Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday's Outing

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Only to then stare this in face:

"Fenway Health CEO resigns over handling of harassment complaints" by Beth Healy and Sacha Pfeiffer Globe Staff  December 10, 2017

The chief executive of Fenway Community Health Center resigned Sunday, under pressure from the board of directors, employees, and donors over his handling of complaints that a prominent doctor had allegedly sexually harassed and bullied staff members there for years.

Dr. Stephen L. Boswell’s departure after 20 years as chief executive came two days after a Globe investigation published online Friday detailed allegations of harassment and bullying by Dr. Harvey J. Makadon.

They don't mean the other one they shamelessly and cowardly dumped at the same time, and which is now down the ol' memory hole.

Makadon, 70, allegedly sexually harassed at least three male employees at Fenway Health and bullied both male and female co-workers, according to current and former employees of the Boston-based medical institution, known for its pioneering care and advocacy for LGBT patients.

Another Hef?

The first serious complaint against Makadon was filed in 2013, according to interviews with current and former employees and documents reviewed by the Globe. But it wasn’t until this spring that Makadon, who was director of education and training at the Fenway Institute, Fenway’s research arm, was forced to resign.

Boswell in 2015 allegedly ignored an outside law firm’s explicit recommendation to fire Makadon, the Globe reported Friday. Boswell also failed to inform the board of the Makadon allegations, including those resulting in a $75,000 settlement last year with a former male employee, according to three employees and an internal document compiled by some employees to summarize events related to Makadon.

In a statement Sunday afternoon, the board’s executive committee announced Boswell was no longer employed by the organization.

The committee appointed M. Jane Powers, Fenway’s director of behavioral health and the only woman in senior management, as interim chief, while a search is conducted for a permanent replacement.

Related (?):

"The family of an Iraqi-American scientist who helped develop a pioneering drug for congestive heart failure has established a scholarship program for Muslim-American women that named its first recipients in the fall. The program, at the Dearborn-based Center for Arab American Philanthropy with money from Dr. Adawia Alousi’s family trust, is believed to be the first of its kind for Muslim-American women studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics....."

Makes it sound like women never studied the stuff in other countries.

“Fenway exists to enhance the well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, and all people in our neighborhoods and beyond,’’ the board statement said. “Fenway Health is bigger than any single person.”

Making this particularly egregious!

The ouster was a dramatic turnabout from Friday, when Fenway’s chairman, Robert H. Hale, had issued a statement in response to Globe questions, saying the board was continuing to back Boswell, despite concerns about his handling of the Makadon situation.

Anyone questioning the Globe, or are they refusing to answer?

Boswell, now 61, joined Fenway in 1994 and served as medical director. He became chief executive in 1997 and is credited with helping build Fenway into an institution with a $100 million budget that employs about 500 people and serves 29,500 patients annually.

The Fenway board approved a new contract for Boswell in late spring, just months after learning about the Makadon allegations. Boswell had total compensation of $456,158 in fiscal 2015, the latest tax filing accessible in GuideStar, a website that compiles nonprofit financial data.

A nonprofit is simply a polite way of saying looters.

Makadon’s alleged unwelcome touching of some male co-workers was widely known, according to three female former employees who witnessed it or were told of the behavior by alleged victims. It also was well known that Makadon, a prominent advocate for LGBT health care and a former chairman of the Fenway board, at times yelled at and belittled both male and female staff members, current and former employees said.

Makadon, in phone interviews, denied he sexually harassed co-workers and said Fenway executives did not present to him the allegations being brought to light in this report.

“Any allegation that my behavior at Fenway was sexually abusive in any way is completely untrue,’’ Makadon said in a statement.

Interviews and documents reviewed by the Globe detailed behavior by Makadon from 2013 through 2016 that allegedly involved uninvited touching of at least three Fenway employees — unwanted shoulder and neck rubs, a hand on a knee, hovering too close at a work station, and in the worst case, allegedly putting his hand into the back of someone’s pants. Employees also reported persistent dinner invitations and, in some instances, unwanted touching at off-site events.

Like the Globe reporter that was given the heave-ho?

In three sexual harassment cases where formal complaints were made, male employees reported being made to feel uncomfortable while alone in Makadon’s office with the door shut. One man started keeping a chair between himself and Makadon to prevent unwanted touching at his cubicle, according to a lawyer’s letter reviewed by the Globe and interviews with former Fenway co-workers.

Some employees who complained about Makadon’s behavior were advised to toughen up, according to the sources, and were told it was just “Harvey being Harvey.”


Almost worse than Makadon’s alleged behavior, current and former employees said, was Fenway’s failure to stop it — particularly at an institution whose mission has long been to protect and advocate for a population that has faced oppression and violence.

Fenway’s chairman, Hale, said executives did speak about the allegations with Makadon. He also said that once the board learned of the behavior, it “took prompt and appropriate action to address the matter.”


The alleged victims and witnesses coming forward about Makadon, and Fenway’s handling of the complaints against him, have been emboldened by the wave of sexual harassment cases sweeping the nation.

The Fenway employees who spoke to the Globe asked not to be identified, for fear of retaliation and losing their jobs. Former employees asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.....


Makes me wonder if there is any sexual harassment issues at another Fenway institution (hint: sound of bat knocking ball).

Speaking of the owner's box:

"A brand new Boston, even whiter than the old" The Spotlight Team

Monday, December 11, 2017

In Boston’s thriving Seaport, the pre-dawn joggers are almost all white. The morning rush of commuters — lawyers, accountants, scientists, and financiers — includes very few black faces. The same whiteness dominates night life at the Envoy Hotel’s roof-top bar, such restaurants as Strega Waterfront and Babbo Pizzeria e Enoteca, bowling at Kings Dining & Entertainment, and the yoga and exercise classes out on Seaport Common.

How white? This white: Lenders have issued only three residential mortgages to black buyers in the Seaport’s main census tracts, out of 660 in the past decade. The population is 3 percent black and 89 percent white with a median household income of nearly $133,000, the highest of any Boston ZIP code, according to recent US census estimates.

But what happened in the Seaport is not just the failure to add a richly diverse neighborhood to downtown. It is also an example of how the city’s black residents and businesses missed out on the considerable wealth created by the building boom. This is a city in which blacks are almost a quarter of the population, and their tax dollars were part of what helped jump-start the new Seaport.

There is still time, isn't there? 

Yeah, you wuz just unlucky.

The Spotlight Team scrutinized the Seaport in its examination of whether Boston still deserves its reputation as an inhospitable place for blacks.


Despite the vision decades ago by the city’s top development official as a place “for all Bostonians” to reconnect with the waterfront, the Seaport has become like an exclusive club created, frequented, and populated almost exclusively by the white and the wealthy.

The Seaport offered the potential to do more than build glass towers with harbor views. After decades of government investment, it offered a chance to build something not just new, but different. It offered a chance to make inclusivity a real priority by pushing for diverse development teams and businesses that reached beyond the clubby world of Boston’s traditional powerbrokers to share prosperity.

Consider the predicament faced by a prominent local black investment manager when Boston hosted the National Association of State Treasurers’ conference in September. He wanted to show off the city’s hot new neighborhood to a diverse contingent of officials from across the country, but he did not want them to be the only people of color in a restaurant or bar.

Diversity was never a real priority, and now some black leaders say the neighborhood has perpetuated the racial and economic segregation that have always bedeviled Boston.

Some are having a renaissance as they return home.

The Seaport’s whiteness is not the result of overt prejudice, they say, but rather a symptom that indicates Boston has not addressed systemic issues involving race. Billions of dollars in public investment offered leverage to push harder for inclusion, but some believe government officials squandered that chance to enrich all Bostonians, including black residents.

Yeah, blame the same government you elitists control! Wow! The rabble is racist but not the $upremaci$ts in charge of the business community and Globe. Yep!

Capitalism may have fueled the current demand for million-dollar condominiums, but the Seaport’s history is more complicated than free market prices. Like so much of Boston, a large share of the land began as clam flats and tidal marshes, and public money was used to transform it.

Prepare for bucketloads of sh*t.

In 1869, the state Legislature voted to commit $5 million -- in what today would be an estimated $97 million -- in government bonds to subsidize an effort by railroad companies to fill clam flats and build wharves. It eventually became a sprawling railroad yard that moved primarily coal from ocean liners to freight trains bound for Hartford, New Haven, New York, and Philadelphia.

A decline accelerated after World War II, and by the early 1960s, the land became home to Anthony’s Pier 4, a popular waterfront restaurant. It sat in an empty expanse of parking lots and rotting wharfs that became known for failed real estate deals and gangland shootings.

Government interceded again. Taxpayers cleaned the filthy harbor ($4.7 billion), constructed a tunnel through the neighborhood to the airport ($12 billion), built a sprawling convention center ($850 million), extended the Silver Line ($601 million), and built a federal courthouse ($223 million). At least $200 million more in property tax breaks and other financial incentives encouraged construction of office towers and hotels.

Two decades ago city planners envisioned a vibrant Seaport. It may now be flourishing, but the financial crash of 2008 halted almost all optimism. As the economy emerged from the Great Recession, the Seaport regained momentum. Tax breaks continued.....

The breaks went to an "overwhelmingly white industry, but high-powered black developers do exist in other cities." 


Maybe the Globe can set you up:

"For $1,000, Boston dating service disappoints a client" by Sean P. Murphy Globe Staff  December 11, 2017

Recently divorced and lonely, Tom Bluthardt turned to the Internet to find true love or at least some reasonably compatible women to date.

It was not cheap. Bluthardt paid $1,000 to get listed for one year with Boston Matchmakers, one of an expanding number of businesses that promise help to the lovelorn. That was in February. He imagined he would get a couple of dates a month. But since then, he’s been out only once, with a woman he described as very nice, but not for him.

Seven months have passed without so much as a just-checking-in e-mail from Boston Matchmakers. He says he wasted his money, though he readily admits not reading the contract (with its “no guarantees” disclaimer) carefully enough.

What bothers me is that I got a lot of fast-talking, too.....

Sorry to stand you up.


I think his expectations were too high.

"In unusual murder trial, alleged foes are codefendants" by Laura Crimaldi Globe Staff  December 10, 2017

As the carefree Caribbean carnival parade known as J’ouvert rolled down Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester, Keith Williams and Wesson Colas allegedly confronted each other with guns in hand. Williams fired, but Colas did not, prosecutors said.

Caught in the middle on Aug. 23, 2014, was Dawnn Jaffier, 26, a bystander and youth mentor who was shot in the head after stepping out of the joyous procession. A second woman was shot in the leg but survived.

Kinda ruined the fun.

Three years later, Williams, 21, and Colas, 25, will sit just feet apart Monday in Suffolk Superior Court in a trial with an unusual legal twist: The adversaries are simultaneously facing first-degree murder charges, even though only Williams is accused of pulling the trigger.

Defense attorneys, who had attempted to separate the cases, must navigate difficult legal terrain as they endeavor to fight the prosecution in a courtroom where the codefendants are also foes. Williams and Colas have pleaded not guilty.

“It’s going to be difficult for the two defense attorneys to not implicate the other side,” said attorney Christopher Belezos, who is not involved in the case but has defended clients in similar legal predicaments. “I think it’s going to make the prosecution’s case easier.”

Prosecutors said the case against Williams and Colas is based on a 1997 Supreme Judicial Court ruling, which found that rivals who participate in a gun battle resulting in the death of a third person may be held liable “even if it was the defendant’s opponent who fired the fatal shot.”

In announcing the charges against the three men, authorities said the defendants had gang ties, but jurors won’t hear about those alleged connections, court papers show. The prosecution and defense agreed not to raise the issue because authorities don’t believe gang affiliations instigated the violence.

Anim Aweh, who grew up with Jaffier, said she is hoping for justice.....


Shouldn't she be expecting?


She is just trying to “move on with [her life],” and #MeToo.


"Alabama senator bucks GOP in voting against Moore" by Kim Chandler Associated Press  December 11, 2017

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The accusations against Republican Roy Moore have left many GOP voters and leaders in a quandary. Voters face the decision of whether to vote for Moore, accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers decades ago when he was a county prosecutor, or sending Democrat Doug Jones to Washington, which would narrow the GOP’s already precarious majority in the Senate.

They also could write in a name on their ballots or simply stay home. Meanwhile, most GOP politicians in the state must run for reelection next year — where they will face Moore’s enthusiastic voting base at the polls.

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby said allegations that Moore had molested a 14-year-girl in particular were a ‘‘tipping point’’ in disqualifying him. His latest comments cast fresh doubt on a former judge that President Trump and most Republican leaders in Alabama are backing to help maintain the party’s narrow 52-to-48 majority in the Senate.

Shelby’s outspokenness against a man who could become his colleague was the exception rather than the rule among Republican leaders in Alabama.

He is a creature of Wa$hington now.

Alabama officeholders who said they intended to vote for Moore often cited the need to keep the seat in Republican hands.

On Sunday, Shelby acknowledged that if Moore is elected, he would probably have to be seated in the Senate but that an Ethics Committee investigation was already been contemplated to remove him. ‘‘I think that the Senate has to look at who is fit to serve in the Senate,’’ he said.

OMFG! Look who is talking. 

What this tells you is Moore will win, then he will be removed and the Republican governor will appoint a Republican.

Senator Luther Strange, who lost to Moore in the Republican primary, has also said the decision is up to voters. ‘‘I’m staying out of it now,’’ he said.

Moore has been a rare sight in the days ahead of the vote. He has appeared at only a handful of rallies in front of friendly audiences and steadfastly has shunned reporters from the mainstream media.....

He's doing a Hillary Clinton impersonation?


I'm told ‘‘there’s a lot of smoke,’’ and there has ‘‘got to be some fire somewhere.’’


Progressive pastors call on Roy Moore to quit Senate race

The Globe even went down and talked to them, and they are doing it out of spite.

Brookline attorney files complaint urging Roy Moore’s law license be revoked

Isn't that out of his jurisdiction?

Trump supports Moore in Alabama despite allegations

Trump chooses legislative agenda over repulsion of Moore

A woman approached The Washington Post with a dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore

They were unable to confirm its Veritas.

President Trump won’t campaign for Roy Moore, but blasts his opponent

Nothing about Lee Busby in there.

Moore struggling to raise donations

Trump and Republicans back Moore

McConnell says he’ll let Alabama voters ‘make the call’

Bannon riles up Moore’s backers

"Moore’s candidacy has tracked Trump’s in more ways than one. Both men were badly outspent by the competition. Both men have also been marred by scandal....."

Here is why Roy Moore will win, and you can blame the white women.


Huge wildfire flares up near Calif. coastal areas

Caused a plane crash I see. 

Where is the EPA anyway? 

Anybody even give 'em a call?


Thousands in Lebanon protest Trump’s Jerusalem decision

I'm seeing the Saudi hand behind these controlled protests that are giving cover for Israel to attack Palestinians, and the part where Nikki Haley said the backlash has been relatively low has been banished down the pre$$ memory hole.

Pentagon foresees at least two more years of combat in Somalia

According to the NYT, they are going around Trump regarding the review process. 

Welcome to a military dictatorship, America!

3 people arrested in firebomb attack on Swedish synagogue

More self-inflicted anti-semitic acts to generate sympathy for the Jewish cause.

RelatedExplosion near Port Authority in New York

It's so transparent now it is silly.

Calais ferry runs aground with 300 onboard; no one hurt

Bad weather

"Several thousand supporters of opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili rallied in the Ukrainian capital’s main Independence Square, which was the focus of massive protests that drove Ukraine’s former Russia-friendly president from power in February 2014, and....."


UN ambassador Nikki Haley says Trump’s accusers ‘should be heard’ 

It's all about removing Trump!

Trump to make case for GOP tax overhaul

Yeah, we are all going to get f***ed first.

Meanwhile, in Venezuela and Honduras....


It's now or never..... so step off then!


Maybe changing his brand would help Roy Moore.


"The records show the work of a jihadi hive mind — a system of armaments production that combined research and development, mass production, and organized distribution to amplify the militant organization’s endurance and power....."

The PentagonNope, it's the U.S.-created, supported, and directed ISIS (I'll give you one guess from where they got the stuff)!!

The rest is pure Jew York Times bovine excrement, and they wave 137 Syrian (not Yemeni) children at you at the end. What a surprise, huh?


"The 32-year-old counts himself lucky to have had a “recovery coach” guiding him on his journey from treatment to sobriety. She told him where to apply for benefits, drove him to his first post-treatment sober house, stayed until he was comfortable there, and took his middle-of-the-night phone calls when worries kept him awake. Today, living in a sober house and working full time, Derek meets with her about once every two weeks. They are seen as peers able to guide and mentor, encouraging people to enter treatment or helping them keep on track in recovery....."

Mentors sometimes sex abuse, and he was sentenced there by Stalin's drug courts (gotta love that heroin dealer)-- or the union(?). Where the stuff comes from, how it gets here, where the drug loot is laundered, is never addressed in this campaign of compassion for addicts amidst the substance abuse industrial complex that is being constructed.

"The fifth-grader paused over his poster board, marker in hand, then turned to his friends. “How do you spell ‘illegal?’ ” The boy was among the children making protest signs on Sunday morning at the Boston Workmen’s Circle Center for Jewish Culture & Social Justice Sunday School in Brookline....."

Shouldn't the kid know how to spell that, and maybe he should be spending more time on his spelling lessons rather than being used as a political tool of protest?

Brandeis celebrates professors’ Nobel Prize

Awarding one to Obama made the thing worthless and nothing but a self-aggrandizing, self-adulating award of elites even with the orgy and pop shot over at Brandeis.


Hanukkah events light up Greater Boston

At this point, yeah.

Teacher uses Tom Brady cutouts to get cars to slow down in school zone

Tawwmy is part of the club!


MBTA holds rescue training for first responders

Another staged and scripted crisis drill false flag gone live coming to Bo$ton as a Xmas present? Been four years now.


Net neutrality fight isn’t over yet

Same guy told me it was much ado about nothing.

Investors see big money in infertility. And they’re transforming the industry

Don't they have a pill for that, and all of a $udden the sterilization by vaccination and impotence caused by pollution "conspiracy" theories no longer seem so far fetched.

Mass. is tackling marijuana rules this week. Here’s what to watch for

I'll pass. You can sift through that if you like.


"More private university chiefs top $2m as pay keeps climbing" by Collin Binkley Associated Press  December 10, 2017

Presidents at America’s private universities saw their pay increase by 9 percent in 2015, with several topping $2 million in total earnings.

The average total compensation was nearly $570,000, including salary, bonuses, and benefits, according to a survey of 500 schools released Sunday by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Among the highest earners were 10 who made more than $2 million. 48 made at least $1 million.

Topping the list was Wake Forest University’s Nathan Hatch, whose total pay of $4 million included a payment of nearly $3 million as a perk for leading the North Carolina school for 10 years.

The 0.1% are so awash in loot they are just looking for ways to give it away.

Hatch was followed by Emory University’s James Wagner, who received $3.5 million, and the University of Southern California’s C.L. Max Nikias, with $3.2 million.

Emory said its president’s pay is ‘‘consistent with that of other top university presidents in the nation, particularly those who lead major research universities.’’

Are you kids tired of that excuse to loot yet, or have you learned nothing at all?