Thursday, October 15, 2015

Religious Fervor Leads to Fatality in Family

"Family allegedly beat teens in church" Associated Press  October 14, 2015

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. — Two teenage brothers were beaten in church — one fatally — in an effort by their parents, sister, and other members to get them to confess their sins, police said Wednesday.

Police said spiritual ‘‘counseling’’ at the Word of Life church turned into an hours-long attack Sunday night in which Lucas Leonard, 19, and his 17-year-old brother, Christopher, were pummeled with fists, authorities said.

Eventually, Lucas stopped breathing and relatives took him early Monday to a hospital, where he died, police said. His younger brother is hospitalized in serious condition.

The boys’ parents, Bruce and Deborah Leonard, were charged with manslaughter, and four other adults were charged with assault in the younger brother’s beating, including Sarah Ferguson, 33, the victims’ sister.


What I have noticed is all religions are a little nutty in my jewspaper save one, and speaking of their slaves in the U.S.:

Freedom of religion under increasing threat, US reports

That should give you an idea of who is on the U.S. target list still, as this secular regime seeks to remove God and supplement Gay.

And don't take that as an argument in favor of religion. Far from it. Just another power center meant to blind the people with illusion while raping (literally) and robbing them. I think that is what His Holiness was referring, no? Why would a popular Pope need to do that?

UPDATE: Mother pleads guilty to church beating that killed son