Saturday, April 16, 2016

Coming Out of Retirement

It's $omething I have wre$tled with (the kids grow up so fast, don't they?) the last week (after talking things out and making up, of course) or so, what with Saturday being the big blog day around here.

Today's Globe started and ended in the toilet with a lot of crap in-between. In fact, the whole thing stinks day after day as I blow my horn on those turkeys.

I can't pinpoint the moment I began feeling that way, but I have just shut up and ignored the call as time has gone on. I guess it is the never-ending lies, and here they are again. They can't find where the psyop calls are coming from, but don't let that interfere with the worship of myths or the fun regarding Monday's Marathon. It's getting hard to tell the "real-life" actors from the crisis variety these days, although I suppose they are all one in the same. I'm just grateful to God that the truth will finally be told.

I'm now going to abandon the agenda-approved protests and the kid in Milton and go national where the trail has heated up. The guns will be going off at churches in Mississippi over the new water rules in Michigan, I'm sure, and the articles about Cosby and Congre$$ are worth aborting after one quick check of any final texts.

Turning to the world, the quakes in Japan are causing some concern, and is it mere coincidence that they happen just after Kerry, the great global warming campaigner who carries the stench of hypocrisy wherever he goes, praised the butchers of Bahrain while trying to start a war with Iran?

He did stop in Afghanistan to give a pep talk to the troops before moving on to Japan where he made no apology in a historic first before making noise about war with China, and that's what leads today's printed world coverage as well.

Below that is a he said/he said piece regarding the Pope and Bernie Sanders. Who do you think is telling the truth?

I'm afraid I'll be taking a detour down South now as that effort at a coup has been confirmed. You can spend the day at the Globe water park if you want. They are rationing health care here even though there is plenty of money for certain other intere$ts.

Well, time for me to batten down the hatches, load the luggage, put on the seat belt, and watch some television.

I can only end this post by wishing you a good life before heading back into retirement.

Next Day Updates:

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Roxbury teen arrested in Florida on Salem murder charges

Bernie Sanders says meeting with pope is not an endorsement

More than 40 in Japan dead in earthquakes

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Time to flush.