Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fitzpatrick’s Fibs

Look who is making the charge:

"Prosecutors say ex-FBI agent who testified in Bulger case prone to lies" by Milton J. Valencia Globe Staff  March 22, 2016

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They set him up, as usual.

Federal prosecutors say they will show that former FBI supervisory agent Robert Fitzpatrick, the agent who claimed he tried to end James “Whitey” Bulger’s relationship with the FBI, is a liar. And they are willing to go to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis and the National Archives in Washington, D.C., to prove it.

Fitzpatrick is scheduled to go to trial in June on charges that he lied during Bulger’s high-profile trial in 2013, and prosecutors have sought to introduce a trove of historic documents to prove one of those alleged fabrications — Fitzpatrick’s claim that he found the rifle used to kill Martin Luther King Jr. and that he pursued King’s killer, James Earl Ray.

Was he the one that planted it? 

By now it is pretty much known that Ray was a set-up patsy and framed by the FBI. Now they do it to idiot Muslims.

It is one of the assertions that led a prosecutor to ask Fitzpatrick at Bulger’s trial, “It’s fair to say you’re a man who likes to make up stories?”

Fitzpatrick, 76, denies he ever lied. He has not yet responded to prosecutors’ request to use the historic documents at his trial. A federal judge will consider the request.

Fitzpatrick, who served as assistant special agent in charge in Boston from 1981 to 1986, was Bulger’s key witness during his trial. Fitzpatrick testified that he questioned whether Bulger was truly cooperating with the government as an informant and that he was concerned Bulger was continuing to commit crimes. He said supervisors prevented him from removing Bulger from the informant program.

The testimony supported Bulger’s contentions that he never actually cooperated with the FBI, which he cast as a corrupt organization.

Fitzpatrick had made a similar claim in his 2011 book, “Betrayal, Whitey Bulger and the FBI Agent Who Fought to Bring Him Down.”

Fitzpatrick had also said that he was the agent who found the rifle used to kill King and that he had pursued Ray after he shot King in Memphis — an attempt, prosecutors say, to boost his reputation and credibility and increase book sales.

Assistant US Attorney Brian Kelly sought to expose the lie during Bulger’s trial, though Fitzpatrick maintained he was being truthful. And now, prosecutors want a jury to decide whether Fitzpatrick was lying. The alleged lie is several that were listed in Fitzpatrick’s indictment charging him with six counts of perjury and six counts of obstruction of justice.

Among the evidence prosecutors want to submit at trial: records from the National Civil Rights Museum and interviews with the curator; documents from the National Archives, and interviews with former FBI agents and Memphis police records.

“That evidence establishes that Fitzpatrick had no involvement whatsoever in finding or recovering the Ray rifle,” prosecutors argued. “Because Fitzpatrick’s false testimony regarding his role in the King case was designed to enhance his credibility with the Bulger jury, and because his credibility as a former FBI agent was central to Bulger’s core defense strategy of proving FBI corruption and government misconduct, the government respectfully submits that . . . the MLK evidence should be admitted” at trial.


He looks a lot more credible than any government puke or the mouthpiece of a source I'm reading.

Well, his appeal was rejected and he never made much money

"Argument ‘over nothing’ led to FBI employee’s gun arrest" by Andy Rosen Globe Staff  March 24, 2016

An argument “over nothing” between two women at a Hingham restaurant erupted into an armed confrontation this week as the FBI employee sitting between them put a gun to one of their heads, according to court documents.

A police report filed in Hingham District Court describes how the Tuesday night incident at Gourmet Garden restaurant unfolded, leading to the arrest of James M. Doyle of Duxbury, who told police that he is a supervisor at the federal agency and a friend of the victim.

He acknowledged that he had pointed the gun at one of the women, the report said, but said it was a “big mistake,” and that the argument was “over nothing.” The victim in the case was not injured. Authorities allege that Doyle was drunk at the time.

He was arraigned on Wednesday and released on personal recognizance, but he was ordered to stay drug- and alcohol-free, and to stay away from the victim and the Gourmet Garden, a Chinese and Japanese eatery on Whiting Street.

Doyle must also surrender his firearms. Police have said Doyle had a permit for the weapon he was carrying.

Then it wasn't his service revolver, if you like?

An attorney for Doyle could not be reached for comment.

FBI officials on Thursday said they could not immediately elaborate on Doyle’s role....

Shaw's first big test.


Hey, things happen when you lose your girl and at least the Globe didn't lie about it.

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It's a little late! They are in the clutches of the federal government now. Shoulda thought of that in the jury room!

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