Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day of Rest

This awoke me when I logged on:

Active shooter situation reported in Austin, Texas

Just throwing the scheduled crisis drills at you left and right, aren't they?

Now gun violence will lead the discussion of the week. The debate will turn away from wars and Russia and e-mails and, well, no one is really talking Turkey.

Until further notice, all these mass casualty events of terror and shooting that are trumpeted by the pre$$ are suspect until they can actually be proven to be that. That's the level we have gotten with the -- forgive me -- Gulf of Tonkin, babies thrown out of incubators in Kuwait, Iraq WMD (boy those Bushes are born liars) pre$$ and its claims. Shoe is on the other foot because this psyop prop stuff has become so translucent it sickening.

Okay, on to my printed pos.

I will shortly be making the pain stop. I let the Globe do the numbers and nothing changes (that kind of story has been popping up the entire 10 years I've done this; always a lot of rigamarole, they flail arms on Beacon Hill, some "reform" is passed, and then we find out all bu$ine$$ as u$ual).

Under the fold I find my will to continue quickly receding, and at this time (7:45 a.m.) the rest of the paper isn't ready to go. Sure makes things easy on me.

Have a good day.


I've $old my soul for the last time. Time to leave Syria, God help them, where activists reported airstrikes on several towns and villages -- although the Globe is strangely silent on the most recent U.S. slaughter of civilians. That's not counting the scores killed days earlier during the increase in U.S. bombing but you know, circumstances change. Was the Syria government anyway, right?

Sidebar briefs:

Turkey 64 staffers at high court suspended
Belgium Man charged with terrorist plotting
Pakistan Cleric questioned in ‘honor’ killing of Qandeel Baloch

Yeah, that's it for my world section. One f***ing page.

As Zika rages in Puerto Rico, action falters

Told you they had other problems now, and if you read between the lines it is at bottom what people have feared. This is a population reduction program designed to increase abortions. The limited hangout cover are the GMO mosquitoes, likely culprit of delivery were vaccines, and now money can be dumped into pharmaceuticals while the population is culled. That's a reluctant conclusion on my part, and one I either denied or didn't want to believe for so long.

No apparent survivors in Texas balloon crash

You know who else likes balloons?

Speaking of hot air....

"In a talk Friday evening at the Aspen Security Forum, an annual gathering that draws many of the nation’s top intelligence and military officials, CIA director John O. Brennan made clear that while spying on each other’s political institutions is fair game, making data public — in true or altered form — to influence an election is a new level of malicious activity, far different from ordinary spy vs. spy maneuvers. “Obviously, interference in the US election process is a very, very serious matter.”

After what his agency has been doing around the planet for the last 60 years?

Did his tongue turn to sand and fall out of his mouth after he said that? But it's a serious matter when someone -- other than Israel and AIPAC-- interferes with a U.S. election.

The conflict between religious freedom and gay rights has a new battleground, but not here. Nor will I get into an argument regarding the semantics of sacrifice (my print piece was AP, so.... and now that the Globe is back up....).

Now the Globe is defending criminals, and what else is new? She can start in her own office.

As for the rest of the pellets of poop “as we are well on the way to runaway global warming,”  I'm going to put out that fire right now. To be brief is my goal, and I think I'm nicely moving along. Next stop the statehouse!

One quick check of the doctor, and the diagnosis is bad idea. It sure is quite a trick to watch globali$t fa$ci$ts warn against fascism.

Turkey is just paranoid, I'm told, and I can't help but wonder if the writer as in Aspen as well.

Then it is back to tarring Trump. You think the writer would know better being in a same-sex marriage and all. Is he not familiar with the Donald's position on that and bathroom use?

I wouldn't look up in Bo$ton if I were you. 

Glad I've cleaned up the language and that might be a good idea for the rest of the day. Yesterday it was Lord of the Rings, today maybe stoner movies.

The flag waving is the Globe's last call