Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Casper Sentences Casanova

The jig is up!

"Head of sex trafficking ring pleads guilty in federal court" by Milton J. Valencia Globe Staff  February 23, 2016

The head of a local sex trafficking ring who ordered a hit on one of his partners because he thought he was cooperating with law enforcement pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday, and could serve 25 to 30 years in prison.

Raymond Jeffries, who went by the street name “Skame Dollarz,” pleaded guilty to nearly 20 charges related to sex trafficking and enticement of a child to participate in sex trafficking. He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 19, though he reached an agreement with prosecutors to serve 20 to 25 years in prison. US District Judge Denise Casper must approve the agreement.

Jeffries, 28, faced a life sentence for running the interstate sex trafficking ring, in which he advertised the sexual services of women — some as young as 17-years-old — for a fee, then transported those women from Boston to men in Maine, New Jersey, Georgia, Nevada, and California.

Jeffries fathered children with some of the women, many of whom were homeless or battling drug and alcohol addictions. Jeffries beat any of the women who would not comply with his orders.

“He used all of these techniques as well as others to entice these girls through force, fraud, or coercion,” said Assistant US Attorney Amy Burkart.

Jeffries, who has been in prison since he was charged in May 2014, was shackled at his feet during his appearance in federal court. He often shook his head as Burkhart listed the charges, but later pleaded guilty to each count.

Federal prosecutors in recent years have increased efforts to prosecute sex trafficking in the United States court system, which carries tougher punishments than state courts.

Unless, of course, they are a certain cla$$ of pedophiles. then they help cover it up.

Authorities charged eight people with participating in Jeffries’s trafficking ring, which committed sex trafficking crimes dating back to 2008. Those charged include several women who served as Jeffries’s organizers of his female prostitutes.

Burkart said that Jeffries grew suspicious after one of his partners, Darrien Thompson, who was one of the first defendants charged, was released from law enforcement custody, suspecting that Thompson was cooperating with authorities. So Jeffries ordered a hit on Thompson.

Another defendant in the case, Jaquan Casanova, allegedly shot Thompson in the head and is awaiting trial. Thompson survived, but authorities later dismissed the charges against him, saying, “based on his current condition and prognosis, it is not in the interest of justice to continue a criminal prosecution against him.”