Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fewer Autism Cases in Louisiana

Thanks to the marshals:

"Boy killed as father tried to flee marshals" Associated Press  November 05, 2015

MARKSVILLE, La. — A 6-year-old boy was killed and his father critically wounded after marshals for a central Louisiana city fired at their vehicle as the father was trying to flee, officials said.

Avoyelles Parish coroner Dr. L. J. Mayeux said city marshals were chasing Chris Few after he fled an attempt to serve a warrant.

Yeah, except Cops Who Killed 6-yo Boy Lied About his Dad Having a Warrant & Gun – He Had Neither

And I'm supposed to believe this propaganda pre$$ and authority mouthpiece and its rubbish?

The coroner said Few reached a dead end and was backing into the marshals when they fired.

The coroner said his son, Jeremy Mardis, a first-grader at a nearby school, was caught in the line of fire.

‘‘More likely than not they were shooting into the driver side, and he was on the passenger side,’’ Mayeux said.

It was not immediately clear what type of warrant the marshals were trying to serve.

The city marshals work for the city courts and serve warrants, carry firearms, and have police powers, according to the mayor’s office.

State Police are handling the investigation, but they provided few details....

Of course not. Gotta get the cover-their-ass cover story together.


"Louisiana State Police probe fatal shooting of autistic 6-year-old" by Cain Burdeau Associated Press  November 06, 2015

NEW ORLEANS — State Police examined forensics evidence but still had not spoken Thursday with the law enforcement agents involved in a shooting that left an autistic 6-year-old boy dead and his father seriously wounded in central Louisiana.

State Police are leading the investigation into the Tuesday night shooting in Marksville, a town of about 5,700 people. A relative of the dead boy called the shooting unwarranted.

City marshals were chasing Chris Few at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, after he fled from an attempt to serve a warrant, the coroner in Avoyelles Parish where the shooting occurred had said Wednesday.

The lie continues.

Few was critically wounded and his 6-year-old son, Jeremy Mardis, died of multiple gunshot wounds to his head and chest, the coroner, Dr. L.J. Mayeux, added.

The coroner said the boy was ‘‘caught in the line of fire.’’ Few was listed in serious condition Thursday, hospital officials said.

Authorities have released few details of what took place.

Colonel Mike Edmonson, head of the State Police, said on Thursday that no gun was found inside Few’s vehicle. He said the investigation was just beginning and there were ‘‘a lot of unanswered questions’’ but investigators would be methodical in seeking out the facts.


‘‘Anytime an individual is killed, especially a child, it’s a tragedy,’’ Edmonson said. ‘‘The investigative team spent 12 hours Wednesday going through the entire scene from a forensic standpoint to get the trajectory of the bullets, find and count the casings and generally put the scene together.’’

Looks like murder to me.

He said video pertaining to the shooting had not been analyzed and that officers involved in the shooting had not been interviewed yet. Three of the officers also work for the Marksville Police Department and one works as a city marshal in nearby Alexandria.

What is with the dragging of heels?

Few’s 57-year-old stepfather, Morris German, accused the city marshals of indiscriminately opening fire on the vehicle. German said Few was heavily sedated, unable to talk and has bullet fragments lodged in his brain and lung. He described Few as a loving father and added the man’s son ‘‘was his whole life.’’

Sedated on what?

‘‘I know a 6-year-old should not have been shot,’’ German said. ‘‘I don’t care what my son was doing.’’

I agree, but this is 21st-century AmeriKa.

German said he was unaware of any warrants against Few.

Whatever happened to two guys grabbing him and hustling him into a car and down to the station?  Now violations of warrants aren't something they find after picking you up; it's sending out a SWAT team to serve them.

He called his stepson a law-abiding person who’d once been charged with driving under the influence but otherwise had a spotless record. He said Few works as a river pilot on the Red River and is routinely tested for drugs.

He also strongly doubted his stepson was carrying a weapon and said he found it hard to believe he would flee authorities with his son in the vehicle.

That pretty much applies to mostly everything I read in the Boston Globe these days.

‘‘Anything’s possible, but I can’t see him doing that with his son in the car,’’ German said. ‘‘That doesn’t sound like him at all.’’

Probably wasn't.

Mardis was diagnosed with autism, German said, describing him as a delightful child who ‘‘loved everything, everybody.’’

Edmonson said he had no information about a warrant being served. The sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices said they had no pending warrants against Few.

Few reached a dead end and was backing into the marshals when they fired, the coroner had said.

Is that what the video showed or just going by what authority says?


Was this another black-white thing because the media didn't really say? 

I know no one cares about Johnny Cracker getting killed, only BlackLivesMatter, but just wondering.


"Two Louisiana law enforcement officers were in jail Saturday while their colleagues tried to sort out the details that led to the death of a 6-year-old and the severe wounding of his father in a hail of gunfire. Derrick Stafford, 32, of Mansura, and Norris Greenhouse Jr., 23, of Marksville, each faced charges of second-degree murder. They were being held in the Avoyelles Parish jail. The dead child was 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, who was in a car being driven Tuesday by his father, Chris Few. State Police said Stafford is a full-time lieutenant with the Marksville Police Department; Greenhouse is a full-time city marshal. Both were working part-time as deputy marshals in Marksville’s Ward 2 when the shooting broke out. A motive has not been made public."