Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cycloning Through California

Heat brings out beachgoers in West as other regions clean up

Dry spell ate away at snowpack of drought-ridden California

California hit by heavy rain, prompting rescues

"Skiers celebrated a long-awaited coating of snow in Southern California’s mountains earlier this year but have since watched it melt away. The National Weather Service predicts a major change in the pattern by week’s end as the jet stream finally takes aim at California with a series of storms expected to bring extensive rain, mountain snow, high winds, and big surf."

So is Nestle, you corporate po$.

The absurd global-warming thing in the midst of more deep-water oil drilling (with the price of oil so low?) is nauseating.

What's up with that, anyway? The Paris climate accord is supposed to have cemented his utterly failed environmental legacy and he's doling out the deepwater permits on his way out the door?

That gets me all hot so I avoid discussion of the topic now. 

I'm sure banning plastic bags is the answer!

"Conserving water has cost California in trees, taxes, and utility problems" Washington Post   February 29, 2016

BERKELEY, Calif. — The state’s furious conservation drive is not only threatening trees but also resulting in sluggish sewer lines and possible increases in water and tax bills.

I don't want to her authority complaining after you did what they said, do you? 

Then they wonder why we don't want to do it the next time, or at very least doubt them and their wonderful intentions! 

And now they want MORE MONEY?!!!!!

In declaring a drought emergency in April, Governor Jerry Brown said watering grass every day “is a thing of the past.” He neglected to say trees were exempt, so they stopped being watered.

Now the state is losing millions of trees that are stressed and wilting from water loss in high heat.

One might even call it a Holocaust™.

We do way better here when it comes to trees, and the Connecticut River was high when I drove over it yesterday.

“I think it’s fair to say we think the drought is causing a problem,” said Carla Short, superintendent of the bureau of urban forestry in San Francisco.

The negative effect of the state’s conservation campaign has gone well beyond trees. Utilities that deliver the water to cities lost more than half a billion dollars over the last eight months as customers cut back, according to the State Water Resources Control Board.... 

Yes, the poor utility companies lost money!


The mixed me$$ages leave you all wet!

What isn't raising much of a fuss:

"Calif. man killed by officers after shooting spree" Associated Press  February 21, 2016

ANAHEIM, Calif. — A man fatally shot by Anaheim officers had fired at two people before wounding his brother-in-law and firing a round at a police helicopter, a police spokesman said Sunday.

What is the racial component here?

The man, who had not been identified by police, drove to his estranged wife’s house Saturday after firing at and missing two strangers, said Anaheim police Sergeant Daron Wyatt. Once at the house, he confronted his brother-in-law and a fight between the men moved to the street, where the suspect shot the brother-in-law in the leg, Wyatt said.

The suspect then fired one round at a police helicopter that had been following him, Wyatt said. Three officers on the ground then opened fire after the man failed to comply with their orders, he said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Wyatt did not know how many rounds they fired or how many times the man was hit.

The officers were all wearing body cameras and the footage is being reviewed by the Orange County district attorney’s office. The officers are on paid administrative leave.

Let's hope they don't sit on it for three months like ing Chicago.

The brother-in-law was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive, Wyatt said.



"Fog may have aided the escape of a driver who led police on a televised slow-speed chase and then engaged them in an hourslong standoff. Visibility was too low for helicopters to fly Monday night, so officers on the ground did not have any physical or infrared backup in the sky during the escape."

Time for me to make my escape. 

Oh, wait, I forgot the cyclone!

"Fiji scrambles to restore power as ferocious cyclone kills 6" Associated Press  February 21, 2016

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Most of Fiji was without electricity Sunday, and residents were told to stay inside for a second straight night as officials scrambled to restore services and assess damage in the wake of a ferocious cyclone that left at least six people dead and destroyed homes.

I highlight the things I think are important.

Winds from Cyclone Winston, which tore through the Pacific Island chain over the weekend, reached 177 miles per hour, making it the strongest storm in the Southern Hemisphere since record-keeping began, according to the Weather Underground website.

There are those out there who say storms and such are being manipulated, and I reluctantly agree. They have been tampering with weather for decades, and with advances in technology.... that and the chemtrails being laid near every day that no one will acknowledge much less talk about around here. 

I used to think they were just whips clouds.

Although the weather calmed Sunday, a curfew was extended through early Monday, and police were empowered to make arrests without a warrant to ensure order. 

Not shoot to kill, question later like in Katrina?

In a televised address to the nation Sunday, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said many people had been left without power, fresh water, or communications.

“The damage has been widespread, homes have been destroyed, many low-lying areas have flooded, and many people have been left stunned and confused about what to do,” he said.

Must be why the print edition ended it there.

He said the police and military had been brought in to help with rescue operations and the general cleanup, and that government agencies were working overtime to clear roads and restore power.

“This is a time of sorrow, but it will also be a time of action,” Bainimarama said. “We will stand united in the face of this disaster.”

Officials were trying to establish communications and road access to the hardest-hit areas, and said they would not know the full extent of the damage and injuries until then.

George Dregaso of Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office said two people on Ovalau Island died when the house they were sheltering in collapsed on them, and that another man was killed on Koro Island, although it wasn’t clear how.

Authorities also said three people on the main island of Viti Levu were killed in the storm but didn’t have more details.

Tourism Minister Faiyaz Siddiq Koya said all tourists in Fiji were safe and that there was no significant damage to the majority of hotels on the main island. Fiji is a popular tourist destination, known for its beach resorts and scuba diving. 

Thank God no important people were impacted.

Cyclone Winston hit Fiji on Saturday and moved westward overnight along the northern coast of Viti Levu. Fiji’s capital, Suva, located in the southern part of the main island, was not directly in the cyclone’s path and avoided the worst of its destructive power. 


About 80 percent of the nation’s 900,000 people were without regular power, although about one-third of them were able to get some electricity from generators, said Dregaso, the disaster office official. Landlines throughout Fiji were down, but most mobile networks were working.

Dregaso said 483 people had evacuated from their homes and were staying in 32 emergency shelters. 


Globe then lost interest.

NDU: So did I.

UPDATE: California Senate raises smoking age to 21