Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Globe Burial

May they R.I.P.

Sunday Globe Autopsy

The second opinion said more centralization is the answer.

As for the arid coverage lately, you can crawl through the links if you like. I no longer do, and have decided that I can be more productive were I to do anything but buy, read, or blog about the Bo$ton Globe. I simply no longer believe anything they say, period (think Gulf of Tonkin, readers) and never felt lower about them.

Take for starters the mixed messages I am receiving (and it doesn't end there. One day I'm told Biden is all for the Turkish operation to clean out US.-supported ISIS and stop the U.S.-supported Kurds from establishing a state that would herald the break-up of four nations and supply U.S. and western intelligence a base to raise hell in the region; the next, AP is wringing its hands over the issue, and all the time the Turks are supposed to help with forced migration of Obama's wars after the U.S.-sponsored coup attempt. But I digress).

Sorry for breaking the covenant with you, readers, but continuing to do this is crazy. I know it is not a crime, but it is a good idea to stay out of the city. Of course, you will find only certain crimes mentioned there before you head off to school.

Upon the turn in I took a brief look at page A2 and saw New York Times, New York Times, New York Times, and my fire went out. I'm holding it on page A3 before flipping the finger again on page A4. 

By the time I arrive on page A10 I'm told Trump could take Nevada (despite all the immigrants) and might even win Iowa. No talk of Clinton's health (his cited sources have been outed, btw), and that would just be "conspiracy" talk. All they have now is insults, and it is quite laughable at this point. The screeching by the pre$$ and campaign is confirmation of it. 

Cat must have had the printed paper's tongue, and there was a time when such a Globe story brought me joy. No longer. It's time to start shrinking my time spent here. Two more dead to crime, and I'm sure race had something to do with it. Don't let it spoil the party and parade like last year, though, and be sure to clean up after yourselves, too.

Well, it's getting close to lunch so I'm going to light a fire and go Hyde. May God (or whoever) help them.

I've done my job for the day and just happened to dig up these:

"... the entire history of the US...from finding an "empty land" onward, was a lie.  The Assassination of Lincoln, the Attack on Pearl Harbour and the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the Kennedy assassinations were just a few of the ones that went before the Lunar Hoax.  Every time they got away with a hoax/false flag, they perpetrated an even bigger one to celebrate.  Culminating in the 9/11 atrocity.  That was a hoax/false flag too far.

Sometimes I wonder if the perps ever regret 9/11 just because after it, there arose a pesky 37% minority who don't believe anything they do.  These "truthers" as we call ourselves...woke up and began to fight back against the lies.  So what if we couldn't rouse the other 63%.  We've learned to accept that they "can't" wake up.  They can't wake up because they can't handle the truth.  It's like a congenital disability.  It's why humanity has been kept down in slavery for most of our existence....


The comments are also worth a read, and there is more ranting here. I suppose I am now one of the kook wing according to some people, and that is fine with me. The certainty is being seen in a different light these days.

".... What is extraordinary about these events is that as the OPERATION GLADIO hoaxing is now not just in the United States but is taking place globally in virtually all countries that are part of what I call "the Rothschild Central Bank Consortium", is that now, these same Psychological Operations techniques are being used across the globe to instill panic and fear in the populations of the affected nations who are coordinating these GLADIO events with the probable intent of instituting some form of GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW enactment and policy.

Is it not unreasonable to presume that the broad spectrum Psychological Operations will incorporate more and more intentional leakage of events to be staged with the aim to causing the populations in the affected countries to induce them to become skeptical of attempts by alternative media journalists to warn the citizenry, for example, of a pending global financial collapse. They need to control the world population in the fore of the collapse rather than try to gain control in the aftermath.

Operation GLADIO

One of the most potent and effective tactics of GLADIO fear mongering is to have a significant amount of doubt and uncertainty in the public psyche about the veracity of staged events vs. whether or not they may have in fact been real or not, where this gulf of ‘doubt’ ultimately leads to both a form of inaction and or paralysis in the global populations much in the same way as would someone screaming; “FIRE! FIRE!” in a crowded venue.

Over time, it causes people to be unsure of the imperative to take action to evacuate and get away from an incipient hazard or threat that apparently is over used and warned about too often. As a growing pattern of coordination between the Rothschild-dominated nations, the intent is to control by lack of certainty more so than the brute force application of force alone. This is a very powerful method of population management, by the way....


Gotta give a tip-o-cap for that one, and Fetzer gains more credibility with me these days, if for no other reason than the lead thermite proponent (in addition to Rivero) was a Mormon professor. That cult is involved not only part of the ruling elite, but a sanctuary of mind control experimentation.

".... In summary, the point is that with the Olympics now done and with the 15th anniversary of 9/11 right around the corner, on cue the ruling elite are ratcheting up the fear and anticipation of ISIS likely for an upcoming big event for which they will blame “ISIS.” Or perhaps it will be a big event that they will use to blame Russia, Syria, Iran or one of the other nation states that have said no to the Western central bankers so they can justify the start of WW3. Either way ISIS will be at the center of this as the propaganda is now building up suggesting that Syria and Russia are attacking the “rebels” who are trying to supposedly attack ISIS.

Let’s face it, we’re coming up on ISIS season (just like they are stirring up the pot for a big Zika virus psyop likely coming this fall) and the recent bizarre stories are just the tip of the iceberg for what they are planning.

It’s time to get familiar with the script:

A. They float out many smaller stories; then they

B. psychologically build you up to the big event.

Let’s prepare for this psyop script and find ways to expose their agenda and their fake and sponsored terrorism without which there is no hope for the new global order they want so desperately.

Thankfully, there’s nothing the ruling elite can do to obscure the revealed knowledge we have about who created, armed and trained ISIS. We can also see for two solid years that the US is not interested in finishing off ISIS. We’ve also observed for two full years that their mainstream media just wants to glorify ISIS and make you think that ISIS is always getting bigger, stronger and scarier. This apparently is the latest memo they (the MSM) has received. The propaganda ammo is flying and the American people’s minds are the targets. Build up ISIS 2014-style and prepare the masses for what is coming....


Also see: Suarez on ISIS (and More)

NSA Whistleblowers: NSA Hack Was Likely An Inside Job 

No wonder the Globe minimized it.

".... The slow and less than newsworthy pacing of the day to day over this summer has a lulling effect on what awaits. Much of what could have come to pass has not done so. There was no real Summer of Rage and no signal event of major change. It has all just limped along on its way to Haphazardville. Where it will no longer be 'scuttling across the floors of silent seas' is when The Fall comes in. It has become a dependable trend in recent decades that all kinds of strange events can come to pass in a major election cycle. We are in one of the most dramatic of its kind since the election of 2000.

I am done with all inclination to attempt to predict anything. I get little things right but miss the really important ones, though... often enough the important ones doesn't even happen. What we do notice here is a long range geo-politick strategizing and endless and interminable shifting of game board pieces. The games of 'Go' and 'Risk' come to mind. The big horses trample in whatever direction, lacking both respect and compassion for one and all and the smaller horses herd together and stampede in the direction of whatever temporary openings may appear. They are all playing the roles embraced by any of them and the roles are an expression of whatever compounded force is generated by the elemental, archetypal, planetary powers as a synthesis of their interplay with or against one another and it continues to change by the day, or the week or the months, as the strength of the force increases, diminishes or changes completely because of a change in the planetary aspects brought about in the natural progression of their courses.

We like to think that we are more important than we are. We like to think we have a great deal of free will and that is why judgment is such a big thing down here....


Think of him what you want, but he always fills me with hope -- and that's how I want to end today.


Globe gave a third opinion, and so did readers.