Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Globe Special: Fool You Once....

Shame on ME

Fool you twice, shame on.... can't get fooled again (how is that poncho working out for you? The red face of embarrassment or something else?)! 

I would mention the ‘‘fabricated evidence [from] an all-star team of the worst of the worst’’ but in doing so I would be writing a book (ugh!) 

Taking it from the top:


New wave of Kennedys cresting across the country

Not your grandfather's Kennedys.

The agony that binds them

That was a tremendous tragedy out here and it shows.

Now batting: factoids and trivia

Take me out of the ballgame!

WPI donor controversy gets curiouser and curiouser as charges fly

I saw some gossip about a divorce and angry ex-wife.


Venezuela walks back move to strip Congress’ power

All of a sudden pre$$ attention has swung to Venezuela. Must be a U.S.-instigated coup in progress. It's happened before.

Duterte vows to pardon police accused in mayor’s death

It's their country, and I'm sure the problem is him stepping on too many toes by really fighting the drug war.

Hospital struggles with Mosul’s injured — and its dead

I'm so glad my war-promoting pre$$ is finally noticing the civilian corpses stacking up.


Turkey and Europe reach a moment of reckoning

Get ready for a flood of refugees.

Speaking of floods:

193 dead after Colombia rivers overflow, toppling homes


South Sudan’s civil war creates a new lost generation

Court raises possibility of war crimes in Congo


Sunday Globe Special: Sudan's Rape Crisis
Sunday Globe Special: Policing the Congo

That's recent work and there is a theme there if you are only reading Sundays.


LGBT groups ‘lost the battle’ on transgender bill repeal, ex-governor said

How the war going?


Supreme Court showdown looms, with far-reaching consequences


Tribes that live off coal hold tight to Trump’s promises

Another tribe likes Trump, and at this point I notice that also lacking in today's paper is any mention of Russia or Syria.

The unbearable heaviness of being Trump

It's "news analysis" by former Globe reporter Callum Borchers, now working for the Washington Post.


Man charged with arson in Atlanta overpass fire

That story is passing from silly to absurd.


The US gun industry is experiencing a Trump slump

It's the only one so far.


Can’t afford to bury loved ones? Often, states can’t help

Parents overdosed on drugs, poor kid.


Their incompetence won’t protect us

Seven Mass. universities join court brief against Trump travel ban

Concord Korean War veteran honored with christening of ship 

Thankfully, a full scale war has not developed there yet.

Weekend commuter rail riders worry about future cuts


Volunteers begin to sort through signs from Women’s March

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

Car carrying Lombardi trophy in Maine crashes into deer


Friends, co-workers of missing Southborough man turn to social media to help find him

"He went to the Celtics game on Wednesday night with a coworker, was drunk and didn’t meet up at her car for a ride home. She waited a bit and then left...."

My heart goes out to the frantic mother, and I wonder if/when they will fish him out of the river?

And at the end of nine pages of obituaries I noticed this.


The Boston guy who helped avert economic disaster is leaving the Fed

Yeah, guys who helped cause the disaster saved us from it. The congratulatory adulation from the pre$$ is $ickening.

For the sake of safe self-driving cars, companies need to share data

Time to turn around and go the other way.


Customized babies are closer than you think

I thought they were already here, but you can connect the genetic dots and make a ma$ter race.

The Constitution doesn’t mean what you think it means

Don't palter to me!


Finding a welcome sanctuary

Waving the agenda in your face.

The origins of witch trials

I'm sure Trump can relate.

A Boston story in 50 words

Or less!


We need more varsity academics


Zombies have never been more alive

The reason zombies have been sickly mainstreamed by the ma$$ media is so that when martial law comes to your town or city (replace the word 'zombie' with the phrase 'starving U.S. citizen after an economic collapse' or....), the guys with the guns can shoot you dead like in the video games.


Don’t gamble Massachusetts’ future online

They will anyway.


Bigly at the bat 

Sorry, but he was saying "big league."

Time to step down.