Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Terrorists Among Us

You are one for reading this.

Truthfully, they reside in government offices in Tel Aviv, Washington D.C., and London.

"Online threats to Obama rise, challenging Secret Service; Agency urged to update methods for new risks" by Juliet Eilperin | Washington Post   October 08, 2014

WASHINGTON — More than 60 percent of the threats against President Obama are made online, according to the Secret Service, posing a new set of challenges for an agency under fire for a series of critical security lapses.

That's dumb. All that stuff goes right to the NSA.

Lawmakers and private security officials question whether the Secret Service has sufficiently adapted to a new social-media landscape in which it must sort through a blizzard of online references to the president, investigate those that raise flags, and then reconcile them with the intelligence they are gathering on the ground.

I have to sort through a blizzard of mind-manipulating propaganda ever day.

‘‘I don’t know if they’ve adapted to these new threats,’’ said Representative Jason Chaffetz, Republican of Utah, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on national security. ‘‘The attacks are going to come, no matter what. Are there new and creative ways of detecting them? I’m not convinced they’ve tied those loops.’’

Chaffetz noted that he was ‘‘pleasantly surprised’’ that in 2011 agents were able to pick up right away a tweet a D.C. woman had posted about a man shooting at the White House. But he questioned why that piece of evidence was not used to corroborate suspicions among several officers that shots had been fired. Instead, the agency forwarded the report to the Park Police for further investigation, and it would be four days before it was discovered that bullets had hit the White House.

‘‘Why didn’t that show up in the system?’’ he asked about the tweet.

During Obama’s first run for the presidency, the issue of clearest concern was his race, which made him a magnet for threats from people who thought being African-American disqualified him from the office.

After nearly six years in the White House, the number of overtly racist threats has subsided, but the threats in general continue.

The threats are down, but let's hype it anyway. OMG! What is this, to try and gain sympathy for the failed president (who cares about his color? It's the policies, stupid!)

Today, the dominant theme of grievance in threats against the president is government overreach, according to current and former Secret Service officials, as critics suggest Obama is abusing his power and trampling the Constitution.

Oh, so if you criticize this administration and its criminality, you are a THREAT! 

Been warning about this for years, and here it is.

Brian Leary, a spokesman for the Secret Service, said the agency has adjusted to 60 percent of the threats made against the president now occurring online.

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They must be so busy looking on line and reading this blog that's how the gunmen can just run into the White House(?).

‘‘The capability is there, and we have to evolve with technology as well,’’ he said, adding that the number of threats against Obama ‘‘did spike a few months after the election, but they declined back to a level that is consistent with his predecessors, and they still are.’’


That means he is no different than any other president, and yet I get this propaganda shoveled at me as the national lead. OMG!

Other sources, who because of the sensitivity of the matter asked to not be identified, said the president still receives more threats than previous presidents, although the number is lower than in the immediate aftermath of his first election. Members of the protective intelligence division consider even the most minor suggestions of harm worthy of investigation. 

That explains all the hits here. Hi, guys!

Since Obama took office, at least 65 people have been indicted for threatening to harm him. In January, Daniel L. Temple, who had tweeted ‘‘im coming to kill you’’ and ‘‘so I gotta kill barack obama first,’’ was sentenced to 16 months in prison after pleading guilty.

Nicholas Savino was sentenced in March to a year in jail after posting on the White House website in August 2013, ‘‘President Obama the Anti-Christ, As a result of breaking the constitution you will stand down or be shot dead.’’

Police, who arrested Savino a few days after he posted the statement, found three guns and roughly 11,000 rounds of ammunition in his apartment and car.

Agents briefed on protective intelligence for presidents and presidential candidates say that the rise in threats has much to do with the advance of the technological age, with the agency now receiving a much larger number of electronic communications that contain threats.

Today, racially based threats constitute 5 to 10 percent of the threats made against the president, according to individuals familiar with the matter. Marilyn Mayo, codirector of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, said her group has found that physical threats against Obama and racial remarks on white-supremacist sites peaked in 2008 and 2009.

Oh, the ADL, huh?


ADL - America's Most Powerful Hate Group
ADL - World's Largest Hate Group
The ADL's hate crimes legislation
The ADL Hates Our Freedoms

It's actually an honor to be called an anti-Semite, and we can see now the gloved Zionist hand up Obama's ass helping him out.

During the early days of Obama’s candidacy and his first year of his presidency, according to several individuals familiar with the matter, many of the threats against him had a frightening racist quality.

‘‘We continue to see a tremendous amount of anger against Obama,’’ she said, adding that much of it is in assertions that he has overstepped his constitutional authority.

Southern Poverty Law Center senior fellow Mark Potok, whose group monitors white supremacist organizations, said in an interview, ‘‘The fact that all of this is online makes the job in some way easier and in some way harder.’’

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‘‘All this ugliness is exposed to the light of day,’’ Potok said. ‘‘On the other hand, you typically have no idea who are the people posting on these sites, because they’re anonymous.’’

Oh, I see. This is to out bloggers.


"Facebook and other social media allow users to present a curated self, showing friends or the public a happier or more accomplished version of a person. Most of the time, as with Pisacane’s post, it is trivial. But in some cases, the gap between reality and the Facebook version can be striking, and troubling, psychologists say." 

I get the same feeling every morning I read a Globe.

"Leaked emails from data security firm HBGary show the federal government is offering private intelligence companies contracts to create software to manage “fake people” on social media sites, possibly to manipulate public opinion or create the illusion of consensus on controversial issues."

There is just an army of fake social media friends to promote propaganda, isn't there?


There is another one.

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Trigger-happy police, trigger-shy Secret Service

Of course, if you criticize Israel you are un-AmeriKan!

"Israeli leader calls White House criticism un-American" Associated Press   October 06, 2014

JERUSALEM — Israel’s prime minister dismissed a recent White House rebuke of Israeli settlement construction, saying in comments broadcast on Sunday that the criticism goes ‘‘against American values.’’

That last comment should offend every American. Who the hell does he think he is? 

And the spate of Secret Service breakdowns appearing in the jew$media sure takes on a different look in light of this. Israel sending Obummer a message. 

Well, I may hate you, Mr. President, but we got your back on that one. Not falling for that again.

The tough words by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to deepen a rift with the White House over Israeli construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war and claimed by the Palestinians as parts of a future independent state.

Israel came under fire last week after a Jerusalem city official signed the final go-ahead for construction of a housing development in East Jerusalem. A day earlier, an ultranationalist Jewish group said dozens of settlers would move into six apartment buildings purchased in the heart of a predominantly Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

Israel says East Jerusalem is part of its capital and considers Jewish housing developments there to be neighborhoods of the city. But the international community, including the United States, does not recognize Israel’s annexation of the area and considers construction there to be illegitimate settlement activity.

But Israel keeps putting the buildings up and nothing happens.

In a striking public rebuke last week, the Obama administration warned Israel that the new project would distance Israel from ‘‘even its closest allies’’ and raise questions about its commitment to seeking peace with Palestinians.

Has he stopped signing the aid checks?

In an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS’s ‘‘Face the Nation,’’ Netanyahu said he does not accept restrictions on where Jews could live, adding that Jerusalem’s Arabs and Jews should be able to buy homes wherever they want.

He said he was ‘‘baffled’’ by the American condemnation.

‘‘It’s against the American values. And it doesn’t bode well for peace,’’ he said. ‘‘The idea that we’d have this ethnic purification as a condition for peace, I think it’s antipeace.’’ The interview was recorded Thursday.

What do you say to stuff like this? My nation was founded on the slaughter of the native population, and his is founded on the slaughter of Palestinians. The supremacist apartheid state complaining about ethnic purification? Sigh.

The White House declined to comment.

In a separate development Sunday, a Lebanese soldier was wounded after Israeli soldiers opened fire near the border between the two countries, Lebanon’s military said.

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Also see:

Iran vows to aid Lebanese military
UN uncertain if all Iranian atomic work is peaceful

The explosion should answer that question.

There were conflicting reports about the shooting in the Shebaa farms area, a disputed zone along the frontier between Lebanon and Israel. The UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, said it was aware of the reports and was investigating.


Turns out the terrorists have infested Boston:

"Federal initiative in Boston aims to counter extremism" by Shelley Murphy | Globe Staff   October 04, 2014

A new Justice Department initiative in Boston aimed at preventing people from joining extremist groups will focus not just on radicalized Muslims but on all forms of militants, including white supremacists, religious hate groups, and school shooters, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said.

Here we go again, another tyrannical program justified by the phantom threat of self-created terrorists that now includes a whole lot more.

In an interview, Ortiz said the program is unprecedented in its scope, enlisting a broad spectrum of religious leaders, community leaders, and experts in health and education to identify people susceptible to radical ideology and intervene before they become a threat. It also draws on counterterrorism specialists, as well as federal, state, and local law enforcement, to assess risks and threats.

Meanwhile, you get social service cuts on the back end, America.

The program is launching as the Islamic State militant group that has occupied parts of Syria and Iraq has been aggressively recruiting members on social media, and a number of Americans have traveled overseas to join the Islamic State and other militants.

Well, then the NSA knows where they are!

“This is to try to identify individuals who are likely to engage in violent extremism,” Ortiz told the Globe. “At the end of the day our goal is to really promote public safety here and to have the community be a part of our national security.”

God, that feels so Soviet Union to me.

The Islamic Council of New England, which was already in the process of creating a training program to steer youths away from extremist ideology, has agreed to participate in the project, along with leaders of other faiths.

It has been well known for a long time that organized religion is now working with the U.S. government.

Dr. Nabeel Khudairi, chairman of the interfaith committee of the Islamic Council of New England, said Muslim leaders have repeatedly condemned violent extremism and that the council has been working to create a youth training program to stress that message.

“We see it as our responsibly as good Muslims to constantly remind young people they have a moral obligation to follow certain codes and behavior,” said Khudairi, who is a member of one of two working groups Ortiz formed to counter violent extremism.

Tell the FBI (and NYPD) to stop sending in the instigators.

The Islamic Council is seeking advice from psychologists, sociologists and computer experts on how to develop the training program, with workshops, and possibly interactive educational apps for smartphones, that would be implemented at mosques throughout New England, and eventually nationwide.

The training sessions “would clearly steer them away from acts of revenge or extremist thinking,” Khudairi said.

Yusufi Vali, executive director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, said he was hopeful that mosques and the Muslim community would not be singled out under the initiative. 

Given past history....

“Mosques are the best buffers against any form of extremism because it’s a place where community happens,” said Vali, citing studies that indicate many violent extremists are often loners who isolate themselves from the community and are radicalized online.

I'm tired of the persecution.

“As a country we’ve seen an increase in violent extremism, whether it be the school shootings, the recent attack on a synagogue in Kansas City or the Boston Marathon tragedy,” said Vali, adding that authorities should focus on what is causing the spike in violence.

All those false flags or hoaxes, that's what it is looking like more and more now.

In explaining the program, Ortiz said Boston was not selected because of the Marathon bombings.

But rather, she said, the city was chosen because it has strong community-oriented policing that has been successful in targeting gangs and gun violence.

She said the initiative, which was announced last month and is also underway in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, is intended as a pilot for a program that could be expanded to a nationwide approach to countering violent extremism.

The endless encroachment of total tyranny.

Kieran Ramsey, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston office, said the practice of enlisting community groups, nonprofit agencies, private businesses, and neighborhood residents will better prevent and predict future threats “from gangs, drugs, cyber-related crimes, and terrorism” than “merely reacting to ones as they appear.”

This is beginning to look like Nazi Germany from what I have been told and taught.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, who is participating in the federal initiative, said he recently visited the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center for the first time, and is doing more outreach to the Muslim and Somali communities in an effort to build trust and allay fears of religious profiling.

“If they see someone whose views are extremely radical, those are the people we want them to notify us of,” Evans said. “We don’t want to be snooping in on their religion.”

He cited as an example of the outreach the police response to a rash of robberies committed by Somali youths on Boston Common. Evans said police resolved the cases by going into the Somali community in Allston and Brighton and working with the parents of the youths.

Oh, is that who it was.

“I think this is more of an education piece on both sides,” Evans said. “Learn to trust each other and help each other.”

The Rev. Jeffrey Brown, one of the founders of Boston’s TenPoint Coalition, created in the early 1990s and hailed as a national model for reducing gang violence, said he signed on to the new federal initiative because of its emphasis on civil engagement.

“The community has to be looked upon as a partner and not to be used as a tool in a counter-terrorism effort,” said Brown, who helped negotiate truces between warring gangs by hitting the streets and talking with youths involved in the feuds.

“Civil engagement puts the emphasis on relationships and the kind of mentoring TenPoint is noted for, which can really help young people who are thinking about going down the wrong path and help them on a different path,” Brown said. 

How much they paying you?

Kurt Schwartz, the state undersecretary for homeland security and emergency management, said law enforcement officials have foiled a number of plots by violent extremists since the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. The goal now, he said, is to create a “best practices” national model that will capture more “at-risk” people.

“We’re not trying to build a society where every time someone looks at you cross-eyed you’re calling the police, the FBI or a community watch group,” Schwartz said. “We have to become even better and better at identifying those critical previolent indicators that are really signs of something troubling, as opposed to those other things that are just personality quirks.”

Yeah, you gotta be crazy to disapprove of this monstrous government.


Same day psyop:

"Death threat e-mailed to hundreds of Harvard students" by Travis Andersen and Matt Rocheleau | Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent   October 04, 2014

A large number of students and others affiliated with Harvard University received an e-mailed death threat on Friday, prompting an increase in security around the Ivy League campus.

In a written advisory to the campus community, Harvard police said that “hundreds of Harvard students and affiliates” received an e-mail at about 4:45 p.m. in which the author threatened to gun down recipients on campus on Saturday.

In the profanity-laced e-mail, which the Globe obtained Friday night, the writer says, “I will come tomorrow in (sic) Harvard University (sic) and shoot all of you each one of you. all Harvard students, I will kill you individually. I’ll be back tomorrow at 11 clock in your [expletive] university and will kill you, you sons of [expletive]. Even Mark Zuckerberg of facebook I will kill. I’m going to kill every one of you.”

Oh, I see. If you swear, you're a terrorist. Well, I'm working on my anger issues and am a lot tamer than I was years ago. Jaded after seeing all the bullshit all these years.

Zuckerberg is a former Harvard student and a co-founder of the social networking site, Facebook.

Campus police said Friday that they could not yet determine whether the threat was credible and urged students to review the school’s safety guidelines available on a university website.

“Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) immediately began investigating [the threat], and also notified other local law enforcement agencies as well as the FBI,” the advisory said, adding that campus police would increase their presence on school grounds over the weekend.

The author of the threatening message, which was obtained by the Globe on Friday night, claimed to be a woman named Stephanie living in Boston.

No kidding?

A university spokesman said he had not been informed Friday night of any weekend events being canceled.

Cambridge police and FBI representatives said they were assisting in the investigation but referred additional questions to Harvard.

The threat is similar to an incident in February 2013, when Cambridge police received an electronic message reporting that an armed man dressed in body armor was on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus.

The report was a hoax.

And so was this.



“No one should have to open their inbox and see a such a threatening and racially charged message,” event organizers said in a statement provided to the Globe. “We are saddened that someone would go to such lengths to threaten the safety of our Harvard community.” The writer, who claims her name is Stephanie Nguyen, also used a racial slur targeting Asians."

WTF? Obama's black. As for sad, all this is.

"E-mail threats not credible, Harvard says" by Kiera Blessing | Globe correspondent   October 09, 2014

Hundreds of e-mailed death threats sent to Harvard University students and affiliates last week, through the weekend, and on Monday did not pose a credible threat to campus safety, officials said Wednesday.

Harvard University Police said they have determined the threat came from overseas, though they did not specify where. The writer originally claimed to be a woman living in Boston named Stephanie.

The profanity-ridden threat, which was originally e-mailed to students and others affiliated with the university Friday, was obtained by the Globe. The e-mail said in part: “I will come tomorrow in [sic] Harvard University and shoot all of you.’’

The threat extended to Mark Zuckerberg, a cofounder of Facebook and a former Harvard student.

Harvard University police said they immediately notified the FBI and other law enforcement agencies about the e-mails.

On Saturday, an apparent apology arrived from a writer who claimed to be a 15-year-old resident of France.

University officials urged students to review the school’s safety guidelines.

The FBI will continue to work with Harvard University Police to investigate the threats.


On to the next mind-manipulating bender:

"FBI joins police to investigate school bomb threats" by Kiera Blessing | Globe correspondent   October 07, 2014

The FBI and local police departments are jointly searching for those responsible for sending threatening e-mails that led to the abrupt closure of high schools in several Massachusetts communities within the past two weeks, officials said.

The threats have led to evacuations or closures at high schools in Franklin, Bedford, Winchester, Swampscott, and Westwood. Swampscott police have charged a 17-year-old student in connection with the threat against their school.

But the search for the authors of the threats — which has also led to the closing of schools in Bedford, N.H., and Sandy Hook, Conn. — is not over, officials said.

Condition the kids for the future while filling their heads with fear of fakes and hoaxes.

“All jurisdictions that have been victimized are working together to bring a resolution to the cases,” said Chief Robert Bongiorno of the Bedford Police Department in Massachusetts. “We will continue to work with our partners on the federal, state, and local levels.”

Detective Lieutenant Scott Jones, also of Bedford, said local police departments have compared the nature of the threats and the information gathered during the agencies’ independent investigations.

Jones added that the FBI is the “lead investigating agency because of the way the threat has been communicated,” apparently across state lines.

Did it come from France again?

Greg Comcowich, a spokesman for the Boston bureau of the FBI, confirmed that the bureau is assisting local police.

“We are working with the police departments to try to help identify the sender of the e-mail messages,” Comcowich said. “Many police departments have the same skill sets we do, but if it’s crossing state lines . . . we just help facilitate it.”

Doesn't the FBI have hackers to help them?

The Bedford school system received its threat last week, the same day that Bedford, N.H., was targeted.

Arlington Police Chief Frederick Ryan said his town had not been targeted. But, he said, he and other leaders of municipal forces are comparing notes.

“There’s been a real effort to collaborate on all levels of law enforcement,’’ he said. “The chiefs throughout the region are connected and sort of have been given situational awareness briefs. . . . There is a heightened state of awareness.’’

So when is the next agenda-pushing, staged and scripted false flag or hoax school shooting scheduled?

Despite the attention the issue is getting, Ryan emphasized that, so far, nothing dangerous has been uncovered.

“All the threats that have come in have been determined to be low-level, low-credibility threats,’’ Ryan said.

That is something I recognize.


Can't get any lower in credibility than that.

"The campuswide security alert went out via text, e-mail, and automated phone message to the MIT community around 1:45 p.m. Tuesday: The university was investigating a report of a “serious emergency on campus. STAY ALERT.’’ The incident was quickly declared to be relatively minor: a small chemical spill in a chemistry laboratory, which caused the building to be briefly evacuated. No injuries were reported. But the wording of the initial alert rattled the campus, and prompted concern about what some felt was its unnecessarily alarmist tone." 

They are the times in which we live.

"A Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts student has been charged with making a bomb threat at the North Adams campus that forced evacuations. Jarret Ferriter had not-guilty pleas entered on his behalf in Northern Berkshire District Court Tuesday to charges including willful communication of a bomb threat. He was released on $1,000 bail and ordered to stay off campus. Authorities told The Berkshire Eagle that Ferriter, 21, of North Adams, was tied to Monday’s telephone threat by fingerprints and witness accounts, including a statement from his roommate who said Ferriter said he would make a bomb threat to avoid class. Ferriter reportedly apologized to police, saying it was a ‘‘silly college prank.’’

Also see: Quinnipiac graduaton bomb threat was ruse 

Not a good idea.

"Police officers are being stationed at every school in Warwick, Cranston, and Johnston through Friday after police said they received an anonymous letter threatening physical harm to children at elementary schools in the three communities. Warwick Police Chief Steven McCartney told WPRO-AM Wednesday that the threat specified that ‘‘beheading is planned.’’ He called the nature of the threat chilling. Lieutenant Matthew Moynihan, a State Police officer working with Cranston police, said authorities have not determined whether there is any validity to the threat. Johnston police received the anonymous threat by mail Tuesday. Daniel Parrillo, deputy police chief in Johnston, said the FBI and State Police were assisting in the investigation into who sent the threat." 

They just jumped the shark with the propaganda!

Also see:

Police detonate ordinance handed over by Cohasett resident
Arlington Police investigate threats made via Twitter

Maybe they could also investigate this:

"Twenty-eight current and retired Harvard Law School professors are asking the university to abandon its new sexual misconduct policy and craft different guidelines for investigating allegations, asserting that the new rules violate the due process rights of the accused. “This is an issue of political correctness run amok,” said Alan M. Dershowitz, an emeritus Harvard Law professor who was among the faculty members signing an article, sent to the Globe’s Opinion page, that is critical of the new procedures. The article was published on The Boston Globe website Tuesday night."

Dershowitz also received a five-part dirge on democracy and dictatorship from the Globe. What luck.

And now Uncle Sam needs your help finding me:

"Authorities seek help identifying US terror recruits" by Shelley Murphy | Globe Staff   October 10, 2014

Federal authorities have tracked some 100 Americans suspected of possible involvement with violent militant groups overseas, but need the community’s help in identifying others who may be vulnerable to recruitment, a top US Justice Department official said Thursday.

John Carlin, the assistant attorney general for National Security, credited the FBI and the intelligence community with doing an excellent job of identifying Americans who have traveled to the Syria and Iraq region and joined or attempted to join terrorist groups, including some who were killed or prosecuted and imprisoned.

But they somehow are losing them, huh? 

Come on! Can't have it both ways!

“They have a good handle on the ones they know about,” said Carlin, adding that officials are “particularly concerned about what we don’t know . . . about the issue of using the Internet to radicalize and recruit.”

It's used to push enough war propaganda!

Speaking to reporters, along with US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz, during a round-table discussion at her office in Boston, Carlin said, “Someone over here may be in contact with someone who is a terrorist in Syria or Iraq and they are in their pajamas in the basement, having that conversation and being radicalized.


I want to clear something up right now: I do NOT WANT TO BE NEAR OBAMA or ANY OTHER PUBLIC SLIME! If they are coming to my town I will go to the other end. Keep them the fuck (sorry) away from me! If you have read this far, government puke, you know that. You know I'm not a threat. Go destroy yourselves, you psychopathic bastards. I'll see you in hell where I will disembowel you and feast on your innards.

“That is the hardest to detect and that is where we most need the assistance of the community.”

NSA not collecting or monitoring the data?

Carlin’s remarks come as the Islamic State militant group that has occupied parts of Syria and Iraq has been aggressively recruiting members on social media, and a number of Americans have traveled overseas to join the Islamic State and other militants.

Yup, ISIS is here -- or in Canada waiting to invade.

There have been arrests around the country of young people accused of offering material support to terrorists, or attempting to travel overseas, but Carlin said he does not see any trends in those who are allegedly radicalized.

“It’s really cut across the spectrum in terms of the people that have been attracted by it,” he said.

The problem, according to Carlin, is not limited to the United States. The Justice Department official estimated that some 12,000 foreign fighters have been recruited globally to fight alongside militants for the Islamic State and other organizations.

The estimated 100 Americans identified by authorities have not been linked to a designated militant organization, Carlin said. That number includes people who went to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of Africa, he said.

Some of those Americans fought alongside militants and some traveled overseas and unsuccessfully tried to join militant groups. Others traveled to those regions and then returned to the United States, raising concerns, he said.

Carlin declined to offer more details on how many of those people remain free in the United States or where they are located. About a dozen Americans are suspected of joining the Islamic State overseas, according to the Justice Department.

They know terrorists are coming, but they know nothing else?

Ahmad Abousamra, who grew up in Stoughton and faces terrorism charges in federal court in Boston, allegedly fled to Syria in 2006 and is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list, with a $50,000 reward being offered for information leading to his capture.

A Justice Department initiative in Boston, which was recently launched by Ortiz’s office, is aimed at preventing people from joining extremist groups and will focus not just on radicalized Muslims, but also on white supremacists, religious hate groups, and school shooters.

The program enlists a broad spectrum of religious leaders, community leaders, and experts in public and mental health and education to identify people susceptible to radical ideology and intervene before they become a threat. It also draws on counterterrorism specialists, as well as federal, state, and local law enforcement, to assess risks and threats.

The use of the Internet by terrorists, not just to radicalize and recruit, but to launch massive cyber attacks on public and private institutions and utilities is also a major concern of law enforcement officials, Carlin said.

Yeah, right, the terrorists are the hackers. 


“In some sense we are in a race against time,” he said. “We know they have the intent. We know that if they develop the capability they are going to use it and so we need to do everything we can in the interim to increase our defenses to prevent against such an attack.”


Here are a few they caught (after setting them up, of course):

"US says Illinois teen sought to join Islamic State" by Michael Tarm | Associated Press   October 07, 2014

CHICAGO — A 19-year-old American left a letter for his parents expressing disgust with Western society before he tried to board a plane in Chicago, the first step in his plan to sneak into Syria to join the Islamic State group, according to a federal criminal complaint released Monday.

Mohammed Hamzah Khan, a US citizen who lived with his parents in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, was arrested Saturday while trying to board a plane to Turkey, which borders Syria, at O’Hare International Airport.

He is charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist group.

Before heading to the airport, Khan allegedly left a three-page, handwritten letter in his bedroom for his parents, explaining why he chose to join the Islamic State. The letter, according to the complaint, read: ‘‘We are all witness that the Western societies are getting more immoral day by day.’’

Investigators say Khan also wrote that he was upset that his US taxes were going to kill his ‘‘Muslim brothers and sisters,’’ an apparent reference to a bombing campaign against Islamic State militants by the United States and other nations. The letter was signed, ‘‘Your loving son.’’

Oh, so if you are upset at where your taxes are being spent.... you ARE a terrorist!

Khan appeared in a federal court Monday in orange jail clothes, calmly telling a federal magistrate that he understood the allegations. Later, as marshals led him away in handcuffs, the slight, bearded young man turned to smile at his parents at the back of the room.

US Magistrate Judge Susan Cox ordered that Khan be held at least until a detention hearing Thursday. Prosecutors indicated in court they would ask that he be kept behind bars pending trial.

If convicted, Khan could face a maximum 15-year prison sentence.

Around 12 Americans are believed to be fighting in Syria now, FBI director James Comey has said.

More than 100 Americans have either tried to go to Syria and were arrested or went and came back to the United States, Comey said, without offering more details.


Khan sought to fly Austrian Airlines to Istanbul by way of Vienna when customs officers stopped him as he passed through security at O’Hare’s international terminal. While FBI agents interviewed him there, investigators executed a search warrant at Khan’s home.

Looks like a set-up.

It wasn’t clear why authorities chose to stop Khan. Neither prosecutors nor Khan’s attorney spoke after Monday’s hearing. His parents also didn’t comment.

It is becoming clear to me. More mind-manipulating contrived propaganda.

During the search of his home, FBI agents found the letter and other documents. One page in a notebook had a drawing of what appeared to be an armed fighter with an Islamic State flag and the words ‘‘Come to Jihad’’ written in Arabic, according to the complaint.

Oh, no. Not a notebook full of scribbles.

Also found were drawings with arrows indicating where Khan might make border crossings into Syria and mentioning the city of Urfa, which the complaint says is in southeastern Turkey near the Syrian border.

He left his map behind? 

This STINKS of being PLANTED, and we have seen such a thing so many times.

During the FBI interview, Khan allegedly said an online source gave him the number of a person he should contact when he got to Istanbul and that, in turn, the person would lead him to Islamic State members.

That was his government case handler, and they will disappear into oblivion.

Asked by agents what he would do once he arrived in territory controlled by the Islamic State, Khan allegedly said he would — in the words of the complaint — ‘‘be involved in some type of public service, a police force, humanitarian work or a combat role.’’


Nice to be home for the holidays:

"Oregon man gets 30 years in Christmas bomb plot" by Nigel Duara | Associated Press   October 02, 2014

PORTLAND, Ore. — A young Somali American was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison for plotting to detonate a bomb in Portland’s downtown square while 10,000 revelers gathered to watch the mayor light a towering Christmas tree.

Prosecutors had sought a 40-year term for Mohamed Mohamud, 23, in the 2010 plot that was actually an FBI sting. But US District Court Judge Garr King said Mohamud’s youth and remorse for his actions helped lower his sentence.

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King said he believed the actions of undercover FBI agents edged into ‘‘imperfect entrapment,’’ the idea that while they did not fully entrap Mohamud in a legal sense, their actions nonetheless encouraged him to commit wrongdoing.

‘‘This is a sad case,’’ King said.

What is sad is you didn't sentence him to time served for another in a long line of FBI frame-ups. That's why it is now known as the Federal Bureau of Instigation.

Mohamud was arrested Nov. 26, 2010, after pressing a keypad button on a cellphone that he believed would trigger a massive truck bomb and kill people gathered for the annual holiday event. But the bomb was a fake, provided by FBI agents posing as terrorists.

The undercover agents made friends with Mohamud after learning he had written for an online jihadi magazine and exchanged e-mails with accused terrorists.

King disagreed with Mohamud’s defense lawyers, who portrayed their client’s actions as those of a confused teenager who just had his braces removed when contacted by an FBI agent posing as a member of a terrorist cell. Mohamud chose the location and timing of the bomb, King said, and when offered the choice to commit peaceful acts of resistance, he instead told the undercover agents he wanted to ‘‘become operational.’’

Mohamud’s defense team said he will appeal the sentence.

The former Oregon State University student and his parents spoke before he was sentenced.

‘‘The things I said and did were terrible,’’ Mohamud said. ‘‘The hardest thing is to go over the [undercover agents’] tapes, to see myself, to hear what I was saying.’’

His mother, Mariam Barre, begged the judge for leniency.

‘‘Give him another chance,’’ she said through tears.

His father, Osman Barre, said he has watched his waifish teenage son become an adult in prison and mature in the process. But King said Mohamud’s youth aside, the sentence had to both punish him for his actions and serve as a warning for anyone planning similar acts.

FBI director James Comey said Wednesday that King’s remarks about ‘‘imperfect entrapment’’ will have no effect on the agency’s sting operations.

Meaning they will keep setting up plots and framing patsy for public consumption to continue advancing the agenda.


Well, if you will excuse me, this "terrorist(!)" needs to get some sleep. I will be up early again tomorrow to update you on the latest spew from the Boston Globe. Good night.

Breaking News: Al-CIA-Duh Attacking Canada

BREAKING UPDATEGunfire reported in Canada’s Parliament

My first thought was are we looking at another staged and scripted hoax, or is it a false flag under cover of live event. 

Good Lord, the terrorists are in Canada! Then none of us are safe!

"Terrorist ideology blamed in Canada car attack" by Benjamin Shingler and Rob Gillies | Associated Press   October 22, 2014

SAINT-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, Quebec — A young convert to Islam who killed a Canadian soldier in a hit-and-run had been on the radar of federal investigators, who feared he had jihadist ambitions and had seized his passport, authorities said Tuesday.

OMG, the false flag or fake stench has already stung my nostrils in just the first paragraph.

The suspect was shot dead by police after a chase in the Quebec city of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. A second soldier suffered minor injuries in Monday’s attack.

How convenient!

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said the attack was ‘‘clearly linked to terrorist ideology.’’ Quebec police spokesman Guy Lapointe said the act was deliberate and that one of the two soldiers was in uniform. Lapointe said there were no other suspects.

An official identified the assailant as Martin Couture-Rouleau, 25.

He was known to authorities and recently had his passport seized, Commissioner Bob Paulson of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said. He was one of 90 suspected extremists in the country who intend to join fights abroad or who have returned from overseas. However, it was not known whether the assailant had any ties to Islamic militant groups.

Why did they let him back in?

‘‘He was part of our investigative efforts to try to identify those people who might commit a criminal act traveling abroad for terrorist purposes,’’ Paulson said.

There was no answer at Couture-Rouleau’s home in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, on Tuesday morning, and no sign of police. Neighbor Daniel Fortin said he had known Couture-Rouleau, who lived with his father, since he was a child.


Fortin said over the past year or so, Couture-Rouleau grew out his beard and began wearing loose-fitting Muslim clothing but Fortin never felt threatened. Fortin said Couture-Roleau’s father was worried as he became increasingly radicalized and ‘‘tried everything,’’ to help him.

Another neighbor, who declined to be named, said she saw police visit the home on more than one occasion over the past few months.

So which intelligence agency was the kid working for?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the slain soldier, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, 53, was a 28-year veteran with ‘‘distinguished service.’’

‘‘This was a despicable act of violence that strikes against not just this soldier and his colleagues but frankly against our very values as a civilized democracy,’’ Harper told Parliament.

It's not a beheading, but after that failed propaganda effort I suppose it's "they shot the soldiers!"

We will see how that works, and if gets Canadians all hung-ho for more wars based on lies, frauds, and deceptions.

Lapointe said the other victim is in stable condition.

The assailant sat in his car outside a veterans’ support center for at least two hours before the hit-and-run, Lapointe said. He was brandishing a knife when he emerged from his crashed vehicle and police opened fire.

If you say so.


RelatedOff the Canadian Coast

That is how they entered the country.

UPDATES: Shooting at Parliament Hill in Canada- One gunman killed- Multiple shooters reported

The more the reports cop me in the more this thing is stinking to high heaven. Even Obama convened a meeting over the incident and was briefed. It happened in Canada, sphincter.

Hou$e Politics

Both parties had a "record month for fund-raising" as the wealth inequality gap grows by the minute. Think there is a correlation between that and policy?

"Democrats top House fund-raising for month" Associated Press   October 21, 2014

WASHINGTON — Despite long odds of winning a majority, the Democratic Party’s campaign committee for House races picked up $16.7 million in September, compared with $11 million for the Republican committee.

Democratic fund-raising for House contests last month surpassed both parties’ campaign efforts focused on the Senate, which is very much in play.

If Republicans net six Senate seats and win handily as expected in the House, they will control both chambers in Congress for the final two years of President Obama’s term.

Monday was the deadline for both parties to disclose how much cash each raised last month and how much they had on hand as October began. Each had a record month for fund-raising....

Meaning corporations and other well-connected concerns have their bases covered.


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"Democrats’ hopes for gains in House fading fast" by Jonathan Weisman | New York Times   October 15, 2014

WASHINGTON — After countless dire e-mails and months of fading bravado, national Democrats in recent days have signaled with their money what they have been loath to acknowledge out loud: They will not win back the House and they will most likely lose additional seats in November.

Since last week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has essentially given up efforts to unseat Republicans in several races, pulling advertising money from a dozen campaigns in Republican-held districts to focus on protecting its embattled incumbents. 

But don't let that spoil the campaign $hit-$how fooleys!


“This is shaping up to be the quintessential sixth year of a president’s term, and a referendum on this president,” said Representative Greg Walden of Oregon, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

(Blog editor gives thumbs-down sign)

Representative Steve Israel of New York, chairman of the Democratic campaign committee, doggedly refused on Tuesday to admit the basic math that had put control of the House out of reach.

Somehow that seems right to me.

“I haven’t even conceded the Mets aren’t in the World Series this year,” he said.

He's a delusional as the mad-dog nation he's named after.

But campaign committee aides now say they never really expected to make a run at the majority, and had not been able to gain traction because of President Obama’s low approval ratings, Senate races that have gone poorly for the Democrats in states like Colorado and Iowa, and governor’s races that went sour (Illinois) or never really developed (California, New York.)

They called the continuing retrenchment a “fine-tuning” of the battlefield.

I will say this: this is well-crafted propaganda and a steamer of a stinker if you like that sort of stuff.

“I absolutely would not say we’re in triage mode,” Israel insisted. “There’s a difference between triage and making strategic decisions.”

No matter what they call it, the moves in the last week have been drastic. The campaign committee has withdrawn from races once seen as the most promising in the country.

Representative Mike Coffman of Colorado, once seen as one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country, will no longer face advertising by the campaign committee. His opponent, Andrew Romanoff, the speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, was considered one of the Democratic Party’s best recruits for 2014. But the money that was supposed to take Romanoff to the finish line was hastily shifted to California to save Representative Ami Bera, who Democrats feared was being buried in an avalanche of Republican spending.

I wonder if the immigration issue had something to do with it?

Democrats spent months painting Virginia state Delegate Barbara Comstock as too conservative for her suburban Washington district. Last week, the committee left her opponent, Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust, to fend for himself.

“The net effect of the decision is there is no effect,” said Shaun Daniels, Foust’s campaign manager, who maintained that Foust remained poised for victory.

In California, Representatives Jeff Denham and David Valadeo, Republicans in districts carried by Obama, were supposed to be doomed by their party’s refusal to embrace immigration reform. A year ago, Democrats hailed their recruits in those races as rising stars.

Last week, the Democrats pulled out. 

Because the rollout of that issue failed miserably and backfired on them, like everything they do these days.

Two years ago, Representative Rodney Davis, a Republican, won his southern Illinois House seat by a mere 1,000 votes, and Democrats saw former Circuit Judge Ann Callis as a candidate who was tough enough to knock him off. Last week, the committee also took its money from her.

“That is such a death blow to a campaign, when the national party pulls out their money,” said Andrea Bozek, the Republican campaign committee’s spokeswoman. “It’s ‘see you later.’”

The Republican committee, by contrast, remains active in pursuit of 16 House districts held by Democrats, from Maine to California to Florida. Of those, 13 were won by Obama in 2012.

Republicans set out to win what House leaders called a “governing majority” of 245 seats — 12 more than they hold now. Three weeks before Election Day that appears to be difficult, but not impossible.

Democratic Party officials say that despite a political environment shifting against them, a blowout is not coming.

Democrats in denial, how disgusting.

The Democrats should still win the Southern California seat of retiring Representative Gary G. Miller, a seat held by a Republican in a district dominated by Democrats. 

What was he doing with it in the first place then?

But they are also making strong plays for more Republican seats in Arkansas, the panhandle of Florida, and in Iowa. They are even still in the running in Nebraska’s 2nd House district, where incumbent Representative Lee Terry is struggling.

Yeah, it's not as bad as if seems. That's why Clinton had to visit (does that really help?).


And then there is this drivel:

"Midterm immigration ads may hurt GOP in 2016" by Noah Bierman | Globe Staff   October 20, 2014

WASHINGTON — One ad in the Kansas race for Senate depicts shadowy men climbing a barbed-wire fence as a narrator warns that “illegal immigration is threatening our communities and taking jobs away from Kansans who need them.”

Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator running for Senate in New Hampshire, has run three border security ads, and cautioned that a “porous” border poses an Ebola threat.

And in Texas, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor produced an ad showing a caravan of Middle Easterners waving flags and brandishing high-caliber weapons, while claiming that “ISIS terrorists threaten to cross our border and kill Americans.”

The ads come less than two years after the Republican National Committee, following Mitt Romney’s loss, issued a report vowing to treat immigration issues differently, offering Hispanic voters “a more welcoming, inclusive message” and “positive solutions on immigration.”

But the party has not unified behind that message. Several Republican candidates are now attacking their opponents for supporting a sweeping 2013 immigration bill that passed the Senate with bipartisan support and was cowritten by several prominent Republicans, including Senators John McCain of Arizona, the failed 2008 presidential candidate, and Marco Rubio of Florida, a possible future presidential candidate.

As a result, some Republicans worry that while the party might be helped by such rhetoric in the midterms, it could haunt the GOP in 2016 and complicate the party’s efforts to remold its image to Hispanic voters.

“Unfortunately, this is like the fourth act of a play that Republicans keep using,” said John Weaver, a Republican consultant who advised McCain during part of his 2008 presidential run. “Playing on the fear of some Ebola-carrying, ISIS terrorist — marching from Brownsville, Texas, to Des Moines — they think they can play on that image and that fear. And they’re going to take advantage of it, even though it does long-term damage across the board.” 

I find it comically ironic that an institution -- the newspaper -- whose business is agenda-pushing fear is now wringing their hands about fear and how nobody believes authority anymore, boo-hoo-hoo. 

These goddamn $elf-$erving politicians are always peddling fear for tho$e certain $elect interests they truly represent, and this has become most distasteful, this political $hit.

Those who believe border security is a winner for Republicans have had much material to work with — first a summer border crisis when tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central American children crossed, then new tensions with Islamic militants, and finally, when the first Americans contracted Ebola.

According to recent reports Ebola is beginning to ebb, which means that propaganda campaign is finished for the moment as the coverage is submerged. I will be posting about that a bit later as it looks like either the goals have been accomplished or the propaganda campaign has again mightily backfired.

“ISIS and Ebola, whether you believe these are actual risk factors or not, they are political realities,” said Rick Wilson, a Republican political consultant based in Florida. “They have changed the political dynamic.”

Many Republicans who have played up border issues come from states with relatively small Hispanic populations, such as Arkansas or New Hampshire, where Brown, who did not respond to a request for comment, has accused his Democratic opponent Jeanne Shaheen of supporting amnesty.

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Fireworks in debate between Jeanne Shaheen, Scott Brown

Who gives a f***?

Senator Pat Roberts, a Republican in an unexpectedly tough fight in Kansas, released an immigration-themed ad in late September attempting to undermine his opponent Greg Orman’s credentials as an independent.

The ad shows Orman next to a fence, interspersed with pictures of President Obama and Senate majority leader Harry Reid, and accuses Orman of siding with them to “support giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.”

Representative Tom Cotton, a Republican challenging Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas, ran an ad using footage of Obama talking about a “pathway to earned citizenship for 11 million individuals who are already in this country illegally.”

The Washington Post’s fact-checker gave Cotton “four Pinocchios” for comments tying a lax border to the threat of Islamic terrorists collaborating with Mexican drug cartels to “attack us right here in places like Arkansas.”


Those terms are mutually exclusive.

In some instances, Republicans in states with larger Hispanic populations have reached out to Hispanic voters. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, a Republican, last week appeared in three US Chamber of Commerce ads for House and Senate candidates in California, Arizona, and Colorado — speaking in fluent Spanish.

Though most disagree on the merits, Obama and other Democrats have shown concern over the border issue’s short-term political potency.

Alison Lundergan Grimes, a Democrat trying to unseat Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, drew criticism from liberals last week for running an ad that attacks McConnell for “voting to give amnesty and taxpayer-funded benefits to 3 million illegal immigrants.” 

That's unwanted, is it?

The ad, defending Grimes from conservative attacks on the issue, refers to his support for Ronald Reagan’s 1986 immigration overhaul. He voted against the 2013 bill.

The White House, meanwhile, appears to be worried about a backlash.

Why? Agenda-pu$hing, ma$$ media, propaganda polls constantly tell us over half the country for immigration reform.

Obama last month delayed executive action to liberalize immigration policy until after the election, which infuriated immigration advocates and struck many on both sides of the debate as a political calculation meant to shield vulnerable Democrats.

What an underhanded move regardless of which side you are on.

Many Republicans have denounced Obama’s proposed moves — including potentially delaying deportations and granting more people temporary residence — as an unconstitutional power grab that will reward those here illegally.

Been a lot of that with the last two presidents.

Indeed, Obama has his own problems on the issue, potentially giving Republicans an opening. Obama won approval from just 29 percent of voters for his performance on immigration, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released this week, his worst issue in the poll. His approval among Hispanics dropped from 75 percent in December 2012 to 52 percent in November 2013, according to a Gallup poll.

Didn't this article start with the premise its hurting Republicans? 

Nothing like a big fat distortion on the front page of the Globe to get your mind right with the agenda, 'eh? I love contradictions and mixed messages, don't you?

But in a general election, when turnout is greater and more diverse states have a larger influence, the recent tough talk on immigration could hurt Republicans. Romney won only 27 percent of the Hispanic vote in his 2012 presidential bid, according to exit polls.

“We can’t ignore demographics as a party,” said Henry Barbour, a Republican strategist in Mississippi who helped write the “autopsy” report after Romney’s loss. “The percentage of our traditional-base white voters goes down every cycle, every four-year cycle, just a little bit more.”

Why is it assumed all immigrants are monolithic and support illegals gaining amnesty? Why do all immigrants not care about security or safety?

Matt Barreto, cofounder of the Hispanic polling firm Latino Decisions, said Republicans should look closely at California, where many Hispanic voters associate the GOP with Proposition 187, a sweeping 1994 ballot measure that cracked down on illegal immigrants’ use of state services.

While passion behind the measure helped Republican Governor Pete Wilson win reelection in California that year, demographic changes have since inflicted severe damage on the party.

“The Republican Party branded itself as the anti-immigrant party just as the Latino vote was poised to double,” said Barreto, whose firm works with many immigration rights groups.

I try to think of myself as someone who BELIEVES in the LAW! 

You know, that stuff I was told through my schools and ma$$ media was so important and what put us above everyone else.

“They may win in ’14 and they may think ‘Oh, this is a successful strategy,’ ” Barreto said. “Looking at the data, we have a hard way figuring out how they’re going to get enough electoral college votes on an anti-immigrant platform in 2016.”

Maybe it won't be the issue then like it hasn't been(?) lately.

At least we know the next Republican nominee is not going to be Mitt Romney -- unless it is some sort of sick joke.


"Massachusetts granted REAL ID extension

Massachusetts residents will no longer find their driver’s licenses rejected from some federal agencies — at least for now. The Department of Homeland Security has granted the state a one-year extension to fulfill requirements for a federal law known as REAL ID. The measure pushes states to verify citizenship and update security standards when they issue licenses. Massachusetts failed to make a July deadline, which left residents unable to use their license to enter certain government buildings. If the state did not comply — or does not get a renewal — residents would eventually lose the ability to use Massachusetts identification to tour the White House or fly on a commercial plane."


I See Guilt All Over This Front-Page Story

A quieter, calmer ‘Lion King’ thrills autistic audience

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Also see: New CDC Whistleblower Video: More Autism Fraud

Maybe you want to take a shot -- unless you are some sort of "conspiracy theorist."

Antonellis Gets the Axe

Globe handed it to the executioner:

"Inspector sees state action as retaliation" by Kay Lazar | Globe Staff   October 15, 2014

A state worker who inspects assisted-living facilities said his bosses placed him on paid administrative leave Tuesday in retaliation for speaking to the Globe and other media about the Patrick administration’s failure to investigate serious incidents at assisted-living centers.

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In more ways than one, and in everything they do.

Peter Antonellis, a compliance officer at the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, said he was handed a letter saying he is being investigated for multiple instances of “potentially inappropriate and unprofessional conduct.” He said he was asked to gather his personal belongings and leave the office.

Antonellis, 64, said that when he asked supervisors what conduct had triggered the action, he was not given details.

“What really makes my blood boil is my colleagues and I have been complaining for the last six years about this program and not once has the department gathered us in a room to address our complaints,” Antonellis said.

A Globe story last month quoted Antonellis about his concerns regarding the agency’s oversight of assisted-living facilities. He said that the office has just two ombudsmen to handle thousands of complaints that pour in each year involving assisted-living residences and that the agency did not have the staff to regulate the apartment-like facilities for older adults.

Antonellis also told the Globe he had repeatedly alerted his superiors that reports of serious incidents at such facilities were languishing for weeks or months at the agency and that no one seemed to be analyzing them for patterns pointing to larger issues.

Two days after that story appeared, state regulators acknowledged during an Assisted Living Advisory Council meeting that they are still working out bugs in a year-old computerized data-collection system.


Deloitte the contractor on that, too?

That system does not yet record the consequence of incidents at the state’s 222 assisted-living residences, nor actions taken by the facilities or state regulators to correct problems.

Antonellis said he intends to hire a lawyer to fight the state’s action.

Patrick administration spokesman Alec Loftus said in a statement that Antonellis “has been placed on paid administrative leave while we investigate a potential health information privacy violation.”

I gue$$ that means getting Galvin involved. To think I once thought he was a good guy.


Also see: Patrick Protects Political Appointees 

This guy violated Rule Number One: no bad news.

Take a Chantix on This Post

Take five, and smoke 'em if you got 'em:

"FDA: little evidence to drop Chantix boxed warning" AP October 15, 2014

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators say Pfizer has provided low-quality evidence to support its request to remove a bold-letter warning from its anti-smoking drug Chantix about suicidal behavior.

The twice-a-day tablet has carried the Food and Drug Administration’s strongest warning label, known as a black box, since 2009 following reports of suicidal tendencies, hostility, and depression among some patients.

(Blog editor puts out cigarette)

But the New York drug maker has asked the FDA to drop the boxed warning, pointing to recent studies and analyses suggesting there is no difference in psychiatric problems between people taking Chantix and those taking other smoking-cessation aids.

The FDA will put the issue to a panel of outside experts on Thursday. But in briefing documents posted online Tuesday, the agency notes that there is little precedent for removing such a warning from a prescription drug.

Further, staff scientists say they have ‘‘concerns about the validity’’ of data submitted by Pfizer, including five company-sponsored studies that measured suicidal tendencies based on a questionnaire. Other large studies conducted by outside groups also provided ‘‘evidence of insufficient quality to either rule in or rule out increased risk of suicide.’’

FDA scientists note that Pfizer was previously required to conduct a large, comprehensive study of psychiatric side effects among patients taking Chantix versus those taking another popular antismoking medication, bupropion. Those results, which are expected to be completed in about a year, should be considered as part of any decision to remove the drug’s black box, the agency reviewers write. Despite that opinion, FDA will ask a panel of psychiatric and drug safety experts to vote on whether to remove the boxed label.


Obama Puts a Hold on Holder Resignation

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The announcement was obviously a political ploy to release the pressure on the Benghazi, the Fast and Furious gun-running to Mexican drug gangs, and IRS investigations to name three prominent examples, and remove them as campaign issues.

"Obama to delay nominating a new AG" by Nedra Pickler | Associated Press   October 15, 2014

WASHINGTON — President Obama does not plan to announce his choice for attorney general before the November elections, shielding the nomination from the midterm election politics while setting up a potential year-end showdown with the lame duck Senate.

Which means the delay will be into the new year because after the Republicans take the Senate that nomination is not going through.

Senate Democrats have asked Obama to wait so controversy doesn’t arise over whether they will support a specific nominee, and the delay gives Obama more time to consider his options.

Politics and the public relations of imagery and illusion now govern this country, and that's a bad thing.

A White House official said Tuesday that the president has not yet decided who he wants to replace Eric Holder, a longtime friend who has led the Justice Department the entire six years Obama has been in office. Obama aides did not begin seriously considering candidates until Holder announced on Sept. 25 that he will resign when his replacement is confirmed.

‘‘I would anticipate that it will take a little bit of time for the work to be done to determine who the right person is for that important task,’’ said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. He called on the Senate to ‘‘act quickly and in bipartisan fashion to confirm’’ once the nomination is made.

The White House is preparing for the prospect of trying to push through a nominee in the year-end congressional session while Democrats still have a 10-seat majority in the Senate. Obama faces the likelihood of an even tougher challenge to win confirmation if he waits until the new Senate is seated next year, since Republicans are expected to pick up seats in the midterm.

No objections from them if he tries this move?

Some Senate Republicans have called on Obama to wait until the new Senate is seated in January to make the nomination. Republicans are promising close scrutiny of Obama’s nominee after waging a series of battles with Holder.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the leading Republican on the Judiciary Committee that will hold hearings on the nominee, said Democrats are trying to ‘‘avoid making clear to the voters of their states where they stand on what could be a controversial choice for attorney general.’’

‘‘This timing shows, once again, that the president and Democrat Senate leaders are willing to play politics with important policy decisions,’’ Grassley said.

Well, your side does it, too, Chuck.

The lame duck timetable covers just seven legislative calendar weeks, not accounting time off for holiday recesses. But the White House has pointed out there is precedent for such a move. The day after the 2006 midterm, President George W. Bush nominated Robert Gates as secretary of defense and he was confirmed in less than a month with bipartisan support.

Great example!

Obama seems to be looking most closely at those who already have served in his administration. Top contenders include Solicitor General Don Verrilli, former White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler, and Labor Secretary Tom Perez, although those involved with the process say other candidates haven’t been ruled out. 

I guess Preet is out of the running as they really shop Perez.

Verrilli is Obama’s Supreme Court lawyer who successfully defended his health care law from a constitutional challenge two years ago. Republicans already are signaling that Verrilli’s light experience on national security would be an issue they will raise at a time when the United States is battling a violent terrorist threat overseas.

Perez has a personal story that’s the tale of the American Dream, rising to the Cabinet from humble beginnings as a child of Dominican immigrants and one-time trash collector.

A dream that is now dead and nothing more than mythical propaganda for the masses.

In Obama’s first term, he led the Justice Department’s civil rights division and won praise from Democrats for aggressive enforcement of voting rights and other laws. But Perez also lacks foreign policy credentials and his nomination to Labor was divisive, with approval on a 54-46 party-line vote.

Ruemmler would bring broad experience and a close relationship with Obama after serving three years as his lead counsel and a member of his national security team. But she also would certainly face tough GOP inspection for her handling of White House controversies involving the IRS, Benghazi, and the investigation of a White House volunteer in a prostitution scandal.

What was that last one, and why no name?

Related: Obama Administration controls press-pool reports, determining what information journalists are allowed to share

Well, we already knew that

And you wonder why I'm not really reading this shit anymore? 

What sex procurement ring is being run for the White House, and what sick stuff is going on behind those walls?


Also seeUS sets new policy on ineffective lawyer claims

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Losing their grip.