Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Globe Special: Blogging Isn't In My Genes

Just providing a glimpse of GeneSight before I'm done for the day:

"Parents are starting to question the independence of the fast-growing field of genetic counseling as more and more counselors are paid by the companies that make the tests, but the insurance industry and some state regulators are beginning to crack down on the ties between genetic counselors and the testing companies. As of this year, some health plans offered by insurer UnitedHealthcare no longer cover certain genetic tests ordered by counselors who work for labs. Cigna Corp. already has a similar policy.

Concerns are also growing that counselors working in close proximity to patients in doctors’ offices may be overpromoting tests. Pennsylvania and Florida have prohibited lab personnel, including genetic counselors, from working at health care providers’ sites.

There’s little question that genetic counselors are operating in a more free-wheeling environment than other health care professionals. Devon and Mike Summersgill wondered whether money had influenced the counselor’s advice. “My first reaction was just utter confusion followed by anger,” said Devon Summersgill, 33, a special education teacher....

The anger is probably a genetic defect. 

Imagine if the rulers could splice that out of you?


I'm sorry, readers; this has simply become too painful for me in several ways.