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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

"Pandemic Madness: The State’s Plan Rests on the Destruction of the Human Spirit" by , July 6, 2020

We now live in a world where the entirety of all the ideas and learning that has sustained and guided us as humans for the past 200,000 years is being destroyed. Modern civilization as we know it has been around for about 6,000 years, but during these current times, the governing forces are intent on the destruction of all that has been, and all that has been gained throughout history concerning humanity and morality. In order to gain control of current and future generations, all truths of the past must be altered or eliminated, so that the only “knowledge” allowed is that which has been artificially created in the present. This is necessary in order to bring about a new paradigm of collective sameness and non-human existence, a world governed by the few claimed “elitists” at the top of the power pyramid. This will require a loss of emotion, sympathy, individuality, intellect, and spirituality. There is a distinct advantage for those that seek to gain power and control to eliminate or alter any real knowledge of our history, so that future generations have access only to information allowed by the ruling element of society. With the loss of our history and heritage comes the loss of any freethinking people.

There will be no separation of church and state, no separation of governments, no separation of national borders because all borders will become localized, and no unity of family, friends, and neighbors; in other words, no community. There will be only the ruling class and the proletariat or lower class. Dissenters will be shunned, locked out of services, marginalized, imprisoned, or eliminated. This is what the future will look like in this global dystopia currently being created in plain sight. Even Pope Francis is on board, and promulgating this agenda, as is evident in his July prayer message:

“Let us pray that today’s families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance, and especially, that they may be protected by the State.”

The State is the new God, it is the entity to be respected by all, it is the guiding light for mankind, it is to be the sole protector of life and family, it is to be prayed to, it is to be loved, and it is to be obeyed. This is the new world order; this is the new religion of humanity; this is the new global church of mankind.

What is happening today is no accident, it is not due to any natural virus pandemic, and there is no global Covid health crisis. All of this response has been purposely staged, and the reaction by the masses was anticipated long in advance, and that is the pathetic truth of this global agenda-driven madness. Once the switch was flipped, the majority acquiesced to the high command, and submitted to the grand master called government. The timing of the state’s takeover of this country was absolutely brilliant, as the bulk of the American populace had been dumbed down and made dependent to the point of being little more than an impotent herd of domesticated human livestock ready for slaughter.

At this stage of the game, many will be summarily eliminated, especially the old, sick, mentally inferior, poor, and weak among us. This will be accomplished through mass vaccination of poison, of fear of continuous false threats of disease, of isolation, of mandated mask wearing and distancing rules, of despair and suicide, of economic devastation, of the elimination of common and vital communication and closeness of family and friends, and from the loss of all hope. Spontaneity and the natural love of life have been lost by most, and this is a death knell to the sanctity of our very existence. This is what the monsters that created this fraudulent crisis have brought to bear on the people of this country, and without mass resistance now, our future will be one of servitude.

Many are currently participating in a mock celebration of independence and freedom while much of the country is under orders to self imprison, wear masks, close their businesses, distance from one another, and comply with every order handed down by a corrupt and tyrannical government. This is the epitome of useless contradiction, and is an embarrassment to any that understand the concept of what it means to be truly free. Fireworks and flag-waving have nothing to do with real freedom, but the false belief that freedom exists where it does not exposes only the truth expressed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe when he said “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”  There is no freedom left in this country as it stands today.

We are in the midst of an attempt by the oligarchs to eliminate the human spirit, and if this attempt is successful, the singular majesty of the human experience will have been abolished, and only a technocratic black hole of emptiness and despair will remain. This is the essence of a failed society brought about by the destruction of human intellect by state education, mass propaganda, and the planned control of individuals through physical and psychological manipulation due to fear.

“It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. But in his day this was an unattainable ideal: what he regarded as the best system in existence produced Karl Marx. In future such failures are not likely to occur where there is dictatorship. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.” Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society (1952) Ch. 3: Scientific Technique in an Oligarchy

It is important to understand that the American public has accepted almost all of this tyranny voluntarily, and because of that fact, the untenable situation we find ourselves in today can still be reversed. This is the light at the end of the tunnel that is still within our reach. There is a huge difference in voluntary acceptance of rule and rule by force of arms. Once state rule advances to the stage of aggressive force, it becomes much more difficult to alter the course of events, and instead of light at the end of the tunnel, only darkness will remain.



The following video discusses the "Great Reset" and the Coming Darkness [Second Wave]:

The above video is a "must viewing," and one gives credit where credit is due as well as issuing a thank you (did you notice the damn body language?).

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A Golden Moment

“We’re living through an amazing global social experiment that is forcing governments, businesses, and consumers to rethink their operating models and norms for social interactions. We have a world in which there is less contact. People’s habits are changing as we speak.”

They LITERALLY think of us as LAB RATS as the coronavirus scare is nothing but a mass social experiment that is to result in a great global re$et that benefits a $elect few, and here is one component among many:

"Our cash-free future is getting closer" by Liz Alderman New York Times, July 6, 2020

You $aw it, right?

PARIS — On a typical Sunday, patrons at Julien Cornu’s cheese shop used to load up on Camembert and chèvre for the week, with about half the customers digging into their pockets for euro notes and coins, but in the era of the coronavirus, cash is no longer à la mode at La Fromagerie, as social distancing requirements and concerns over hygiene prompt nearly everyone who walks through his door to pay with plastic.

While cash is still accepted, even older shoppers — his toughest clientele when it comes to adopting digital habits — are voluntarily making the switch.

Cash was already being edged out in many countries as urban consumers paid increasingly with apps and cards for even the smallest purchases, but the coronavirus is accelerating a shift toward a cashless future, raising new calculations for merchants and enriching the digital payments industry.

The virus is, at bottom, accelerating a lot of agendas that should have nothing to do with it and who benefits?

Fears over transmission of the disease have compelled consumers to rethink how they shop and pay. Retailers and restaurants are favoring clicks over cash to reduce exposure for employees. China’s central bank sterilized bank notes in regions affected by the virus, and governments from India to Kenya to Sweden, as well as the United Nations, are promoting cashless payments in the name of public health.

It is IRRATIONAL and UNJUSTIFIED FEAR peddling by a lying pre$$ and governmental authority the world over. God help us.

“Time to swap your coins for payment cards — safer for containing coronavirus,” Valdis Dombrovskis, the European Commission vice president for financial services, wrote on Twitter as Europe imposed quarantines.

Cash is certainly not dead. Before the pandemic, bills and coins were used for 80 percent of the transactions in Europe, and there are few signs that the pandemic is about to wipe it out, yet for a growing number of people sensitized by COVID-19 quarantines, cash is a fading routine.

Then I will clutch mine tightly.

“We’re living through an amazing global social experiment that is forcing governments, businesses, and consumers to rethink their operating models and norms for social interactions,” said Morten Jorgensen, director of RBR, based in London, a consulting firm specializing in banking technology, cards, and payments.

“We have a world in which there is less contact,” he said. “People’s habits are changing as we speak.”

Well, now you know who said it, and the next paragraph tells you why this post carries the title it does.

Those dynamics are creating a golden moment for credit card companies, banks, and digital platforms, which are capitalizing on the crisis to advance the cashless revolution by encouraging consumers and retailers to use cards and smartphone apps that yield lucrative fees.


Payment and processing companies such as PayPal (whose stock is up about 55 percent this year) and Adyen, based in the Netherlands (up 72 percent), also stand to gain. So do data analytics and fraud prevention companies, and businesses that enable merchants to accept card payments.

Who founded and owns PayPal anyway?

Propelling the trend is a surge in online shopping as homebound consumers turn to digital tools for basic items. In the United States, 40 million customers went online for groceries in April. In Italy, where cash is king, the volume of e-commerce transactions has surged more than 80 percent, according to McKinsey & Co.

I keep saying they want us all locked in our homes, and there it is again.

The Guard will drop off your gruel, no complaints!

Credit card issuers are keeping the momentum rolling by working with banks and governments to lift ceilings on contactless payments that allow shoppers to avoid touching a keypad.


Card companies do not divulge fee earnings, but Jorgensen at RBR said issuers were probably raking in a handsome profit.

Probably a hand$ome profit, hmmm?

Now time to get your hands dirty!

There is no medical evidence that cash transmits the virus. Nonetheless, “perceptions that cash could spread pathogens may change payment behavior by users and firms,” the Bank for International Settlements said in a recent study on the effect of COVID-19 on cash use.

Yes, "in spite of" the FACT, let the illusion and imagery of PERCEPTION dictate how you pay so CERTAIN $ELF-INTERE$TS can BENEFIT while HOOKING YOU UP to the TOTAL CONTROL GRID! 


Come to think of it, why isn't antifa burning money instead of stores and buildings and toppling statues?

Authorities that manage the world’s currencies say the dangers of going fully cashless are rife. In tech-forward Sweden, cash has been disappearing so fast that parliament and the central bank asked commercial banks to keep bills and coins circulating while they figure out what a cash-free future would mean.

Gotta boil the frog before collecting more coin!

Consumer groups warn that vulnerable people risk being marginalized.

Like they care about us te$t $ubjects!

Many low-income earners and retirees, as well as some immigrants and people with disabilities, have little or no access to electronic payments and are increasingly shut out as banks cut back on ATMs and customer service.

The COVID vaccine will take care of those useless eaters.

Central banks are looking at whether electronic currencies can replace physical cash. The Swedish Riksbank is testing a pilot version of a digital krona, or e-krona, that could keep the functions of a currency backed by the state.

That means you, sucker, 'er, taxpayers, and what banks want, banks get!

“In certain economies, there is still a role for cash, because it continues to provide a benefit and a utility,” said John Velissarios of Accenture, which is helping to manage the Riksbank’s test. “That’s where the concept of things like digital central bank money is interesting.”

Did you know that Accenture is an arm of the defense intelligence community with links to DARPA?

While virtual euros and dollars are still a ways off, the shift in attitudes toward real cash brought on by the pandemic is unlikely to be reversed.

“Cash is not going to disappear,” Jorgensen said, “but it will continue to decline, and COVID is accelerating that trend.”

A lot of "trends" being accelerated these days!



"Uber has widened its reach in the fiercely competitive delivery market by acquiring Postmates in a $2.65 billion all-stock deal, the company said Monday. The acquisition enables the ride-hailing giant to increase its delivery offerings at a time when the global pandemic has suppressed customers’ desire for rides while boosting home delivery needs. While Uber’s meal delivery business, Uber Eats, has mostly focused on restaurants, Postmates delivers a wider array of goods including groceries, pharmacy items, alcoholic drinks, and party supplies. “The vision for us is to become an everyday service,” said Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, in a conference call with investors Monday....."

For as long as the food lasts, or are we to be plowed under by then?

Phone call for you:

"The US Supreme Court has upheld the federal ban on robocalls to mobile phones, rejecting a bid to topple the law on free speech grounds. As part of the splintered ruling, the court broadened the 1991 measure, tossing out a 2015 exception for calls made to collect debts owed to the federal government. The ruling is a defeat for political groups that had sought a new avenue for campaign activity in the months leading up to the November election. The challengers, which included the Oregon Democratic Party and Washington State Democratic Central Committee, sought to overturn the entire robocall ban, but writing the court’s lead opinion, Justice Brett Kavanaugh said the court could strip out the government exception without tossing the ban in its entirety. “Constitutional litigation is not a game of gotcha against Congress, where litigants can ride a discrete constitutional flaw in a statute to take down the whole, otherwise constitutional statute,” Kavanaugh wrote for himself, Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justice Samuel Alito. The ruling upholds the decision of a federal appeals court. President Trump’s administration defended the ban, along with the government exception....."

The calls still come through, but complainers are simply being ungrateful:

"Big Tech saved the day. We still don’t trust them" by Hiawatha Bray Globe Staff, July 6, 2020

Later this month, the chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google will pay a visit to Washington. They won’t be getting medals, though they might deserve them. Instead, they will be grilled by members of the House Judiciary Committee who think their companies are a public menace.

That’s gratitude for you.

Try to imagine the COVID-19 shutdown without smartphones and social media, streaming video, virtual meetings, and online shopping. By enabling millions of us to work from home, US tech titans have helped rescue our crippled economy from total collapse, but these companies still possess massive and almost unregulated power. They control vast stores of sensitive data about billions of people, and can use it however they wish. They’re capable of smothering or swallowing competitors, censoring unwelcome viewpoints — perhaps even turning the tide of an election, and so, despite all of the good these companies have done, few people trust them.

Or you, sir.

They haven't saved us from anything. Main Street has been and is being destroyed and our saviors are the ones profiting mightily off it.

He's Braying di$ingenuou$ne$$.

There’s something to be said for an antitrust crackdown, but other proposed changes could have ugly consequences. For instance, there is one plan that could undermine the security of our private data in the name of law and order. Another would fight the tech companies’ perceived left-wing bias by gutting the 1996 law that protects free online speech for everybody.

Hasn't he been reading his own paper, or is he also in a COVID bubble?

The Justice Department, the Federal Trade Commission, and a horde of state attorneys general are conducting multiple antitrust investigations targeting Google and Facebook. A lawsuit might be filed against Google this summer, according to The New York Times. Dozens of states, including Massachusetts, have launched their own joint investigation of Google’s business practices. Apple is coming under Justice Department scrutiny for the way it runs its lucrative App Store, and some US states are investigating Amazon for its treatment of independent retailers that sell through Amazon’s online marketplace, and that’s just in the United States. The European Union’s antitrust authorities are expected to sue Amazon for anti-competitive practices in the coming months. The EU has also launched an investigation into the way Apple runs its App Store, but crafting effective remedies won’t be easy. You can’t break up a Google or a Facebook; their sheer size is what makes them so useful. You could force them to spin off their giant auxiliaries, such as Google’s YouTube business or Facebook’s WhatsApp mesaging service, but then you’ve just got four tech giants instead of two.

As for Amazon and Apple, maybe they do abuse their market power, but neither company is a true monopoly. Apple holds about 45 percent of the US smartphone market, while Amazon gets just 5.9 percent of all US retail dollars (as of last year). So by traditional antitrust standards, they may be untouchable.

That was all pre-COVID, bozo.

Indeed, some in Congress think the United States will need new laws specifically designed to rein in the technology companies, and last week, the EU said it’s starting to draft new regulations, but enacting laws won’t happen overnight, and even if the companies are sued under existing law, antitrust suits rarely end quickly. The Microsoft case from the early 2000s, for instance, scraped along for five years. So any benefit for consumers is a long way off.

Oh, he glosses over the ruthless Bill Gates case in which Gates basically proprietorized software code that was open to all, which led to his billions that now control world health policy.

Antitrust action isn’t Big Tech’s only worry. A lot of powerful people want to set tougher limits on what can be said online. There’s an aggressive private-sector campaign to force social media companies to clamp down on false information and hateful speech. Hundreds of companies, including giants like Coca-Cola, Ford, and Honda, have stopped buying ads on various social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but attempts to limit speech are always scarier when government’s doing it.....

If they want to shut you up they will have to EARN IT with a PACT ACT!



"Stocks rallied worldwide on Monday as investors bet that the economy can continue its dramatic turnaround despite all the challenges ahead. Stocks of the biggest companies once again led the way, and strength for Apple, Amazon, and other tech-oriented titans helped lift the Nasdaq Composite to a record high. Investors are focusing more on recent improvements in the economy and all the stimulus that central banks and governments are supplying than on how much pain still remains. Investors are also continuing to sidestep the mounting number of known coronavirus infections, at least for now. “The economic damage isn’t going to be as dire and severe as was initially predicted,” said Peter Essele, head of portfolio management for Commonwealth Financial Network. “That helps explain the rebound.”

Amazon's was through the roof:

"Amazon.com rallied again Monday, with its stock extending a recent advance into record territory and topping $3,000 for the first time. The shares ended the day up 5.8 percent at 3,057.04 for their fourth straight daily gain. The stock has climbed about 80 percent since a March low, resulting in a market capitalization of $1.5 trillion. Amazon has seen accelerating demand for its e-commerce and cloud-computing services during the pandemic, which has closed brick-and-mortar rivals and led more people to work remotely. Many analysts expect these trends to outlast the pandemic. Amazon remains a consensus favorite on Wall Street. Only one firm tracked by Bloomberg recommends selling the stock, compared with the 52 that advocate buying it. Four have the equivalent of a hold rating."

There is that word again, and COVID is enriching Bezos beyond his wildest dreams after he dumped his stock so why aren't they protesting that? They muzzled?

"Facebook will temporarily stop processing Hong Kong government requests for user data as the company reviews a sweeping national security law that has chilled political expression in the city....."

We are looking more like China every day!

"Activity in the US services sector rebounded strongly last month, but those gains are now being threatened by the resurgence of coronavirus cases in many parts of the country. The reading for the services index was better than expected — but amid concerns about what rising virus cases could do to efforts by restaurants, bars, and other businesses to stay open....."

They are closing those down as I type and "the worry is that if the pandemic keeps worsening, with hot spots stretching across the US South and West, it could scare shoppers and businesses away from spending. The worst-case scenario for markets is that governments resume lockdowns implemented during the spring and choke off the budding economic recovery. Either way, many economists expect the global economy to take years before returning to its output from before the pandemic. The huge spending efforts to resuscitate the economy could also lead to a reckoning in the future. “We have now mortgaged our entire future to try and withstand this downturn,” Essele said. At some point, the buildup in debt for the US government could lead to higher taxes and interest rates, but markets generally see that as a potential problem for another dayFor now, the trend is still upwardA report released Monday morning showed that US services industries snapped back to growth in June. The results were much stronger than economists expected. They also followed reports from last week that showed US employers added more workers than they cut for the second straight month and that US manufacturing returned to growth in June. Big tech-oriented companies also continued their dominance amid expectations their growth can roll on almost regardless of the economy’s performance. Apple gained 2.7 percent, Microsoft rose 2.2 percent, and Amazon climbed 5.8 percent to top $3,000 per share. The immense size of these companies also gives their stocks’ movements much larger sway over market indexes. Some dealmaking also helped to lift markets. Berkshire Hathaway, led by famed bargain hunter Warren Buffett, has agreed to buy Dominion Energy’s operations for moving and storing natural gas. Berkshire Hathaway, which has a reputation for waiting until prices reach attractive lows before pouncing, will pay roughly $4 billion in cash under the deal, as well as assume $5.7 billion in debt. Berkshire Hathaway’s Class B shares rose 2.2 percent. Dominion Energy fell 11 percent. While announcing the sale, it also said that it and Duke Energy were canceling a controversial $8 billion natural-gas pipeline project. Uber rose 6 percent after it said it will buy food-delivery business Postmates for $2.65 billion in stock. The deal would fold Postmates in with Uber’s Uber Eats unit....."

That's where I was dropped off, and the number$ are mind-numbing as the American people suffer. Everyone knows it is a rigged market that is effectively dead and will enrich only a few. That's another component of this diabolical plan.

"COVID-19 has upended the economy, but biotechs with promising medical treatments are still attracting venture capital. Take Vor Biopharma. The Cambridge startup cofounded by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, the oncologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, said Tuesday it has raised $110 million in new funding that it hopes to use to start clinical trials of a new approach to treating acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. The company raised $42 million in February of last year. “The pandemic certainly provided a set of challenges, and it’s unusual to raise money when you cannot shake hands with investors . . . before parting with their hard-earned funds,” said Dr. Robert Ang, Vor’s chief executive. That Vor raised as much as it did, he said, “is testament to the novelty of our science and the quality of the company.”

Plenty of money out there if you are servicing the Great Global Reset and coming techno-bio Borg dystopia. At least you know where some of the printed trillions are going.

Now back to the dead economy and who will suffer most from it:

"Data released Monday by the Trump administration showed that businesses in big states like California and Texas received the most in loans from the government’s small business relief program, with health care, professional services, and construction among the sectors that have tapped the largest amount of funding....."

No names?

"Forty lobbyists with ties to President Donald Trump helped clients secure more than $10 billion in federal coronavirus aid, among them five former administration officials whose work potentially violates Trump's own ethics policy, according to a report. The lobbyists identified Monday by the watchdog group Public Citizen either worked in the Trump executive branch, served on his campaign, were part of the committee that raised money for inaugural festivities or were part of his presidential transition. Many are donors to Trump’s campaigns, and some are prolific fundraisers for his reelection. While the money is intended as a lifeline to a nation whose economy has been upended by the pandemic, it also jump-started a familiar lobbying bonanza. “The swamp is alive and well in Washington, D.C.,” said Mike Tanglis, one of the report’s authors....."

So that is the stench that is coming from my Bo$ton Globe!

Time to count the electors:

"States may curb ‘faithless electors,’ Supreme Court rules" by Adam Liptak New York Times, July 7, 2020

WASHINGTON — States can require members of the Electoral College to cast their votes for the presidential candidates they had pledged to support, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday, curbing the independence of electors and limiting one potential source of uncertainty in the 2020 presidential election.

Election law scholars welcomed the ruling.

“The court’s decision strikes a blow for legal and political stability and sanity,” said Richard H. Pildes, a law professor at New York University. “Every American understands themselves to be voting for the persons running for president, not for members of the Electoral College, and it is now clear that states can enforce that understanding.”

Members of the Electoral College cast the actual votes for president four weeks after Election Day. Among the states and the District of Columbia that have laws requiring electors to vote as they had promised, 15 states back up their requirements by either removing rogue electors or subjecting them to financial penalties.

Since the Constitution gives states the power to appoint electors, Justice Elena Kagan wrote for seven members of the court that power allows them to impose conditions on their appointment.

Recent court decisions had come to opposite conclusions about whether electors may disregard their pledges.

Last year, the Washington state Supreme Court upheld fines of $1,000 on three Democratic electors who had cast their electoral votes in 2016 for Colin Powell rather than for Hillary Clinton.

Kagan explained the electors’ thinking.

“The three hoped they could encourage other electors — particularly those from states Donald Trump had carried — to follow their example,” she wrote. “The idea was to deprive him of a majority of electoral votes and throw the election into the House of Representatives.”

The effort failed. “Only seven electors across the nation cast faithless votes — the most in a century, but well short of the goal,” Kagan wrote. “Candidate Trump became President Trump.”

On election night in 2016, the electoral vote was expected to be 306 for Donald Trump and 232 for Clinton. In the end, though, it was 304-227.....


For some reason, the Globe is happy with the ruling (fix already in?), and just be careful flying, Mr. President.

Also see:

Governor joined Trump after contact with carrier of virus

Trudeau turns down White House invitation amid pandemic


I don't want his blackface in the White House.

Three questions surround Trump’s N.H. rally this Saturday

Will it be a superspreader (pfffft), why won't he act to protect American troops (as the pre$$ tortures the President of the United States), and what exactly is he gleaning from his favorite news source other than great advice?

"A Kansas county Republican Party chairman who owns a weekly newspaper apologized for a cartoon posted on the paper’s Facebook page that equated the Democratic governor’s coronavirus-inspired order for people to wear masks in public with the mass murder of Jews by Nazis during the Holocaust. Dane Hicks, owner and publisher of The Anderson County Review, said on Facebook that he was removing the cartoon after “some heartfelt and educational conversations with Jewish leaders in the U.S. and abroad.” The cartoon, posted Friday, drew dozens of critical responses and global attention. A blog post by Hicks on Saturday defending it also drew critical responses. Hicks is the GOP chairman for Anderson County in eastern Kansas. The state party chairman deemed the cartoon “inappropriate.” Governor Laura Kelly called for it to be removed, and she and others called it anti-Semitic."

Oh, man, Big Joo put the arm to him and he caved!

That's the kind of environment Trump is having to campaign in for reelection:

"Climate activists doubted Joe Biden. Can he win them over?" by Lisa Friedmanand Katie Glueck New York Times, July 6, 2020

WASHINGTON — From the earliest days of his presidential campaign, progressive climate advocates viewed Joe Biden with deep skepticism. He declined to fully endorse the Green New Deal. He opposed a total ban on fracking. Young activists were scathing in their criticism of him, and he was at times openly dismissive of their concerns, but now, less than four months before Election Day, Biden is moving urgently to unite and energize the Democratic Party around his candidacy, aware of the need to engage younger, more liberal voters — and to ensure that they turn out in November. On climate issues, there are signs that Biden’s allies and some of the party’s leading progressives have quietly started to forge new common ground.

Even if they don't we will told they did.

In recent weeks, supporters of Biden and of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, his chief rival in the Democratic presidential primary race, have met privately over Zoom, part of several joint task forces that the two established to generate policy recommendations on core domestic priorities and to facilitate party unity. After two months of those conversations, task force members representing both camps say they have finalized a set of ambitious, near-term climate targets that they hope Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, will incorporate in his platform.

The Green New Deal is basically a component of the WEF's global reset, and it's effect will be total state control a la Communism. Will kill travel, etc, except for the overlord cla$$.

“I do believe we were able to make meaningful progress,” Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, who headed the climate panel with former secretary of state John Kerry, said last week. Representative Donald McEachin of Virginia, a Biden ally who was also on the task force, called it a “collaborative process” that developed wide-ranging policies.

Still, Ocasio-Cortez, who has clashed with Biden over his approach to combating climate change, struck a note of caution. “Now, what he does with those recommendations, ultimately, is up to him,” she said, “and we will see what that commitment looks like.”

Where else they going to got, right?

They blindly hate and despise the other guy.

Those goals, according to three people familiar with the task force’s decisions, include committing to seeing the United States’ electricity sector powered fully by renewable energy by 2035 and a rapid transition to energy-efficient buildings. They also seek a day one promise to begin developing new vehicle efficiency standards — and to include labor unions in the talks — to replace and improve upon the Obama administration measures that President Trump has weakened.

You can't run any industry or even technological firm -- what do you think powers your computer, and do you know how much energy it takes? -- and you sure as hell can't power a war machine on renewables.

The group, which convened amid economic collapse during the coronavirus pandemic and protests against racism and police brutality, was especially attuned to linking the climate crisis to jobs as well as to the struggle to help low-income communities that already face outsize health consequences from pollution, members said.

I have only one word for you: Flint.

Biden, the former vice president, last year proposed a $1.7 trillion plan aimed at achieving 100% clean energy and eliminating the country’s net carbon emissions by 2050, but how he responds to the task force’s recommendations — and whether progressives in the group walk away feeling heard — will test his campaign’s ability to navigate an issue of great importance to ascendant forces in the Democratic Party.

He might just stink up the room, huh?



Dakota Access Pipeline to shut down pending review, federal judge rules

Bu$ine$$ then went and opened its mouth:

"A judge on Monday ordered the Dakota Access pipeline shut down for additional environmental review more than three years after it began pumping oil — a victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and a blow to President Trump’s efforts to weaken health and environmental protections he views as obstacles to businesses. US District Judge James Boasberg in Washington, D.C., wrote that he was “mindful of the disruption’’ but the pipeline must be shut down within 30 days. Energy Transfer Partners, the owner, plans to seek an expedited appeal, a spokeswoman said. Boasberg said in April that a more extensive review was necessary than what the Army Corps of Engineers had conducted. “Given the seriousness of the Corps’ NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act] error, the impossibility of a simple fix, the fact that Dakota Access did assume much of its economic risk knowingly, and the potential harm each day the pipeline operates, the Court is forced to conclude that the flow of oil must cease,” he said Monday. The pipeline was the subject of months of protests in 2016 and 2017, sometimes violent, during its construction near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on the North Dakota-South Dakota border. The $3.8 billion, 1,172-mile pipeline crosses beneath the Missouri River just north of the reservation."

How will the planes fly?

"El Al, crippled by the pandemic, has reached a bailout deal with the Israeli government that could lead to the airline’s nationalization. Since the coronavirus outbreak, El Al has suspended passenger flights indefinitely and carried out scores of layoffs. The company will receive loans of $250 million, most of which will be guaranteed by the state. It’s expected to raise an additional $150 million by selling shares that, if they aren’t sold entirely to the public, will be bought by the state. The agreement awaits a parliamentary committee’s approval. The company was previously state-owned until it was privatized more than 15 years ago. It has struggled over the years, including with the arrival in Israel of international low-cost carriers."

The Zionist cavalry is not coming over the hill to save us from Gates and Co.

Better make a swim for it:

"Two of the world’s largest cruise operators insist their ships are no more vulnerable to the spread of the coronavirus than other public places. The cruise industry has long rejected the idea that ships’ close quarters are disease-prone. Major players still maintain that position, though there have been more than 3,000 COVID-19 cases and dozens of deaths associated with ships, according to the Cruise Lines International Association. Top executives at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and Royal Caribbean Cruises were asked Sunday to acknowledge that people are more likely to get coronavirus on a cruise ship. “No, I don’t believe [that],” said Frank Del Rio, Norwegian’s CEO, adding that “because it is a controlled environment” a ship can be “among the safest places on Earth.” The CEOs said they have formed a partnership on health protocols, the Healthy Sail Panel, led by former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb and former Health and Human Services secretary Mike Leavitt. The Miami Herald has identified 3,644 coronavirus cases associated with cruise ships. A New York Times report, which used CDC data, said the numbers are far higher."

Then he is a COVID-denier!

Only one mode of transport left:

"When it comes to rugged vehicles that go off-road, over rocks, and into the mud, Jeep for years has cornered the US market, but Ford is reviving the Bronco brand in an effort to take a slice. It may not be easy for a brand known as O.J. Simpson’s ride in a 1994 low-speed chase by Los Angeles police, who wanted him on murder charges. Ford believes the Bronco name will evoke good memories from its off-road heritage during a three-decade run that ended in 1996. At its introduction in 1965, Ford called the Bronco a new line of sport utility vehicles....."

Who remembers him now, huh, ladies?

COVID-19 Conundrum

It regards the $cience of protest and the conscience of the $cienti$ts:

"Are protests unsafe? What specialists say may depend on who’s protesting what" by Michael Powell New York Times, July 6, 2020

That's what has put the fraud to this. It's a conundrum for the pre$$ and those who are behind the Great Re$et, etc.

As the pandemic took hold, most epidemiologists have had clear proscriptions in fighting it: No students in classrooms, no in-person religious services, no visits to sick relatives in hospitals, no large public gatherings.

So when conservative anti-lockdown protesters gathered on state capitol steps in places like Columbus, Ohio, and Lansing, Mich., in April and May, epidemiologists scolded them and forecast surging infections. When Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia relaxed restrictions on businesses in late April as testing lagged and infections rose, the talk in public health circles was of that state’s embrace of human sacrifice, and then the brutal killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis on May 25 changed everything.

Pardon me for saying so, but that should have nothing to do with the "science." 

I mean, the pre$$ and authorities have driven $cience as the unquestioned God of our time. It doesn't "change" with social or political events.

Soon the streets nationwide were full of tens of thousands of people in a mass protest movement that continues to this day, with demonstrations and the toppling of statues, and rather than decrying mass gatherings, more than 1,300 public health officials signed a May 30 letter of support, and many joined the protests.

(Blog editor throws hands up! So much for the impartiality of the $cienti$ts)

That reaction, and the contrast with the epidemiologists’ earlier fervent support for the lockdown, gave rise to an uncomfortable question: Was public health advice in a pandemic dependent on whether people approved of the mass gathering in question? To many, the answer seemed to be “yes.”

“The way the public health narrative around coronavirus has reversed itself overnight seems an awful lot like . . . politicizing science,” essayist and journalist Thomas Chatterton Williams wrote in The Guardian last month. “What are we to make of such whiplash-inducing messaging?”

I know what I make of it, and we are approaching Soviet Union territory when it comes to the $cienti$ts.

Of course, there are differences: A distinct majority of Floyd protesters wore masks in many cities, even if they often crowded too close together. By contrast, many anti-lockdown protesters refused to wear masks — and their rallying cry ran directly contrary to public health officials’ instructions, and in practical terms, no team of epidemiologists could have stopped the waves of impassioned protesters, any more than they could have blocked the anti-lockdown protests.

I'm sick of the lecturing hypocrites known as public health officials, how about you?

Still, the divergence in their own reactions left some of the country’s prominent epidemiologists wrestling with deeper questions of morality, responsibility, and risk.

Yeah, still! 

The hypocrisy is so blatant the Times is twisting itself into knots here. 


Some public health scientists publicly waved off the conflicted feelings of their colleagues, saying the country now confronts a stark moral choice. The letter signed by more than 1,300 epidemiologists and health workers urged Americans to adopt a “consciously anti-racist” stance and framed the difference between the anti-lockdown demonstrators and the protesters in moral, ideological, and racial terms. Those who protested stay-at-home orders were “rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black lives” the letter stated.


The "public health scientists" with no conscience are painting people who care about freedom and liberty with the broad brush of supremacy and racism -- very rich coming from a supremacist Joo paper -- while endorsing the society-destroying, Marxist-Communist subversives tearing down statues and erasing our past.

By contrast, it said, those protesting systemic racism “must be supported.”

“As public health advocates,” they stated, “we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health.”

They just completely discredited themselves without an ounce of embarrassment.

They are the racists!

There is as of yet no firm evidence that protests against police violence led to noticeable spikes in infection rates. A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found no overall rise in infections, but could not rule out that infections might have risen in the age demographic of the protesters. Health officials in Houston and Los Angeles have suggested the demonstrations there led to increased infections, but they have not provided data. In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio has instructed contact tracers not to ask if infected people attended protests.

What more is there to really say?

Yes, we have no data. We have no data, we have no data, we have no data today!

The 10 epidemiologists interviewed for this story said near-daily marches and rallies are nearly certain to result in some transmission. Police use of tear gas and pepper spray, and crowding protesters into police vans and buses, puts people further at risk.

“In all likelihood, some infections occurred at the protests; the question is how much,” said Mark Lurie, a professor of epidemiology at Brown University. “No major new evidence has emerged that suggests the protests were superspreader events.”

Mary Travis Bassett, who is Black, served as the New York City health commissioner and now directs the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University. She noted that even before COVID-19, Blacks were sicker and died more than two years earlier, on average, than white Americans, and she noted, police violence has long cast a deep shadow over Blacks. From the auction block to plantations to centuries of lynchings carried out with the complicity of local law enforcement, Blacks have suffered the devastating effects of state power.

It's 2020, dammit. 

That isn't happening now, except by way of pre$$, and before the controlled collapse Blacks were doing better than they ever have. Then there were/are all the affirmative action set-asides and quota-filling the last 50 years since civil rights, etc. 

Of course, local Democratic leaders are in now way to blame at all!

She acknowledged that the current protests are freighted with moral complications, not least the possibility that a young person marching for justice might come home and inadvertently infect a mother, aunt, or grandparent, but she said the opportunity to achieve a breakthrough transcends such worries.

“Racism has been killing people a lot longer than COVID-19,” she said.....


Other stuff has, too, like WARS based on LIES! 

Somehow those MILLIONS of BLACK and BROWN LIVES have not and do not matter to the "movement," nor does any of the black-on-black crime.



"Hospitals rapidly approached capacity across the Sun Belt Monday and Miami-area restaurants and gyms were closed again as coronavirus infections surged while the country emerged from a Fourth of July weekend of picnics, pool parties, and beach outings that health officials fear could fuel the outbreak. The seesaw effect — restrictions lifted, then reimposed — has been seen around the country in recent weeks and is expected again after a holiday that saw many people celebrating without masks. Confirmed cases are on the rise in 41 out of 50 states plus the District of Columbia, and the percentage of tests coming back positive for the virus is increasing in 39 states. Florida, which recorded 11,400 new cases Saturday, a daily record, has seen its positive test rate reach more than 18 percent. It has been hit especially hard, along with other Sun Belt states such as Arizona, California, and Texas. In Miami-Dade County, population 2.7 million, Mayor Carlos Gimenez ordered the closing of restaurants and certain other indoor places, including vacation rentals, seven weeks after they were allowed to reopen. Beaches will reopen Tuesday after being closed over the weekend, “but if we see crowding and people not following the public health rules, I will be forced to close the beaches again,” he warned. Hospitalizations across the state have been ticking upward....."

Honestly, it reaches the point of ridiculousness as I flip through the pages of the Globe.

"New numbers on the global AIDS epidemic show some big successes, such as fewer deaths and new infections, but there are some tragic failures: Only half the children with HIV, the virus that causes the disease, are getting treatment. “We are making great progress against the HIV epidemic . . . but the bad, bad news is that kids are lagging behind,” said Dr. Shannon Hader, deputy executive director of UNAIDS. The United Nations agency reported last year’s numbers Monday at an international conference. Progress against HIV also is being hurt by another infectious disease: the new coronavirus....."

Yeah, one of the silver linings of this whole $camdemic is the plummeting vaccination rates of the kids. The genocidal mon$ters like Gates thought we would running into their arms, not avoiding them at all costs.

Wouldn't you know the Globe would opine that returning to work doesn’t make sense, or so says Amy K. Glasmeier, a professor of economic geography and regional planning in the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning; Thomas C. Goff, a senior associate at Mass Economics; and Zack Avre, a graduate student at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, as we enter the Phase 3 Torture before a “tsunami of infections this fall.”

"Massachusetts reports 15 deaths, 157 new confirmed coronavirus cases" by Jeremy C. Fox Globe Correspondent, July 6, 2020

The numbers, which showed continued improvement in key indicators related to the virus, came as the state again shifted the way it reports the number of cases it has tracked. Probable cases of coronavirus are no longer being included in the top-line statistics released daily by the state Department of Public Health.

(Blog editor sits here speechless. They are LITERALLY MAKING UP the NUMBERS!)

The state reported six new probable cases in Massachusetts Monday, and no new deaths. Overall, there have been 5,478 cases reported as probable for coronavirus, and 215 deaths among those patients.

The Department of Public Health said it changed the format of its daily COVID-19 update to focus on confirmed cases so the data are easier to interpret and compare to other states.

WTF, and why is this buried on page B2?

Ease of use is important because state-by-state comparisons can help guide public health policy, such as travel restrictions across state lines, the department said.

Many states report only cases that have been confirmed by tests the department said.

Monday’s data also showed that the three-day average of hospitalized COVID-19 patients continued to decline, dropping from 644 to 626. That number includes both confirmed and suspected cases, as it had previously.

The three-day average of deaths dropped from 19 to 16. That number included only confirmed cases, which is the same way it has been calculated in recent days.




Passenger injured in ATV crash in New Hampshire

She is a front-line caregiver in the COVID crisis who had been one of three Boston-area medical workers who provided the Globe this spring with a series of first-person accounts of their emotional and often exhausting work during the first, startling surge in COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts, and one can't help but wonder if it is Cosmic Karma for her participating in the colossal COVID fraud.

Maybe God is watching. Must be, in fact.

Starting to work up a $weat:

"Watertown’s Mount Auburn Club to close for good, sell site to lab developers" by Tim Logan Globe Staff, July 6, 2020

Another longstanding local institution said Monday that it won’t reopen after the coronavirus crisis.

The owners of the Mount Auburn Club fitness and tennis center closed last week on a deal to sell their 6.3-acre site on Coolidge Avenue in Watertown to a pair of heavyweight local developers, who plan to build life-sciences lab and office space there.

Of course, per WEF Reset and the Rockefeller/Gates paradigm.

In a letter to members Monday, the club’s owners, the Crowley family, said the coronavirus crisis pushed them to sell and close down the facility they’ve run for nearly a half-century. While gyms in Massachusetts could reopen indoor spaces starting Monday (except in Boston), many are doing so at significantly reduced capacity, unsure of their longer-term prospects for survival.

Another dream and way of life gone. This world they envision will soon suck.

“Like most other athletic clubs, we have struggled with the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis, and even now are unsure of what its long-term effects will be for our industry,” wrote Bill, Paul, and Tanya Crowley. “This uncertainty has made it difficult to be confident in the future direction of the club.”

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, a publicly traded lab developer with deep experience in Kendall Square, and Newton-based National Development, which has built a variety of mixed-use projects around the region, teamed up to buy the club. They paid just under $33 million, according to Middlesex County property records, and plan to start meetings with the community soon about what they’ll build there, with an eye to office or lab space.....

I wonder how many tax breaks and subsidies will be thrown at them.



"Brett Owens, owner of VIM Fitness in Cambridge, was frustrated that the 14-foot social distancing requirement (if there are no Plexiglas barriers) meant his popular fitness studios, which typically fit 25, could now hold only three customers. “It’s really [the governor] saying, ‘We’re going to let them open, but we’re not going to let them operate,‘ ” Owens said. “It’s really a catch-22.” With cardio equipment roped off, studios closed until the requirements can be met, and equipment spread out, the gym scene looked different on reopening day. “It’s not even close to how many [customers] we typically have,” Owens said, “but we have people come in, and they’re happy to be back.” VIM Fitness has revealed a two-stage plan on its website that notes members are required to have their temperatures checked prior to entering, wear masks while working out (unless unsafe to do so), and remain 14 feet away from other customers where there are no Plexiglas partitions. Steve Sabile, owner of Blink Fitness in Medford and Beverly, said, “People are being very respectful.”

Hey, at least he didn't close you down the night before opening like the summer camps. Better you $low bleed to death.

Time to go somewhere else:

"The hard-hit Australian state of Victoria recorded two deaths and its highest-ever daily increase in virus cases on Monday as authorities prepare to close its border with New South Wales. The deaths of two men, one in his 60s and the other in his 90s, brings the national death toll from COVID-19 to 106. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said of the 127 new cases, 53 were among 3,000 people who have been confined by police to their apartments in nine public housing blocks since Saturday. Andrews said the high number of cases reflected a daily record number of tests exceeding 24,500. Andrews also announced that the state border with New South Wales will be closed from late Tuesday night in an agreement between the two state premiers and Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Morrison had previously opposed states closing their borders. It will be the first time Australia’s two most populous states have closed their border since the pandemic began."

It's an overreaction, of course, and bodes ill for us all. The virus can not be vanquished, even by women in the war zone.

Better off crossing the Indian Ocean:

"India has overtaken Russia to become the third-worst affected nation by the coronavirus after the country reported 24,248 new cases Monday. India has now confirmed 697,413 cases, including 19,693 deaths. Russia has 680,283 cases. Indian authorities late Sunday withdrew a planned reopening of the famed Taj Mahal monument, after new cases were detected in the area. India’s Culture Ministry had decided to reopen all monuments across the country on Monday after more than three months with a cap on the number of visitors and mandatory wearing of face masks. After a nationwide lockdown, India has eased restrictions in most of the country except for the highest-risk areas."

The death totals are the new $ports!

Where they send if you make the DL:

"Troops in Serbia set up an emergency 500-bed field hospital Monday, a day after neighboring Kosovo reimposed a nighttime curfew in four cities, as the Balkans battled to contain a surge in virus infections that underscored the risks of swiftly easing lockdowns. The makeshift hospital in a sports hall in Belgrade is a “precautionary measure” as hospitals in the capital are reaching their capacity because of the outbreak, the city’s deputy mayor, Goran Vesic, said. Serbian infections have returned to levels last seen at the peak of the pandemic in the Balkan country in March and April. Serbia’s rising infections provide a chilling insight into how the virus, while retreating in much of Europe, can roar back if lockdowns are lifted too swiftly. The country went from having some of Europe’s toughest lockdown measures to a near-complete reopening at the beginning of May. Soccer and tennis were played in front of packed stands, resulting in several players testing positive."

Yeah, fine, but here is the thing: I actually watched live basketball over the weekend on ESPN, some Jimmy V charity tournament called The Basketball Tournament. Bunch of never-was players I never heard of, but the event was surreal. Ten guys running around with coaches and officials, no masks, no distancing (obviously) with arena attendants wearing masks strategically placed in the one row of stands in Columbus, Ohio. The ends of the court and wider arena were blocked off with curtains, so I was basically watching guys in gym. F**k that, even if it is pro.

Then I watched some English soccer where they had the bogus fan noise (can be eliminated with the NBC Sports app) with no fans visible at all. It was a low hum except for a few rises in pitch when a shot on goal was made and occasional crowd chanting for a team. I was insulted and didn't;t last long despite the lack of commercials.

Sad to say, but I don't care if $ports ever come back, and even if they do, I am no longer interested -- and I used to love sports!

They took the players to the hospital where they were treated by these nurses:

"At least 12 nurses were arrested in Zimbabwe on Monday when they were demonstrating against their working conditions, complaining that they do not have adequate protective gear to safely treat COVID-19 patients. Thousands of nurses working in public hospitals stopped reporting for work in mid-June, part of frequent work stoppages by health workers who earn less than $50 a month and allege they are forced to work without adequate protective equipment such as gloves and masks. Police have been deployed to stop protests by nurses and doctors in recent months. On Monday, dozens of nurses wearing masks and their white and blue uniforms gathered for protests at some of the country’s biggest hospitals in the capital, Harare, and the second-largest city of Bulawayo. Zimbabwe’s coronavirus cases have been climbing in recent weeks, mostly recorded at centers where people returning to the country mainly from neighboring South Africa are kept in mandatory isolation. The country had recorded about 700 cases of coronavirus infection and eight deaths by Monday."

The Serbians declined medical care, proving they are as racist as their Slavic cousins:

"Tens of thousands of vacation-goers in Russia and Ukraine have descended on Black Sea beaches, paying little heed to public health measures despite the numbers of reported coronavirus cases remaining high in both countries. Desperate for a break from the confinement of months-long lockdowns, few wear masks or try to maintain social distance as they bask in the sun on overcrowded beaches in the Russian city of Sochi and in the Ukrainian seaport of Odessa. While popular vacation destinations in Europe are still closed to visitors from Russia and Ukraine as European nations move carefully to lift restrictions on foreign visitors, Black Sea resorts in Russia and Ukraine are filled to capacity from domestic tourism. Hotel owners are happy about the bonanza, and prices for rooms are soaring."

Hey, they dropped to fourth in cases so time to celebrate with that disinfecting sun, but I'm sure  Putin will $oon tighten the $crews:

"Further tightening the screws on free speech in Russia just days after a national plebiscite effectively entrenched Vladimir Putin as president for life, a Russian military court Monday convicted a freelance journalist on charges of “justifying terrorism” in a 2018 text critical of the security services. Even the Kremlin’s own human rights council had denounced the charges as unwarranted, adding its voice to a chorus of support for journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva, in what became a battle of wills between an impecunious local reporter and Russia’s powerful security apparatus. The case against Prokopyeva revolved around a brief commentary she wrote in 2018 after a Russian teenager, a self-declared anarchist, blew himself up inside a branch of the secret police in Arkhangelsk, near the Arctic Circle. She held the government responsible for the attack, which killed only the 17-year-old bomber, arguing that nonviolent means of protest like street protests had been steadily closed off by often violent security officers....."

The $elf-$erving whining might be more effective were they not cheering on censorship on social media platforms.

That's what men have named them:

"The “Mona Lisa” is back in business. Paris’s Louvre Museum, which houses the world’s most famous portrait, reopened Monday after a four-month coronavirus lockdown and without its usual huge throngs. The reopening of the world’s most-visited museum was a bright spot in what is otherwise shaping up as a grimly quiet start to the summer tourist season in France, with far fewer visitors than was normal. Paris tour guide Katia Besnard Rousseau said she has had no groups to show around since France gradually started coming out of its strict two-month lockdown in May. On Monday, as the Louvre reopened, she and dozens of other guides demonstrated outside, forming a long line and holding up images of the “Mona Lisa” to highlight the hardship afflicting their industry."

What did they expect, and her sly smile reminds me of something?

Also see:

Uighur exiles push for court case accusing China of genocide

The New York Times says the case could bring greater international scrutiny of the Chinese state’s power to impose its will beyond its borders.

Speaking of the devils:

"A South Korean court Monday rejected an extradition request by the United States for a South Korean citizen convicted of running one of the world’s biggest child pornography sites on the dark Web. The court’s decision Monday was a huge letdown for opponents of child pornography in South Korea who had hoped that  Son Jong-woo’s extradition to the United States would help deter sexual crimes in South Korea. Activists in South Korea, who have been outraged by what they see as the local judiciary’s light punishment of Son had also called for his extradition....."

He must be South Korea's version of this:

Ghislaine Maxwell, charged in connection with Jeffrey Epstein scandal, expected to make court appearance Friday in New York

The Globe placed that on page B3, so it appears we are now back to pre-Spotlight days over there.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Phase 3 Torture

Why am I doing this to myself? 

Maybe so the world can see my anguished cries as they rake us with infernal lies and propaganda day after day after day until I'm dead.

"More of Mass. is reopening with Phase 3, but its economy might soon have to retreat a bit; Business is beginning to come back as the state hits Phase 3, but the explosion of the virus in other states may undermine that" by Larry Edelman and Shirley Leung Globe Staff and Globe Columnist, July 5, 2020

The Massachusetts economy is taking another step forward as casinos, gyms, and movie theaters prepare to open Monday, but some business leaders fear that the surge of coronavirus infections across the country could disrupt the state’s fragile recovery.

The reimposition of some restrictions in California, Texas, and elsewhere has executives and business owners from the Back Bay to the Berkshires on edge, despite Governor Charlie Baker’s assertion last week that it was safe to begin Phase 3 of his reopening plan. Will economic progress be thwarted as a second wave of the pandemic crashes over the state? Will we have to shut down again?

“You really have to be a Pollyanna to think we are going to remain on an island onto our own,” said Gabrielle Gould, executive director of the Amherst Business Improvement District, which represents about 140 businesses in the Western Massachusetts college town. She said the mood among the small-business people she speaks with has shifted from optimism in mid-May, when Phase 1 took effect, to a nagging fear that the reversals elsewhere portend trouble here if people let down their guard and stop taking the virus seriously.

“We’ve become more reserved,” Gould said. “When you look at the national headlines, the reality is that this is not going away.”

It should be now -- if it ever existed in the first place, this overly contagious invisible enemy killing everyone in its path -- but even the Trump administration has caved. He no longer cares about his presidency, and will not run come November. It's a "live exercise," as Pompeo put it months ago, that never ends or ends with, you know.

That is where the turn-in to page C3 is, so let's leave that for later and move below the fold on the same side:

"Phase 3 of the coronavirus recovery starts today, but some businesses will wait" by John Hilliard Globe Staff, July 5, 2020

The state allows gyms, movie theaters, museums, and casinos to reopen Monday, but some businesses said Sunday that they are taking it slowly and signaled that customers shouldn’t expect a quick return to business as usual before the pandemic.

Despite the beginning of Phase 3 of Massachusetts’ economic recovery effort, many businesses will delay opening so they can better prepare for new health regulations — which can include capacity limits, the installation of physical barriers, plus requirements for workers and customers to wear masks and practice social distancing indoors.

Governor Charlie Baker has urged residents not to be complacent for fear that the state’s progress in tamping down the virus will be reversed.

Such fears should be taken seriously, said Dr. Joshua Barocas, an infectious disease physician at Boston Medical Center who has studied the coronavirus. Barocas said Sunday that Phase 3 presents a real risk of increasing the number of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts.

“We’re going to have to be incredibly diligent with hand hygiene, with masks, and with surface cleaning,” he said. “We don’t have much room for a margin of error.”

I haven't been color-coding much or commenting yet because I'm trying not to submit to the torture by screaming out is all. This entire procedure is making me sick on a daily basis.

Barocas, who is also an assistant professor at Boston University’s School of Medicine, said the state should focus on encouraging people to learn to practice good behaviors to help slow the spread of the virus.

“We’re going to be stuck with this pandemic, this virus, for a while. We really need to be practicing social distancing, practicing wearing a mask . . . in order to change our behavior,” he said.

They intend all to be with us forever, or have you not been paying attention?

The move to reopen in Massachusetts comes as most of the country faces a surge of new cases, including in California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. As of Sunday, nearly 130,000 people across the country had died from the coronavirus, while about 2.8 million cases had been reported, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Massachusetts, a day before Phase 3 went into effect, the state reported 11 new deaths due to the coronavirus, along with 136 new cases.

That brought the state’s death toll as a result of the coronavirus to 8,183, up from 8,172 a day earlier. The state also had a total of 109,974 cases of the disease, up from 109,838 on Saturday, the state reported. Those figures include both confirmed and probable cases.


They are ginning the numbers and lying about this, folks -- probably!

Even with the latest phase of the state’s reopening, many businesses people said they would take more time before welcoming customers back, including casino operators.

Indoor venues like museums and aquariums will restrict the number of people allowed inside. State rules limit them to 40 percentof permitted capacity, or eight people per 1,000 square feet.

Movie theaters, which on Monday are allowed to open up at 40 percent capacity of their screening rooms, with a 25-person cap in any single indoor space, are also taking it slowly.....

Who wants to risk their life just to see one of Hollywood's ceaseless pieces of filth?

Never again.


Time to check the books:

"‘A one-two punch:' Bookkeeper accused of stealing from restaurants, bakers, and other small businesses already hurting from COVID shutdown; Clients called Patricia Lindau the "nicest person" -- until she disappeared" by Andrea Estes Globe Staff, July 5, 2020

For years, small-business owners from Maine to Cape Cod knew Patricia Lindau as the nice woman who handled their payroll and made sure they paid their state and federal taxes on time. Her clients, mostly mom and pop restaurants and shops, were like family and she chatted with them over the phone for hours, asking about their lives and their kids and telling stories about her cat.

When she disappeared in May — her website gone, her phone disconnected — some feared something terrible had happened to the Newburyport businesswoman.

“I was so concerned when I couldn’t reach her, I sent an e-mail,” said Bill Cushing, owner of Christopher’s Restaurant in Reading. “I was afraid it was the virus.”

In reality, Cushing and many other clients of Lindau’s Northeast Abacus Inc. were the real victims. It turns out Lindau had failed to make tax payments on behalf of her clients, sometimes for years. Now, more than 20 New England businesses owners, most already reeling from the economic crisis, are learning they owe huge amounts to the Internal Revenue Service, and the state. Cushing alone owes more than $60,000 in back taxes.

Some business owners remembered receiving periodic overdue tax payment notices, but they said Lindau always assured them the notices were mistakes and she provided “documentation” to prove it. They believed her.

It’s unclear how much Lindau’s clients owe in unpaid taxes overall, but Lindau and her husband filed for bankruptcy late last month, listing debts of $1.3 million to their 20 biggest creditors, but that may be an understatement. One client, Jimmy’s Pizza Too of Chelmsford, has sued Lindau and her husband, saying she failed to pay $159,000 in taxes the company owed — 60 percent more than the amount Lindau listed in the bankruptcy filing.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” said George Lambos, the owner of Fresco’s Roast Beef & Seafood in Malden, who has also sued to recover at least $130,000 he says he owes the state and federal government. “You stole from innocent hard-working people, and with all that’s going on? It’s hard to sleep at night.”

Many of the business owners contacted local police or state and federal law enforcement authorities, they said, but most fear they’ll never recoup their money, though the judge in Jimmy’s lawsuit has forbidden the Lindaus from selling any assets without court approval, and the business owners who have spoken to IRS agents about their debt were told none of it — except perhaps penalties — would be forgiven. They all have to pay. The IRS and the state Department of Revenue say they have no discretion, by law, to forgive tax debts.

Since when?

TV ads say firms will cut a deal with them for pennies on the dollar, and they have been known to cut deals for corporations and richers.

Yeah, this government killed your business for your own health but pay up.

Lindau, who left Newburyport for a house she and her husband own in Newburgh, Maine, didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment. She e-mailed the Globe with a phone number, but the number had been disconnected.


She fled to Maine, huh?

She must be in quarantine then!

Lindau’s lawyer said in a court filing that the couple planned to liquidate assets, including their house in Maine, in hopes of paying off creditors within three to five years. The lawyer, James Molleur, called that “a worthy goal in any reorganization bankruptcy case.”

The magnitude of Lindau’s debts is laid out in a court document Lindau and her husband, Kjell, filed this past week in Maine, where they are seeking bankruptcy protection. Her top 20 creditors, listed in the filing, include Cushing, as well as two bakeries, an electrician, 18 small-restaurant owners and a newsstand operator. There are another 40 or so named creditors, though the amounts they are owed are not listed and not all of them appear to be clients. The court filings say she owes between $1 million and $10 million to all of her creditors.

Neither Lindau nor her attorney have explained how she came to owe her clients so much money or why she failed to pay their taxes.

Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett wants answers; a spokesman confirmed that Blodgett’s office has opened an investigation into Northeast Abacus. Separately, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Maura Healey said the office received two complaints about Lindau’s business, which were forwarded to the state Department of Revenue.

That would be Heffernan's office, right (wow, do I ever look prescient)?

Spokespeople for the US Attorney’s office in Boston as well as the IRS declined to comment.

Lindau’s clients said they were shocked when they received an e-mail in May telling them that she could no longer provide payroll services “due to unforeseen circumstances.“ There was no explanation and their calls and e-mails went unanswered.

Allyson Dawkins, who runs an electrical contracting business with her husband, Douglas, was astounded when she found out she and her husband owe the state and federal government around $54,000 in taxes.

“Never in a million years did I think this could happen,” she said. “We had her for almost eight years. She was very personable, always asking about the family and how we were doing. She was the nicest person I have ever spoken to. Honestly, I’m baffled.

“Because of COVID, it’s like a one-two punch,” Dawkins said.

Prepare for more.

Lambos said that when he first asked Lindau what had happened, she blamed some employees, whom she said had been terminated. After trying unsuccessfully to reach her several more times, Lambos said, he was contacted by a lawyer representing her who said she would “square everything away and make everyone whole.” That was before she and her husband filed for bankruptcy on June 25.

Lindau the liar, and too bad women don't run the world, 'eh?

Cushing said he had to furlough most of his employees when his restaurant was forced to close because of the coronavirus. Last week, for the first time, he’s been able to seat some guests inside.

“It’s been financially difficult without finding this out,” Cushing, who had done business with Lindau for more than a decade.

John Damroth, who owns Planet Records in Cambridge, also got the e-mail saying the company could no longer process his payroll. He had done business with Lindau for more than 30 years.

He e-mailed back, “Are you guys okay?”

“Because it was corona time and there was no response. I kept trying. I tried calling and e-mails — nothing,” he said.

He hired another payroll company, which discovered that Lindau had failed to pay his state taxes in the first quarter of 2020.

“Oh God, then the sickness in the stomach,” he said. “I felt like I’d been stabbed in the heart.''

Then, like a detective, he went to various agencies to find out how bad it was. He learned he owes about $16,000 to $18,000, though he’s not yet been able to confirm the amounts with state and federal agencies.

Lambos said the alleged theft hurts not only him, but his 25 employees as well. Lambos had been planning to pay them bonuses for sticking with him throughout the pandemic. He kept them on the payroll and was going to reward them for their loyalty. Now, he said, he can’t afford to.

Nor can he afford to open a second restaurant, as he had planned.

“The money is huge,” he said. “Something like this freezes everything.”

The one creditor in a good position to recover some losses to Lindau is Camden National Bank, which had given Lindau several loans, including a federal payroll protection loan that was supposed to help businesses keep their workers employed during the COVID-19 crisis. In bankruptcy court, the bank said that Lindau’s company faces multiple claims of unauthorized withdrawals from clients’ accounts, charges that “certainly sound ... analogous to fraud and other dishonest conduct.” The couple have denied the charges.

Who do you think this $y$tem has been $erving anyway?

The bank plans to auction off two commercial buildings the couple own in Eastport, Maine, later this month, though the bankruptcy filing could complicate the sale. The bank said the Lindaus filed for bankruptcy primarily to stop the auction of their property.

It is not the first time a payroll processing company has been accused of stealing clients’ money. In March, an Indiana payroll company owner was sentenced to six years in federal prison and ordered to repay nearly $9 million to customers he bilked, and in September 2019, the FBI announced it was investigating the sudden shutdown of a payroll processing company in upstate New York and the disappearance of up to $35 million.

They crept out while everyone was distracted by the COVID $camdemic.

That month, the company, MyPayrollHR, sent a message to its clients, similar to the one Lindau sent to her clients, saying it would no longer be able to process payroll transactions.

The message blamed “unforeseen circumstances” and advised companies to “find alternative methods for processing your payrolls.”



"The United States dipped below 50,000 new daily infections for the first time in four days, a Johns Hopkins University tally shows, but specialists fear celebrations for the July 4th weekend will be like rocket fuel for the surging coronavirus outbreak. Johns Hopkins on Sunday counted 45,300 new infections reported Saturday after three days in which the daily count reached as high as 54,500. The lower figure does not mean the situation is improving; it could be due to reduced reporting on a national holiday. The United States has the most infections and virus-related deaths in the world, with 2.8 million cases and nearly 130,000 dead. Worldwide, nearly 11.3 million people have been infected and over 531,000 have died, with outbreaks surging in India, South Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, and several other Latin American countries."

The virus discriminates by race did you know that? 

It's the exact opposite of what the pre$$ claims, too!

Now on to the torture of the President of the United States:

"The Food and Drug Administration’s commissioner is declining to back up President Trump’s assertion that 99 percent of coronavirus cases are harmless. Dr. Stephen Hahn told CNN and ABC he’s “not going to get into who is right and who is wrong,” but that government data clearly show “this is a serious problem.” He said “any case is tragic” and that to stem the surge of cases people should practice social distancing and wear masks. Trump said the United States was testing too much and falsely asserted that “by so doing, we show cases, 99 percent of which are totally harmless.” The World Health Organization has said about 20 percent of those diagnosed with COVID-19 progress to severe disease, including pneumonia and respiratory failure. Those with mild or no symptoms can spread the virus to others. Mayor Steve Adler of Austin, Texas, where COVID-19 cases are surging, called Trump’s remarks “dangerous” and “wrong.” He urged people to listen to local officials for public safety guidance rather than the “ambiguous message coming out of Washington.”

The insubordination to the President of the United States is like a pandemic, and why would anyone believe in government data after all the lies?

Also see:

Texas, Fla., and Ariz. say early reopening fueled surge

Hutchinson will insist on masks if Trump rallies in Arkansas

Gonna be a blowout come November!

You are not in Kansas anymore, Mr. President:

"The governor of Kansas called on a Republican county chairman to remove a cartoon from his newspaper’s Facebook page that invokes the Holocaust to criticize her order requiring Kansans to wear masks. The cartoon, on the Facebook page of The Anderson County Review, shows the Democratic governor, Laura Kelly, wearing a mask emblazoned with the Star of David against a backdrop of people being loaded onto a cattle car. “Lockdown Laura says: Put on your mask . . . and step onto the cattle car,” reads a caption on the cartoon. The Review is owned by Dane Hicks, chairman of the Anderson County Republican Party. He defended the cartoon, which he said he had made himself and planned to publish in the newspaper Tuesday. “The topic here is the governmental overreach which has been the hallmark of Governor Kelly’s administration.”

Stick to your guns, sir!

"The World Health Organization has long held that the coronavirus is spread primarily by large respiratory droplets that, once expelled by infected people in coughs and sneezes, fall quickly to the floor, but in an open letter to the WHO, 239 scientists in 32 countries have outlined the evidence showing that smaller particles can infect people and are calling for the agency to revise its recommendations. They plan to publish their letter in a scientific journal. Even in its latest update, released June 29, the WHO said airborne transmission of the virus is possible only after medical procedures that produce aerosols, or droplets smaller than 5 microns. (A micron is equal to 1 millionth of a meter.) Proper ventilation and N95 masks are of concern only in those circumstances, according to the WHO. Instead, its infection control guidance, before and during this pandemic, has heavily promoted the importance of hand-washing as a primary prevention strategy, even though there is limited evidence for transmission of the virus from surfaces. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says surfaces are likely to play only a minor role. Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, the WHO’s technical lead on infection control, said the evidence for the virus spreading by air was unconvincing, but interviews with nearly 20 scientists — including a dozen WHO consultants and several members of the committee that crafted the guidance — and internal e-mails paint a picture of an organization that, despite good intentions, is out of step with science. Whether carried aloft by large droplets that zoom through the air after a sneeze, or by much smaller exhaled droplets that may glide the length of a room, these specialists said, the coronavirus is borne through air and can infect people when inhaled."

I'm sorry, but I'm don't believed a word coming from that Gates-controlled, criminal organization. You speak the truth over there and they slam you down quick.

"Mexico topped 30,000 COVID-19 deaths Saturday, overtaking France as the country with the fifth-highest death toll since the coronavirus outbreak began. Officials reported 523 more confirmed coronavirus deaths for the day, bringing the nation’s total to 30,366 for the pandemic. Mexico’s total confirmed infections rose by almost 6,000 to 251,165, about on par with Spain, the eighth-highest caseload. The latest data were released as some 200 street vendors briefly blocked several major avenues in downtown Mexico City to demand they be allowed to sell again amid the pandemic. The sidewalks of the colonial-era downtown are usually crowded with vendors who lay out their wares on wire racks or blankets, but since March, the city has banned such informal commerce and closed most established businesses in the district to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Vendors carried signs and chanted slogans declaring they could no longer bear the lockdown. Most have no unemployment insurance, and after three months of not selling many are growing desperate."

Americans should be embarrassed. 

The Mexicans have more guts than they do, and so do the Iranians:

"Iran on Sunday instituted mandatory mask-wearing as fears mount over newly spiking reported deaths from the coronavirus, even as its public increasingly shrugs off the danger of the COVID-19 illness it causes. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei publicized an image of himself in a mask in recent days, urging both public officials and the Islamic Republic’s 80 million people to wear them to stop the virus’s spread, but public opinion polling and a walk through any of the streets of Tehran show the widespread apathy felt over a pandemic that saw Iran in February among the first countries struck after China. Whether rooted in fatigue, dismissal, or fatalism, that indifference has scared Iranian public health officials into issuing increasingly dire warnings."

Well, there ain't going to be war with Iran seeing as all world governments are on the same page (save a handful of recalcitrants like Belarus and Sweden) even as Lebanon bucks the trend:

"For the first time ever, Lebanon on Sunday hosted its annual music festival in the ancient northeastern city of Baalbek without an audience, a move organizers dubbed “an act of cultural resilience” to the global pandemic as well as the country’s unprecedented economic crisis. Held amid soaring Roman columns, the Baalbek International Festival was founded in 1956. This year, it’s being broadcast on local and regional TV stations and live-streamed on social media in an effort to spread “unity and hope.’’ The dramatic setting — a massive Roman forum — was always part of the festival’s magic. Sunday’s concert was held at the Bacchus Temple, which stands in front of six columns that remain from the Temple of Jupiter. The ruins date back to the second and third centuries."

Time to plant a tree:

"More than 2 million people gathered Sunday at river banks, farmlands, and government buildings in northern India while trying to practice social distancing to plant 250 million trees as part of a government plan to tackle climate change. Officials in Uttar Pradesh distributed millions of saplings to be planted across the state to help India’s efforts to increase its forest cover. India has pledged to keep a third of its total land area under forest and tree cover, but a growing population and increasing demand for industrial projects are placing greater stress on the land. Those who gathered for the tree planting on Sunday included lawmakers, government officials, and volunteers from nonprofit organizations. With India fourth in the world in coronavirus cases, those who gathered kept their distance from each other. India reported 24,850 new cases on Sunday — another 24-hour record for the country — raising its total to 673,165, including 19,268 deaths."

What's the fatality rate there? 

Almost 20,000 dead in a nation of over a billion people?

That comes out to 0.0015 percent, or slightly more than 1 in 100,000. 

For that, they shut down a society.

Were better off under English rule:

"People across the UK joined in a round of applause on Sunday to mark the 72nd anniversary of the free-to-use National Health Service, one of the country’s most cherished institutions. The reverence with which it is held has been bolstered this year during what has been Europe’s deadliest coronavirus outbreaks. Though the UK as a whole has a confirmed virus death toll of 44,220, the third-highest in the world, behind the United States and Brazil, the health service and everyone who works within it have been lauded for their work and care. Created by the Labour government after World War II in 1948 by bringing together the nation’s disparate health institutions, the service’s founding principles have never changed. Funded by everyone through the tax system, it provides free health care to any UK resident when needed. Prince Charles said that the service has been through the “most testing time” in its history and that it was right for the whole country to come together to pay tribute to everyone who works within it. “Our remarkably selfless nurses, doctors, paramedics, and countless other staff have made costly sacrifices to provide treatment for more than 100,000 patients with coronavirus and thousands more,’’ he said."

The printed Globe included this photograph with the article.

Who knew the nurses in England were Freemasons, or are they just worshipping them as they carry out their diabolical orders?

The top of the Metro section brings us back to that time:

"Faneuil Hall Marketplace “reopened” last week, but in a different city than the one it has helped to define since 1976. Businesses were open, but customers were few. That’s what happens in a tourist-driven destination in the days of coronavirus — a time of little travel, limited tourism, and lingering fear of public spaces, but the landlord — New York-based Ashkenazy Acquisition Company — still wants its money. That has set the stage for an increasingly intense battle between the real estate giant that controls the property, the city agency that owns it, and the merchants fighting to stay afloat. Here’s the problem: Even though the stores and shops are back, the customers are not, and no one knows when the marketplace will return to anything like normal. “Normal? I’d say give us at least a year, or a year and a half,” said Sara Youngelson, who owns three shops in the marketplace. “It’s going to be very hard to say things are normal until a vaccine is out.”

They didn't know the rent was due, and it's almost as if we are being held hostage, as Scotty points out, and he raises a great point. Why does BLM not care about the vaccine victims in Brazil of Africa? Why are they not protesting the grossness that is Bill and Melinda Gates?

He's right, the body language exposes them as evil!

Meanwhile, King Baker or his bureaucracy cancelled summer camp:

"With summer camps in financial free fall, advocates say state has left them in a bad spot; Overnight camps were nixed from Phase 3 reopening without warning, they say" by Lucas Phillips Globe Correspondent, July 5, 2020

Just days before some overnight camps had planned to open, the state changed its Phase 3 guidelines to exclude them, building on months of frustration of feeling left in the dark, according to the Massachusetts Camping Association.

Makes you wonder how Baker is so popular because his government never really tells us anything. Information has to be dragged out of them, and they do all sorts of things like this in the dark.

The organization, which represents day and overnight camps, said that while the industry has been financially decimated by the virus, the Baker administration and Department of Public Health have only compounded their difficulties by failing to consult with them on guidelines or communicate in a timely way.

Devastated by the lockdown when child death rate from COVID is a big fat zero. These evil, inoculate you bastards are taking play and fun away from children. That is the kind of evil we are dealing with here.

“We really tried to reach out to them many, many, many times, and we were met with silence,” said Scott Brody, chair of the board for the American Camp Association, who is involved with the Massachusetts Camping Association and runs two day camps in Massachusetts.

Like "repre$entative" government here in Ma$$achu$etts have been my entire life. Thank the Lord some things are still normal around here! Aren't you glad they are protecting your health while destroying your livelihood?

The 13 overnight camps that had planned to reopen found out they could not open when the director of the American Camping Association’s New England branch discovered Thursday that the guidelines for Phase 3 had been altered on the state’s website. Toward the bottom of the lengthy “Reopening: When can my business reopen” page, which includes information for dozens of businesses, one of many sources of COVID-19 information on the site, the state included one brief line: “Phase 4 – overnight camps (Summer 2021).”

They didn't even have the decency to break it to them face to socially distanced face.

“That was a punch to the face for all of us,” said Matt Scholl, president of the state camping association and a director of two camps. “It came as a total shock to us. We didn’t even get an e-mail or a phone call about it.”

Why am I not at all surprised?

I'll bet if the pharmaceuticals or Bill Gates or a bank had called, Baker would have listened.

Just the day before, Brody said, he had spoken with officials in Baker’s office and at the Department of Public Health who made no mention of the change, even when Brody said he discussed the 13 overnight camps.

John Szablowski, the director at Hume New England Christian Camps in Monterey said the camp had spent “tens of thousands” of dollars to prepare for its June 13 reopening. Early meal preparations had begun, lawns had been mowed, sets were being built, and lifeguard training was underway. Some camp staffers were on an airplane flying in when Szablowski got the news that his camp could not open.

“It caught us off guard . . . We didn’t expect to just be stopped in our tracks, and that is what happened” he said Saturday.

Well, I can see why they would want to shut down the Christian camps, and reading the above preparations before the rug was pulled out from under them is heartbreaking.

A Baker administration spokesman did not respond directly to questions about the last-minute change, but sent a statement on Saturday that said: “The list of businesses and activities is subject to revision based on the latest public health data and the issuance of sector-specific guidance that details the protocols and practices necessary for the safe resumption and to reduce the risk of the public’s exposure to COVID-19.”

What a f**king crock of crap!

Look, I didn't even like summer camp. My memories are not good ones; however, that doesn't mean kids should be robbed of a learning and growing experience.

Responding to an e-mail from the organizations inquiring about the change on Friday, Commissioner Jana Ferguson of the DPH said rising numbers of cases of the virus in other states may have prompted the decision.

“While we were planning and progressing with the hope that overnight camps would be a safe option for youth this summer, my understanding is that the data, especially from other states within the last week or so, made overnight camps with children and staff that may be coming from all over the country untenable,” she said in the e-mail, which was provided to the Globe on Saturday.

Then WHY are they proceeding with the rest of "Phase 3?" 

This is tantamount to TORTURE of OUR CHILDREN!

“I truly regret that we were unable to communicate this decision in advance. It was ultimately decided based on very recent data and was included in the information about the changes in the upcoming phase to provide immediate notice,” she said.

They put out the lying narrative and then act on it, just like Cheney and the lead-up to Iraq. F**king pre$$ is criminal!

Whatever the reason, Scholl said, the impact on the camps is significant, as most will be facing the challenge of reopening next summer after 22 months with no revenue. Many may not survive, he said.
That is the whole point. Summer camps will be under state control, if and when they ever are allowed again. I think not.

According to his organization, at least a third of camps and as many as two-thirds may never reopen. Overall, camps in the state stand to lose about $450 million this summer, Scholl said.

The late notice to those remaining overnight camps — 90 percent of them had already thrown in the towel and decided not to reopen this summer — only means further losses, he said.

“It’s a heavy burden right now, a heavy load,” said Szablowski, who does not know if his year-round camp will be able to reopen if Phase 4 comes before the summer, given the language on the state website. “Especially when you move all the way to the starting line, and then at the last minute you find out there’s not going to be a game. That was disappointing.”

Time to stop listening to this government. All of us. Expose them for the liars and criminals they are.

Sheryl Moore, executive director of Camp Marshall in Spencer, had planned to open her overnight camp on Monday, and the news hit her hard when she found out Thursday night. “I’m still a little bit in disbelief. It did come so far out of left field,” she said.

She should have expected it.

With no mention of the change at Baker’s press conference and the website update appearing after his office had closed for the holiday weekend, she said she felt “hoodwinked.”

It was like a “swept-under-the-rug, last-minute change,” said Moore, who also said she expects a financial loss from the decision. “I think being far more forthcoming would have been a lot more fair to our industry.”

You expect fairness from the state government of Ma$$achu$etts? 

You have to love the innocent naiveté.

The lack of communication from officials has been causing difficulties for the state’s camps since the spring, Scholl said. Many camps gave up waiting and announced closures before the state first issued its guidance in early June, which had to be altered soon after because parts were unworkable, he said.

As of Sunday, no new guidance had been issued to prepare day camps for Phase 3, which begins Monday, Brody said.

According to Brody, Massachusetts has not only been one of the most conservative states in the country in regulating camps during the pandemic — most states have reopened overnight camps, he said — but it has also been unusually slow to release decisions.

He's kidding, right?

New Hampshire and Connecticut made announcements regarding overnight camps at least a month before Massachusetts did; New York announced that sleep-away camps would remain closed for the season weeks ago. Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire had already reopened overnight camps, he said.

“This is a really challenging environment and we can never blame our public health officials for putting the health of the public first,” Brody said. “I assume it was with the best of intentions; however, the timing has exacerbated this situation so badly for camps, and we feel very disappointed about that.”

You know what they say about good intentions as he backs down in the face of evil authority. 

You know, if you won't stand up for yourself, why should i stand up for you?

“The challenge of this is just astronomical,” and the state’s lack of partnership, he said, has made it “exponentially worse.”

Brody and Scholl said they are just looking for the state to communicate with them as it had before the pandemic.

“I think that the key is we absolutely need the state to work with us for the future,” Scholl said. “What’s a stake is hundreds of thousands of places for kids in the summer.”

Better off staying home, kids.



Bo$ton Globe House Call

The odd thing that is not being reported is in addition too the lack of vaccinations, the child death rate has plummeted. Imagine that.

The $harks are circling

"Boston hotels make a push to bring back indoor gatherings in Phase 3" by Jon Chesto Globe Staff, July 6, 2020

Several Boston hotels are finally turning the lights on again as they awake from their slumbers this spring, but some of the biggest ones will stay dark, with no sign of indoor events returning.

So the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau went to Governor Charlie Baker’s administration last week with an ambitious request: bring back the meetings and events business.

Who wants to gather with dozens of strangers in a conference room right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging? It wasn’t that long ago, after all, that a big hotel in Boston was the site of the state’s first serious outbreak of COVID-19. No one would blame you for staying home; however, restoring these events could be crucial for some hotels’ survival.

Who f**king cares? 

Let them go bust. Serves them right for throwing in with this $cam.

Before the hotels can test the market, they will need the government’s permission. Toward that end, the tourism bureau submitted a proposal, signed by several prominent Boston hoteliers, to allow private meetings and indoor events to be held during Phase 3 of the state’s reopening plan.

This isn't America anymore, not when business needs to ask permission from government if they can open. This is the stuff of the former Soviet Union!

There would be restrictions, the hoteliers acknowledge: Meetings could not exceed 40 percent of the allowed occupancy of a particular function room, up to a maximum of 100 guests, according to the proposal. The limit would rise to 60 percent, with a 250-person cap, at some unspecified later part of Phase 3, assuming the numbers on COVID-19 cases improve.

I wouldn't bet on an economic recovery anytime soon, Mr. President.

The organization sent the proposal on Thursday morning to the Baker administration, knowing the next phase of reopening was imminent.

By that afternoon, Baker had given the green light for Phase 3 to start on Monday for nearly the entire state, with Boston being told to wait another week.

The events business? A much longer wait.

Baker capped indoor event attendance at 25 people in Phase 3, rather than 100. Outdoor venues with enclosed perimeters can host crowds of that size, though, and tourist attractions such as museums and boat rides can reopen, albeit at a reduced capacity.

Martha Sheridan, the tourism bureau’s chief executive, hasn’t given up on the events push. She knows that Phase 4 — a.k.a. “the new normal” — might not come until next year. Sheridan believes a case can be made for a safe, methodical expansion of event sizes in Phase 3, even though the door is shut for now, yet the proposal comes amid serious COVID-19 conflagrations elsewhere in the United States that have caused other government officials to delay their reopening plans, particularly those involving indoor activities, or even roll them back in some places.

Baker is tempting fate, but that is part of the plan. Second shutdown coming, and much more severe.

Sheridan said her group’s venue safety guidelines for sanitizing, social distancing, and staggered staffing mitigate the risks, and she wouldn’t expect the state to expand the size of gatherings until certain COVID-19 metrics are met here. (The Centers for Disease Control ranks these types of meetings — medium-size gatherings of attendees from outside the local area, remaining spaced at least 6 feet apart — as “higher risk,” but not “highest risk.”)

Better hope they don't change the guidelines a day before you open like the summer camps, and f**k the CDC!

Officials in the Baker administration wouldn’t say much about the request on Friday, other than to note that the state Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development is meeting with various industry leaders to develop rules that allow for the safest possible reopening.

Obviously, the$e intere$ts are more important than our beloved children., What an EVIL state government!

Safety has been the top priority for Unite Here Local 26, the dominant union for hospitality workers in the city. Unite Here local president Carlos Aramayo said he is working with hotel managers to hammer out rules for cleaning, COVID-19 tests for workers, and exemptions for at-risk employees.

The one silver lining for the industry could come this fall from universities whose dorms are too crowded for good social distancing practices. Aramayo said several schools have already started discussing the possibility.

So they are going to be put in hotels -- assuming they open?

College sucks now. Better off joining the mob.

Despite the hoteliers’ assertions, Aramayo said he doesn’t think the industry is quite ready to throw open the ballroom doors just yet. His members are eager to get back to work, but he would like to see the hotels prove they can be run safely first, before adding the variables associated with indoor gatherings. The recent surges of COVID-19 in places such as Las Vegas that reopened more quickly just underscore the risks.

I hope they lose their jobs like so many other Americans. Plenty of other people will take their place.

As with many of his colleagues, the Biogen outbreak in late February at the Long Wharf Marriott remains fresh in Aramayo’s mind. He doesn’t see indoor events returning to Boston until 2021 — a more pessimistic view than the one held by the tourism bureau.

The two sides might disagree on the timing, but they agree on this: No one wants another Biogen-style flare-up in Boston. Everyone loses if the governor is forced to shut down the industry again.....

Everyone loses? 


That's not what the a$$hole wrote three days ago.

Yeah, not everybody is lo$ing to the lockdowns.


Related (and right next to the above pos):

"GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi, partners developing a potential coronavirus vaccine, are discussing a 500 million pound ($620 million) deal to supply the UK government with the shot, assuming it’s successful, said a person familiar with the matter. The companies plan to supply Britain with 60 million doses, according to the person, who asked not to be identified. The pending accord was first reported by the Sunday Times. Sanofi and Glaxo are among dozens of companies and institutions sprinting to deliver a vaccine to help end the pandemic, as governments worldwide seek to secure doses in advance. The partners are following a number of others like the University of Oxford, working with AstraZeneca, Moderna, and China’s CanSino Biologics that have started testing their shots in humans. Glaxo declined to comment, while Sanofi said discussions with various countries were ongoing. The UK government said it’s engaging with a wide range of companies to negotiate access to vaccines. Sanofi, based in Paris, and Glaxo, the British pharma giant, plan to start a study compressing the early and middle stages of clinical tests in September. Sanofi said in June that it’s targeting approval in the first half of 2021, earlier than it previously expected."

How many does Bill Gates have his bloody fingers in?

Fly away from Europe as fast as you can:

"Airbus chief executive Guillaume Faury has called on the European Union to coordinate the resumption of international air travel, saying chaotic decision-making on flight bans by member countries at the start of the pandemic revealed weaknesses in the way the region works. “We need one decision-making center, and we don’t have one. We see Europe’s weaknesses in this type of situation,” he said at the Aix-en-Seine economics conference in Paris Sunday. “The flight bans and halts weren’t coordinated and were very national.” Lockdowns to contain the coronavirus led to the widespread grounding of planes and delayed jet orders. Airbus plans to cut 15,000 jobs in its commercial aircraft division to get through the crisis, while customers like Air France-KLM and Deutsche Lufthansa are also shedding thousands of staff. International air traffic is at about 5 percent of normal, according to Faury. The planemaker’s forecast that deliveries this year and next will drop 40 percent is underpinned by domestic traffic coming back quite quickly to “a reasonable level” of more than 50 percent this summer or by the end of the year, and international traffic recovering by next summer, he said."

Yeah, more centralization will help. 

Funny thing is, that dovetails perfectly with the sick WEF project going forward.

I'm running out of energy as we approach evening:

"Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to buy Dominion Energy’s natural gas transmission and storage business in a deal with an enterprise value of $9.7 billion. According to a statement, the assets include more than 7,700 miles of natural gas transmission lines with about 20.8 billion cubic feet per day of transportation capacity. Dominion will use $3 billion of the proceeds to buy back shares. Warren Buffett’s conglomerate will also acquire 25 percent of Cove Point LNG, a natural gas company in Maryland that Dominion will continue to own half of."

Nice to know there is loads of loot out there, even if it may be a bad investment:

"Developers of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline announced Sunday that they are canceling the multi-state natural gas project. Despite a victory last month at the US Supreme Court over a critical permit, Dominion Energy and Duke Energy said “recent developments have created an unacceptable layer of uncertainty” for the $8 billion project designed to cross West Virginia and Virginia into North Carolina. “This announcement reflects the increasing legal uncertainty that overhangs large-scale energy and industrial infrastructure development in the United States. Until these issues are resolved, the ability to satisfy the country’s energy needs will be significantly challenged,” Dominion CEO Tom Farrell and Duke CEO Lynn Good said. The project had drawn opposition from landowners, activists, and environmental advocates, who said it would damage pristine landscapes and harm wildlife. They also questioned whether there was sufficient need for the gas and said the project would encourage the use of fossil fuel when climate change makes a shift to renewable energy imperative. Supporters said the pipeline would create jobs, help aid the transition away from coal, and lower costs for consumers."

What do you do when the oil and gas companies won't fight for themselves? 

They are in on their own $elf de$truction.

Time to step on the gas:

"No one wants to go back to lockdown. Is there a middle ground for containing Covid-19?" by Andrew Joseph, STAT, July 1, 2020

First came the freezes.

Governors last month started to “press pause” on the next phases of their reopenings as Covid-19 cases picked back up. Now, in certain hot spots, they are starting to roll back some of the allowances they’d granted: no more elective medical procedures in some Texas counties. Bars, only reopened for a short time, are shuttered again in parts of California, and on Monday, Arizona’s governor ordered a new wave of gym, bar, and movie theater closures for at least the next month.

Yeah, don't go into the bars and why is Baker letting theaters open?

These are measured retreats — a far cry from the lockdowns that much of the country burrowed into starting in March, but leaders are desperately hoping that the incremental approach can make a dent in the spread of the virus at a time when another round of lockdowns — and their accompanying disruptions to education, the economy, and the public psyche — seems beyond unpalatable, both politically and socially.

Not to the sadistic, genocidal torturers in government and beyond.

Better pray to God, STAT!

They come as Texas, Florida, and other states are seeing record highs in daily coronavirus infections and intensive care units are teetering toward capacity, further proof that the coronavirus will run loose when given the chance. They also raise a serious question: whether such half-measures are sufficiently intensive — and were put in place in time — to have the necessary impact.

They lied about overrun hospitals four months ago, and are doing it again. They are simply repeating what they were saying four months ago. This is going to be the torturous cycle under which we will live the next year or more.

“This is a good step to getting a handle on the epidemic,” said Ana Bento, a disease ecologist at Indiana University. “It still might not be enough.”

Nothing is ever enough, neither for these genocidal bastards or the BLM crowd.

Even before states began to emerge from their lockdowns, experts were already trying to gauge which cocktail of interventions they could turn to should cases spiral again without having to rely on stay-at-home measures. They hoped more precise interventions — whether focused only on certain communities or business sectors or designed to protect the most vulnerable — could put out flare-ups of cases, a way to balance preventing the spread of Covid-19 from swamping health systems while still sustaining some semblance of society and economic activity.

HCQ works but it is too plentiful and cheap for the pre$$, and they should have been doing that at first not stuffing nursing homes full of sick patients.

Now, states are going to find out if more targeted approaches can work. If they don’t, and if people don’t embrace other basic precautions like masking and distancing, it could require governors to reinstate even more restrictions, and if communities can’t contain their outbreaks, what might be left is another stay-at-home period — a sign, experts say, that economies won’t function until local epidemics are mitigated.

You sick fuckers!

“Cutting a middle ground where people don’t change their behavior is probably not tenable,” said Barry Bloom, an infectious disease expert at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “If people don’t do it voluntarily, then I think you have to start closing things so they don’t have the option of transmitting and being transmitted to.”

I'm tired of the same old evil, agenda-pushing experts being trotted out by the evil Bo$ton Globe. Damn you all to hell!

The challenge is, it can take some time to know if interventions are working. While new steps to keep people away from each other have an immediate effect on transmission, that won’t show up in case counts for some time, given that it can take a few days for a person to start feeling sick, then a few days more to get tested, then a few more to get results. That means infections that are reported a week and half from now have already occurred, and if the new measures aren’t sufficient to reduce transmission, spread will just continue to grow in the interim — though perhaps at a slower rate.

Remember when it was all about flattening the curve to save the hospitals? 

Remember that? 

Somehow it was changed to cases and surges and all this shit spewing forth from the Globe!

Public health experts sometimes liken various interventions to slices of Swiss cheese. One slice — say, suspending sporting events — prevents some transmission, but the virus still has lots of holes to pass through, meaning lots of opportunities to transmit. By layering slices — promoting masks, no theater or concerts, limiting group activities, dining only outside — the idea is to stack enough strategies to cover up the holes left by any one slice and to block the amount of virus that can get through.

Something sure stinks like Swiss cheese!

Lockdowns, then, are like plopping a whole wheel of cheese on the problem. They’ve been shown around the world to dramatically cut rates of transmission, but they also introduce all sorts of economic, social, and health problems that communities want to avoid. Essentially, experts are trying to find the stack of cheese slices that can keep spread from overwhelming hospitals and minimize disease while creating the fewest disruptions to life.

Who cut the damn cheese?

The timing of imposing restrictions also matters greatly. An intervention that could have a big enough impact to bend the curve if instituted on a given day might no longer provide that drag if put into place weeks later. Once the spread balloons past a certain point, there would just be too much virus in the community for halfway measures to succeed.

God forbid we should develop herd immunity!

“I would just urge people to remember if you put in milder interventions earlier on so that you do not build up this big powder keg of infections underneath you, which are then eventually going to start flowing into the ICUs, that’s a better outcome than allowing a large outbreak, which requires a shut down,” said Harvard epidemiologist William Hanage.

If states are being more targeted with their measures, experts are pushing them to be smarter as well. They say governors should be prioritizing which institutions need to be open, and then devising strategies to accomplish that. Schools — which foster not only education and development, but provide child care and, for many, meals — are top of mind. So, experts say, the question shouldn’t be will schools open in the fall, but rather, what can we do so that they can?

Go tell it to the summer camps!

“We have this viewpoint that we will just reopen everything and go back to normal, but just do everything a bit more safely,” such as by wearing masks or capping capacity, said Helen Jenkins, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Boston University’s School of Public Health, but if everything that opens again contributes some amount to overall transmission, the approach might have to be keeping things like bars and casinos closed if you really want schools to have a chance this fall, she said.

The sickos in their ivory towers, untouched by all this, want to stay closed forever. 

I cannot wait to feast on their innards in the afterlife. Going to gorge myself.

Schools can open in areas with low levels of transmission, “but if everything reopens, we risk tipping things over the edge to high transmission,” Jenkins said, “and then everything has to close down, and that’s something that no one wants.”

Oh, really?

Not the impre$$ion I'm getting!

The web version continued the torture:

As they try to limit restrictions, officials have zeroed in on a particular type of establishment: bars. There, people crowd together indoors for long periods of time — factors that encourage viral spread. Last month, Idaho health officials identified a cluster of 152 cases that originated from bars and clubs around Boise and shut down all venues in the area. Texas and Florida have similarly reimposed rules on bars.

Not once has he mentioned the race riot protests, and if the indoors thing is the key, why no fans at football or baseball games? 

I mean, at a certain point the inconsistencies and hypocritical hogwash start to stink!

People in their 20s and 30s are also accounting for greater proportions of new infections in Arizona, Texas, and Florida now than at other times and in other places during the U.S. epidemic, leading to speculation that young people are flouting distancing recommendations and packing unsafely into bars.

So we are being told, and I hope the youth is not buying the your sick even though you don't feel it bullshit. 

This is EVIL!

The Trump administration has pointed to the cases among young people, who generally experience milder infections, as well as a nationwide daily death count far below its level in April, to say that the country is not in the same crisis it was in months ago. Administration officials have not rolled out new strategies for mitigating the recent spikes in cases in the South and West.

For some, those idiots thought the drill would be over by now when it is meant to never end.

“Younger Americans have been congregating in ways that may have disregarded the guidance that we gave on the federal level,” Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday on “Face the Nation,” but experts have raised several critiques of the administration’s arguments. Whatever the explanation for the bulk of cases among young people — perhaps it’s changes in testing patterns, perhaps older people are taking precautions to protect themselves — cases building up in a certain population won’t stay in that population. The more virus that’s out there, the likelier it is to reach vulnerable populations, like older residents. Plus, even if younger people are generally less susceptible to severe Covid-19, some will still get seriously ill, require medical care, and die.

Are you sick of the crap qualifiers, and if all that rot is so, why have the youth been lock downed for no reason? 

To destroy their futures and turn them into chipped slaves?

As for deaths, clinicians have gotten better at caring for Covid-19 patients over the months, and perhaps the concentration of cases among younger people is leading to better outcomes, but experts also caution that deaths are a lagging indicator; the time from when someone contracts the virus to when their death is recorded can be weeks. With hospitalizations rising in many states, it’s likely that deaths will follow in time. “There is incredible stress on the system, and it appears that might be getting a whole lot worse over the next few weeks,” said Fred Campbell, an internist at UT Health San Antonio.

You evil bastards!

The situation in San Antonio, where Mayor Ron Nirenberg said cases are rising in “an exponential surge,” led the city to blast out an alert to residents’ phones over the weekend, urging them to stay home and wear masks on essential trips. It was one example of local officials begging for the public’s help, sometimes asking for more than what a state mandates. In Los Angeles County, Barbara Ferrer, the director of public health, said last week that officials “did not expect the increases to be this steep this quickly” about cases rising after reopening, and directed residents to “wear a face covering and keep your distance.” Utah state epidemiologist Angela Dunn on Friday called for “large-scale behavior change on the part of all Utahns to reverse” the record cases the state was seeing.

Be a sheeple!

Time to dump these f**king criminal leaders, folks. 

Jail 'em all!!!

States where transmission is relatively low are also looking to what’s occurring elsewhere to guide their reopening decisions. This week, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy cited “spikes in other states driven by, in part, the return of indoor dining” to push the return of that off “indefinitely.”

Not every state that reopened early is facing an outbreak on the scale of those in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Colorado started to peek out from its shelter-in-place restrictions in late April, without a corresponding surge in cases.

Oddly enough, Colorado is a Democratic electoral state. If you haven't noticed, the surges are in Republican electoral states that Trump desperately needs to keep. Nothing political about the $camdemic, though.

It’s hard to pinpoint any one reason that explains the difference. Colorado had an initial wave of cases, so perhaps residents — who, as a whole, are among the country’s healthiest — take more precautions. The state also reopened as case counts were declining, whereas others lifted restrictions as cases were plateauing or even increasing. Its governor, Jared Polis, stressed mask-wearing starting in April, but cases in recent days have started increasing.

Perhaps I should stop reading this outrageous slop!

“We are on the razor’s edge,” said epidemiologist Elizabeth Carlton of the Colorado School of Public Health. “We have seen this steady decline in hospitalizations since the beginning of April, and that’s great news, but we are starting to see an uptick in cases.”


Carlton noted that accelerating transmission in Arizona and Utah raises the possibility that cases could spill over into Colorado, where there’s not “some magic wand to protect us.” The reproduction number in the state — the average number of cases that come from each case — is about one, she said, which means that its epidemic, while not worsening, is not improving.

“Equilibrium can be good, but it can also be quite nerve-wracking,” Carlton said. “It doesn’t take much to restart the wildfire.”

Burn it all down like BLM!


Where you will soon be shopping:

"Massachusetts moved into Phase 2 of reopening on June 8th. We managed to open our doors to the public on the 9th. We felt strongly that we had to reopen the stores, both for our customers that depend on affordable goods and for the income to support our programs. We have fitting rooms in all of our facilities that are now closed and so we’re constantly having to remind people that it’s not safe to be trying things on and putting them back on the rack. If somebody does try something on that they don’t purchase, we have to put that clothing aside in quarantine. We are giving away pens when people sign for their credit card because it's easier than sanitizing the pen. Certain items have always had to be sanitized. We’ve always had to do that for furniture, any upholstered items. Clothing is something that under normal circumstances we don’t sanitize. Most people do donate things clean. We allow all donations to rest for a period of at least 24 hours before processing. We know that on fabrics, a minimum of 24 hours is basically good enough for any contamination. The coronavirus should no longer be a risk. We do want people to know that when they shop at the Salvation Army, it’s not just making somebody rich. It’s not just supporting a business. It’s not just supporting the employees that are here, but it’s supporting life-changing programs. We have people whose lives depend on the services that we provide....."

Now for the front-page turn-in to page C3:

The state’s economy has been slowly recovering since mid-April as tough containment policies — requiring masks and social distancing, sharply limiting activities both inside and outdoors, ramping up testing and contact-tracingflattened the curve of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths. That allowed Baker to reopen businesses in phases.

About 29,000 people filed for standard unemployment pay in the week ended June 27, the state reported Thursday, compared with an average of 143,000 during the first four weeks of the shutdown in March and April.

Job postings are 14 percent higher than they were at the start of the year, though they haven’t retaken the 2020 peak, reached in February, according to data collected by Opportunity Insights, a research organization based at Harvard University. Still, nearly 1 million people were receiving jobless benefits in mid-June.

I was just going to say over a million unemployed as the math didn't add up while they furiously polished the turd before minimizing it with that last sentence (still, even!).

I mean, this is the sort of $hit journali$m that is being troweled out over at the Bo$ton Globe.

Oh, how far they have fallen.

The Massachusetts rebound has been less robust than in states that reopened earlier, but since the end of June, states with rising COVID-19 cases have seen a dip in economic activity, while Massachusetts continues to improve.

For example, consumer spending in Massachusetts is on the rise, while it has started to decline in Georgia and South Carolina, the Opportunity Insights data show. Small businesses here continue to reopen, while other states are seeing some new closings.

It won't be for much longer.

The setbacks in California — after an early and successful response — have the Massachusetts business community especially concerned that the state will see a relapse in Phase 3 as people mingle more at work and socially. Moreover, all-important consumer confidence could fade as the number of cases and deaths mounts nationally.

This stuff makes you laugh! 

Consumer confidence in an era of onerous regulations and governmental diktats.

Btw, you can bet on the relapse and take it to the bank.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, expected infections to rise when states eased coronavirus rules, but he has been surprised by the high rates being reported.

Not me. The agenda-pushing pre$$ is shameless.

“In June, we were in the camp that our path of infections would follow Europe. We would slowly go to zero and be able to contain it through tracing and testing,” Zandi said. “That is not what is happening. We are on a whole different trajectory.”

Trump's fault.

Forecasters at IHS Market expect the US economy, which tumbled into a recession in February, to snap back sharply in the third and fourth quarters before growth levels off in 2021, but in a report last week they warned that the country could suffer another downturn if a large number of states are forced to resume restrictions and consumers retreat to their homes.

As long as the stock market doesn't suffer another downturn.

Tumbled into recession. As if!

So kind to yourselves over there.

In this scenario, gross domestic product could shrink at an 8 percent annual rate from October through December, and at 12 percent January through March, according to IHS.

Some businesses are already hitting the pause button.

Last week, McDonald’s said it had delayed the resumption of sit-down dining for three weeks. Dunkin’ is holding off setting a date on when it will reopen all of its locations for in-store eating. Like the Golden Arches, Canton-based Dunkin’ has been open for drive-through and carryout service throughout the pandemic.

“We are being extremely conscientious, and it won’t happen until we and our franchisees are ready,” Dunkin’ spokeswoman Michelle King said in a statement.

I wouldn't want to eat anything that comes out either of those places. 


Baker — whose methodical, data-driven approach to the pandemic has won praise from scientists and CEOs alike — is pushing ahead even as his like-minded counterpart in New Jersey last week delayed some of its reopening plans, and New York City reinstated a ban on indoor restaurant service, in response to the widening outbreaks elsewhere.

What data? It's all been ginned up numbers with no context and no details. 

WTF, Globe? 

Why are you sucking his c**k?

The coronavirus hit the Northeast earlier and harder than most of the places now under siege. While states such as Texas and Florida that took a less-aggressive approach backslide, Massachusetts is prepared to move forward — as long we avoid the false sense of security that beset California, business leaders say.

It's over, folks.

“What I am seeing walking around, everyone is taking it very seriously,” Cindy Brown, chief executive of Boston Duck Tours, said of local businesses and their use of faces covers, temperature checks, and other safety protocols. “If we all do the right things, we should be able to proceed safely.”

John Regan, chief executive of Associated Industries of Massachusetts, said the trade group’s business confidence index for June, set to be released Tuesday, will show “dramatic improvement,” but it remains in negative territory.

Although the group’s members are cautiously optimistic, Regan said, “they are resigned to the fact that they will not be truly comfortable until there is a vaccine.”

Got it, and look jwho they next talk to:

Sandy Wycoff, who owns Chatham Clothing Bar, said the potential for another government shutdown “is always in the back of my mind.” Since reopening June 8, sales at her three Cape Cod locations have been stronger than expected, but still far off from a typical summer.

“We could be closed at any moment,” Wycoff said. “We try to get the most out of every day.”

The economy’s path, here and nationally, will hinge on two factors that need to be resolved within a few months, said Zandi, the Moody’s economist.

First, the country must quell the further spread of coronavirus and drive down infection rates. Otherwise, consumer spending, which fuels more than two-thirds of the economy, will dry up.

F**k consumer spending for corporate gain, and remember when it was once about death rates?

You bastards keep moving the f**king goal post with your $hell game. 


Second, Congress and the White House need to reach agreement on another trillion-dollar rescue package focused on jobless benefits, debt relief, and help for renters.

“The real test is coming,” Zandi said.


What have the last four months been then?!!!


The above can be described as nothing else but torture, readers, as I turn to the obituaries that Teitellated me back to the front page:

"The shifts can also be as subtle as a new mindset. That’s what the pandemic has triggered for a 61-year-old Wakefield woman whose husband lives in a nursing home. “Before COVID, I was often sad and lonely and feeling left out of life,” she said, asking her name not be used, but now — especially since her husband contracted and recovered from COVID-19 — she focuses on what she has: a home, a yard, a dog, phone calls with her children and spouse. Laura Carstensen, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, sees two phenomena at work. “When people are reminded of the fragility of life, they see more clearly what’s important and what’s not,” she said. These shifting priorities are typically seen among older people, but in the six months following 9/11, younger people also felt the nearness of death, she said. That’s happening now, too. “With COVID-19, the suddenness with which our world changed is allowing us to look at the culture surrounding us, the social norms, and this lets us see things we would normally never notice,” she said. Or that we do notice — like traffic — but accept as inevitable. “I think we’re going to see a lot of change post-pandemic,” she said. “It will be an accelerator.”

To who$e benefit, and someone survived the nursing home with COVID-19, huh (blog editor simply shakes his head as the credibility of such. More mass-murdering backfill cover. The Globe spends a day on the soldiers and the nursing home scandals and then dutifully moves along)?

Anyway, for most of my life the answer to her question would have been no; however, in these last couple of months the answer has become an emphatic yes. I don't regret a "wasted life" any longer and am happy how I spent it now. I wanted to end up in hell so I could feast on the innards of war criminals, and I'm getting the feeling I'm going to be robbed off that as well just as I have been robbed of opportunity all my life for certain reasons that are not to be disclosed here.

As for the simple enjoyment of life's miraculous gifts? I don't even want to get into it since mine has been filled with an abundance of wildlife and magical events that can only be described as miraculous. Seeing a mother chipmunk rise to the surface with 5 babies and ushering them into the world stands out, as does the bear that came by and spent an evening once. Saw a coyote preying on a cat one time and scared him away as I exited the house early in the dawn. Rabbits galore, and just this past week I watched a father robin feed a fledgling for nearly the entire day before the little guy finally took wing (welling up as I type now. Life!) 

Timing doesn't explain everything. Something else must be at work, and I'm glad I will be long gone before the genocidal eugenicists the Globe is pimping for utterly destroy all life on this planet and usher into their Borg-like pharmaceutical and technological dystopia. Fuck them.