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Sunday Globe Special: France Stinks

"As unions protest labor laws, garbage, and resentment, pile up in Paris" by Adam Nossiter New York Times  June 11, 2016

PARIS — In the city’s mean season of terrorist attacks, floods, unending demonstrations and work stoppages, a days-old garbage strike was the latest insult just as the weather warmed and noisy soccer fans poured into France for the European Championship soccer tournament. No end is in sight.

The unions said they would not back down, as did the government. Many of Air France’s pilots announced that they, too, would join the strikes. The crews of express, suburban, regional and intercity trains are all on strike, and they voted Friday to carry on with the work stoppage.

Mostly the workers are protesting much-contested changes to France’s rigid labor code that somewhat loosen employment regulations. A huge demonstration against the changes, already weakened by government concessions, is planned for Tuesday.

France appeared to be falling apart again.

Tourism is way down this year in Paris, among the world’s most-visited cities: It fell 15.5 percent in the first two months, with the greatest drop among Japanese visitors. The threat of terrorism is the principal reason.

TOO BAD! You governments want to go along with all the false flag garbage then reap what ye sow.

The director of France’s domestic intelligence agency, Patrick Calvar, recently told a parliamentary commission that France remained the No. 1 target of the Islamic State group.

Not after Orlando

Heading on in the sports jock talk was how this alleged lone gunman(sigh) was a self-hating gay now. That's apparently part of the back story (and a sign of mind control?) that is being officially released.

The worst is confirmed with there now being four articles above the fold and coverage running from page A2 to A4-A7 with pages A10 and A11 taken up with four more pieces along with two Metro leads on flip side (complete with heroes on turn-in). 

The agenda becomes clear in an instant: Obama's last ditch effort at gun control along with online censorship (because the lone gunman(!!) was inspired by radical material he found online). 

Maybe if the government stopped running those sites and creating, funding, and damn near directing them through their proxies and allies he wouldn't have been. 

 I hate to say it, but there is no doubt this helps Trump, what with the administration swamping us with war refugees (vetted by the government, of course), even as the victims are also waved at us.

Yup, they let another one slip through(sigh), meaning all the surveillance and all the tyranny is worthless and a complete failure. It's almost unimaginable. It means all the vigilance and they still can't catch the terrorists. The gay angle also provides a two birds with one stone push to the agenda by commingling terror with the issue.

Yeah, it is literally all one big production.

Also see: 

Here we go, Orlando 

So the sports guys are right about his sexual preference?


He had FBI handlers, too?

Orlando Update: The Laughing Cop 

That's a key clue to a crisis drill, and what was with the delay?

The Surveillance State Didn’t Stop the Orlando Shooting — Nor Will the Resultant Police State

How can they stop what they facilitate?

US Law Enforcement Knew Florida Shooter BEFORE Shooting

5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the Orlando Shooting 

There are more but those are a good start with fine analysis.

CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to “Informants”

Media Refusing to Cover Numerous Witness Accounts of Multiple Shooters in Orlando Massacre

What else are they refusing to cover? 

I don't know if you have been in the club or not, but it's time for a reality check regarding mass murder and what really happened.

Not all of Paris is covered in uncollected garbage. Half of the city’s 20 arrondissements, or districts, are served by private companies that continue to collect the trash, and many streets are unaffected.

Must be the rich areas, and one wonders why this was presented upon a Sunday morning.

Still, it “could be a lot worse,” and the government’s transportation secretary warned that he would not allow the Euro tournament — which is expected to draw about 2.5 million visitors — to be disrupted, and he threatened to force train conductors back to work. Soccer fans reported little trouble in reaching the stadium on Friday night, according to French media.

Yup, everything could be worse and the games will go on.

Things could get worse before they get better....

Well, yeah, and then the NYT turns to a Communist for comment! 

That's where I stopped logging print.

There were faint rays of hope by Saturday morning. The Café de la Tourellereported that the trash had been picked up from the Rue Hautefeuille. And the French national soccer team won its opening-night match against Romania.

“France is breathing a little easier this morning,” a commentary in Le Parisien said.

(Blog editor just shakes head)


So how many goals did they score?

"French protest against bill tampering with 35-hour workweek" by Samuel Petrequin Associated Press  March 10, 2016

PARIS — Tens of thousands of people protested across France on Wednesday against President Francois Hollande’s determination to achieve what his conservative predecessor didn’t even dare to try — tamper with the 35-hour workweek.

So much for that $ociali$t government, 'eh? They working for the bankers, too!

So how much is France spending reoccupying and patrolling Africa anyway?

Workers, the unemployed, and youths joined forces Wednesday, answering calls from student organizations and unions in more than 200 French cities to try to kill the bill, which has even divided Hollande’s Socialist party.

The proposals have turned all major employee unions and youth organizations against the government. With next year’s presidential election looming and Hollande’s popularity having reached its nadir, legislation to make it easier for companies to end employment deals is fueling discontent in a country badly hit by the economic downturn.

All the print I was going to give you.

‘‘This law is even more shocking that it has been drafted by Socialists,’’ said a telecom company employee who asked to be identified only as Manuel, saying he didn’t want to give his full name for fear of reprisals from his bosses.

‘‘This law is just aiming at making layoffs easier for companies,’’ he said during a large gathering on Paris’s Place de la Republique.

Protesters at the Place de la Republique united around slogans such as ‘‘Loi El Khomri, Vie pourrie,’’ which translates as ‘‘El Khomri Law, Rotten Life.’’ The planned reform is referred as the El Khomri law, after Labor Minister Myriam El Khomri.

‘‘I think it’s crucial to move forward, especially on the working hours issue,’’ El Khomri said. ‘‘Of course we listen to the people. Of course we listen to the unions.’’

Several high schools across France were blocked off by students who set up barricades with garbage cans.

Outside the Helene Boucher high school, students cheered any mention of how the movement would prevent Hollande and the government from passing the bill.

Maryanne Gicquel, a spokeswoman for the FIDL student union, described young people’s journey toward a stable job as ‘‘a succession of internships and poorly-paid jobs.’’

‘‘Now we’re being told that it will be easier for companies to lay off workers,’’ she said.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls’s government insisted that the bill won’t be withdrawn but discussions continue with union representatives. The bill, initially set to be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, has been delayed by two weeks amid growing opposition.

Hollande reiterated his support for the bill after meeting with his ministers at the Elysee Palace on Wednesday.

Martine Aubry — the former first secretary of the Socialist Party and architect of the 35-hour week — described it as ‘‘the preparation of a long-lasting weakening of France, and of course, the left.’’

Many protesters agreed with her.

‘‘This whole thing has one goal: destroying our labor code, while we should all think about new ways of reducing the average working hours,’’ said Sebastien Marchal, a 36-year-old graphic designer.

And the ability of people to organize and resist in all its forms (save for agenda-pushing, controlled opposition, pre$$-approved protest).


"France’s government survives vote over labor reform" Associated Press  May 12, 2016

PARIS — French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Thursday survived a no-confidence vote prompted by a divisive labor reform, as tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in the country’s major cities to protest against the law.

Facing almost daily protests and legislative gridlock, the government decided to use a special measure to push the bill through without a vote in the lower house of Parliament.


And yet I have seen only a smattering of such articles in my pre$$. 

And there they go ramming it to you after two months.

The conservatives tried to object by setting up a no-confidence vote, but with 246 votes they failed to gather the minimum of 288 needed to bring down the government.

The contested labor reform — including longer workdays, easier layoffs, and weaker unions — will now be debated in the Senate. A date hasn’t been set, but it’s expected to be discussed in the coming weeks.

In his speech to lawmakers, Valls said he is proud of the law because it will help social progress and is an ‘‘indispensable reform’’ in a globalized world.

These guys are sickening, and the French know it.

A rain-drenched march through Paris was largely peaceful Thursday, but police fired tear gas at some rowdy demonstrators and arrested seven people. Similar scenes played out in Marseille and Nantes. The Interior Ministry said a total of 55,000 protesters took to the streets across France.


They are still out there?

"Street clashes, oil blockades mark struggle over France’s economic future" by Angela Charlton Associated Press  May 27, 2016

PARIS — Oil refineries were shut down. Nuclear plants were on hold. Dock workers hurled fireworks. Union activists cranked up the tensions to try to force President Francois Hollande to abandon a labor bill that gives employers more flexibility and weakens the power of unions.

The big question is whether Thursday’s burst of labor action fizzles out after the one-day strikes end, or inspires lasting unrest.

No, the big question is whether my paper will continue to cover it.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls opened the door to possible changes in the labor bill that’s triggering all the anger — but said the government wouldn’t abandon it. Union activists said it’s too late to compromise.

This in what is called representative democracy or whatever.

The draft law, aimed at boosting hiring after a decade of nearly 10-percent unemployment and slow but corrosive economic decline, relaxes rules around the 35-hour work week and leaves workers less protected from layoffs.

Determined to defend worker protections, union activists have staged months of protests and targeted the strategic fuel industry in recent days, causing gasoline shortages. The country’s two main oil ports were blocked Thursday and only two of France’s eight refineries were working, said Francis Duseux, head of the UFIP oil industry lobby.

Oh, yeah? 

I think you can pretty quickly see why this was reported. Threaten the energy supplies and the pre$$ takes it seriously!

‘‘There could be improvements and modifications’’ in the bill, Valls said on BFM television Thursday. He didn’t elaborate on what might be changed, and insisted that the ‘‘heart’’ of the bill — Article 2, which weakens the power of unions over workplace rules — should remain.

Withdrawing the bill ‘‘is not possible,’’ he said.

Protesters took to the streets in several cities — and in Paris, were met with waves of tear gas as police fought bands of violent masked marchers. Police detained 77 people as tens of thousands marched from the Bastille plaza through eastern Paris.

Members of the firmly leftist CGT union, leading the protests, remain angry that the government forced the bill through the lower house of parliament without a vote because of division in the Socialist majority.

‘‘Valls is hardening his tone? Well we’re hardening our tone, too!’’ an organizer shouted into a loudspeaker at the Normandy Bridge in northern France, where some 200 to 300 trade unionists and other protesters gathered to block traffic.

The union activists then made their way into Le Havre, waving red flags, a percussion band leading the way.

I didn't want to mention it, but they did invent, well, you know:


At least 10,000 dock workers and others poured into an esplanade in front of Le Havre city hall, setting off smoke bombs and threatening bystanders. They tossed powerful fireworks into the fountains, sending plumes of water rising into the air as the square reverberated with explosions.

They are called union members, or haven't you heard?

"There was nothing subtle about the labor battle between an electric workers union and a Louisiana utility. Workers fired high-powered rifles at company transformers. They drained oil from company machinery. They blew up a transformer. And the Supreme Court ruled that their actions didn’t violate federal law because they were part of union activity. That early 1970s ruling — known as the Enmons decision — helped set parameters for acceptable union activity — a question now at the heart of a federal inquiry into union actions in Philadelphia, Buffalo, and, most recently, Boston...."

Must be why they are getting out.

Second day of Boston Calling provides riveting performances

By who?

NLRB accuses Verizon strikers of harassment
Court to decide on restraining order for striking Verizon workers
Verizon, striking unions reach tentative deal
Striking Verizon workers to return Wednesday after deal reached
A new round in the Demoulas family feud
E-mails link Walsh’s inner circle to scandal
It’s time for Mayor Walsh to come clean

As long as Marty stays in line the scandal won't reach him, but you kids can forget the help.

The demonstration was rowdy at times — protesters threw eggs and fired paint bombs at the mayor’s office — yet they took care to stay off the manicured lawn. One demonstrator was spotted urinating against the mayor’s office beside bright yellow graffiti reading: ‘‘Hollande, Valls, Resign.’’

They are what the French would call agent provocateurs meant to make protesters look bad.

Fabien Gloaguen, an activist with the militant Worker’s Force movement, said the government would have to back down. ‘‘He’s going to withdraw it,’’ Gloaguen said.

Valls insisted the bill is ‘‘good for workers’’ and small businesses, and argued that many of its critics are ill-informed of its contents.

Have they been allowed to see it, and who does he think he is fooling?

In addition to loosening rules about the 35-hour work week, the bill makes it easier to fire workers in times of economic downturn, and weakens the power of unions to set working conditions across an entire sector.

It's been a decades-long effort by the ma$ters.

The stakes are high for both Hollande and the unions. The president is hopeful of getting reelected next year, despite being deeply unpopular, and needs to show he has the strength to push through reforms. The unions are fighting for relevance, having lost membership in recent years.

Hollande must be willfully delusional like most western leaders held in banker's thrall.

‘‘We’re at an interesting juncture. If the movement finishes once more in failure, it might make further mobilization more complicated,’’ said Stephane Sirot, a historian of the French union movement at the University of Cergy-Pontoise.

He said it’s been decades since a left-wing government has been confronted with a nationwide strike of this magnitude.

Two months of protests escalated over the past week as unions targeted the sensitive oil industry, blocking fuel depots and refineries.

That's what got them the pre$$ here.

The government has started using its strategic fuel reserves and forcing depots to reopen, but supplies remained spotty Thursday, with long lines and caps on purchases....


Still waiting in line for Globe to fill me up with fuel.


Frenchman sues ex-employer because his job was super boring

Good thing the government wants to cut back hours then.

France mulls curbs on work e-mails after hours

More time for other social media, right?

World’s biggest cruise ship sets sail from France 

I hope they didn't miss any terrorists getting on board.

11 hurt as lightning strikes Paris park
Amid historic flood, Paris museums begin evacuating art
Paris’s river Seine rises to highest level since 1982
Death toll at 17 as Europe floodwaters recede

Of course, the torrential rains that have caused heavy flash flooding in some parts of the United States over the last few days, the four days of torrential rain where six people have died, are only briefly reported before receding. 

Don't want to spoil Obummer's last few months.

Meanwhile, next door in Belgium:

"A major anti-austerity demonstration with rock-throwing by a few dozen protesters was called to protest the center-right government’s social and economic policies, which trade unions say cut deep into the foundations of Belgium’s welfare state. Main unions joined in the march, united in their opposition against moves to increase management flexibility, require longer careers before pensions kick in, and curb pay under tougher conditions. Instead, the trade unions want the government to tackle tax evasion."

Related: Belgian Waffles

On the radar now.

"China is getting VIP treatment from Obama. North Korea, on the other hand, will also be center stage. The terrorist attack in Belgium last week has cast a shadow over the the gathering that opened with a palpably subdued atmosphere, particularly after reports that fighters for the Islamic State were seeking to penetrate a nuclear facility to obtain material for a so-called radioactive dirty bomb. Obama has added a session to discuss the status of the military campaign against the Islamic State, in which the administration continues to claim gains."

"World leaders warned of terrorists getting their hands on a nuclear bomb. Obama said there was no doubt that if ‘‘madmen’’ in the Islamic State group obtained nuclear material, they would use it to kill as many people as possible. So far, no terrorists have gotten a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb, Obama said, crediting global efforts to secure nuclear material. But he said it wasn’t for lack of trying. North Korea only hours later fired a short-range missile into the sea and tried to jam GPS navigation signals in South Korea."

I'm just waiting for the event, be it dirty or mushroom. At this point I put nothing past these psychopaths directing world events.

"US officials met with Belgians on security concerns before attacks" by Eric Schmitt New York Times   April 04, 2016 

The script is always the same!

WASHINGTON — A “foreign fighter surge team” of experts from the FBI, State Department, and Department of Homeland Security met with their Belgian counterparts a month before the Brussels terrorist attacks to try to correct gaps in Belgium’s ability to track terrorist plots, US officials said.


So either the U.S. warned about things as they claim, or they came to find holes in the defenses that led to the slaughter!

The recommendations, even if accepted, would not have prevented the deadly attacks, but the gaps addressed in two days of meetings, held at Belgium’s request at the US Embassy in Brussels, underscore both the urgency and the frustration senior US officials say they feel as they prod many allies to embrace the kind of counterterrorism lessons the United States learned after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

As I said, the agendas soon become clear in the aftermath of events. It's the urgency that is the clue.

The US experts have also visited Greece and are expected to travel to France and Germany in the coming weeks, Obama administration officials said.

You were warned.

At least Britain is safe for Wimbledon.

The team was part of a White House plan announced after the Paris terrorist attacks in November to help Western European allies shore up their defenses and borders to avert the next big attack.

Must be how the Orlando event slipped through.

President Obama, speaking at the end of a summit meeting on nuclear security in Washington last week, alluded to the deployment of the “surge teams” to Belgium, and emphasized, “We simply cannot afford to have critical intelligence not being shared as needed — whether between governments or within governments.”

European nations still refuse to share basic intelligence, even within a government, leading to blind spots across the Continent that make it easier for terrorist groups to strike.

I suppose it would be nice if same said governments weren't creating, funding, and damn near directing the very same terrorists they claim to be fighting.

Brussels alone has more than a dozen police forces, and French intelligence, police, and judicial officials do not routinely share terrorism information, US intelligence and counterterrorism officials said.

All about gaining more surveillance.

“Europe is vulnerable to terrorist threats in part because of the lack of commitment to sharing intelligence among security services and in part because of the lack of effective border enforcement,” said Matthew G. Olsen, a former director of the National Counterterrorism Center. 


He's complaining about border enforcement after all those who have complained have been tarred with the racist brush by the supremaci$t media?

“As a result, a trained and committed terrorist can travel with relative ease to Syria and back to his home country in Western Europe without being detected and then plot and execute an attack,” Olsen said.


The security situation is aggravated by the fact that many European countries depend on US intelligence analysis for counterterrorism, but at the same time argue for privacy reasons against more US intelligence collection. “You can’t have it both ways,” Olsen said.


Didn't the Iraq war lies teach them anything!?

More broadly, the United States is viewed by its allies as the hub of global intelligence cooperation, especially since there is no central European spy service. But the very same European governments that readily share information with the CIA or FBI balk at doing the same with their neighbors.

“Many of these countries view their intelligence services in a profoundly proprietary way,” said Daniel Benjamin, a former State Department terrorism coordinator who is a scholar at Dartmouth College. “It’s a huge source of frustration in Washington.”


The shortfalls plaguing Belgium and other European countries come as no surprise to US officials, but the Islamic State’s sophisticated strikes in the heart of Europe in the past five months have alarmed administration officials.

“There’s more work to be done,” Lisa O. Monaco, Obama’s top counterterrorism and homeland security adviser, told National Public Radio last month. “We knew that before Paris. We knew that before Brussels. And the Belgians knew that as well.” 

It apparently will never end until we are all subjugated slaves under the total tyranny of constant surveillance.


RelatedObama urges US to remember ‘Boston Strong’ message

He's sickening, and no better than Bush.

"Police e-mail error during Brussels attack raises questions. The information about the e-mail error has raised new questions about whether Belgian authorities are up to the challenge of confronting Islamist terrorism in their country. At 9:11 a.m., a bomb went off."

Oh, nice touch!

"The attacks have prompted a wider discussion among aviation authorities in many countries on whether to impose routine security checks at the entry to airport terminals. New security measures at the airport aimed to minimize the chances of any repeat attacks. Police on Sunday conducted spot checks of vehicles before they arrived. A large white tent was set up outside the terminal to screen travelers’ IDs, travel documents, and bags before they were allowed to enter a specially built area for check-in. A drop-off parking area outside the terminal was closed down and authorities said there would be no rail or public transport access to the airport for the foreseeable future."

My advice is stay away from airports at all costs.

Also see:

Third man is charged in Belgium in thwarted French plot
Belgian officials release new photos of Brussels airport suspect
Belgium arrests 5, including man connected to Brussels and Paris attacks
Man in hat in Brussels airport attack is in custody, Belgium says
Brussels attackers’ original target was France, prosecutor says

Just a reminder that intelligence and police services are still learning about the full extent of the Islamic State’s plots and networks in Europe and are struggling to keep up. 

Did you really need one?

Brussels attack mentor taught Islamic extremism to the young and angry
Belgium detains and charges 2 more in inquiry on attacks
Brussels attackers had experience from battle, Paris plots
Abdeslam, main Paris attacks suspect, is extradited to France
French jihadi network that groomed Paris killer goes on trial
Thousands join Brussels ‘march against hate’
In Brussels, ethnicity — not Islam — is crucial factor in radicalization
Brussels subway station reopens a month after bombings

Who say that coming, huh?

3 dead, 10 hurt as a Belgian train runs into another

Who didn't see that coming?

Driver was drunk, 'eh? 

Time to end this post:

"French teen’s streamed suicide on Periscope leads to inquiry" Associated Press  May 12, 2016

PARIS — French authorities have opened an investigation after a teenager allegedly live-streamed video of her suicide on the popular app Periscope.

The local prosecutor said Wednesday that the young woman threw herself under a commuter train in the suburban Egly station, south of Paris, after claiming she had been raped by her former boyfriend. The prosecutor’s statement said the woman was born in 1997, so she was 18 or 19.

The teenager, whose name was not released, sent a text message to a friend of her former boyfriend a few hours before she killed herself Tuesday, prosecutor Eric Lallement said.

‘‘In the text message, she mentions violence and a rape that her companion inflicted on her and claims she is ending her days because of the harm that the young man had done to her,’’ Lallement said.

On Tuesday, the woman spent more than two hours overall on Periscope, divided in five live sessions. The last one lasted 29 minutes and seemed to have been recorded moments before she killed herself, he said.

The teen’s video messages and cellphone have been seized by the police.

In her own messages, the woman spoke about her life and her difficult relationship with her former boyfriend, Lallement said.

The video has been removed from Periscope, a cellphone live video-streaming app particularly popular among young people, but YouTube users posted what they said were excerpts. The suicide scene itself is not visible on YouTube.


Also seeJulia Child’s French cottage for rent on Airbnb

I thought something stunk, and I found the source.


Obama blasts Trump over Muslim rhetoric

Clinton calls Trump’s Orlando response ‘rants,’ ‘lies’

My goodness! 

This event has BACKFIRED SPECTACULARLY on them!

Orlando Shooting Dad A Longtime CIA Asset

Orlando Shooter: Deeper Hidden Ties to the FBI?

Was Orlando Shooting A False Flag? Shooter Has Ties To FBI, Regular At Club, Did Not Act Alone?

Orlando Shooter worked for G4S - a Company that Stages "Crises Events"

Pulse Mass Casualty Event: RedSilverJ’s Revealing Look at Orlando’s “Crying Mom”

The Orlando False Flag Shooting: PROOF That We Are Dealing With A Massive Hoax!

Press TV: Orlando shooting false flag event aimed at demonizing Muslims

Mourning for Orlando: What About for Millions of Imperial Victims

Picture of Orlando shooter grows more complex

The cover story crap is cratering tremendously!


Front page confirms yesterday's analysis!

Obama denounces Trump’s ‘dangerous’ mindset

Trump’s refusal to change tone, style triggers anxiety in GOP

That's odd because the sports jocks on the radio I listen to for ten minutes driving over to get a Globe were ripping the president and administration to shreds over this. 

The general feel here, and I have nothing to base it on other than my own weak perceptions, is that the administration and Obama have been back-footed by this recent staged and scripted psyop meant to further the agenda, despite the ma$$ media spin. 

As usual lately, the propagandists have failed to think things through. They think they have this great scheme to push several agendas at once and the sloppy presentation through discredited media spoils it all.

FBI looking at whether Orlando gunman led a secret gay life

Someone should ask his wife.

Orlando shooting investigation turns to gunman’s wife

FBI scrutinized for dropping probes into terror threats 

What's interesting is the feeling one is getting from the recent headlines in the pre$$. It's almost as if they are bailing on the bullshit as well, even this early. 

Oh, they will continue to run the required articles on all this; however, this has the feel as if even they want to step back and put on some gloves before continuing to handle this pile of BS.

Just my opinion is all.

Donald Trump exploits Orlando

Trump is exploiting it?

A tale of two speeches

Who is the peace candidate again?

A nation captive to The Gun


"The same politicians who claim they’d like to restrict U.S. gun sales have flooded the world markets with the weaponry of mass slaughter. President Obama’s administration has approved more weapons sales abroad than any other administration since World War II."

Well it is WWIII, and there is money to be made while controlling the population of planet Earth.

Former Mass. man describes harrowing scene inside Orlando club 

It's bringing back memories and 

Orlando injuries were severe, but trauma care was nearby

Why wouldn't they be?

BINGO! Orlando had drills going on at the time of the "mass murder"

Can't be. The media would have told us, right?

The Smiley Faces and Arch Smirkers of the Orlando Shooting Hoax

That cop's smiling was weird.

"The Incomprehensibility of the One in the Minds of the Many

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Was sitting here this morning and thinking; “What should I write about today?” Then I went to the Crass Media and saw where 20 guys (I'm assuming it was all guys) got killed and around 50 wounded in the city of Orlando. I went back a little later and it was 50 dead and fifty wounded. The story is that he saw a couple of guys kissing in Miami a few months past and it infuriated him. Of course, he is a Muslim. One of the witnesses there said it couldn't be just one person because the shooting was continuous. It does make you wonder how one person could get that many people. That's a pretty high body count.

The club is called Pulse. Interestingly, Orlando is the location of Disney World. I'm not going back to read about any of it at the Crass Media, I wait until all the false flag and multiple shooters evidence comes out. I look for coincidences and ironies. I don't believe in coincidences but I look for them anyway. This whole affair stinks to high heaven. We know that the demonic intelligence agencies are capable of anything. We know there has been this aggressive push for more than equal rights; most especially for transvestites and the like, pre and post and etc. I've decided I am not going to bow down to the language police, or anyone else, except for the almighty and bowing to the almighty is not a matter of choice. It is irresistible.

Right off the bat it is my belief, prior to any information to that effect, that this mass murder was orchestrated and agenda driven to drum up an ever greater support for a particular meme that has been running into (pun intended) some stiff opposition and the whole force of Political Correctness is generating outrage all across the country. We don't see much of this because the news is suppressed. The news is manufactured. The news is garbage in and garbage out. It's crap and they hired all of the automatic hacks that were frothing for the opportunity to lie. Some people will do anything for a paycheck and those are the people they hire. They look for the most self involved and egocentric people around and in a time of materialism, these people are not hard to find. Also, since they can manipulate the economy whenever they choose, they can turn up the heat on the populations....


Also see: Man who killed 2 in France previously jailed on terrorism conviction

That's all that is going on in the World today, Globe? 

Well, just as long as the soccer match isn't interrupted.

Maybe it was the union people, 'eh? 

Help is on the way even as the levees fall in Texas.


The latest word is the gunman was upset because Disney discriminated against him when he applied for a job.

Verizon hikes prices, but new options could save you money

$5 to $10 dollars a month more, and $crew the workers!