster was far higher, without providing any corroboration.

The hajj this year drew some 2 million pilgrims from 180 countries, though in previous years it has drawn more than 3 million without any major incidents. Able-bodied Muslims are required to perform the five-day pilgrimage once in their lifetime.


RelatedSaudis clarify pilgrimage death toll

According to Jim Stone, the death toll is MORE than 7,000 due to Saudi royalty intruding on the scene, with 225 Iranian Republican Guard taken captive by Israel.

"Iran seeks return of stampede victims" Associated Press  October 01, 2015

TEHRAN — Iran’s top leader on Wednesday warned Saudi Arabia of ‘‘harsh’’ measures if the kingdom fails to promptly return the bodies of more than 200 Iranian pilgrims killed in last week’s stampede at the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s warning came as Iran summoned Riyadh’s envoy for the fourth time since last Thursday’s deadly crush of pilgrims. Iran has protested what it called the kingdom’s ‘‘mishandling’’ of the stampede.

Saudi authorities say 769 pilgrims died near Mecca in the worst disaster to strike the annual pilgrimage in a quarter-century. Iran’s state media have accused Saudi Arabia of a cover-up, saying the total death toll exceeds 4,700. It has offered no evidence to corroborate the claim.

Consider what I'm reading. I'm more likely to believe the "enemy" or some "crackpot."

The disaster has fed into the bitter regional rivalry between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran, which back opposite sides in the wars in Syria and Yemen.

Iran has led a chorus of international criticism directed at Saudi Arabia’s response to the tragedy. President Hassan Rouhani devoted a significant part of his speech at the UN General Assembly on Monday to blaming Saudi authorities for the disaster and demanding it be ‘‘fully investigated.’’

See why I am including it here.


"Iran boosts death toll of citizens in stampede; Number at 464; Saudis besieged by complaints" by Ben Hubbard New York Times  October 02, 2015

BEIRUT — The number of Iranian pilgrims who died last week in a human crush near Mecca in Saudi Arabia has nearly doubled to 464, Iran reported Thursday, increasing tensions between the two countries and adding to doubts that the Saudi government has provided a full accounting of the disaster.

When do they ever (that is for every nation and government on the planet, folks)?

The deaths occurred on Sept. 24, when large crowds of pilgrims converged on streets with few exits in a tent city in Mina, near one of the crucial stops on the annual pilgrimage known as the hajj. Iran has been joined by India, Indonesia, and Pakistan in suggesting that the Saudis have not fully acknowledged the human toll.

That's the thing: we are looking at world nations and governments that are "conspiratorial" now. 

The wheels are coming of the world domination project. Maybe it's Karma, maybe it's hubris and arrogance, maybe it's cosmic justice. Whatever it is, it spells misery for many until you push through to the other side.

Saudi officials blamed some pilgrims for failing to follow directions, leading to overcrowding that was exacerbated by sweltering heat and the dehydration of many pilgrims.

Yeah, the blaming of the victims goes over well.

But other governments and people in the area at the time have accused authorities of failing to control the crowds and of temporarily closing exits, leaving the pilgrims confined. 

Some suggest even more sinister motives, and maybe they are right.

The Saudi king, Salman, has ordered an inquiry, but no progress has been announced. The inquiry does not have an expected completion date.

The Saudi Health Ministry has kept the official toll at 769 dead and 934 injured, despite statements from more than 20 countries that, added together, put the dead at more than 900.

The crush was the deadliest accident during the pilgrimage, 1 of the 5 pillars of Islam, in a quarter-century.

The Iranian toll is by far the highest, and it is the country’s single deadliest event since 2005, when a quake killed about 600 people. The toll includes pilgrims unaccounted for, as Iranian officials have given up on finding survivors.

The deaths have added fuel to the harsh rivalry between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran, which compete across the Middle East for strategic and religious influence. That rivalry has grown more intense in recent years as the countries have backed opposing sides in proxy wars in Syria and Yemen.

The Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned of “harsh” moves if Saudi Arabia did not promptly repatriate dead Iranian pilgrims.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has so far showed self-restraint, observed Islamic decency, and brotherly respect in the Islamic world,” Khamenei said in comments broadcast on Iranian state television. “But they should know that Iran’s hand is superior to many others and has more capabilities.” 

Looks like threat, right?

But it remained unclear what actions Iran would take, if any. Iranian officials have complained they were not granted visas to the kingdom and were prevented from accessing their citizens in Saudi medical facilities.


Anyone else like to speak?

"Abbas says Palestinians not bound by Oslo pact with Israel" by Rick Gladstone and Jodi Rudoren New York Times  October 01, 2015

NEW YORK — President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority declared Wednesday that it was no longer bound by the Oslo Peace Accords and subsequent agreements that formed the basis for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I don't know how you get a two-state solution at this point, what with the apartheid wall and land stealing creating so many disconnected Palestinian bantustans that get smaller and smaller as Zionist militants "settle" more and more land.

In his annual General Assembly speech, Abbas accused Israel of having violated these pacts, which date back two decades and asserted there was no reason that the Palestinians should remain faithful to them as long as the Israelis were not.

Therefore, Abbas said, “we cannot continue to be bound by these signed agreements with Israel and Israel must assume fully all its responsibility as an occupying power.”

The office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel said in a statement that Abbas’s speech was “deceitful and encourages incitement and lawlessness in the Middle East.”

Says the leader of the most deceitful and lawless regime in the region.

Abbas delivered the speech — punctuated later by the ceremonial raising of the Palestinian flag at the United Nations for the first time — against a backdrop of growing frustration among many Palestinians over the paralysis in peace negotiations with Israel. It is the most protracted conflict vexing the United Nations since the organization’s founding 70 years ago.

What is most ironic is it was the United Nations that foisted Israel upon Palestine.

The popularity of Abbas within the Palestinian diaspora has suffered as a result. 

Well, he is a well-known tool of Zionist USrael. I'm sure it corresponds with the popularity.

There had been speculation fed by Abbas’s aides that he would drop a “bombshell” announcement in his speech. While the announcement sounded serious, the practical effects were not immediately clear.

You know, I thought he looked a little fat around the mid-section.

Khalil Shikaki, a leading Palestinian political analyst, said Abbas’s declaration was “a big deal, no doubt” but would mean “absolutely nothing” on the ground....

Which is why I'm really not into this anymore. I've been going for over nine years and things have only gotten worse.


And look who was last to speak (most went home by then):

"Netanyahu criticizes Iran accord before UN" by George Jahn Associated Press  October 02, 2015

UNITED NATIONS — In an impassioned speech interspersed with bouts of dramatic silence, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday condemned the Iran nuclear deal as empowering Tehran to spread unrest in the Mideast while leaving the country capable of making an atomic bomb.

I saw some impassioned analysis.

Netanyahu described Israeli-US bickering about the deal as ‘‘a disagreement within the family,’’ and the United States also downplayed any lasting effects of the fallout about an agreement that Washington praises and Israel condemns.

So it was all a BIG CON JOB, all that bells-and-whistles pre$$ over the issue?

The Israeli leader’s speech to world leaders at the UN General Assembly was notable for his rhetorical flourishes, including 47 seconds of silence about 15 minutes into his address.

Netanyahu insisted the nuclear pact lets Iran back terrorism in the Mideast and bolsters its plan to liquidate the Jewish state. He said the United Nations and most governments have responded to Iran’s intent to destroy Israel with ‘‘deafening silence,’’ and then stopped speaking to emphasize his point, glowering at delegates before resuming his speech.

He kept attacking the accord, which has already gone into effect despite lobbying by Israel’s allies in Washington.

‘‘This deal doesn’t make peace more likely,’’ he said. ‘‘By fueling Iran’s aggressions with billions of dollars in sanctions relief, it makes war more likely.’’

After Netanyahu again denounced the Iran deal, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said President Obama ‘‘is proud of the strong relationship between our two countries and the unshakable bond when it comes to our commitment to Israel’s security.’’


Iran denies any interest in nuclear weapons. It describes its atomic activities as peaceful, focused only on generating energy and advancing science and medicine.

There is NO EVIDENCE of any BOMB, either!

There is ONE REGIONAL POWER THAT HAS ONE, though, but my Jewish War Pre$$ conveniently ignores it.

The Obama administration insists the deal is effective in crimping the activities Tehran could use in making an atomic bomb.

The constraints are in effect for 10 to 15 years, and Netanyahu argued that once they are lifted, Iran would be only ‘‘weeks away from having the fissile material for an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs.’’

As he has for years, Netanyahu said that Israel would stop Iran from getting the bomb.

‘‘Israel will not allow Iran to break in, to sneak in or to walk in to the nuclear weapons club,’’ he declared in an allusion to his country’s vow to strike at Iran militarily as a last resort.

Which he has been saying for ALMOST 30 YEARS NOW! It's the BOY WHO CRIED WOLF, except in this case the WOLF is the BOY WHO IS CRYING!

Netanyahu listed what he said were disruptive actions by Iran even as the nuclear deal was being negotiated: shipping weapons and proxy fighters to Syria and arms to Yemen and to Hezbollah in Lebanon; sending top Iranian military officers to the divided Golan Heights region; and threatening to topple Jordan’s government.

Describing the greatest danger to the world as ‘‘the coupling of militant Islam with nuclear weapons,’’ Netanyahu said the Iran nuclear deal may well ‘‘prove to be the marriage certificate of that unholy union.’’

So WHAT FALSE FLAG BOOM is SET TO GO OFF and WHERE (Chicago because of the Iran deal)?????? 

We have reached the point where I will put nothing, nothing past the governments of USrael.

‘‘Do any of you really believe that a theocratic Iran with sharper claws and sharper fangs will be more likely to change its stripes?’’ he asked.

Whenever Israel criticizes someone else they are really criticizing themselves, or haven't you checked that militant Zionist, right-wing obscenity called a government he's currently leading in Israel?


Hard to believe it, but he was even more outrageous than Obummer.