Saturday, September 21, 2019

Slow Saturday Special: Brown Out

The last newspaper I bought was last Monday, and I skimmed it without really reading it. Was going to head out this morning and get one, but at the last minute the shoes came off when I asked myself why. The awful advocacy journali$m and outright propaganda has become unreadable.

Anyhow, here is the lead headline across the top of today's Globe:

Patriots get no points for releasing Antonio Brown

They acted promptly, and he has thankfully gotten Epstein off the front page, and forget about justice for the victims -- although there is one guy over there who has changed his views on pedophilia, having written in 2006 that he did not believe children were psychologically harmed by having sex with adults and “did not see anything wrong about sex between an adult and a child, if the child accepted it.’’

That shows you the kind of mindset we are dealing with in the ruling class of this country, one that the pre$$ -- including the Globe -- has been shielding. The Globe has narrowed their focus to what went on at the MIT Media Lab (a polite name for a propaganda factory) while completely ignoring the past history, with no investigations coming forth regarding the connections to the rich and powerful, and only embarrassment about ‘‘what is in the past’’ after Epstein's alleged suicide with the government moving slowly after being complicit in the whole MEGA group blackmail scheme. 

Yes, I know Bill Barr will get to the bottom of things (ha-ha-ha) while a photo of Epstein still alive has apparently been censored by Google. No sense using search engines anymore, calling into question everything you do get from them.

Moving along to what would appear to be another above-the-fold item:

Trump accused of pressing Ukrainian leader to investigate Biden’s son

The Globe, of course, is calling for a full investigation of the whistleblower's case that we knew nothing about. I saw some news coverage on this last night around 6 and it has the smell of another nothing-burger conjured up by the media. The blinded by hate pre$$ is getting all worked up over these allegedly impeachable political offenses when presidents have reached private and personal agreements on the phone all the time. Remember Obama telling Medvedev he will have more flexibility after the election (only to foist upon Russia a coup in the Ukraine)?  Shoe was on the other pre$$ foot then, and the Bush presidencies were lauded for their personal connection to foreign leaders. Hell, Bush looked into the soul of Putin and saw nothing wrong (of course, that has now changed and Biden saw it all along). 

Speaking of Biden, the underlying story is his corruption. The pre$$ is trying to rerun the "Trump trying to get potential dirt against one of the president’s political adversaries" narrative a la the whole Mueller pile of bs while ignoring Biden bragging at a CFR event that he did exactly what Trump is alleged to have done, using US aid as blackmail and leverage and then laughing about it (of course, I'm sure Joe just forgot). I expect Biden's corruption to receive the same treatment that was given to Clinton regarding the Uranium One deal or the Obama spying scandal (no indictments but an AG held in contempt, and it is why Obama has been laying low all this time).

Oh, and you can forget about Ed Buck, too.

Below the fold you will find the controlled opposition and manipulation of youth:

Thousands of students converge on City Hall Plaza, joining global youth strike for a Green New Deal

The worldwide strike was inspired by Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who spoke on Friday in New York, and it's ubiquitous prominence in the newspaper over all other climate issues shows it's agenda-pu$hing quality and lack of seriousness (never mind the sailors getting stuck in the ice every year). Gave the kids an opportunity to skip school (yay!), though, and God forbid they ever protest war.

Maybe they can be a medic after someone's face has been taken off:

Her face transplant is failing after 6 years. Now this patient faces an uncertain future

Time to get a drink:

The Irish pub, a hallmark of Boston culture, begins to fade away

At this point, were I to have purchased a printed paper, I would have turned into the Metro section where I would have found:

Michelle Carter denied early release from prison by Mass. Parole Board

The decision doesn't surprise me at all, but there are many aspects to the case, with demented suggestions of Russian interference, which is why I quit caring about it. 

Of course, blaring lies that has led to the mass-murdering of millions on the front pages of newspapers carries with it no consequence at all.

Hundreds gather at funeral to pay their respects to Methuen Navy veteran they’d never met

The pre$$ is steeped in militarism. The public is not.

Whitey Bulger’s family blames federal prison system for his slaying

The Globe says the family of murderous gang boss James “Whitey” Bulger alleges he was deliberately placed in the high-security prison where he was beaten to death allegedly by fellow inmates. He wasn't as lucky as Epstein as the masks come off. The Globe pretty much dropped any investigation on that, too. One can only wonder why (Mueller is also the guy who kept the lid on the Israeli spy ring before and after 9/11, participated in that cover-up, and was in charge the day of the Marathon bombing. That's what guys like him and Barr are for, to keep a lid on the secrets). 

I thing Roger Stone should be worried, don't you?

Trump nominates openly gay Harvard Law alum for federal appeals bench

2nd death reported in Mass. from EEE virus

Oh, I wouldn't worry about the spraying if I were you.

Feds say college admissions scam dad has ‘chutzpah,’ lacks remorse — and deserves 13 months in prison

The self-internalization of the terminology tells you all you need to know (it's by and large a Jewi$h scandal, too).

Photo shows great white shark swimming past surfer in Cape Cod waters

As Joe Kennedy announces Senate campaign, pols move toward bids for his Congressional seat

I guess Markey is history, huh?

What if he wins the race, though?

On to the Nation section:

Administration considers plan to divert billions of dollars in additional funds for barrier

US, El Salvador sign asylum deal, but details vague

Bill de Blasio drops out of Democratic presidential contest

That's got to be one of the biggest who cares, but at least he provided a lot of filler for the paper.

Kushner to attend Saudi economic conference hosted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Amazing how some people are above scrutiny and justice, 'eh?

Two US swing states lost the most factory jobs in past year

Even if Trump loses Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he still wins the electoral college.

Next would be the World section:

Trump announces new sanctions on Iran

It's over the oil facilities that were hit, by whom we don't know, and as long as he isn't announcing another war or invasion, and might even end one or two, I'm fine with him -- for now.

As Taiwan loses influence, China gains ground in race with US

Hong Kong police ‘tortured’ and beat protesters, Amnesty says

The protesters were armed only with butter knives, and there is the good old juman rights organization Amnesty out with a timely report regarding China (I wonder what went on in Palestine yesterday). That's how the trade war is playing out after the destabilization and color revolution campaign has failed and and they have now become a ‘threat to the world.’

Bloomberg journalists on trial for report on economy

That's in Turkey, and is it because because they wouldn't lie about it like they do here? 

Then it is back to Business:

Facebook says it has suspended ‘tens of thousands’ of apps

It's called censorship.

Mass. General’s plan to buy N.H. hospital held up by AG

Mass. General to begin ALS trials that test several drugs at once

Boston Fed chief warns of risks from latest rate cuts

Rosengren interviewed by Edelman. 'Nuff seen.

Walmart to stop selling all e-cigarettes at US stores, citing ‘regulatory complexity and uncertainty’

I find it very interesting that the "vape crisis" didn't show up until legal marijuana reached critical mass. After all, you kids don't want to be “a guinea pig,” right (now roll up that sleeve)?

Of course, the Globe says pot shop laws are an open invitation to political corruption, and it’s long past time for the Legislature to take a look at reforming them. This after they are the ones who wrote the law only two short years ago.

One thing it has done is make you forget all about the opioid crisis.


California sues the Trump administration in its escalating war over auto emissions

Yeah, don't worry about those fumes unless it is for carbon credit, 'er, climate change purposes.

How appropriate it is that this post will end with these:

Barron Hilton, hotel magnate and founding AFL owner, dies at 91

Luigi Colani, designer of fanciful and futuristic objects, dies at 91

He is the one who came up with the oblong design for the football!

Red Sox officially eliminated

Oh, did that ever bring a smile to my face! John Henry's ball club sucks just as much as his paper!