Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Rotten Candy

I dumped out my bag and this is what was in it:

"8 dead as truck careens down bike path in Manhattan in terror attack" by Benjamin Mueller, William K. Rashbaum and Al Baker   November 01, 2017

NEW YORK — A driver plowed a pickup truck down a crowded bike path along the Hudson River in Manhattan on Tuesday, killing eight people and injuring 11 before being shot by a police officer in what officials are calling the deadliest terrorist attack in New York City since Sept. 11. 

Their timing is impeccable. Now no one will be asking about the two NYPD detectives that raped an 18-year-old girl, for starters. More to the agenda than that, I'm sure.

The rampage ended when the motorist — whom police identified as Sayfullo Saipov, 29 — smashed into a school bus, jumped out of his truck, and ran up and down the highway waving a pellet gun and a paintball gun and shouting “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” before he was shot in the abdomen by the officer. He remained in critical condition on Tuesday evening.

Mayor Bill de Blasio declared the episode a terrorist attack, and federal authorities were leading the investigation.....

That's when I stopped reading. I have no idea whether this is a false flag fiction or staged and scripted drill, nor do I even care anymore. The orchestration of these events is getting old.

Beyond that, these narrative-creating devices have become pathetic. The "terrorists" have gone from dropping down iconic skyscrapers to driving trucks into bike paths.


Yes, ‘it was surreal,’ leading me to question the veracity of this mass-casualty event.


Investigators scour driver’s background

From Uzbekistan to Uber driver to terrorist suspect

Yeah, work in a Russian connection, classic crap cover story sh**. 

It's the Tsarnaevs all over again, and wasn't Todashev killed in Tampa?

A look at attacks where vehicles have been used as weapons

Trump tweets plans to step up ‘Extreme Vetting Program’

That just got a big boost, huh?


Terror of False Flag in Manhattan?


What We Know About the “Tampa Man” Attack in New York

Fresh Terrorist Attack Near World Trade Center…Gunman In Truck Kills 6

Which reminds me, the government-cleared JFK files have been reburied.


Also made you forget about the indictments, too!

"Kremlin: Attempts to tie US investigations to Russia ‘baseless’ and ‘ludicrous’" by David Filipov Washington Post  October 31, 2017

MOSCOW — Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the indictments released Monday provided no evidence of Russian meddling.

‘‘From the outset we have been completely baffled over these baseless, unproven accusations against our country, about alleged attempts to interfere with US elections,’’ Peskov told reporters on a conference call. ‘‘We don’t want to be any part of this process, and we’d prefer that these proceedings not facilitate the intensification of Russophobic hysteria that has already exceeded all boundaries.’’

Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and his longtime business partner Rick Gates, were charged in a 12-count indictment with conspiracy to launder money, making false statements, and other charges in connection with their work advising a political party in Ukraine. The regime was toppled by protesters in 2014.

Peskov dismissed a question as to whether the charges against George Papadopoulos provided proof that Russian officials had tried to meddle in the US elections. ‘‘These are ludicrous accusations, ludicrous statements, once again groundless, baseless, and we treat them accordingly,’’ he said.....

Which is how most things in my pre$$ should be taken.



Trump Belittles ‘Low Level’ Adviser Who Tried to Connect With Russia

Ah, finally, the name Podesta in print!

So what is this about a wire on Papadopolous?

Looks like Mueller just torpedoed his own case.

What do the lawyers say?

"The ABA’s ratings once carried significant weight with the US Senate and could doom a nomination, or at least create great doubt about confirmation. Over time, however, they have lost some of their influence, with Republicans essentially ignoring them as politically tinged....."

I think I'll ignore the rest then.

"When it comes to shielding Internet users from foreign influence, nobody does it better than the Chinese. Of course, the US government won’t emulate the Chinese and build a great digital firewall to protect us from Russian propaganda. But that’s just about what we’d have to do to eliminate the threat [from] social media. The problem isn’t that we’re being bombarded by Russian propaganda. It’s that until recently we didn’t realize we were. Now the scope of the problem has been revealed. We know, for instance, that over a two-year period, up to 126 million Americans were reached by Russian messages through Facebook alone. I don’t much mind that; what bothers me is that most of those Americans had no idea they were viewing messages from the Kremlin. We need to fix that. Start with paid ads. The Russians are covering their tracks. They know Americans, perhaps better than we know ourselves. They realized that if they did their dirty work in daylight, most of us would tune it out. So let’s live up to the Russians’ expectations. What we need from our government and the social networks isn’t censorship, but clarity. Americans will withstand Russian attacks on our democracy, as long as we can see them coming....." 

Even if they are in the shadows

Of course, not one drop of urine regarding the Clinton's use of Russian sources to compile the pee dossier today. Coverage dried up, yet there is still the smell.

"US intelligence agencies have concluded that President Vladimir Putin of Russia tried to sway the election in favor of President Trump, beyond just posting disruptive content on social media. Russian operatives also hacked Democratic e-mail accounts and released messages embarrassing to Hillary Clinton’s campaign....." 

Bray said something about tuning them out, right?

"Recorded Future, a Somerville startup that provides businesses with real-time information about potential online threats, said Tuesday that it has raised $25 million in a new funding round led by New York-based Insight Venture Partners. It plans to use the money to continue to develop the machine-learning technology that helps it scan the digital landscape — including social mediafor risks. Recorded Future said it has raised about $58 million to date and has 164 employees. CEO Christopher Ahlberg stated that the new investment allows Recorded Future to “supercharge our efforts to explore new solutions to the issues plaguing the cybersecurity industry both today and in the future.” 

Cui bono?


I think you can excuse some New Englanders for being still in the dark.

Sewage overflows into Merrimack River after treatment plant loses power

FEMA chief says agency didn’t approve Whitefish contract

Pruitt guts EPA science panels, will appoint new members

Climbing to be banned on sacred red rock formation Uluru

Methane is considered about 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in the atmosphere, but that would require closer scrutiny of the oil and gas industry while at the same time undercutting the rationale for a carbon tax. Therefore you can't smell the pollution seeping from your streets.

Btw, this might be Boston’s warmest October ever (what is with the plane in the sunset mental trigger mindf*** anyway)?


Speaking of mind manipulation:

"Dartmouth College professors face criminal investigation for alleged sexual misconduct" by Deirdre Fernandes Globe Staff  October 31, 2017

HANOVER, N.H. — In Dartmouth College’s close-knit psychology department, the professors were known for their engaging teaching style and their prolific research, which drew attention from the press and millions of dollars from the federal government.

But now the three scientists are at the center of a criminal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct that have unsettled the small Ivy League institution.

New Hampshire state authorities announced Tuesday that they had launched a criminal investigation into the matter involving the professors. No charges have been filed and it is unclear what the allegations are.

Dartmouth had earlier placed the professors on paid leave and barred them from accessing university property pending its own investigation.

“We will go wherever the evidence takes us,” said Jane Young, New Hampshire associate attorney general.

Yeah, sure.

The case has snowballed in the past week from a matter that the college was quietly handling internally to one that now involves local and state police. It also adds to the growing number of sexual misconduct and harassment accusations being brought against high-profile professors on college campuses across the country.

“It’s clear that it’s a cultural tipping point,” said David Sanford, a New York attorney who represents several women who have accused professors at Columbia University of sexual harassment and professional retaliation. “I don’t think people fully appreciated that there are serious problems in higher education. There has been a cone of silence. You’re dealing with famous professors, who bring fame to the universities, attract graduate students to the universities, and bring money to the universities.”



"Men prevail as long as women let them — whether it’s by rationalizing a vote for Bill Clinton or Donald Trump, despite allegations of sexual harassment or assault, or by dismissing the women who make such charges as crybabies or vengeful feminists. Those women who speak up should be celebrated for their bravery, not scorned for their truth-telling. They are agents of cultural change, whose voices need to be heard — and respected — if the Weinstein scandal is to mean something more than the outing of some elite men in Hollywood and the media....."

Ah, the poster girl salute again, and she is not alone

They covered Kevin Spacey in a different piece:

"Kevin Spacey is one of several Hollywood figures to be named in allegations of sexual harassment and abuse in entertainment, media, and other industries. The avalanche of allegations began earlier this month after The New York Times published a story alleging that producer Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed numerous women. The fallout for Spacey included the loss of an award he was to get this month from The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The group says ‘‘it will not honor Kevin Spacey with the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award,’’ which is to honor ‘‘an individual who crosses cultural boundaries to touch humanity.’’ A release date for the final ‘‘House of Cards’’ episodes has yet to be announced. Netflix is developing a possible spinoff of the award-winning drama that helped put the streaming service on the TV series map (AP)."

Also see

"Actor Jeremy Piven is being accused of sexually harassing an actress while working on “Entourage,” the hit HBO show produced by Mark Wahlberg. Ariane Bellamar, who’s now a reality TV personality, tweeted that Piven cornered her in his trailer and groped her breasts and buttocks. Bellamar, a former Playboy Playmate, claims Piven did the same thing to her — “forcefully fondled my breasts & bum” — at the Playboy Mansion, and also sent her “abusive, explicit” text messages. Piven, who played Hollywood super agent Ari Gold on “Entourage,” has not responded to Bellamar’s allegations. He’s the latest alleged abuser to be called out in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, joining journalist Mark Halperin, director James Toback, magazine editor Leon Wieseltier, and photographer Terry Richardson. Bellamar, who went on to appear on “Beverly Hills Nannies” and “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” posted a picture of herself on Instagram Tuesday with this caption: “#HAPPYHALLOWEEN! This year I’m going as ‘the hoe that deserved to be sexually assaulted ’cause she showed her cleavage’! #slutshaming #MeToo.”

Two women lodge complaints against NPR’s top editor

It's exposing a deep divide and makes you want to rinse your mouth out.

There is also a Pats hater on the front page?


This was my printed National lead:

"John Kelly calls Robert E. Lee an ‘honorable man’ and says ‘lack of compromise’ caused the Civil War" by Greg Jaffe and Anne Gearan The Washington Post  October 31, 2017

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, the White House got a lesson in the downsides of relying on generals in times of political crisis.

John F. Kelly, a retired Marine four star and the White House chief of staff, was brought to the White House over the summer in an attempt to impose order on a chaotic policy process and feuding staff, and has received generally high marks on that score.

He bolted shut the open door to the Oval Office and banished ideologues such as former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, but the former general has struggled in the more political aspects of his job and, at times, has seemed to be a detriment to a White House reeling from a series of self-inflicted wounds.

Kelly’s public stumbles highlight the downsides of relying heavily on current and military brass to fill political jobs traditionally filled by civilians.

In addition to Kelly, Trump has turned to an active duty three-star general, H.R. McMaster, to act as his national security adviser and a retired Marine four star, Jim Mattis, to serve as his secretary of defense.

The White House’s national security staff, meanwhile, is composed of an unusually large number of current and former military officers.....

That was no problem when the AmeriKan ma$$ media hired them all to sell the Iraq War for Bush, and the airwaves are still populated with the very same people.


Nothing regarding Trump's Benghazi today.

Also see:

Analysis: Trump’s tweets come back to trouble him in transgender military case

After delay, Trump, Pence portraits finally released

GOP’s Hensarling joins ranks of retiring lawmakers

The decision brings the number of House GOP departures or announced retirees to more than two dozen.

You will be getting a Democrat-controlled House next year, America. Read it here first.

Alabama’s Moore lunches with Senate Republicans

They probably keep the Senate but fall far short of winning the hoped-for filibuster proof Senate and 60-vote threshold for closure. Read it here first.


"South Korea and China move to normalize relations after THAAD conflict" by Adam Taylor Washington Post  October 31, 2017

SEOUL — China is South Korea’s largest trading partner and it used this economic clout to punish Korean businesses when the anti-missile system was deployed. Trips by Chinese tour groups to South Korea were suspended, with the number of Chinese visitors dropping 60 percent in the first nine months of the year compared to 2016, according to figures released by the World Bank.

Korean-owned businesses also suffered boycotts and bans in China. The situation was especially difficult for the Lotte conglomerate, which had allowed its land to be used for the installation of the THAAD system. Last month, it announced it would be selling off its supermarkets in China after most were shut down for fire code violations and other alleged infractions.

President Moon Jae-in’s new South Korean government had recently made a number of moves to ease China’s anxiety. The moves had been received warmly in China’s state run press, with the nationalist Global Times newspaper saying that the ‘‘proactive’’ stance of Moon’s government was ‘‘a new gesture that is welcomed.’’


Also seeSamsung names new executives

RelatedTrump will not visit DMZ during Asia trip

The Chinese did offer him a token gesture of respect in advance of his trip.

200 feared dead after tunnel collapses at North Korean nuclear test site

Looks like the issue of nuclear disarmament is dead.

"Sony Corp. reported Tuesday that its fiscal second-quarter profit zoomed by 26-fold from the same period last year, boosted by the success of its image sensors, game products, and the latest ‘‘Spider-Man’’ movie. Tokyo-based Sony recorded a July-September profit of $1.2 billion....."

Police find severed heads in coolers in serial killer case that stuns Japan The decomposing remains of eight women and one man were found in the apartment.


"A suicide bomber struck near the US Embassy in Afghanistan’s capital on Tuesday, killing five people in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group....."

German police foil attack plot with arrest of Syrian man, was motivated by extremist Islamic ideology.

They really had a busy day yesterday.

A Syrian man mourned next to the bodies of children after the government allegedly shelled their school Tuesday.

I'm tired of woman and children being waved at me in service of the war agenda while those slaughtered by the Empire are quickly buried -- if covered at all.

Mexico’s Day of the Dead mourns quake victims

In what language?


And once you finally get it:

They are developmentally disabled adults.

The congregation had shrunk from “over 400 to 50.”

I'll be brief with the rest:


This after we were told premiums were going to soar after Trump took away the subsidies!

"US stocks inched ahead on Tuesday after the makers of Kellogg’s cereal and Oreo cookies joined the parade of companies reporting stronger-than-expected profits....."

That's good because Trump’s choice to run the Export-Import Bank called it ‘‘taxpayer funded welfare for megacorporations.’’ 

"American consumers are the most confident they’ve been in nearly 17 years, more good news for an already healthy economy. A healthy job market contributed to the mood. Unemployment is at a 16-year low of 4.2 percent [and] jobs were ‘‘plentiful.’’ 

Yeah, the good times are rollin', and never discount the ability of people to see what they want to see.

Number of Americans planning a vacation just hit a record high 

Just planning, not taking.

Well, I had enough Globe candy for today. If there is anything leftover it is yours.

So what did you go as for Halloween, readers?