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Going Dark

"Cyber Polygon: Will The Next Globalist War Game Lead To Another Convenient Catastrophe? " by Brandon Smith, June 3, 2021

Back in April I published an article titled ‘Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails’. In it I noted an odd trend which many of us in the liberty media have become aware of over the years – Almost every major man-made catastrophe in the US and in many other parts of the world in the past couple decades has been preceded by a government or globalist “exercise”. These exercises and war games tend to mimic the exact disaster that would eventually strike the public only days or weeks later. Sometimes the mock disaster exercises and the real events happen at the same time.

The Covid pandemic was no exception. It’s quite miraculous…

I have specifically outlined the bizarre “coincidence” of the World Economic Forum’s Event 201 exercise, a war game co-funded by Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins and launched in October of 2019. Event 201 simulated a global novel zoonotic coronavirus pandemic (supposedly spread from bats to people) that “required” a global lockdown response. Only two months later the real thing actually happened. Almost every aspect of the Covid event has played out exactly as was practiced during the WEF war game.

One very disturbing element of the Covid response has been the coordinated suppression campaign by Big Tech platforms from YouTube to Facebook and Twitter. This campaign has sought to undermine or destroy any facts, data and opinions which run contrary to the government narrative on Covid, even if the official narrative on Covid ends up being completely wrong. The strategy was described in detail during Event 201 and it was executed with extreme efficiency among supposedly disconnected companies and governments around the world. It’s almost as if they KNEW a coronavirus pandemic was about to happen, and they were already staged to control the public reaction well in advance.

And let’s be clear because I do not want to seem ambiguous; the World Economic Forum and their globalist partners have been the prime beneficiaries during the pandemic. As WEF head Klaus Schwab has excitedly noted over and over again, the pandemic is a perfect “opportunity” for globalists to fast track what they call the “Great Reset” agenda – A plan to completely dismantle the current political and economic framework of the world and rebuild it into a highly centralized socialist civilization in which they are in complete control and personal freedom is a faded memory.

This is why recent revelations of Covid’s probable lab origins are not at all surprising. Just mentioning this idea a year ago in social media was enough to get you banned. And, if you want to know where to find the truth, always look first to the subjects you are not allowed to discuss. As I stated in my article ‘How Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda’, published in January of 2020 at the very beginning of the outbreak:

“I have a hard time ignoring the strange ‘coincidence’ of the high level biohazard labs in Wuhan in favor of the idea that the virus was launched by chance due to the odd diets of central Chinese people. Given the evidence it appears that the coronavirus was gestated in a lab, not in someone’s bat and snake soup.  In 2017, scientists outside of China warned that these labs were not secure and that a virus might escape one of the facilities…..I would use the term ‘escape’ loosely, as there is a possibility that this event was created intentionally…”

Elites like Dr. Anthony Fauci (a close associate of Bill Gates and Bill Gates SR.) directly funded studies at the Wuhan Lab through the NIAID since 2015, and specifically funded the study of the infectious transfer of coronaviruses from bats to other mammals including humans. And yes, the NIAID was in fact involved in “gain-of-function” experiments using SARS and coronavirus variants at this time, despite Anthony Fauci claiming otherwise. The National Institutes Of Health’s own website confirms this.

All of these facts support the argument that Covid is a lab created bioweapon, and in my view according to the evidence so far it was released deliberately in close alliance with the Chinese government. Fauci even somehow “predicted” in 2017 that Donald Trump would face a “surprise infectious disease outbreak” during his presidency, stating that “We will definitely get surprised in the next few years…”

The scheme has certainly worked to an extent. In large portions of Europe, Asia and Australia the WEF is getting what it always wanted.

That said, some things did not go as planned. For example, Event 201 predicted an initial 65 million people dead within the first year of the pandemic; this did not happen, and it was not because governments saved any lives. In fact, government lockdowns and restrictions did nothing to stave off the spread of Covid and independent studies have proven mask mandates to be completely ineffective in stopping the virus. The reason for the comparatively small body count is the fact that Covid’s death rate is only 0.26% among otherwise healthy people. The only place wear Covid is a true threat is in nursing homes among elderly people with preexisting conditions.

Because of the miscalculations of the elites, the reset agenda appears to be failing in some parts of the world. In the US, resistance to the lockdowns as well as the experimental vaccines has grown exponentially to the point that dozens of states are now passing laws which prohibit enforcement of Covid restrictions and “medical passports”.

The alternative media has also proven resilient against censorship and information suppression, and we have been proven to be right time and time again. We were the first people to warn that the death rate of Covid was being exaggerated (the WHO and other establishment institutions predicted a death rate of at least 3%, FAR above the reality). We were the first people to warn that the lockdowns and mask rules did nothing to stop the spread (states that removed restrictions ended up with FALLING infections and deaths). And, we were the first people to warn that the virus was behaving more like a bioweapon, and that its origin was more likely the Level 4 lab in Wuhan, China, right down the street from the animal market that the Chinese government originally claimed was the source of the outbreak.

We were also the first people to warn that the pandemic would be used as a rationale for the enforcement of vaccine passports, which would create a two tear society designed to force people who do not want to take the mRNA vaccines into compliance. We have been proven right once again as the state of Oregon has become the first in the US to demand proof of vaccination (a passport) before residents are able to enter any businesses or establishments.

We have consistently been called “conspiracy theorists” throughout this event by government bureaucrats and the media. But, we were were right about almost everything, and the mainstream media has been wrong about almost everything. Either that, or they have been knowingly lying about almost everything.

This dynamic is important to understand because I believe the situation is far from over and that more crisis events are about to be engineered (or they will magically happen by coincidence).

My biggest concern right now is the upcoming ‘Cyber Polygon’ exercise being headed by the WEF this July. The war game is meant to “simulate” a cyberattack on vital infrastructure that would lead to a shutdown of the global supply chain, or at least the supply chains within certain nations. As I warned in April, the timing of Cyber Polygon is suspicious. As the Covid lockdown agenda is breaking down in the US and the vaccine passports are not winning favor among a large percentage of Americans, the globalists will need another crisis even if they hope to achieve their goals for their Great Reset.

Only weeks after I published my initial concerns about Cyber Polygon, a massive cyberattack was reported which struck the 5,500 mile Colonial Pipeline. The pipeline supplies gasoline to most of the eastern seaboard and after a week of being shut down numerous states were reporting gas shortages. The story has since quietly faded from mainstream news cycles.

In the past few days, yet another major cyberattack has been reported against JBS, a meat company that supplies around 23% of all US beef and pork. Production at JBS has shut down, and now there is the possibility of meat shortages across the country if the problems are not solved soon.

Again, is it just coincidence that these large scale cyberattacks are happening with greater frequency in the lead-up to a WEF’s Cyber Polygon simulation? Or, is Cyber Polygon another Event 201? Is it a beta test for a disaster that is planned for the near future? The WEF is openly comparing future cyber attacks to Covid outbreaks, so I’m inclined to suspect the latter:

The supply chain issue has come to the forefront in the wake of the pandemic as retailers have had to deal with intermittent shortages, and manufacturers are facing a lack of components. Not only that, but inflationary troubles are also weighing on supplies. That said, a cyberattack is another animal entirely; whether or not the event is real or staged, the supply chain is fragile because of global interdependency. In the US, there are many necessities that rely on foreign manufacturers or the “just in time” freight system. Preparedness and long term storage are not a part of the vocabulary of the common US business.

I don’t really know if the supply chain could be shut down completely using a cyberattack, but in combination with inflation and draconian pandemic restrictions, it is possible to disrupt the flow of goods for weeks at a time. It is also impossible to predict how many people are prepared for such a calamity. My hope is that more than 30% of Americans have at least begun the path to prepping, but undoubtedly a majority of the country has not. All it would take is a couple weeks of shortages or a grid down scenario and most people would be facing starvation, among other things.

If Event 201 is any indication, then we should remain vigilant and watch carefully for another major cyberattack affecting the supply chain within two months of the WEF’s Cyber Polygon exercise in July.



"How Technocracy Is Using Unseen Enemies To Panic The World" by By Patrick Wood, June 3, 2021

We live in an age of global deception and delusion of Biblical proportions. Lying is a way of life. Deceiving is taken to the level of an art form. Debauchery and corruption are everywhere.

The slick propaganda that promises to eliminate poverty, create wonderful jobs with dignity and bring lasting peace to the world has more in common with a pile of horse manure than lasting solutions.

I stated in early 2020 that the Great Panic of 2020 (read, “pandemic”) was the start of Technocracy’s coup d’état. It was global in scope, horribly damaging to the global economy and ripped the fabric of societal status quo to shreds. All of this was supposedly caused by an unseen enemy. And now, the “scientists” behind it, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, are proven to be frauds and hucksters whose science has been discredited as “pseudo-science” at best.

May I remind you that global warming is also an unseen enemy of the same magnitude? The corrupt and bastardized data supporting global warming is as fraudulent and deceptive as that of COVID-19. Lies abound. Fabricated computer models spit out megatons of buffalo chips to tell us we are all going to die when the polar ice caps melt and the seas rise.

I have also warned that there will be other attacks of deception to solidify the global Technocrat takeover.

The Technocrats are delivering.

Two major back-to-back hacking episodes have suddenly appeared to underscore the need for a universal ID system and total control over the Internet. First, the Colonial Pipeline was shut down causing massive fuel shortages on the East Coast. Second, the largest meat producer in the world is hacked bringing production to a halt. Gas prices go up. Meat shortages threaten availability. All thanks to an invisible enemy (the hackers) who we are told are some dark, deep-state entity trying to destroy America.

Let’s pause and remember that the Great Panic of 2020 was preceded by a global pandemic simulation called Event 201, sponsored by the World Economic Forum. This is a fact, not speculation. Event 201 scripted the pandemic response almost to the letter. They were prepared and in control.

This July, the WEF continues another comparable simulation that started in 2020 called Cyber Polygon. Partners listed on the WEF website include IBM, INTERPOL, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), Ericsson, virus maker Trend Micro, Accenture, AIG, Allianz, Amazon, Bank of America, BlackRock, VISA, etc.

Cyber Polygon scripts a global response to a high-profile cyberattack:

With global digitalisation further accelerating and people, companies, and countries becoming ever more interconnected, security of every single element of a supply-chain is key to ensuring the sustainability of the whole system. During the technical exercise, participants will hone their practical skills in mitigating a targeted supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real time(emphasis added)

What a coincidence that two major supply chain hacks suddenly appear out of the blue, affecting potentially hundreds of millions of consumers and scaring the pants off the rest of us. Who are these invisible hackers anyway? Why can’t anyone catch them in the act? Well, anonymity is part of the script (just like the COVID-19 virus) because the cause is of no interest to the likes of the WEF, but only their response to it.

Now let’s bring up UFOs. All of a sudden, talk about UFOs is everywhere. The propaganda machines are in full swing as the government and military release tapes, recordings and documents that suggest aliens have arrived on planet earth. Can they produce one spaceship or one alien body? Nope. How about a clear picture or photograph? Nada. It is just another invisible enemy being conjured up to stoke a socially engineered response in world-wide populations.

On June 2, former President Barack Obama weighed in on aliens and UFO sightings. The Daily Star (UK) reported,

Barack Obama has waded into the conversation about alien life – and has predicted that if evidence of aliens emerges, it will lead to sweeping changes around our planet.

The former US President said that proof of aliens would likely result in the emergence of new religions, and there would be calls for huge sums of money to be spent on weapons systems so we can defend ourselves from possible attack.

He was asked what he thought would happen if we could prove there were aliens probing the Earth but we were unable to make contact with them or interact with them.

“It’s interesting.” he said.

“It wouldn’t change my politics at all. Because my entire politics is premised on the fact that we are these tiny organisms on this little speck floating in the middle of space.

“But no doubt there would be immediate arguments about like, well, we need to spend a lot more money on weapons systems to defend ourselves. New religions would pop up. (emphasis added)

Don’t overthink this. The military is the major propagandist on UFOs and it is also the biggest consumer of taxpayer funds on the planet. President Eisenhower warned us about the Military/Industrial Complex as well as the “technological elite”. Well, it is painfully obvious that they have joined forces and have a common purpose.

So let’s add this up. The air we breathe is polluted with a deadly virus that will probably kill millions; the food and energy supply chain is stopped up and if we don’t starve first, our budgets will be trashed over high energy prices; space aliens have arrived but the Space Force will save us if we give them enough money and control.

Perhaps comparing all of this to a pile of horse manure is overly gratuitous. At the very least, I will say this:  if anyone tries to spook you with some unseen enemy, pass them the shovel and tell them to get busy cleaning out the horse stable.



"The News Media Is Hopelessly, Viciously Biased" by Paul Angel, June 3, 2021

By now, the vast majority of lucid Americans should realize that the left-wing media—newspapers, radio stations, social media outlets, internet sites, etc.—puts out more fake news than Josef Stalin ever did. Getting a story wrong in this business is not a sin, as long as a retraction or correction is published admitting the story was in error. And that’s nothing new. Media outlets have been racing to publish news before verification for decades in a mad rush to get a scoop. What is unforgiveable is willingly publishing stories that the editors know are false simply to dupe the public for one reason or an- other. Recently it has been revealed that CNN, for instance (and almost every other left-wing news outlet), was more interested in forcing Donald Trump out of office than owning up to its obligation to report the news factually. Several examples come to mind.

The Origins of Covid-19

Donald Trump and several Republican legislators, including Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, came out and questioned whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus was a naturally occurring virus or one that might possibly have escaped from a Chinese lab. Be- cause Trump merely suggested that the virus might have been enhanced in a lab in Wuhan, China, and referred to it as the “China virus,” the left-wing media im- mediately ridiculed the idea, insisting again and again that the virus originated in a crowded “wet market.” Right on cue, their censorship-crazed allies in social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Google, began to limit access to any in- formation that might have corroborated the lab-origin theory. It now appears that Trump was correct, as more and more in- formation is emerging about the dangerous activities at that Wuhan lab, but Jeff Zucker, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and others weren’t worried about the truth. Their only goal was to either discredit the president or make him appear a fool. In fact, they went to great lengths to protect China and get as many “experts” as they could to support their version. Trump may very well be right and they may be wrong, but they are infatuated with Trump, not the truth.

Alternative Treatments for Covid- 19

Early on in the Covid epidemic, President Trump mentioned hydroxy- chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug used successfully for decades. Immediately, the left-wing news conglomerates and their minions began attacking the president for his suggestion. Before you knew it, stories were appearing across television and the internet ridiculing the president and claiming hydroxychloroquine was dangerous. Why didn’t they faithfully investigate the possible bene- fits of hydroxychloroquine, instead of going on a rampage to condemn it? Simply because Donald Trump supported its use. As it turns out, hydroxychloroquine may have been used effectively in Mumbai, India, recently to help stem a rising tide of Covid infections.

To this day, however, every left-leaning news outlet that can is still insisting that it was not hydroxychloroquine that helped stop Covid infections in India. It was, instead, lockdowns. We are not sure whether hydroxychloroquine really does work, but we do know that, even if it does, the Trump-hating media will never reveal it, simply because the much- hated “Orange Man” suggested it.

Vote Fraud

For decades, Democrats have been blaming vote fraud for any losses in political races. For instance, Stacey Abrams is still complaining that vote theft cost her the 2018 race for the governorship of Georgia. To this day, Abrams appears on left-wing news out- lets to cry about her loss. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and others have rightfully questioned whether vote fraud exists and if Dominion voting ma- chines, in particular, were registering votes improperly. That was all fine and dandy for them, but the minute Donald Trump mentioned that there might be a problem with ensuring fair and honest elections in the world’s biggest democratic republic, the censors went wild, condemning the very idea and forcefully spiking any corroborating evidence. Any mention of rigged elections or faulty vote-counting machines or previous suspected election theft was now considered taboo.

“America has the safest and most secure elections in the world,” they claimed, ignoring the mountains of evidence indicating that more than one election in America has been stolen—with both parties being complicit in the thievery. Honestly, there is evidence to suggest that the 2018 governor’s election in Georgia was stolen and a good deal of evidence that tens of thousands of votes were either swiped or miscounted in the 2020 presidential election. But the sad fact is, since Donald Trump mentioned the possibility, it was immediately condemned without any serious investigation on the part of wild- eyed, foaming left-wing media outlets.

The Capitol Protest of Jan. 6

On that morning, Donald Trump addressed an enthusiastic crowd of supporters and asked them to peacefully march to the Capitol to let Congress know there should be an investigation into the possibility that the election was unfair. He never urged them to attack anyone or storm the halls of Congress. But the left- wing media, sensing an opportunity to smear the president, immediately began characterizing the event as an insurrection. Of course, this was not an at- tempted insurrection, but it mattered not. Soon, fake stories were being circulated 24/7 by every Trump-hating news outlet that the president’s “shock troops” had tried to overthrow the government. Members of the crowd, they said, brutally murdered a police officer by bludgeoning him to death with a fire extinguish- er and causing multiple other deaths, glossing over the fact that the only per- son who was actually slain that day was an unarmed female Trump supporter.

Even though an honest investigation would have easily disproven the leftist narrative on the events of that day—none of the arrested protesters has been charged with insurrection—the media still prefer to continue to report their twisted version because it gives them a chance to bash Trump, facts be damned. There are many more examples space forces me to omit here, but the list goes on and on. And it proves that the left-wing media has morphed from a once-neutral source of news on events, to the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. They are all operating in unison, using the same exact catch-phrases and slogans with an identical goal in mind: destroy Donald Trump, and the Republican Party along with him.

Along the way, we will be forced to endure fake stories about how mentally sharp Joe Biden is (he’s really Einstein in disguise), and how giggling nincompoop Kamala Harris is actually fit to lead this nation. It’s all a sham and a shame. The good news is, you know it.


Now meet the World Economic Forum.


"Who Is a “Terrorist” in Biden’s America?
Far from being a war against “white supremacy,” the Biden administration’s new “domestic terror” strategy clearly targets primarily those who oppose US government overreach and those who oppose capitalism and/or globalization.

In the latest sign that the US government’s War on Domestic Terror is growing in scope and scale, the White House on Tuesday revealed the nation’s first ever government-wide strategy for confronting domestic terrorism. While cloaked in language about stemming racially motivated violence, the strategy places those deemed “anti-government” or “anti-authority” on a par with racist extremists and charts out policies that could easily be abused to silence or even criminalize online criticism of the government.

Even more disturbing is the call to essentially fuse intelligence agencies, law enforcement, Silicon Valley, and “community” and “faith-based” organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, as well as unspecified foreign governments, as partners in this “war,” which the strategy makes clear will rely heavily on a pre-crime orientation focused largely on what is said on social media and encrypted platforms. Though the strategy claims that the government will “shield free speech and civil liberties” in implementing this policy, its contents reveal that it is poised to gut both.

Indeed, while framed publicly as chiefly targeting “right-wing white supremacists,” the strategy itself makes it clear that the government does not plan to focus on the Right but instead will pursue “domestic terrorists” in “an ideologically neutral, threat-driven manner,” as the law “makes no distinction based on political view—left, right or center.” It also states that a key goal of this strategic framework is to ensure “that there is simply no governmental tolerance . . . of violence as an acceptable mode of seeking political or social change,” regardless of a perpetrator’s political affiliation. 

Considering that the main cheerleaders for the War on Domestic Terror exist mainly in establishment left circles, such individuals should rethink their support for this new policy given that the above statements could easily come to encompass Black Lives Matter–related protests, such as those that transpired last summer, depending on which political party is in power. 

Once the new infrastructure is in place, it will remain there and will be open to the same abuses perpetrated by both political parties in the US during the lengthy War on Terror following September 11, 2001. The history of this new “domestic terror” policy, including its origins in the Trump administration, makes this clear.

It’s Never Been Easier to Be a “Terrorist”

In introducing the strategy, the Biden administration cites “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists” as a key reason for the new policy and a main justification for the War on Domestic Terror in general. This was most recently demonstrated Tuesday in Attorney General Merrick Garland’s statement announcing this new strategy. However, the document itself puts “anti-government” or “anti-authority” “extremists” in the same category as violent white supremacists in terms of being a threat to the homeland. The strategy’s characterization of such individuals is unsettling.

For instance, those who “violently oppose” “all forms of capitalism” or “corporate globalization” are listed under this less-discussed category of “domestic terrorist.” This highlights how people on the left, many of whom have called for capitalism to be dismantled or replaced in the US in recent years, could easily be targeted in this new “war” that many self-proclaimed leftists are currently supporting. Similarly, “environmentally-motivated extremists,” a category in which groups such as Extinction Rebellion could easily fall, are also included. 

In addition, the phrasing indicates that it could easily include as “terrorists” those who oppose the World Economic Forum’s vision for global “stakeholder capitalism,” as that form of “capitalism” involves corporations and their main “stakeholders” creating a new global economic and governance system. The WEF’s stakeholder capitalism thus involves both “capitalism” and “corporate globalization.” 

The strategy also includes those who “take steps to violently resist government authority . . . based on perceived overreach.” This, of course, creates a dangerous situation in which the government could, purposely or otherwise, implement a policy that is an obvious overreach and/or blatantly unconstitutional and then label those who resist it “domestic terrorists” and deal with them as such—well before the overreach can be challenged in court.

Another telling addition to this group of potential “terrorists” is “any other individual or group who engages in violence—or incites imminent violence—in opposition to legislative, regulatory or other actions taken by the government.” Thus, if the government implements a policy that a large swath of the population finds abhorrent, such as launching a new, unpopular war abroad, those deemed to be “inciting” resistance to the action online could be considered domestic terrorists. 

Such scenarios are not unrealistic, given the loose way in which the government and the media have defined things like “incitement” and even “violence” (e. g., “hate speech” is a form of violence) in the recent past. The situation is ripe for manipulation and abuse. To think the federal government (including the Biden administration and subsequent administrations) would not abuse such power reflects an ignorance of US political history, particularly when the main forces behind most terrorist incidents in the nation are actually US government institutions like the FBI (more FBI examples hereherehere, and here).

Furthermore, the original plans for the detention of American dissidents in the event of a national emergency, drawn up during the Reagan era as part of its “continuity of government” contingency, cited popular nonviolent opposition to US intervention in Latin America as a potential “emergency” that could trigger the activation of those plans. Many of those “continuity of government” protocols remain on the books today and can be triggered, depending on the whims of those in power. It is unlikely that this new domestic terror framework will be any different regarding nonviolent protest and demonstrations.

Yet another passage in this section of the strategy states that “domestic terrorists” can, “in some instances, connect and intersect with conspiracy theories and other forms of disinformation and misinformation.” It adds that the proliferation of such “dangerous” information “on Internet-based communications platforms such as social media, file-upload sites and end-to-end encrypted platforms, all of these elements can combine and amplify threats to public safety.” 

Thus, the presence of “conspiracy theories” and information deemed by the government to be “misinformation” online is itself framed as threatening public safety, a claim made more than once in this policy document. Given that a major “pillar” of the strategy involves eliminating online material that promotes “domestic terrorist” ideologies, it seems inevitable that such efforts will also “connect and intersect” with the censorship of “conspiracy theories” and narratives that the establishment finds inconvenient or threatening for any reason. 

Pillars of Tyranny

The strategy notes in several places that this new domestic-terror policy will involve a variety of public-private partnerships in order to “build a community to address domestic terrorism that extends not only across the Federal Government but also to critical partners.” It adds, “That includes state, local, tribal and territorial governments, as well as foreign allies and partners, civil society, the technology sector, academic, and more.” 

The mention of foreign allies and partners is important as it suggests a multinational approach to what is supposedly a US “domestic” issue and is yet another step toward a transnational security-state apparatus. A similar multinational approach was used to devastating effect during the CIA-developed Operation Condor, which was used to target and “disappear” domestic dissidents in South America in the 1970s and 1980s. The foreign allies mentioned in the Biden administration’s strategy are left unspecified, but it seems likely that such allies would include the rest of the Five Eyes alliance (the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) and Israel, all of which already have well-established information-sharing agreements with the US for signals intelligence.

The new domestic-terror strategy has four main “pillars,” which can be summarized as (1) understanding and sharing domestic terrorism-related information, including with foreign governments and private tech companies; (2) preventing domestic terrorism recruitment and mobilization to violence; (3) disrupting and deterring domestic terrorism activity; and (4) confronting long-term contributors to domestic terrorism.

The first pillar involves the mass accumulation of data through new information-sharing partnerships and the deepening of existing ones. Much of this information sharing will involve increased data mining and analysis of statements made openly on the internet, particularly on social media, something already done by US intelligence contractors such as Palantir. While the gathering of such information has been ongoing for years, this policy allows even more to be shared and legally used to make cases against individuals deemed to have made threats or expressed “dangerous” opinions online. 

Included in the first pillar is the need to increase engagement with financial institutions concerning the financing of “domestic terrorists.” US banks, such as Bank of America, have already gone quite far in this regard, leading to accusations that it has begun acting like an intelligence agency. Such claims were made after it was revealed that the BofA had passed to the government the private banking information of over two hundred people that the bank deemed as pointing to involvement in the events of January 6, 2021. It seems likely, given this passage in the strategy, that such behavior by banks will soon become the norm, rather than an outlier, in the United States. 

The second pillar is ostensibly focused on preventing the online recruitment of domestic terrorists and online content that leads to the “mobilization of violence.” The strategy notes that this pillar “means reducing both supply and demand of recruitment materials by limiting widespread availability online and bolstering resilience to it by those who nonetheless encounter it.“ The strategy states that such government efforts in the past have a “mixed record,” but it goes on to claim that trampling on civil liberties will be avoided because the government is “consulting extensively” with unspecified “stakeholders” nationwide.

Regarding recruitment, the strategy states that “these activities are increasingly happening on Internet-based communications platforms, including social media, online gaming platforms, file-upload sites and end-to-end encrypted platforms, even as those products and services frequently offer other important benefits.” It adds that “the widespread availability of domestic terrorist recruitment material online is a national security threat whose front lines are overwhelmingly private-sector online platforms.” 

The US government plans to provide “information to assist online platforms with their own initiatives to enforce their own terms of service that prohibits the use of their platforms for domestic terrorist activities” as well as to “facilitate more robust efforts outside the government to counter terrorists’ abuse of Internet-based communications platforms.” 

Given the wider definition of “domestic terrorist” that now includes those who oppose capitalism and corporate globalization as well as those who resist government overreach, online content discussing these and other “anti-government” and “anti-authority” ideas could soon be treated in the same way as online Al Qaeda or ISIS propaganda. Efforts, however, are unlikely to remain focused on these topics. As Unlimited Hangout reported last November, both UK intelligence and the US national-security state were developing plans to treat critical reporting on the COVID-19 vaccines as “extremist” propaganda.

Another key part of this pillar is the need to “increase digital literacy” among the American public, while censoring “harmful content” disseminated by “terrorists” as well as by “hostile foreign powers seeking to undermine American democracy.” The latter is a clear reference to the claim that critical reporting of US government policy, particularly its military and intelligence activities abroad, was the product of “Russian disinformation,” a now discredited claim that was used to heavily censor independent media. This new government strategy appears to promise more of this sort of thing. 

It also notes that “digital literacy” education for a domestic audience is being developed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Such a policy would have previously violated US law until the Obama administration worked with Congress to repeal the Smith-Mundt Actthus lifting the ban on the government directing propaganda at domestic audiences. 

The third pillar of the strategy seeks to increase the number of federal prosecutors investigating and trying domestic-terror cases. Their numbers are likely to jump as the definition of “domestic terrorist” is expanded. It also seeks to explore whether “legislative reforms could meaningfully and materially increase our ability to protect Americans from acts of domestic terrorism while simultaneously guarding against potential abuse of overreach.” In contrast to past public statements on police reform by those in the Biden administration, the strategy calls to “empower” state and local law enforcement to tackle domestic terrorism, including with increased access to “intelligence” on citizens deemed dangerous or subversive for any number of reasons.

To that effect, the strategy states the following (p. 24):

“The Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Homeland Security, with support from the National Counterterrorism Center [part of the intelligence community], are incorporating an increased focus on domestic terrorism into current intelligence products and leveraging current mechanisms of information and intelligence sharing to improve the sharing of domestic terrorism-related content and indicators with non-Federal partners. These agencies are also improving the usability of their existing information-sharing platforms, including through the development of mobile applications designed to provide a broader reach to non-Federal law enforcement partners, while simultaneously refining that support based on partner feedback.”

Such an intelligence tool could easily be, for example, Palantir, which is already used by the intelligence agencies, the DHS, and several US police departments for “predictive policing,” that is, pre-crime actions. Notably, Palantir has long included a “subversive” label for individuals included on government and law enforcement databases, a parallel with the controversial and highly secretive Main Core database of US dissidents. 

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made the “pre-crime” element of the new domestic terror strategy explicit on Tuesday when he said in a statement that DHS would continue “developing key partnerships with local stakeholders through the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3) to identify potential threats and prevent terrorism.” CP3, which replaced DHS’ Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention this past May, officially “supports communities across the United States to prevent individuals from radicalizing to violence and intervene when individuals have already radicalized to violence.” 

The fourth pillar of the strategy is by far the most opaque and cryptic, while also the most far-reaching. It aims to address the sources that cause “terrorists” to mobilize “towards violence.” This requires “tackling racism in America,” a lofty goal for an administration headed by the man who controversially eulogized Congress’ most ardent segregationist and who was a key architect of the 1994 crime bill. As well, it provides for “early intervention and appropriate care for those who pose a danger to themselves or others.”

In regard to the latter proposal, the Trump administration, in a bid to “stop mass shootings before they occur,” considered a proposal to create a “health DARPA” or “HARPA” that would monitor the online communications of everyday Americans for “neuropsychiatric” warning signs that someone might be “mobilizing towards violence.” While the Trump administration did not create HARPA or adopt this policy, the Biden administration has recently announced plans to do so.

Finally, the strategy indicates that this fourth pillar is part of a “broader priority”: “enhancing faith in government and addressing the extreme polarization, fueled by a crisis of disinformation and misinformation often channeled through social media platforms, which can tear Americans apart and lead some to violence.” In other words, fostering trust in government while simultaneously censoring “polarizing” voices who distrust or criticize the government is a key policy goal behind the Biden administration’s new domestic-terror strategy. 

Calling Their Shots?

While this is a new strategy, its origins lie in the Trump administration. In October 2019, Trump’s attorney general William Barr formally announced in a memorandum that a new “national disruption and early engagement program” aimed at detecting those “mobilizing towards violence” before they commit any crime would launch in the coming months. That program, known as DEEP (Disruption and Early Engagement Program), is now active and has involved the Department of Justice, the FBI, and “private sector partners” since its creation.

Barr’s announcement of DEEP followed his unsettling “prediction” in July 2019 that “a major incident may occur at any time that will galvanize public opinion on these issues.” Not long after that speech, a spate of mass shootings occurred, including the El Paso Walmart shooting, which killed twenty-three and about which many questions remain unanswered regarding the FBI’s apparent foreknowledge of the event. After these events took place in 2019, Trump called for the creation of a government backdoor into encryption and the very pre-crime system that Barr announced shortly thereafter in October 2019. The Biden administration, in publishing this strategy, is merely finishing what Barr started.

Indeed, a “prediction” like Barr’s in 2019 was offered by the DHS’ Elizabeth Neumann during a Congressional hearing in late February 2020. That hearing was largely ignored by the media as it coincided with an international rise of concern regarding COVID-19. At the hearing, Neumann, who previously coordinated the development of the government’s post-9/11 terrorism information sharing strategies and policies and worked closely with the intelligence community, gave the following warning about an imminent “domestic terror” event in the United States:

“And every counterterrorism professional I speak to in the federal government and overseas feels like we are at the doorstep of another 9/11, maybe not something that catastrophic in terms of the visual or the numbers, but that we can see it building and we don’t quite know how to stop it.”

This “another 9/11” emerged on January 6, 2021, as the events of that day in the Capitol were quickly labeled as such by both the media and prominent politicians, while also inspiring calls from the White House and the Democrats for a “9/11-style commission” to investigate the incident. This event, of course, figures prominently in the justification for the new domestic-terror strategy, despite the considerable video and other evidence that shows that Capitol law enforcement, and potentially the FBI, were directly involved in facilitating the breach of the Capitol. In addition, when one considers that the QAnon movement, which had a clear role in the events of January 6, was itself likely a government-orchestrated psyop, the government hand in creating this situation seems clear. 

It goes without saying that the official reasons offered for these militaristic “domestic terror” policies, which the US has already implemented abroad—causing much more terror than it has prevented—does not justify the creation of a massive new national-security infrastructure that aims to criminalize and censor online speech. Yet the admission that this new strategy, as part of a broader effort to “enhance faith in government,” combines domestic propaganda campaigns with the censorship and pursuit of those who distrust government heralds the end of even the illusion of democracy in the United States.


Friday, June 25, 2021

Quitting Time

Beyond the criminal abominations, it is the in$ulting eliti$m, not the CVD madness, that put me over the edge:

The ‘Great Resignation’ is looming, and Anthony Klotz, an associate professor of management at Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, says "burnout is one of the key predictors of turnover."

That's one reason I'm turning over. I find that the further I am from the Bo$ton Globe, the happier I am, and trying to play catch-up is stupid. It's old propaganda by now, and worthless -- like everything in their pages.


"How Do They Say Economic Recovery? ‘I Quit.’" by Sydney Ember New York Times, June 20, 2021

At some point early this year, Justin Hoffman concluded that he was being underpaid.

The marketing director at an orthopedic practice in Findlay, Ohio, Mr. Hoffman was making $42,000 a year — about $13,000 less, by his count, than people were making in similar jobs elsewhere, but when he asked for a raise in March, he was given only a small bump in pay. “That was kind of the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he said.

So after some careful thinking, Hoffman, 28, did what he had long ached to do: He quit. His last day was June 4.

Hoffman is among millions of workers who have voluntarily left their jobs recently, one of the most striking elements of the newly blazing-hot job market. The rate was particularly high in the leisure and hospitality industry, where competition for workers has been especially fierce, but the number of those quitting registered across the board.

Economists believe that one reason more workers are quitting is simply a backlog: By some estimates, more than five million fewer people quit last year than would otherwise be expected, as some workers, riding out the labor market’s convulsions, stuck with jobs they may have wanted to leave anyway, and the millions of involuntary job losses during the pandemic surely accounted for some of the reduction in quitting. Now that the economy is regaining its footing, workers may suddenly be feeling more emboldened to heed their impulses, but another factor may be the speed with which the economy has reawakened. As the pandemic has receded and the great reopening has swept across the country, businesses that had gone into hibernation or curtailed their work force during the pandemic have raced to hire employees to meet the surging demand.

[Time to close this down, yes]

At the same time, many people remain reluctant to return to work because of lingering fears of the virus, child care or elder care challenges, still-generous unemployment benefits, low wages or other reasons.

The result has been an explosion of job openings, despite a relatively high unemployment rate, as businesses struggle to recruit and retain employees — a dynamic that has placed power more firmly in workers’ hands. With employers offering higher wages to attract candidates, many workers — especially in low-wage positions in restaurants and hotels — are leaving their jobs and jumping to ones that pay even slightly more.

[We ju$t witne$$ed the most ma$$ive transfer of wealth upwards in human history, and the NYT piece of $hit writes that?

It would be laughable were it not so criminally sad]

The pandemic has driven workers to quit for other reasons as well. With fewer opportunities for spending, some people were able to save money and pay down their debts, giving them a cushion to leave jobs with which they were dissatisfied. Other workers, disinclined to give up remote work, are abandoning jobs that are no longer affording them as much flexibility.

For Hoffman, the decision to leave his job was the culmination of months of perceived injustices, which he said he was able to evaluate more clearly because of the pandemic. As coronavirus cases swelled in the fall, he asked to work from home because of the risk he feared he posed to his sister, whose immune system is compromised. His request was denied, he said, crystallizing his sense that he was not respected or valued.

[Perceived injustices, not actual injustices like from 400 years ago with CRT.

What we do know is the bought-off by private equity pre$$ doesn't respect or value its readers. Either that, or I am not supposed to be one.

Btw, I have been where Hoffman has been, several times, and I have walked off the job, period because of the above -- only to realize later it was I who had the unreasonable(?) demands. That was the job. If you don't like it, quit.... so I did. No notice, no nothing.

I don't regret it for a number of reasons; however, it wasn't the $marte$t move and $et me back]

Over the last year, with the pandemic limiting his social interactions, he began to network over Twitter with other people in marketing. That was how he determined that he was being significantly underpaid.

Hoffman, who is now looking for work, said he probably would have quit eventually, but the pandemic, he said, hastened his decision.

“I think that if the pandemic hadn’t happened, then things wouldn’t have turned out this way,” he said. “It didn’t just change my perspective on my compensation, but I think it’s changed a lot about my understanding of the relationship between employers and employees.”

[He's lucky he had a job at all, and it was in the burgeoning field of medical tyranny, too]

On a more philosophical level, the constant threat of illness, more time with family members, leisure time that gave way to new passions — all may have prompted some workers to reassess how they want to spend their time. Burned out, some people have left their jobs for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like traveling the world. Others have seen an opportunity to shift careers or branch out on their own.


During the allegedly worst pandemic in a century when the entire world was and still is locked down to some extent?

Speechless astonishment]

Start-ups surged during the pandemic, particularly in Black communities, as stimulus checks and unemployment benefits helped seed entrepreneurs’ dreams and bolster their confidence.


“The pandemic, for a lot of people, was really stressful and caused a lot of uncertainty, so I think what a lot of people did was reflect on their lives,” said Anthony Klotz, an associate professor of management at Texas A&M University who studies employee resignations.

[There he is again]

Klotz said people were accustomed to work being at the center of their lives and identities — a reality that may have shifted during the pandemic. “In general, we want a life of contentment and a life that has purpose,” he said, “and I think for many people, they’ve discovered that contentment and purpose for them may lie outside of work.”

[Just finding that out, huh, because my purpose and life always lay outside making money for the man. What do you think we live for?

I mean, the attitude here is one of a New York Times $lavema$ter talking down to his slaves while chuckling]

That was the case for Matt Gisin, 24, who gave notice at his job as a graphic designer at a health and wellness company this month. During the pandemic, he was able to work remotely, and without a commute, he had more time for hobbies like CrossFit and video game streaming.

“I got very adjusted to all of this time and all of this freedom,” he said, but slowly, his company began requiring employees to come back into the office, first for two days a week, then three, then four. With so many people commuting to work in their cars, his trip from his home in Mamaroneck, N.Y., to the middle of Long Island could stretch to two hours each way, leaving him little time for his pastimes. “I wasn’t happy anymore,” he said. “I was finding happiness in a lot of outside activities so I took this kind of leap to leave.” He now hopes to find a job in the video game industry.

Economists expect the elevated level of quitting to continue for some time, as the pandemic eases and the economy rebalances.

[That is going to be the pre$$ narrative to cover the massive poverty and worthle$$ money that is coming soon -- and then they can hire the migrants all across the board]

“I would be surprised if this ended before the summer ended,” said Andrew Chamberlain, the chief economist for the hiring site Glassdoor, but he also said there was an “expiration date”: A high number of workers quitting will contribute to a labor shortage, eventually forcing employers to raise wages and provide other incentives, which will help lure workers back and re-establish economic equilibrium.


In the meantime, he said, workers — especially those with low wages — will continue to gain leverage over employers.....


If the pre$$titues had any honor they would all resign, but.....


The Wa$hington Compo$t also quits!

"Retail workers are quitting at record rates for higher-paying work: ‘My life isn’t worth a dead-end job’" by Abha Bhattarai Washington Post, June 21, 2021

Retail workers, drained from the pandemic and empowered by a strengthening job market, are leaving jobs like never before.

Americans are ditching their jobs by the millions, and retail is leading the way with the largest increase in resignations of any sector. Some 649,000 retail workers put in their notice in April, the industry’s largest one-month exodus since the Labor Department began tracking such data more than 20 years ago.

Some are finding less stressful positions at insurance agencies, marijuana dispensaries, banks, and local governments, where their customer service skills are rewarded with higher wages and better benefits. Others are going back to school to learn new trades, or waiting until they are able to secure reliable child care.

’'It was a really dismal time, and it made me realize this isn’t worth it,’' said 23-year-old Aislinn Potts of Murfreesboro, Tenn., who left her $11-an-hour job as an aquatic specialist at a national pet chain in April to focus on writing and art. ’'My life isn’t worth a dead-end job.’'

[Like being a ma$$ media reporter]

In interviews with more than a dozen retail workers who recently left their jobs, nearly all said the pandemic introduced new strains to already challenging work: Longer hours, understaffed stores, unruly customers, and even pay cuts.

[With each passing paragraph, it becomes insulting in the extreme]

Christina Noles spent much of the pandemic working the closing shift at a dollar store — sometimes nine consecutive days without a break — for $10.25 an hour. She felt isolated, anxious, and demoralized.

Last month, the 34-year-old from Concord, N.C., quit, leaving the industry she’s worked in for most of her adult life. Now she works from home for a local law firm — a job that, three days in, still seems too good to be true.

’'There’s a part of me that feels like this must all be a dream,’' Noles said. ’'There were a lot of things I liked about retail: I love talking to people and helping them, but the pandemic made me realize it was untenable.’' 

[It very may well be given the past history of the pre$$.

Jason Blair -- or Kevin Cullen, for that matter?]

Labor professors and economists say the pandemic also made it harder for the nation’s 15 million retail workers to find reliable child care and public transportation, but now that life is returning to normal, analysts say, workers have begun to realize they have options, capitalizing on the latest waves of hiring and government stimulus as catalyst for career change. Companies of all sizes, meanwhile, are offering a host of perks, from free appetizers to subsidized college courses, to attract and keep workers.

[It's anything but, you monsters.

Just have to be vexed is all!]

’'We’re seeing a wider understanding that these were never good jobs and they were never livable jobs,’' said Rebecca Givan, a professor of labor studies and employment relations at Rutgers University. ’'In many cases, the pay is below a living wage and the hours are inconsistent and insufficient. If anything, the pandemic has made retail jobs even less sustainable than they already were.’'

[Yeah, because they are all going under as Amazon makes record profits. 


It is too soon to tell, she said, whether the latest exodus reflects a long-term shift away from retail work. Some employees, for example, may return to the industry once child care is more readily available and other pandemic-related challenges ease, but others are turning to industries where workers are in high demand.

[The Great Re$et and coming climate lockdowns will take care of that -- as the elite jet $et roams the earth]

Noles said she began mulling a career change after five colleagues tested positive for the coronavirus late last year. Her lucky break, she said, came on a particularly busy night when the checkout lines snaked to the back of the store. A customer in line, who was charmed by her upbeat nature and impressed that not a single customer left despite the wait, encouraged her to apply for an opening at her law firm. Noles applied in April and, a few weeks later, was offered the job as an intake specialist, earning $13 an hour, plus benefits.

[Wait a minute.

I was told the job left her isolated, anxious, and demoralized, and yet she was charming with an upbeat nature? 

What a PHONY who "got lucky!"

Beyond that is the long line in the age of infectious corona. 

This is really the limit, folks]

With much of the country easing pandemic-era restrictions, service establishments like restaurants, gyms, and salons are offering better pay and benefits to rebuild the staffs that got gutted during the crisis. Sectors like real estate, professional services, banking and insurance are also hiring — often at higher wages than retail, where median hourly pay for store employees hovers around $13 — in anticipation of renewed demand, according to Julia Pollak, a labor economist for the site ZipRecruiter.

’'In a tight labor market, we often see big shifts among workers with low earnings,’' she said. ’'If you’re making $12 an hour and there’s a job down the street offering $12.50, why not jump? There’s no reason not to — which is what’s happening now.’'

’'Hiring now’' signs are cropping up on storefronts big and small as retailers scramble to fill openings. Many have raised wages or benefits to keep up. Target, Best Buy, Under Armour, and Kay Jewelers all recently increased starting minimums to $15 an hour, while Amazon is offering sign-on bonuses as high as $1,000 to new employees. (Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

[Go take a walk]

Overall, retailers had nearly 1 million job openings in April, more than twice as many as they did a year ago.

Millions of retail workers were let gounknowingly permanentlyearly on in the pandemic as dozens of retailers tumbled into bankruptcy, shuttered locations, and sometimes liquidated thousands of stores. The result was a bifurcated industry — with booming business at supermarkets, pharmacies, and hardware stores, while spending on clothing and other nonessential items tanked. Now that spending patterns are evening out again, retailers are having to hire accordingly to meet demand.

[Who benefitted, and not one word about all the shortages]

Some labor experts, though, say retailers are not going far enough in addressing structural problems in the industry. Retailers, they say, should be focusing more on stable schedules, safer working conditions, and benefits like paid sick leave and vacation time.

[What a laugh considering the source]


Maybe you can freelance it like the Globe:

"After the pandemic, expect more work for freelancers" by Samantha Subin Globe Correspondent, June 20, 2021

The workplace is not what it used to be, and as it eases into a post-pandemic new normal, one change that took hold before COVID-19 is likely to continue: companies hiring freelancers and independent contractors to save money.

[WaPo said normal]

A study conducted by Harvard Business School and Boston Consulting Group from November 2019 to January 2020 found that 60 percent of the 700-plus US business leaders surveyed would prefer torent, borrow, or share talent” with other companies, and 60 percent anticipate a core workforce with fewer full-time staff.

[You will own nothing and be happy!]

With the pandemic underscoring the relative ease of remote work, it’s likely that some companies may decide to hire freelancers who can log on from anywhere, and while many may associate freelancing with ride-hailing and food-delivery jobs with businesses like Grubhub and Uber, it’s becoming more common in white-collar areas like IT, digital marketing, and user-experience design as companies look to build out websites and security systems, said Nithya Vaduganathan, an author of the Harvard study and a managing director and partner at Boston Consulting.

[Oh, the "good jobs!"]

“It’s really hard for a company that can’t pay top dollar, isn’t in a location where talent congregates, [or] is not an industry that enjoys a buzz factor to get this type of talent, and the supply is short,” said Joseph B. Fuller, another author of the study and a professor of management practice at Harvard Business School.

Using freelancers enables businesses, especially small companies, to hire expensive talent part time and keep costs low. While freelance work has its perks for employers, it also offers flexibility and autonomy to workers, including control over when they work, how, and on what projects, Vaduganathan said, and over time, experienced freelancers earn similar pay working fewer jobs, said Phillip Lewis, senior vice president at Aquent, a Boston staffing agency with over 500,000 available workers in its pool.

[Isn't that what a corre$pondent is?

Yeah, f**k the $taff]

A recent study from the freelancing website Fiverr found that 80 percent of the skilled contractors surveyed said they expected to earn the same or more in 2021 as in 2020, but there is a downside for freelancers: no benefits. No health insurance, sick time, vacations, or retirement benefits, either.


David Coppins, cofounder and CEO of IntelyCare, a staffing company that matches nursing professionals with nursing and assisted-living facilities, grappled with whether to hire workers as independent contractors. He opted not to, a move he said shows loyalty to his staff.

Companies that can make money only with independent contractors have a “flawed” business model, he believes.

“Classifying workers as contractors is like saying, ‘Let me just use you for a period of time and then let you go,’ ” Coppins said.....

Time for her to quit her job!

Then she can sit home and watch $ports all the time.


As the national economy recovers from the pandemic and begins to take off, New York City is lagging, with changing patterns of work and travel threatening the engines that have long powered its jobs and prosperity.

New York has suffered deeper job losses as a share of its work force than any other big American city, and while the country has regained two-thirds of the positions it lost after the coronavirus arrived, New York has recouped fewer than half, leaving a deficit of more than 500,000 jobs.

Restaurants and bars are filling up again with New Yorkers eager for a return to normal, but scars are everywhere. Boarded-up storefronts and for-lease signs dot many neighborhoods. Empty sidewalks in Midtown Manhattan make it feel like a weekend in midweek. Subway ridership on weekdays is less than half the level of two years ago.

The city’s economic plight stems largely from its heavy reliance on office workers, business travelers, tourists and the service businesses catering to all of them. All eyes are on September, when many companies aim to bring their workers back to the office and Broadway fully reopens, attracting more visitors and their dollars, but even then, the rebound will be only partial.

[September will be the 20th anniversary of a literally earth-shaking event, so expect a surprise false flag]

The shift toward remote work endangers thousands of businesses that serve commuters who are likely to come into the office less frequently than before the pandemic, if at all. The Partnership for New York City, a business advocacy group, predicts that by the end of September, only 62 percent of office workers will return, mostly three days a week.

Restoring the city to economic health will be an imposing challenge for its next mayor, who is likely to emerge from the Democratic primary on Tuesday. The candidates have offered different visions of how to help struggling small businesses and create jobs.

“We are bouncing back, but we are nowhere near where we were in 2019,” said Barbara Byrne Denham, senior economist at Oxford Economics. “We suffered more than everyone else, so it will take a little longer to recover.”

[Cue violins, bring whine and cheese, pffffffft]

If they are going to flat-out lie and distort about something so basic as the economy, what wouldn't they lie about?

Avoid the Rotten Apple at all co$ts!

I'm done winging it

It is time to forget this $hit for good and move beyond it.

A Criminal Abomination

That is what is this morning's Boston Globe. There is simply no other way to describe the flat-out lies oozing from their pages. It's the most reprehensible "journali$m" I've ever seen. When John Henry bought it on the cheap from the New York Times, I was hopeful he would improve it; however, he has turned it into a complete piece of criminal $hit.

Here we are in the midst of what is being called a public health policy scandal of unprecedented proportions and of potentially catastrophic consequences that is unfolding right before our eyes and the pre$$ is not only ignoring, but facilitating it.

All over a "viru$" that doesn't even exist. It has always been seasonal cold and flu now called COVID, just another in an endless stream of lies from the pre$$. They apparently can't hear the CDC whistleblowers who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans as the deaths pile up.

The vaccines are riskier then advertised and all about politics, according to Penny and the WSJ. They don't protect you from the CVD, and you still have to observe all the masking and distancing despite being vaxxed.

As for whether “will the mainstream media ever start recording…deaths or illnesses” from covid jabs, I think we all know the answer. Imho, the Journal article was it a one-off mainstream aberration not to be repeated -- like so much of their $hit.

There can be no doubt now that covid is a globalist psyop designed to inventory, brand, control & cull humanity. Time to start hanging the criminals from lampposts, starting with the politicians, public health officials, and media that promoted this heinous hoax before moving on to the  Rockefeller Foundation, WHO, GAVI, and the entire globali$t ruling cla$$. 

They had their chance to right their wrongs, and they have declined to do that, instead doubling down with the lies to advance their criminal genocidal agenda at the behe$t of their ma$ters.


Exhibit A1:

"Nursing homes struggle to reduce a serious COVID risk: many employees resist vaccination; Administrators have courted holdouts with raffles, gift cards, and cash, but more than 40 percent nationwide are still unvaccinated" by Kay Lazar Globe Staff, June 24, 2021

If any nursing home had a reason to ensure everyone was fully vaccinated against COVID-19, it would be the Leavitt Family Jewish Home in Longmeadow. Sixty-three residents died last year from the disease, yet, six months after staffers there became eligible for shots, more than 30 percent have yet to be fully vaccinated.

Now, the Leavitt is pairing up with behavioral psychologists from the University of California, Berkeley to test the effectiveness of making the shots super convenient by reserving one for each unvaccinated employee and then asking them to either get their jab in the home during one of their shifts or decline the shot specifically reserved for them.

The failure of many nursing home staff members to get vaccinated has emerged as one of the most serious gaps in the United States’ defenses against COVID. Fully one-quarter of the nation’s pandemic deaths have occurred in nursing homes; yet, nationwide, more than 40 percent of staff members are still unvaccinated, leaving the homes’ frail, elderly residents vulnerable.

Nursing home administrators across the country have dangled gift cards, cash, T-shirts, and more, but such incentives have largely failed at convincing holdouts. Instead, administrators are finding slow but steady success with intimate, albeit time-consuming, one-on-one sessions, pairing the hesitant with colleagues, medical directors, or other trusted sources who listen to workers and talk them through their fears.

“You need to sit across from them, and ask how their kids are,” said Barry Berman, chief executive of JGS Lifecare, which includes the Leavitt nursing home. “It’s those personal connections that sometimes makes the difference.”

[Are you ready to vomit yet at the browbeating and coercion for their toxic tubes of poison?]

Berman has taken to sharing pictures of his five grandchildren on his iPad and telling staff that his fervent prayer is that the youngsters, 8 years old and younger, may soon be eligible for a shot and gain protection, too.

Some nursing homes have considered requiring employees to get a COVID vaccine, but many operators fear a mandate would simply worsen an already serious worker shortage in nursing homes, so persuasion remains the name of the game, but it’s been an uphill challenge as many nursing home workers are immigrants or from communities of color where mistrust of the government and medicine can run deep. In addition, some harbor fears about vaccine side effects, often fed by social media.

A state health department spokeswoman said nursing home staff vaccination rates have improved by 4 percent statewide over the past month, and the department is helping facilities boost rates with mobile clinics and sending teams to help administer shots.

The American Health Care Association, the national trade association for nursing homes, on Tuesday held an online session for workers across the country to ask medical experts questions about the vaccines. It was clear from many of the queries that employees have been riveted by false rumors swirling around social media, claiming bizarre and scary side effects from the shots, such as infertility or that the vaccines make recipients magnetic.

[So what is one to make of the magnetism and infertility that is occurring out there, as well as the blood-clotting and heart inflammations in young and healthy people?

The criminal pre$$ pooh-poohs the deaths and side effects that are mounting by the day, the damn bastards. 

To the gallows with them!]

One expert, Dr. Sarah Berry, a geriatrician at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston, nodded knowingly, saying she had gotten similar questions from her 12- and 15-year old children who recently received a Pfizer vaccine.

“The 15-year-old is like, ‘Is this vaccine still going to be in me when I get old and is it going to cause side effects down the road?’” she said. Berry explained that researchers have not seen long-term effects in the people who enrolled in the first vaccine trials and have been followed for more than a year. She assured viewers that vaccines “very seldom cause side effects beyond the first couple of months, and that was sort of reassuring to my son.”

[How could they? 

There is no way they can know the long-term effects of this abominable experiment with the mRNA gene-therapy modification, but IT'S TOO LATE NOW if you have gotten the shot.

It is IN YOU and can never be removed.

Is that why the health professionals who are being condescended to as if they are stupid don't want the shots?

Oh, btw, giving the shots to young children who do not need it is child abuse]

Federal regulators, hoping to increase rates of nursing home staff vaccinations and better understand outbreaks, recently required the facilities to start reporting their progress weekly, and began posting the data, but the information is hard to find on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Nursing Home Data website.

“It’s definitely not consumer friendly,” said Toby Edelman, a senior policy attorney with the Center for Medicare Advocacy, “and knowing whether staff and residents are vaccinated would be important for families.”


That is from your transparent government who is all about protecting you as they rob you blind and kill you!!]

At Sherrill House in Boston, vaccination rates are at 84 percent, but chief executive Patrick Stapleton is aiming still higher. One factor working in their favor, he said, is many longtime, older employees who are more open to getting vaccinated. While Stapleton offered $50 gift cards early on in their vaccine campaign, he found personal conversations seemed more productive in convincing later holdouts.

Now, he is considering mandating shots for new employees. Given the severe labor shortage in the industry, it’s a dicey proposition, he concedes.

“It’s not something we take lightly, but it’s something we are talking about,” he said. “There is a lot of employer peril here, but it’s a balance against what is safe for our residents.”

You will want to keep your beloved elderly out the the mo-fos of the nursing home if you live in Ma$$achu$etts.


"Nearly all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. now are in people who weren’t vaccinated, a staggering demonstration of how effective the shots have been and an indication that deaths per day — now down to under 300 — could be practically zero if everyone eligible got the vaccine. An Associated Press analysis of available government data from May shows that “breakthrough” infections in fully vaccinated people accounted for fewer than 1,200 of more than 853,000 COVID-19 hospitalizations. That’s about 0.1%, and only about 150 of the more than 18,000 COVID-19 deaths in May were in fully vaccinated people. That translates to about 0.8%, or five deaths per day on average. The AP analyzed figures provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC itself has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people, citing limitations in the data. Among them: Only about 45 states report breakthrough infections, and some are more aggressive than others in looking for such cases. So the data probably understates such infections, CDC officials said. Still, the overall trend that emerges from the data echoes what many health care authorities are seeing around the country and what top experts are saying. Earlier this month, Andy Slavitt, a former adviser to the Biden administration on COVID-19, suggested that 98% to 99% of the Americans dying of the coronavirus are unvaccinated, and CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said on Tuesday that the vaccine is so effective that "nearly every death, especially among adults, due to COVID-19, is, at this point, entirely preventable.” Deaths in the U.S. have plummeted from a peak of more than 3,400 day on average in mid-January, one month into the vaccination drive. About 63% of all vaccine-eligible Americans — those 12 and older — have received at least one dose, and 53% are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC....."

CDC means Criminal Death Cult at this point as they promote such a fantastic lie it is beyond belief, ignoring the thousands of Americans who have already died from the jab -- as they start quoting numbers and statistics!

It is starting to look like the goddamn numbers they cite are nothing but fictions based on models! 

In other words, they are pulling the case numbers out of their asses!

It's ALL LIES, folks!


"San Francisco city workers will be required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus when a vaccine receives full federal approval. The policy covering 35,000 municipal workers may be the first by any city or county in the U.S. Employees who refuse to get vaccinated and don’t get an exemption could be fired, according to the policy posted to the city government’s website Wednesday. The three COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the U.S. are being dispensed under emergency authorization by the Food and Drug Administration. They are expected to receive full approval in several months. San Francisco city employees will then have 10 weeks to get their shots....." 

The politicians who came up with this in fa$cist Fri$co should be fired -- then hung!

This isn't about a viru$ or di$ea$e anymore, this is something far more nefarious and $ini$ter.


Your natural herd immunity was found at the bottom of page B3 and it was covered in unscientific lies:

"New study suggests many were infected last year but never diagnosed with COVID-19" by Martin Finucane Globe Staff, June 24, 2021

[Then we HAVE NATURAL and LIFETIME HERD IMMUNITY as the alleged virus gets weaker!]

A recently released study offers new clues to an unanswered question about the coronavirus pandemic: How many people have gotten the virus but were never officially diagnosed?

National Institutes of Health researchers reported this week that the prevalence of COVID-19 in the United States during spring and summer of last year was much higher than the known number of cases.

[That is after they jacked up all the "cases" with false positives based on inaccurate cycle thresholds for a test that detects neither CVD or infectiousness.

That's why the "case" levels are based on, a complete manipulation of numbers for evil purposes]

The researchers, in a paper published in Science Translational Medicine, estimated “there were approximately 4.8 undiagnosed infections for every identified case of COVID-19, suggesting a potential 16.8 million undiagnosed infections by July 2020.”

“Our data suggest a larger spread of the COVD-19 [sic] pandemic in the United States during the first six months than originally thought,” the study said.

The study did not address how many people might have undiagnosed infections now. The US total of diagnosed infections has grown to around 33.4 million on Thursday.

“A hallmark of the coronavirus pandemic is that there are people infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 who have few or no symptoms,” said Dr. Matthew J. Memoli of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, one of several NIH institutes leading the study.

[That FLIES in the FACE of a PANDEMIC, for a true pandemic has people dropping in the streets, not asymptomatic infections that are not.


“While counting the numbers of symptomatic people in the United States is essential to contend with the impact of the pandemic and public health response, gaining a full appreciation of the COVID-19 prevalence requires counting the people who are undiagnosed,” he said this week in an NIH statement.

Researchers came up with their estimates after looking at blood samples from a representative sample of over 8,000 undiagnosed people, searching for antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, the NIH said.


The findings come as the United States is struggling to get as many people as possible vaccinated against the virus, while officials warn of the worrisome new delta variant.

[Now known as the SCARIANT!

CRIMINAL MONSTERS ALL is your government, folks, and have you ever noticed how conveniently the agenda-pushing $tudies come forth when they need them?]

Other studies have also suggested that large numbers of cases have gone undiagnosed. A Columbia University researcher estimated earlier this year, based on computer modeling, that the number of undiagnosed people continued to be multiple times higher than the number of diagnosed people.

[Like i said, it is ALL $HIT!]

Dr. Thomas Tsai, a professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said the NIH study “suggests that there may be a higher than expected level of infection-induced immunity currently in the US population,” but he said he wasn’t aware of any definitive estimate of that level.

[I'm sorry, SAY AGAIN!]

It may sound reassuring that, in addition to the 177 million people who have gotten at least one dose of vaccine, there are many millions who may have some natural protection against the coronavirus after contracting it and never getting tested for it, but experts emphasize people should get their shots even if they’ve had COVID-19.


The SHOT will actually CAUSE HARM by stimulating the immune system against the spike protein bioweapon when it isn't needed!]

“You should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19,” the CDC says on its website. “That’s because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—although rare—that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again. Studies have shown that vaccination provides a strong boost in protection in people who have recovered from COVID-19.”

[They should all be in jail]

Tsai said, “I think getting vaccination is still incredibly important. Especially with the delta variant which has been shown to have increased household transmission and increased severity of illness, vaccination remains important to protecting the health of individuals and their family members.”

[Not only is he a goddamned liar, he's telegraphing the fact they intend to show up at your door and enter your homes.

I hope they are prepared to die as I am]


Now to the bu$ine$$ $ection:

"State’s largest health care providers to require all employees get COVID-19 vaccines; One labor union balked at the mandate" by Priyanka Dayal McCluskey Globe Staff, June 24, 2021

The state’s largest hospital systems on Thursday said they will mandate that all of their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 as part of a moral imperative to keep patients safe.

[It will do the exact opposite as they vaccinated shed the spike protein and infect others, so AVOILD MEDICAL CARE at ALL COSTS!

DO NOT TRUST the medical e$tablishment in Ma$$achu$etts!]

Leaders of Mass General Brigham, Beth Israel Lahey Health, Wellforce, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute said requiring vaccination for employees is critical for protecting vulnerable patients, especially those who are immunocompromised.

Together, these hospital systems employ more than 135,000 people. All employees, including those who don’t work directly with patients, must get vaccinated, though they can request exemptions for medical or religious reasons.

[And if denied?]

Dr. Anne Klibanski, chief executive of Mass General Brigham, said there is now overwhelming evidence that COVID vaccines are safe and effective.

“Getting vaccinated right now is the single most important thing that we can do to let our employees know that we are providing the safest environment for patients, their families, and for each other,” she told the Globe.

[My jaw hit the floor when I saw what that criminal said about safe and effective vaccines when they are nothing of the sort! 

They admittedly don't prevent CVD or transmission, so WTF?!]

Hospital leaders did not set a deadline for employees to be vaccinated. They said they would wait until the US Food & Drug Administration grants full approval of the vaccines, which could take weeks or months. (The FDA has authorized the vaccines for emergency use.)

[The FDA is nothing but a rubber stamp for the pharma¢euti¢als, and this article proves it]

Hospital workers have been eligible for the COVID vaccines for months, and most have received their shots. After watching COVID patients suffer and die, many caregivers rushed at the chance to be vaccinated and became emotional as the needle went into their arms.

[What a load of shit from the Globe scribe]

Mass General Brigham and Beth Israel Lahey, the two biggest health care providers in Massachusetts, both said that about 85 percent of their workers have been vaccinated, but the health care workforce is large and diverse, and not everyone has been enthusiastic about the vaccines.

[If so many have been vaccinated, then there is no need for the rest to get the kill shots.

We were told 70% was good enough, but not now!]

One labor union representing health care workers immediately objected to the new requirements — though hospitals appear to have the legal right to implement them.

“Vaccination is an important tool to help us move forward, but an employer mandate is not the answer for a healthcare workforce still struggling to recover,” said Tim Foley, executive vice president of 1199SEIU, which represents nurses as well as technical and clerical workers.

“A hard-handed approach will create greater frustration,” Foley said in a statement.

[Along with rebellion, and finally, a union with some balls]

David Schildmeier, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Nurses Association, said the union will review each hospital’s specific policy before taking a position.

“We have encouraged our members to get the vaccine, and we believe the vast majority have already done so,” he said.

[Looks like they have broken you]

Many hospitals already require their workers to get annual flu shots. The nurses union opposes flu vaccination mandates and in the past has sued — unsuccessfully — to try to block such requirements.

Dr. Kevin Tabb, chief executive of Beth Israel Lahey, said his health system has a responsibility to protect patients and employees, and that it must lead by example.

“We’re an institution that is based on science,” he said in an interview. “We know the vaccine is extraordinarily effective, and we know that it’s safe. … We stand on much stronger moral ground asking others to get vaccinated when we ourselves have been vaccinated.”

[F**k him!]

At Wellforce, the hospital system that includes Tufts Medical Center, executives sent an e-mail to employees saying: “COVID-19 is still with us. The Delta variant is becoming more prominent in the United States, and it is vitally important that we continue to do everything we can to protect our patients and ourselves.”

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute told its employees: “Because our patients are especially vulnerable, we will strictly enforce compliance.” Cancer patients are at greater risk because they may have weakened immune systems from their treatments.

UMass Memorial Health Care eventually plans to mandate the vaccine for its workers, said Dr. Eric Dickson, the chief executive. Seventy-six percent of employees are vaccinated now, which Dickson called “disappointing.”

“I fully anticipate that we will mandate [vaccination] and that other health care systems in the state will,” he said.

“I think we will probably have some people leave their jobs because they don’t want to get vaccinated,” he said, “and that will make it even harder to staff places that are already struggling to get staffing.”

[As the Terminator once said, F**k you, a$$hole!]

Boston Medical Center and Steward Health Care said they’re still evaluating whether to make vaccinations mandatory.

In requiring the COVID vaccine, Massachusetts hospitals are following the lead of those in other states, including Texas, Maryland, and New York.

Houston Methodist Hospital has drawn national attention for its vaccination requirement and a lawsuit from some of its employees that challenged the mandate. Earlier this month, a federal court sided with the hospital. A Houston Methodist spokeswoman said 153 employees resigned or were fired over the requirement.

The fact that Massachusetts hospitals are waiting for full FDA approval before they require vaccination puts them on firmer legal ground, experts told the Globe.

“Once the full approval is in place, I do not see the likelihood of an effective challenge against this,” said Robert Kilroy, a partner at the law firm Mirick O’Connell.

[Yeah, don't look to the corrupt corporate courts for salvation!

You will find none there]

Michael Ulrich, assistant professor of health law and ethics at Boston University, said courts generally have upheld vaccine mandates, “and with health care workers,” he said, “you have an even stronger justification for the employers to require it, because you have vulnerable people that are more at risk.”

Governor Charlie Baker, asked about the vaccination mandates Thursday, said, “As far as I’m concerned, that’s their call.”

“At this point in time, I would prefer to let organizations make the decisions they think are going to keep their people safest,” Baker said at an appearance in Quincy, “but different people are in different places with respect to this, and I think we should respect that as well.”

[There he goes again playing bad cop, bad cop, and it really doesn't matter, does it?]


"Biden says he has infrastructure deal with bipartisan group of senators" by Emily Cochrane, Jim Tankersley, and Jonathan Weisman The New York Times, June 25, 2021

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of centrist senators reached a deal on Thursday for $1.2 trillion in investments to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, a victory for the White House but only the first lurch in what promises to be an arduous attempt to reshape the nation’s economic and social programs.

The agreement on traditional infrastructure projects — roads, bridges, tunnels, rail and broadband — would be significant on its own, the first major increase of federal public works spending since President Barack Obama’s 2009 economic rescue plan. It would include some existing infrastructure programs, but also provide $579 billion in new money over eight years to patch cracking highways, rebuild crumbling bridges, speed rail traffic and more equitably spread high-speed internet access.

[Why is the infrastructure in such $hit shape?

Were did all the money go all these years?

Down a manhole and into the $wampi$h $ewer?]

The plan would also pour billions of dollars into waterways and coastlines washing away as a warming planet raises sea levels, and $7.5 billion into financing a half-million electric vehicle charging stations, all part of Biden’s climate pledges. It would be paid for in part with a $40 billion increase in the IRS enforcement budget to bring in $140 billion in unpaid taxes, as well as repurposing unspent coronavirus relief funds, according to an outline provided by the White House.

“This agreement signals to the world that we can function, deliver and do significant things,” Biden said from the White House’s East Room, after meeting with the lawmakers, but almost immediately after reaching the breakthrough, Biden and Democrats offered a giant caveat that could complicate its chances of passage.

[What dirty tricks and double-dealing underhandedness do the Communi$t Democraps have in store?]

Both the president and top Democrats said the compromise, which constitutes only a small fraction of the expansive, $4 trillion economic agenda Biden has proposed, could advance only together with a far larger bill that would pour trillions more into health care, child care, higher education access and climate change programs. That measure, vehemently opposed by Republicans, would be paid for by remaking the tax code to capture the wealth of the superrich and multinational corporations that shift profits and jobs overseas.


The damn Dems will go after their donors, yeah, $ure.

This deal is $hit, and the 4tinking Republicans went along with bankrupting this country, the traitors]

“If this is the only thing that comes to me, I’m not signing it,” Biden said of the infrastructure piece. “It’s in tandem.”

[Fine, don't]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the changes in their totality “transformative, if not revolutionary.” Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, predicted that the pair of bills would be “the boldest, strongest legislation that this country has seen in decades.”

[God help us all]

They said they hoped all of it could come together by this fall, an enormous challenge that will involve persuading at least 60 senators to back the traditional infrastructure plan, and keeping Democrats united on the larger bill. The latter measure would have to pass through a budget process called reconciliation, which would allow it to bypass a Republican filibuster, but would require all 50 Democratic and independent votes in the Senate.

“There ain’t going to be no bipartisan bill unless we’re going to have reconciliation,” Pelosi said, a message she repeated privately to Democrats, after liberals warned against acting just on a bipartisan deal that jettisons the provisions progressives want most.

Still, the deal struck Thursday fulfills the promise of bipartisanship that Biden has long sought, and its authors were in a celebratory mood..... 

[In other words, this front-page piece of $hit is nothing but CRAP IMAGERY and DISTORTED GARBAGE, and yet the fact that the Globe emphasizes that the article originally appeared in The New York Times means the Times is proud of their turd]


"The Senate Judiciary Committee deadlocked in an 11-11 vote Thursday on President Biden’s nominee to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, setting up a procedural hurdle for Democrats to overcome before he is confirmed. The split vote on Chipman means Senate majority leader Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, will need to hold a full Senate vote to discharge the nomination from committee. The panel also voted 11-10, along party lines, to confirm Ur Mendoza Jaddou, Biden’s nominee to lead the Homeland Security Department’s Citizenship and Immigration Services, with one Republican senator abstaining....."

The abstention is a vote for in that case. 

Thanks for holding the line, whoever they were.

Also see:

She is also his longtime political strategist, and that should make good kindling for the fireplace.


"US to move Afghans who aided troops to third countries" by Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt New York Times, June 24, 2021

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is preparing to relocate thousands of Afghan interpreters, drivers, and others who worked with US forces to other countries in an effort to keep them safe while they apply for entry to the United States, senior administration officials said.

With the US military in the final phases of withdrawing from Afghanistan after 20 years of war, the White House has come under heavy pressure from lawmakers and military officials to protect Afghan allies from revenge attacks by the Taliban, and speed up the lengthy and complex process of providing them special immigrant visas.

[They come with every war based one lies, and it's not something they tell you when it is being sold with front-page lies being bullhorn by the pre$$]

Roughly 650 US troops are expected to remain in Afghanistan to provide security for diplomats after the main American military force completes its withdrawal, which is set to be largely done in the next two weeks, US officials told the Associated Press on Thursday.

[We are withdrawing but we're not. 


Can you see why I am totally sick of this $hit?]

In addition, several hundred additional American forces will remain at the Kabul airport, potentially until September, to assist Turkish troops providing security, as a temporary move until a more formal Turkey-led security operation is in place, the officials said. Overall, officials said the United States expects to have American and coalition military command, its leadership, and most troops out by July 4, or shortly after that, meeting an aspirational deadline that commanders developed months ago. The officials were not authorized to discuss details of the withdrawal and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

On Wednesday, administration officials started notifying lawmakers that they will soon begin what could be a wholesale move of tens of thousands of Afghans. Officials said the Afghans would be moved out of Afghanistan to third countries to await the processing of their visa requests to move to the United States.

[How much is all this going to cost the American people?]

The officials declined to say where the Afghans would wait, and it is not clear whether third countries have agreed to take them. A senior administration official said that under the plan, family members of applicants would also be moved out of Afghanistan to a third country to await visa processing. Transportation out of Afghanistan will not come with any assurance that a US visa will be granted. It was unclear whether people who somehow do not qualify would be sent back to Afghanistan or left in a third country. The officials spoke on grounds of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly about the decision.

The decision comes as President Biden prepares to meet Friday with President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan amid a worsening security situation in the country.

[Why are we leaving then?]

Aides said Biden would press Ghani on the need for unity among the country’s leaders, urging them to stop fighting among themselves when the country is in crisis and government forces are at risk of losing control of the nation to the Taliban.

[As the illegitimate a$$hole and demented pettofile tears ours apart!]

They said he would assure Ghani of continued financial support from the United States to the Afghan government and people, including a $266 million humanitarian assistance package and $3.3 billion in security assistance, as well as significant aid to help combat the coronavirus pandemic with vaccines, testing kits and personal protective equipment.

Officials said the administration has been working to streamline the visa process for Afghans who worked with US forces and has added people to handle the applications.

Pressure on the administration to act swiftly on the Afghans’ behalf has grown steadily in recent weeks in both the House and the Senate. Lawmakers pressed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a Pentagon budget hearing Wednesday.....

[Those two guys should be court-martialed and exectuted.

You understand the rage, right, Milley?]


"Most Congressional Republicans have shrugged off the need for any more investigation into the attack, pointing to the FBI’s ongoing work to prosecute rioters, impeachment proceedings against Trump over his role in the insurrection, and a series of congressional hearings that have already taken place. “This... isn’t about gathering facts, it is about gathering political points,” said Representative James Comer of Kentucky during testimony this month from generals and intelligence officials, but supporters of a deeper probe point to a lack of clear information over what was responsible for the slow response from law enforcement that day, what the level of organization was among rioters and protesters, and who, if anyone, was behind funding it. “As an intelligence professional, I look at this as, who organized this? That is the fundamental question,” said Cedric Leighton, a military analyst and former US Air Force intelligence officer. “It is a follow the money question — who was paying for things?

I'm sure that cover-up committee will turn out a heap of sh!t in what is now clearly another in a long line of agenda-pushing false flags by this government -- with Michigan looking like a rehearsal.\

Also see:

"Russia is prepared to target intruding warships if they fail to heed warnings, a senior Russian diplomat declared Thursday after a Black Sea incident in which a British destroyer sailed near Crimea in an area that Russia claims as its territorial waters....."

[My pre$$ is playing down the British provocation, and bring it on.

The West will lose this one, and we can say good riddance to our governments as we eat them]

My print copy was New York Times, and that crime against humanity by the Catholic Church and the Canadian government is not only an atrocious abomination, it is cause for execution of the Pope and Trudeau.

Off with their heads, as a woman once said!

That's the $elf-$erving New York TimeS banging the war drums against China.

The Mexicans are in a SNITIS after Harris's visit.


That was the Globe's front-page, above-the-fold, righthand corner lead.


I'm starting to suspect child sacrifices being covered up, but whatever.

Btw, the Kushner's are a block away and Zino$t Joe has now called it a national emergency.

The New York Times are citing Trump election lies as the reason; however, he is never asked why he destroyed a crime scene in September 2001.

The Globe is fine with it on a national level, though.

No thanks.

I certainly let a few loose today, and no apologies!

Sending a Crony over.

I've lost my appetite for Globe $hit, sorry.

The Globe is all for unions -- until it comes to them$elves!

Don't take that comment as support for their $cum propagandists, either.

The world be a much better place if the Globe went the way of the Apple Daily.

Who gives a shit with the existential threat of a needle coming at the kids?

What's to celebrate? 


I'm looking forward, not back, as the Globe and its ma$ters attempt to literally erase it.

Not worried about drowning, huh?

Been a lot of bear sitings lately.

It's a revolving door, just like with the pettofile priests! 

I threw that piece of $hit overboard, sorry.

You can search the piece of $hit by Samantha Subin if you want to waste your time.

Stay away from the airport at all costs.

I no longer have the heart to read such $hit, and am sick of talking about it.

F*ck $port$.

"In defending the program, the Biden administration had said that the government had a compelling interest in remedying a well-documented history of discrimination against minority farmers in Department of Agriculture loan and other programs and in preventing public funds from being allocated in a way that perpetuates the effects of discrimination. Nonwhite farmers have long endured discrimination, from violence and land theft in the Jim Crow South to banks and federal farm offices that refused them loans or government benefits that went to white farmers. “It is undeniable — and notably uncontested by the parties — that USDA had a dark history of past discrimination against minority farmers,” Howard wrote....." 

Now they are the captive of AgriCorps, but who cares?

The terminology and word choice makes one $ick, never mind the flat-out lies.

That comes as they are dumping Gates because he is a radioactive liability and the most hated man in the world right now.

The plan will proceed, however, as the dead weight like him and Fauci are cut loose and thrown to the mob.