Monday, December 7, 2015

Mute Monday

See: Silent Sunday

In keeping with the current theme of the month I will be doing the same drill as yesterday. I glanced at the above-the-fold lead about as much as the two seconds I saw odious Obama before the football game.  He wants to destroy that which his government and other allies helped create to give them carte blanche to overthrow regimes anywhere they like as well as grab the guns of defenders back home. 

The secondary lead was some political filler I likely would have rode through anyway; beneath the fold I find good news on the school front (if you can get there; another union contract needs to be opened up, and yet administration deals are iron clad) and may the genocidal elite that are calling the shots have no MERSy on us (is that the next wave of health fear and terror? One can hardly argue with a hazmat suit, right?). 

I flip the page and begin my nation notations with the Supreme Court and really don't want to hear it. Below the that lead is Chicago, the Pennsylvania sex scandal among state officials (it's kind of confusing and the pre$$ coverage doesn't help), the Silver lining of New York state (you would think it was Central America), the rehabilitation of Planned Parenthood, and finally a flight to the space station from the privatized US space fleet.

The World lead is the elections in France (so soon after terror?) where as usual the reaction to globalist plans trends to the right after so much disappointment on the left. Of course, the right has a blind spot when it comes to the false-flagging nature of Islamic terrorism and is really no help at all. 

Accompanying that piece is a stabbing in the tube that the U.K. is now calling terror. After what we say yesterday, any crime of violence will now be labeled terror in one form or another as the call for tighter surveillance will be screamed by authority (more on that below). Feeds the Zionist narrative, too. Now you are getting stabbed like Israelis are by Palestinians, right? We are all Jews now (including the Muslims who are now being treated like we were told the Jews were under, well, you know, that guy from history). The bottom four briefs I plan to incorporate into future posts, and thus we flip the page once again.

Where I find an article I likely will skim and peruse a bit later; then it is on to Venezuela and what sure smells like a rigged election (when you find one that isn't let me know). It was the same in Argentina, and I only mention it because at bottom it is worth talking about the coverage (as opposed to what isn't, although the Globe has sure been getting us prepared).

You can take a peek inside these pants (I didn't), and on the flip side is finally a war-related article on how we are winning the war, yay. Just doing what Ted Cruz wants, and do you see who the rational and restrained one was? Oh for the days of Jimmy Carter, huh? 

Then it is on to the latest regarding the (alleged) MASS SHOOTING IN CALIFORNIA on the bottom of page A8. By that time I'm of the opinion that I don't want to read anymore (what do you mean ours?) 

As for the Metro and Business sections, I'm glad to see the president of BU is earning a Healthy pay. As for the encryption blocking the investigation of the Cambridge school threats, the Paris and San Bernardino stuff wasn't encrypted. This is all psyop agenda-pushing, folks, in the service of totalitarian surveillance. As for me, well, nothing is encrypted an it is all right here for the world to see.

I was surprised to see that the alleged housing recovery never existed, but you know. Whatever narrative works at a given time. Maybe I will go take in a movie today (I have noticed certain advertisements now missing. Only a few more weeks until it will be available on Blue Ray!).

It is also noted that the home team was upset yesterday. Maybe it was the bad karma.


"Concrete Solutions to Ongoing Staged Mass Shootings Are All Around Us

By Bernie Suarez
December 6, 2015

As most readers know, we are smack in the middle of a seemingly endless Northwoods/Gladio B style operation which is supported by a lying media. With so many lies being told, and with Americans finding themselves too busy to pay attention, there is reason to believe these staged shootings are falling on deaf ears. That is, people are giving up trying to figure out every single shooting. Humanity was not designed to live in this type of technologically sophisticated form of tyranny and information war. Most people have enough going on in their personal lives and they don’t have the time or the will to think about the collective consciousness chaos we’re presented with. The average person just wants to be left alone. If you ask around you may be surprised to find that many if not most people are fully aware that mainstream media is all lies. For this reason mainstream media viewership is at an all-time low. Many people who are not activists are aware that terrorism is a fraud and that most shootings are staged. These people live normal lives almost ignoring everything government does and says. The disconnect between the average person and government is at an all-time high.

In summary – most people don’t care what government is doing or saying. The controllers know this, but as we can see, that doesn’t discourage them from staging more and more shootings and false flag events that they hope will propagate their agenda.

Meanwhile, many shootings of the past few years have been exposed by the global alternative news Intelligence community as entire hoaxes, and a few sure and easily observable lessons have come out of this:

1 – Towns where citizens have open carry gun laws don’t have mass shootings

No matter how badly the mainstream media and politicians try to sell gun control, the hard logical reality is that when you take away guns from average Americans you empower not only the rise of a tyrannical government but also lunatic government patsy gunmen on psychiatric medications who are willing to go along with the next “event”. The clear logical observation is that where there are guns in the hands of responsible Americans there are no shootings and no massacres. The proof of this is clear to observe.

2 – Militarized police are useless in preventing the events from happening

Even when they are simultaneously having drills for the exact same scenario, which always seems suspicious, the militarized police are never successful at stopping the supposed mass shootings. TSA and DHS have caught ZERO terrorists and the entire model of the post-9/11 police state gets a grade of ‘F’ when it comes to keeping Americans safe and preserving freedom. Anyone who cannot see this is willfully ignoring the reality hidden in plain view.

The post-Boston bombing police state “Active Shooter” drills being conducted at schools nationwide since that time have been used to psychologically harass, intimidate and freak out students around the country. To make things worse, they not only fail at preventing the shootings but, more importantly, they endanger the students at these schools by making them possible targets for the next false flag crisis actor shooting. The only thing the drills actually do aside from spreading fear and learned helplessness, is justify increased spending to monetize the police state which in turn paves the way for more military gear and the subsequent hardening to humanity which the officers involved often show.

3 – The militarized police is for the show that follows mainstream media’s presentation of the crisis

We see it all the time. The “televised tyranny show”. Mainstream media loves to show off televised lock-downs, SHOWING you what tyranny looks like. They are purposely conditioning everyone to accept tyranny. Mainstream media proudly shows you the scary Nazi-style home invasions, and the usual convenient murdering of the runaway suspect. No one asks the question – why was the suspect not disabled and apprehended so they can have their day in court? Instead the masses are being conditioned to EXPECT the (patsy) suspect to be killed. It’s almost like the story is not over until the “manhunt” ensues, and the manhunt is not over until the suspect is killed. This is the all part of the script we are all getting used to and it’s all by design.


Humanity is now being fully ambushed by the global elite in an attempted full takeover of all freedoms. I refer to this struggle as a battle of two distinct forms of consciousness of “Humanity versus Government” or the free expression of humanity versus those that want to control us.

In order to overcome the current crisis that humanity is in, we’re going to have to first reconcile the situation. Knowledge and understanding of what is happening is where the battleground against government is taking place. In the flow of information that leads to action and wisdom, the first stage of ‘knowledge’ followed by the very next stage of ‘understanding’ is where government sends agents, trolls, pundits, politicians, news reporters, crisis actors, “experts”, celebrities and many others to do the work of keeping the masses misinformed and subsequently asleep in the matrix. No one should underestimate how important the ‘Knowledge’ phase is to the controllers. Below is a diagram of how Intelligence deals with every phase of the learning process to prevent awakening and action.


With these tactics in mind, let us find new ways to improve our own tactics for making sure the information gets out. Let’s find ways to break through the distraction of sports, movies, video games and entertainment. And let’s counter ridicule with stunning, mind bending and alarming facts that will snap listeners out of their spell. Let’s plant the seeds in creative ways. We are surrounded by a (youthful) generation of people that respond dramatically to entertainment and sensationalism. They are very visual, which is why the imagination of the youth has been captured by YouTube and video presentations. I believe writers have had more of an impact on the generation of readers which is more often people closer to those in power, often but not always older folks or those (young or old) willing to take action at the political level (local counsel meetings, elections, letters to authority figures etc.). I believe acknowledging these two very real and very distinct types of people (readers versus watchers) is part of the solution.

Whether we realize it or not there is already in place a worldwide alternative media community which the controllers can’t seem to stop. This is why they’ve been failing so badly over the past few years prompting more and more aggressive moves to get their new world order done. This is why we are being ambushed. The new world order is attempting to give birth as we speak and we have to stay focused on solutions. This global community of alternative media is essentially humanity’s “globalist crime investigation department”. It’s already fully operational around the world. Independent investigators and reporters are on the loose and they are much more likely to be believed before anyone believes mainstream media. Let’s keep growing this worldwide effort as it (decentralized news) is the only solution to the useless controlled (bottleneck) mainstream media politically staged news we are all sick of. This controlled news is the apparatus attempting to give legitimacy to the crisis actor events.

Another solution is starting a parent revolution. Enrolling a child in state-sponsored public school is now tantamount to child abuse for many reasons. Not only are you injecting your child with all the “necessary” vaccines and the damage that comes with that, you are also subjecting them to government brainwashing, and you are subjecting them to the mental trauma that comes with the whole concept of “active shooter drills”. Can any of us imagine what it would have been like when we were children to have been subjected to such traumatizing drills and the fear that goes with it? It’s time for parents to take action and rescue your children from public school. Start re-thinking the concept of education to fit the times we live in.

Next, embrace the notion of being responsible for your own protection. Now is the time to support gun rights. The left wing gun control agenda is completely exposed as a fraud. Gun control advocates would have you believe that you are somehow safer by allowing only government to have guns; that is being proven wrong every single time we hear of another mass shooting. There isn’t even one logical argument for gun control. Gun control advocates act like gun laws will somehow prevent the bad guys from getting guns.

We’ve all watched in horror as the US and its allies continue to arm ISIS. We all watched the video a few years back of the “Fast and the Furious” gun-running scandal showing the US agents giving guns to Mexican drug lords and gangs – weapons which were later used to kill one of its own border patrol agents. The gun control message is now revealed as a lie. Every mass shooting is a reminder of what happens when the average citizen doesn’t have the ability to defend themselves. Let’s focus on drowning out the voices of those who wish to disarm Americans contrary to the spirit of the Constitution which calls for the right to bear arms and the organizing of a well-regulated militia necessary for the security of the free state. Let’s start inserting this conversation into the equation. Without a well-regulated militia where the people are responsible for their own security and without the right for every single American to bear arms we will never solve the problem of mass shootings. What has failed is as clear as what would work, Constitutionally speaking.

Finally, in addition to educating ourselves and the public, reconsidering public schooling for our children and committing to arming ourselves, we need to remain calm. Calmness in the face of engineered chaos and confusion is an important key to success of truth in a world of lies. The controllers and their agents of lies prefer that truth seekers panic and get angry at what they do. But it’s known that people don’t make the best decisions when under duress. Let’s beat them in a brand new way, by remaining calm in the face of ongoing lies and false flags. It doesn’t mean to be inactive or accepting of their lies. It means not to give in to the pressure of fear, frustration and anger that comes with seeing one false flag event after another as tyranny sweeps the planet. Let’s allow this madness to play out and never lose focus, hope and faith.

Never in the history of humanity has the likelihood of a false flag staged event been so predictable and so frequent. Do you realize there is a high probability that there will be several more “events” this month of December 2015 alone? Step back and see the bigger picture and realize that we are living in historic times and now is the best time to be part of history. Can you see past the trees and recognize the forest?


Also see:

"FBI agents searched a single-family house on a busy street in this South Shore town for several hours Tuesday, a search that ended around 1 p.m. when about 10 agents climbed into five cars and drove off. The agents were in control of the building in the 100 block of Washington Street throughout the day and at one point were seen removing a tall, black device that appeared to be computer-related storage equipment. The home targeted by the FBI during their investigation has solar panels on the roof, a greenhouse and a three-car detached garage. No one answered the door after the agents left. A neighbor, Donald DeSantis, said the couple living there are “lovely people” and that he couldn’t imagine what had drawn the attention of federal investigators. “I’m befuddled,” he said. “That would be the last house I would think of.” A law enforcement official briefed on the case said the search was not related to any terrorism investigation."

That came on the same day that we were told the US was taking the fight to ISIS™ and arrests of ISIS™ agents inside the U.S. was at an all time high (then San Bernardino happened!)-- even though Ash Carter let the cat out of the bag regarding what it is all about: “pivotal that Assad [be] moving on,” as he tells us the goal is to make Islamic State fighters wonder “when they go to bed at night, who’s going to be coming in the window?”  

I don't think they will be, Ash. From what I've been told, they will be ready for the ambush because ISIS™ never sleeps. The stuff truly is becoming absurd.