Friday, August 4, 2017

Michelle Carter Is a Russian Agent

Michelle Carter receives 15 months in jail; will remain free pending appeal

I didn't see her face.

You wanna talk about mind manipulation and psyop control? This appeared in the Globe the same day:

"Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang sent a message to families this week warning them about the so-called “Blue Whale Challenge,” which reportedly uses social media to encourage self-harm and suicide among adolescents. Reports, which may have originated in Russia, about the online game say it leads youths through a series of steps over the course of 50 days that culminates in suicide. The parents of Texas 15-year-old Isaiah Gonzalez, who committed suicide last month, attribute his death to the game, according to San Antonio news outlet WOAI. But watchdog organizations, such as Snopes and the Cyberbullying Research Center, who have traced reports about the game back to Russian media sources, say it may be a hoax....."

Undoubtedly it is, but real or not, school districts across the country are sending cautionary messages to parents, urging them to talk to their children about self-harm and suicide.

(Blog editor just shakes head at the unbelievable nonsense that comes from the Globe these days. Remember when they were blaming rock and roll for adolescent suicides?)

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Mother of Conrad Roy III seeks $4.2m in wrongful death suit against Michelle Carter

In the Michelle Carter case, the eyes have it

By the time you finish that column, you will want to string her up.

In Michelle Carter’s hometown, opinions vary on justice of her sentence

I'm of the opinion that it is going to be used to muzzle free speech by accusation, and down comes your blog.

Amanda Knox pens opinion piece in support of Michelle Carter

She must miss the attention.

I'm done.


"The Senate on Tuesday introduced a bill to amend a law that protects the hosts of websites from liability for content posted by others, trying to narrowly tailor the changes to target sites such as, which have been criticized for facilitating child sex trafficking. The legislation, along with a similar bill in the House, sets the stage for a battle between Congress and some of the Internet’s most powerful players, including Google and various free-speech advocates, who believe that Congress shouldn’t regulate Web content or try to force websites to police themselves more rigorously. Backpage has fended off many civil and criminal actions aimed at shutting down its sex-related ads by citing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which states that no website ‘‘shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.’’ The proposed law would clarify that Section 230 does not preclude prosecution of state or federal criminal laws dealing with sex trafficking of children; does not prohibit civil suits related to sex trafficking; and ensures federal liability for publishing information designed to facilitate sex trafficking....."

I don't read the backpages.

Ex-CEO of male escort service website gets 6 months prison A judge who said she wanted to send a deterrent message even though she knows the business helped people.

"A former federal prosecutor who resigned more than a decade ago after authorities determined he had abused his authority now faces a felony aggravated stalking charge, according to court documents. Richard S. Thompson is accused of aggressively harassing and following a former girlfriend after their breakup last year, according to The Daily Report. The conditions of his release include checking into a psychiatric hospital for treatment, completing a 24-week family violence intervention program, and posting a $10,000 bond. He’s also not allowed to contact his former girlfriend or her lawyer. Thompson served as US attorney for Georgia’s Southern District from 2001 to 2004. After a complaint was lodged against him in 2002, the US Department of Justice found Thompson had abused his authority as US attorney and violated department policy against interfering in elections when he announced an investigation into the opponent of a political ally. Thompson resigned in 2004. The Daily Report said Robert Crowe, an attorney for Thompson, did not return calls Tuesday or Wednesday. He also did not immediately return a call Thursday from the Associated Press....."

Those who morally lecture the rabble are the worst offenders of all.

"A Norton man who’s been the subject of 22 prior restraining orders was arrested Sunday on charges of assaulting a woman and ransacking her home after she ended their six-month dating relationship, court records show....."

At least he didn't kill her.