Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Globe Special: Throwing in the Towel

I like the blog to have a theme and a flow, and I will be needed to towel to dry off later. 

What I am going to do is take you through the stories as I noted them and explain why I won't be reading them.

Fast track from nobody to City Hall player

That's the above-the-fold lead, a nice profile and success story of some mover-and-shaker in Bo$ton City Hall. 

How a dinner in Saugus led authorities to a notorious drug cartel 

That's the lead feature, an authoritative success in the back-$tabbing, double-cro$$ing, double-dealing, cea$ele$$, and never-ending drug war.

Bleeding green on proposed T extension

Those finances are in such a mess and the system itself has been neglected for decades. 

So WHERE DID all the money?

Trump and the unfiltered tradition in American politics

Not going to make it through my filter, sorry. 

Page A2 brings: 

Gunmen killed in attack on air base in India

Funny how every time there is peace talk something happens.

Xinjiang seethes under Chinese crackdown

Strange double standard there. China is bad for cracking down on its U.S.-created, funded, and directed terrorists, but the U.S. government is good for keeping us all safe from ISIS!

Saudi-led coalition says Yemen truce ends Saturday

Not only do I no longer take talks of peace in my war-promoting paper seriously anymore -- what they really mean is the war is going badly -- but there never was a cease fire at all.

Police continue hunt for shooter

The fact that he was allegedly an Israeli Arab and they still haven't caught him would seem to indicate that he is something else -- if the event is even real.

Mafia blamed for toxic waste issues

I'm sure they are involved, but that couldn't happen without the support of industry and government.


On perilous migrant trail, women also become prey

Now they have progressed from waving the children at us to waving the women.

Saudis include Shi’ite cleric in mass execution of militants

But they are an ally and a key part of the coalition waging war in the Middle East, so.... God help us all (flip):

Piecemeal brand of diplomacy might suit Pope Francis best

France quarrels over revoking citizenship of terrorists

Fascism comes to France (flip).

Health care repeal vote to open a political year in Congress

Politics (and its coverage) in this country is enough to make you sick.

Illinois, Missouri governors tour flooded areas

And where is the president? Playing golf in Hawaii (flip)

Speaking of the devil:

Obama to travel more in final year in office

Thanks for helping out with the greenhouse gas problem. Way to build that environmental legacy, hypocrite.

Sanders campaign says it has raised $33 million since October

Also said he got 3,000 people to show up in Worcester, and yet somehow he is only close in New Hampshire (all a joke anyway, huh?)!


A wife’s cancer prods the FDA on experimental drug

How much more proof do you need that it is a $elf-$erving government?

Now on to the Metro section:

Harvard dean pushes for inclusivity

I was going to exclude that.

Surrogates play key role in N.H. politicking

You may need to find someone else to read that for you.

Mass. State Police to educate public on drones

They don't want to be having to you out on any more frozen ponds, and that Dubai fire story sure was extinguished very quickly, 'eh?

‘Our children can’t play in peace’ 

The message I'm beginning to get? 

Black Lives Matter, White Lives Don't, Jewish lives matter most, Muslim lives matter least. Got it.

Conn. man arrested at Gillette Stadium on weapons charges

The things they will come up with the explain and excuse crisis drills these days -- or at least keep you in a state of constant fear.

Terrorism fears bring trip cancellations

I was told there is nothing to fear in my Metro lead.

Well, business has run its course, imho, and I've run out of Ideas so I will simply finish with last week's Pearls of wisdom from Wall Street: 

"America’s 20 wealthiest people own as much as the bottom 152 million.... Then it was on to the White House, where he met in the Roosevelt Room with members of Obama’s economic team. They expressed sympathy for his proposals, Pearl said, but said the time wasn’t right to push for them."

Then when is?!!! 

Time for me to shut this blog down and push the chair back from the desk. I've got a basketball game to play.