Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday's Globe a Waste of Time

Different day, same result.

As soon as I saw the front page I didn't want to read it.

What drew some attention inside was what crawled out from under the rocks as well as the lack of coverage regarding the recent AIPAC conference. Not one word about it in the Globe so far.

And what's this, I was deceived and misled again? (I should have known better)

I see Trump's civilian war dead are still the lead story even if off the front page. Yay! I'm so happy my lying, war-promoting pre$$ has finally noticed the stacks of corpses. Yay!

Well, I'm done surfing the web for today (now children can have their personal data tracked for marketing purposes -- or worse?).

That doesn't mean I'm going to believe anything the ma$$ media says when/if I run across them. Let me assure you, it will have been by accident because I am simply no longer interested in what the Bo$ton Globe or other pre$$ have to say. Sorry.

I think I'm going to have to rearrange by coffee time and start going in the afternoon to get out of the morning rut and avoid the temptation to purchase a printed paper anymore. The Globe just ain't worth it.

Hey, I gave it a go, 'eh?