Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Globe Special: Downtown Dining

It was front page fare:

You might call it the Financial District — but these days it’s full of tech companies

The Globe sets the climate for you....

For evangelicals, climate change causes a split between young and old that could hurt Republicans

.... before serving the dish below the fold and hot out of the oven:

Remembering the horror of the Brookline clinic shootings, 25 years later

Speaking of abortions, page A2 brings:

Somalia bombing kills nearly 80, raising fears of resurgent militancy

Just when we were leaving, too!

Norwegian spy jailed by Russia is free

He’s angry, but not at Moscow.

Latin America’s fight against corruption stalls

Returned to a war zone

The New York Times then throws the book at China:

China blocks American books as trade war simmers

American languishes in Russian prison

It's Trump that has abandoned him.

Biden says no ‘legal basis’ exists for the Senate to seek his testimony

Claims he won't comply with a subpoena because there would be no “legal basis,” and the stench of hypocrisy couldn't be stronger.

Newseum hailed free press, but got beaten by free museums

Science Under Attack

By guess who.

After ICE raids, a reckoning in Mississippi’s chicken country

The turn-ins regarding the meals follow before the obituaries lead to this:

They can’t get enough of ‘The West Wing’ right now

I'm told many liberal and independent-leaning fans see the show is an idealistic alternative reality.

Speaking of such things:

Sanders touts his health plan in N.H.

As Mayor Pete plunges in the polls.

Construction worker killed in accident while helping set up First Night

No health care needed there :(

‘God is not a “he,” ’ says 90-year-old founder of R.I. girls’ school

I suppose the construction worker would know.

So she designed woman in her own image, huh?

Police ask public’s help in finding suspect in Starbucks drive-through robbery

They are in hot pursuit.