Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hurray For Hamilton

Let’s hear it for Hamilton on the $10 bill

The talk is now to take Jackson of the $20, and that would be fine by me. His presence on them is an in$ulting in$ide joke.

"The latest ‘Hamilton’ obsessives: Those who haven’t seen it" by Beth Teitell Globe Staff  April 12, 2016

The celebrated hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton has worked its way into the national psyche to a degree rivaled perhaps only by Donald J. Trump.

The show, reportedly the hottest Broadway ticket in years, is sold out through the end of the year. Prices on the secondary market are reaching into the thousands per ticket.

People who haven’t seen the show are often just as obsessed as those who have.

Meanwhile, “Hamilton” groupies are behaving how you’d expect —besides striking it rich by selling your startup to Google or Facebook, the other way to see a show on Broadway is to win tickets in the show’s online lottery.

The “Hamilton” bug is highly contagious. People catch it from roommates and family members, and from photos showing celebrities posing with show creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda. Kanye West, Beyonce, Julia Roberts, Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Martin, the Obamas. Molly Ringwald took a picture with Miranda’s sister.

In Brookline, all five members of the Stein/Suk family are caught in the grip of “Hamilton,” regularly incorporating favorite lines into conversation. But the children are particularly worried about their mother, Barb Stein.

“They said, ‘You have to stop talking about “Hamilton” all the time,’ ” she said. “ ‘You have to stop being the crazy “Hamilton” person.’

“I’m not that extreme,” insisted Stein, an architect, who moments later described how she and her husband surprised their kids with tickets, and then mentioned her “Hamilton” ringtone. “There are people on the Internet who are worse.”

Most people who are infatuated with “Hamilton” know they are, but for those who don’t, BuzzFeed has compiled the warning signs — “21 Steps To Becoming Obsessed With Hamilton.”

Time to break the addiction.


What little I saw I hated.

UPDATE: Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bill

Killing two birds with one stone. They get a woman and a black on the money.


Boston cheers Tubman going on the $20 bill

How ‘Hamilton’ helped shape policy on US currency

He wanted a central bank when that is the exact reason the colonists proclaimed independence from England. They did not want to be ruled by one.

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White House credits Cambridge girl for helping bring Tubman to $20 bill

Tubman replacing Jackson on the $20 a deeply symbolic move

Who cares who is on that increasingly worthless piece of paper and ink?