Thursday, February 4, 2016

Could Kasich Win New Hampshire?

He's sure saying all the right things: 

“If you want to look for a really good friend, get somebody who’s Jewish.” -- Governor John Kasich of Ohio, recalling his mother’s advice.

I see an opening

He's finally getting his moment

He's always fought the establishment.

He's focused on his message out on the trail.

He's a Jedi, after all, and he will defeat the Dark Side!

"John Kasich makes N.H. his battlefield" by Michael Levenson Globe Staff  January 27, 2016

NEW BOSTON, N.H. — Just last week, Donald Trump was thundering at a rally at Concord High School, Ted Cruz was shaking hands at Lino’s Restaurant, Marco Rubio was gawking at pipes and fittings at a welding shop, and Bernie Sanders was decrying climate change in Wolfeboro.

By Tuesday, the only candidate making any noise in New Hampshire was John Kasich, who spoke in front of a crackling fire at a cozy tavern in New Boston, a rural outpost by the foot of Crotched Mountain.

The center of the political universe has shifted 1,250 miles west, to the flatlands of Iowa, where most of the Democratic and Republican candidates are fighting for an edge in the state’s potentially pivotal caucuses, which will be held Monday. The abrupt exodus to the Midwest has put a brief freeze on the frenzy of glad-handing by most of the candidates in New Hampshire.


"With his Republican rivals half a continent away ahead of Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses, Ohio Governor John Kasich criss-crossed New Hampshire in his campaign bus hours after receiving the New York Times’ endorsement. Addressing reporters before a town hall meeting in Keene, Kasich said he isn’t worried the Times’ backing could hurt him in a year when Republican voters seem drawn to outsiders, and the term “New York values” has been used as code for the kind of policy positions Republican voters don’t like. “When people like the New York Times say ‘this is the guy who can bring people together and solve problems,’ how is that not helpful? When you get seven out of eight endorsements here in this great state, when you get something like the Times and the Boston Globe, it says you have the ability to win the general election,” Katich said after emerging from the bus. 

If he doesn't know the an$wer to that....

Kasich has jumped in New Hampshire, where he had 13.2 percent support compared to Trump’s 31.4 percent, according to the Real Clear Politics average of recent polling data. He’s struggled to match that level of success nationally, where the same ranking places him eighth in the GOP."

Actual results here.

In Marshalltown, a long line of Trump supporters waited in snow flurries for the start of a rally with the bombastic New York real estate mogul, as vendors hawked “Make America Great Again” T-shirts and hats.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton took a question in Decorah on whether she might nominate President Obama to the Supreme Court (“wow, what a great idea,” she said).

Kasich, trailing in Iowa polls, said Tuesday that he plans to skip the caucuses and take advantage of the empty battlefield in New Hampshire, where many polls show him in third place behind Trump and Cruz.


But history is also littered with candidates who banked on New Hampshire only to see their hopes dashed.

They mention Lindsey Graham.

And even a New Hampshire win doesn’t guarantee success. In 2000, McCain won the state’s primary but lost the nomination to George W. Bush.

Kasich insisted he has built a national operation that can continue beyond New Hampshire to South Carolina and Nevada, which hold the next two contests in February.

Still, he said, “If I get snuffed out in New Hampshire, ballgame over.”

Yes, “all good things must come to an end.”


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