Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mr. Fix It

If so, then God help us all....

Under pressure to stand out, Bush tries to reset his campaign

That is not the version that I'm seeing in print.

"Surrounded Monday by friends and former colleagues, Bush delivered a morning speech in Tampa that amounted to re-declaring his candidacy, without changing his message or significantly altering his campaign strategy. Bush recently announced an across-the-board cut in salaries to protect his available campaign cash for the final charge into Iowa.

"But let me be clear: I'm not stepping into the role of 'angry agitator' that they have created for us, because it's not what's in my heart," Bush said. 

Another kind and gentler Bush!

Bush's reset comes as a populist surge has propelled the outsider campaigns of bombastic developer Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson — and created an opportunity for Rubio. 

Yup, thus the change to the "Jeb Can Fix It" can-do slogan (Yes, we can!??)!! 

Not really much of a "reset," is it?

Bush is making some tactical changes, such as spending more sustained time in early voting Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, but the message, an experienced conservative executive is needed to succeed Democrat Barack Obama, a one-term senator before becoming president, does not appear to be changing. Nor does Bush's dry, matter-of-fact, and at times self-deprecating delivery.

Oh, he's so humble! 

This is disgusting "journalism."

No need to change, said Will Bissette, a 75-year-old Tampa real-estate investor who was among the 200 or so in the auditorium. "It's still early," said Bissette. 

Still time to rig and sell a narrative!

The crowd skewed older, though Bush was backed by risers full of younger and diverse supporters, many waving signs with the new slogan. 

OMG, they hired out a crowd so the Bushes wouldn't look like the racists they are!

"After seven years of incompetence, corruption and gridlock in Washington, we need a president who can fix it," Bush said. "I can fix it. 

It's been a lot longer than seven years! Need to go back to 2001.

And in a show of quiet confidence more hidden in recent weeks, Bush assured his audience he had the stomach for the fight." 

I can't think of a better reason to vote against him. The last thing we want or need is another Bush invasion of the Middle East. Anyone who votes for him must be smoking (or inhaling) something.

Early results from Iowa:

"Evangelical vote is splintered in Iowa" by James Pindell Globe Staff  November 03, 2015

WATERLOO, Iowa — The evangelical Christians who dominate the Republican contest, “tea-vangelicals” as they call themselves, have yet to coalesce behind a presidential candidate — no consensus pick has emerged.

Which is so strange because I was told they liked Trump and didn't care if he disagreed. 

What we are seeing here is a narrative taking shape so that the pre-$creened and e$tablishment candidates will win the nomination.

In the past, a candidate who received the backing of evangelicals would win one of the top places in the Iowa caucuses, catching one of what insiders call the coveted “three tickets” out of Iowa and on to compete in the New Hampshire primary eight days later. It’s there that evangelical candidates often face trouble: Only 22 percent of GOP voters in New Hampshire identify themselves as evangelicals.

I predict that Trump will finish out of the top three, with Wolf Blitzer then asking him if he is going to waste any more money running or just give it up.

Carson will finish first, then fade. Cruz will finish second, and be the conservative alternative going forward as the campaign turns south. Rubio will likely finish third; however, the Bushes will steal New Hampshire, vaulting Jeb back ahead of Rubio as the only realistic alternative for the establishment. Then he will win enough northern and southern delegates to rise from the dead and win the nomination. 

Read it here first.

As a result, the overall performances of evangelical-backed candidates in recent presidential cycles have been lackluster. Only one evangelical-backed caucus candidate in the last 30 years has gone on to win the GOP nomination and eventually the White House: George W. Bush.

And he stole his way in. Twice.

Despite this, many candidates still view the evangelical community as their best shot to a path to the nomination.

There have been several faith forums in Iowa catering to evangelicals, but strategists say the real work is behind closed doors, navigating personal connections and guesswork. Among the most prized group of evangelicals in Iowa are the oft-reclusive families who home-school their children....


I'm told "Cruz has done the most formal and intense outreach to the community — and he is steadily picking up support [and] would have even more if not for Huckabee. Jindal has not found much success, Santorum, their choice four years ago, is a non-factor, and “Carson’s support is wide but soft.”

Surprising for a guy who finished second to Mitt, and I'm surprised Huck is still in it.

Also see:

Trump to negotiate directly with networks on debates

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Harvard law professor ends bid for presidency 

In the end you see a rather curious omission, don't you?

The time has now come for me to fix a lunch.


Globe fixed you these for breakfast. Enjoy!

"US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey are gaining in the Republican presidential race in New Hampshire after strong debate performances, according to a new WBUR poll set for release Wednesday morning. The survey shows Donald Trump edging Ben Carson in the first-in-the-nation primary 18 percent to 16 percent, a lead within the margin of error. Rubio has surged into third place with 11 percent, according to the poll, followed by Ohio Governor John Kasich at 10 percent and Christie at 8 percent. While Trump and Carson have watched their support shrink, Rubio and Christie markedly improved. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was the biggest loser. Bush’s campaign, once seen as a juggernaut, has faced growing questions about its viability."

Can Jeb really fix it? 

Don't laugh!

Donald Trump and the vitamin company that went bust

You can't miss that, part of a Globe offshoot so you better read it STAT (damn evangelicals)! 

Now I know why the pharmaceutical indu$try has been featured so much in the bu$ine$$ pages -- enough to make one sick.

Conflicting strategies shape GOP debate furor
When the moderators upstage the debaters

Paul Ryan eases path for amendments on House floor
More battles may loom in Congress on spending bill

I no longer go there, sorry.

Republican gets rare win in Kentucky’s governor’s race

That article takes you all around the country, and isn't it scary what happened in Ohio and Colorado?

Benghazi panel needs deadline to end inquiry

That's a useless read since we will never see the truth in the pre$$, nor will there be any references to the shadow State Department she was running while extorting donations from foreign nations for access. And Bernie is nowhere to be seen.

Newcomers oust experienced Boston city councilors

Yes, change has come as woman are coming to power in Bo$ton -- even with the record low turnout(!) as the “story of election night was the ascendance of two political newcomers in this  time for change.” Seems like I've heard that before, and I think you and I know why the turnout was low.