Thursday, June 3, 2021

Pushing Ahead

From this point forward I will be leaving the Globe behind, and here is why:

Coach Brad Stevens is to assume his role after leading the team to the Eastern Conference finals three times in his eight years, and the team will start a search immediately to find a new coach.

That was the above-the-fold lead, and it was paired with a feature regarding the weird, abrupt ending for Danny Ainge and the daunting new challenge for Brad Stevens, and I thought they had a $port$ $ection for that sort of stuff.

I flipped below the fold to find more agenda-pushing garbage:

"Battered by rising seas and scarred by erosion, the Boston Harbor islands have been named one of the country’s 11 most endangered historic sites by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a stark warning about the threat that climate change poses to important landmarks from the past. In a report scheduled to be released Thursday, the National Trust cited the ongoing damage of climate change on the 34 harbor islands and peninsulas, largely undeveloped areas where Native Americans began living at least 12,000 years ago and that hold an important and often tragic place in local history. Ocean-borne dangers from the changing climate pose “the greatest and most immediate threat” to the islands, said Katherine Malone-France, chief preservation officer for the National Trust, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. Erosion and storm damage, she said, “are both active and destructive to a broad range of historically significant places and sites on the islands,” as ocean levels rise and storms intensify. For Native Americans, the damage is dramatically altering what has long been sacred ground....."

Well, maybe those racist landmarks should be removed, 'eh, and I know I'm forgetting something as I open the pos.


The page A2 National lead:

I'm told H. Luke Shaefer, a professor at the University of Michigan who co-authored the study with a colleague, Patrick Cooney, said “we see an immediate decline among multiple lines of hardship concentrated among the most disadvantaged families” -- even as the food lines and halt on evictions is ignored!

Yea, the chump change of $2000 dollars saved your a$$ and there was no problems at all with the aid, no fraud, no waste, no corruption, nothing, leaving one to determine that this is u$ele$$. The Globe is nothing but a agenda-pushing piece of shit, period, and I'm quite frankly exhausted by it.

So who will put out the fire, huh?

Meanwhile, Florida governor Ron DeSantis is under fire for defending traditional values:

"Florida’s Republican governor signed a bill Tuesday barring transgender girls and women from playing on public school teams intended for student athletes identified as girls at birth, plunging the state into the national culture debate over transgender rights....."

Well, at least you know what side the Globe is on.

"A 14-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy fled from a Florida juvenile home and broke into a house, where they found a small arsenal -- a shotgun, an AK-47 and plenty of ammunition. When confronted by sheriff's deputies, the pair opened fire, sparking a gunbattle. The gunfire ceased only after deputies wounded the girl, who was in critical but stable condition Wednesday, a day after the violence unfolded near Deltona, about 30 miles northeast of Orlando. The boy then surrendered. The juveniles fired at deputies from the house multiple times over 45 minutes, a visibly angry Sheriff Mike Chitwood told a news conference Tuesday evening....."

How much you want to bet Florida will be flooded out this summer?

"A 20-foot sea wall? Miami faces the hard choices of climate change" by Patricia Mazzei New York Times, June 2, 2021

MIAMI — Three years ago, not long after Hurricane Irma left parts of Miami underwater, the federal government embarked on a study to find a way to protect the vulnerable South Florida coast from deadly and destructive storm surge.

Already, no one likes the answer.

Build a wall, the US Army Corps of Engineers proposed in its first draft of the study, now under review. Six miles of it, in fact, mostly inland, running parallel to the coast through neighborhoods — except for a 1-mile stretch right on Biscayne Bay, past the gleaming sky-rises of Brickell, the city’s financial district.

The dramatic, $6 billion proposal remains tentative and at least five years off, but the startling suggestion of a massive sea wall up to 20 feet high cutting across beautiful Biscayne Bay was enough to jolt some Miamians to attention. The hard choices that will be necessary to deal with the city’s many environmental challenges are here, and few people want to face them.

The Times then talk to Benjamin Kirtman, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Miami, and I guess SOME WALLS are GOOD!

In Miami, the US metropolitan area that is perhaps most exposed to sea-level rise, the problem is not climate change denialism. Not when hurricane season, which begins this week, returns each year with more intense and frequent storms. Not when finding flood insurance has become increasingly difficult and unaffordable. Not when the nights stay so hot that leaving the house with a sweater to fend off the evening chill has become a thing of the past

South Florida, flat and low-lying, sits on porous limestone, which allows the ocean to swell up through the ground. Even when there is no storm, rising seas contribute to more significant tidal flooding, where streets fill with water even on sunny days. The expanding saltwater threatens to spoil the underground aquifer that supplies the region’s drinking water and crack old sewer pipes and aging septic tanks. It leaves less space for the earth to absorb liquid, so floodwaters linger longer, their runoff polluting the bay and killing fish, and that is just sea-level rise. Temperatures have gotten so sweltering over recent summers that Miami-Dade County has named a new interim “chief heat officer.”

The price tag for all that needs to be done, however, is in the billions. Enter the Corps, whose engineering projects, if funded by Congress, are covered 65 percent by the federal government and 35 percent by a local government sponsor.

No one wants to turn away a penny from Washington, but the proposal for a massive sea wall along one of Miami’s most scenic stretches has produced a rare moment of agreement between environmentalists and real estate developers, who fear harm to the bay’s delicate ecology and lower property values.

“We were like, ruh-roh,” said Ken Russell, the Miami city commissioner whose district includes Brickell. “The $40 billion in assets you’re trying to protect will be diminished if you build a wall around downtown, because you’re going to affect market values and quality of life.”

Other parts of the Corps’ draft plan, which includes surge barriers at the mouth of the Miami River and several other waterways, are more appealing: fortifying sewer plants and fire and police stations to withstand a crush of seawater. Elevating or flood-proofing thousands of businesses and homes. Planting some mangroves, which can provide a first line of defense against flooding and erosion. Miami-Dade County wants all of those portions to take priority; a final draft of the plan is due this fall.....

When CVD lockdowns return and the kill shot inoculations will be made mandatory and compulsory.

Of course, climate change will kill you, according to John Schwartz of the New York Times:

"More than a third of heat-related deaths in many parts of the world can be attributed to the extra warming associated with climate change, according to a new study that makes a case for taking strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to protect public health. The sweeping new research, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, was conducted by 70 researchers using data from major projects in the fields of epidemiology and climate modeling in 43 countries. It found that heat-related deaths in warm seasons were boosted by climate change by an average of 37 percent, in a range of a 20 percent increase to 76 percent. Some earlier studies have performed similar analysis for individual cities during particular heat waves, but the new paper applies these ideas to hundreds of locations and across decades to draw broader conclusions. “It is a thoughtful, insightful, clever approach to try to understand how climate change is altering heat-related mortality,” said Kristie Ebi, a professor in the Center for Health and the Global Environment at the University of Washington who was not involved in the study. The planet has already warmed 1 degree Celsius over preindustrial times, and much more warming is predicted, with catastrophic results, if global emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane can’t be brought under control. “Taken together, our findings demonstrate that a substantial proportion of total and heat-related deaths during our study period can be attributed to human-induced climate change,” the authors wrote....."

Isn't it strange how every alleged problem advances the Great Re$et as the pre$$ commingles everything together?

"Moving quickly to cut emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas produced by everything from livestock farming to fossil fuel extraction, could slow the rate of the Earth’s warming as much as 30 percent, new research has found. The study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, calculated that a full-scale push using existing technologies could cut methane emissions in half by 2030. Pledges to tackle climate change often focus on cutting emissions of carbon dioxide — the most prevalent greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide is far more abundant in the Earth’s atmosphere and can linger for hundreds of years, while methane typically breaks down after about a decade, but in the short term, methane is far more effective at trapping heat — roughly 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. That means cutting back on methane pollution in the near term could provide a relatively quick and compelling way to curb the Earth’s warming....."


Ever notice a "new study" comes out whenever the agenda needs to be goo$ed, while anything that goes against the narrative (wetter means cooler, idiots) is buried?

"Marine scientists say they have found what they believe to be more than 25,000 barrels that possibly contain DDT dumped off the Southern California coast near Catalina Island, where a massive underwater toxic waste site dating back to World War II has long been suspected. Historical shipping logs show that industrial companies in Southern California used the basin as a dumping ground until 1972, when the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act, also known as the Ocean Dumping Act, was enacted...."

Don't worry about the bad water or the manmade crisis regarding drought. Make a pact instead and strip down to your skivvies (what a nice bush and ass, all with a smile, huh?) while remaining in your bubble (yikes!).


My page A4 World lead:

According to Patrick Kingsley, Isabel Kershner and Adam Rasgon New York Times, when Israelis opened their newspapers and news websites Tuesday, they encountered a barrage of reports and commentary about the possible downfall of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the country’s longest-serving leader. When Palestinians in the occupied West Bank unfolded the territory’s highest-circulation broadsheet, Al-Quds, they found no mention about Netanyahu’s fate until Page 7, and as Netanyahu’s political future hung in the balance Tuesday night, his possible departure constitutes an epochal moment — the toppling of a man who has left a deeper imprint on Israeli society than most other politicians in Israeli history, but to many Palestinians, his likely replacement as prime minister, Naftali Bennett, would be no improvement. Bennett is Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, and a former settler leader who outright rejects Palestinian statehood. “I don’t think whoever is in charge in Israel will make a great deal of difference to the Palestinians,” said Ahmad Aweidah, the former head of the Palestinian stock exchange. “There might be slight differences and nuances but all mainstream Israeli parties, with slight exceptions on the extreme left, share pretty much the same ideology.” Instead, many Palestinians are consumed by their own political moment. The Palestinians have been aided by the international awakening and momentum of movements like Black Lives Matter, speaking the language of rights and historical justice, according to experts. At the same time, the official Palestinian structures have been crumbling. The once monolithic Fatah party led by the founders of the Palestinian national cause, and the dominant force in the Palestinian Authority, splintered into three competing factions ahead of a long-awaited Palestinian general election that had been scheduled for May 22. Then Abbas postponed the election indefinitely, depriving the Palestinians of expressing their democratic choice....." 

So much for DEMOCRACY, 'eh?


Are you ready for a WAR?

"Fires sink Iran’s largest warship and ravage big refinery; The double fire raised suspicions that Iran was once again a sabotage target, as diplomacy to resurrect the nuclear deal advanced" by Vivian Yee and Farnaz Fassihi New York Times, June 2, 2021

Undoubtedly an attempt to save Netanyahu's corrupt ass, and what one notices is the level of silence from the world regarding Israeli acts of war.

CAIRO — Mysterious fires sank Iran’s largest warship and burned a big Tehran oil refinery on Wednesday — seemingly unconnected blazes that nonetheless raised suspicions the country had once again been targeted by Israeli saboteurs.

The fires broke out hours apart as Iran was reporting progress in talks aimed at resurrecting the international nuclear agreement scrapped three years ago by the Trump administration, which the Biden administration wants to restore. Israel, which regards Iran as a dangerous adversary, opposes such an accord, contending it will not stop Iran from weaponizing nuclear fuel.

Good thing the Iranians are not doing that.

Iran has urgently sought to revive the accord, which would alleviate onerous economic sanctions imposed by the United States in exchange for guarantees that Iranian nuclear work remains peaceful. Iran has sought to play down recent episodes of apparent sabotage, including an explosion that wrecked part of its Natanz uranium enrichment complex less than two months ago.

Israel has tacitly acknowledged responsibility for the Natanz explosion and attacks on other Iranian nuclear facilities, as well as the brazen killing of a top nuclear scientist. It neither confirmed nor denied any role in the fires.

Although official Iranian media did not ascribe blame, the historical pattern was not lost on many Iranians, given the history of covert Israeli operations on Iranian targets. Just hours after the ship fire, the refinery blaze erupted.

In April, an Iranian military vessel stationed in the Red Sea was damaged by an apparent Israeli mine attack, the first time Israeli-Iranian skirmishes at sea had affected an Iranian ship used for military purposes.

Political analysts outside Iran viewed the Kharg fire as more than a coincidence, even though some Iranian naval calamities have been accidental.....

I was further told that Israel has been sending a message to the United States and the region that it is “willing to act independently in order to protect its security interests,” according to Sanam Vakil, deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Chatham House, a research organization in Britain, yet Iran also has a history of naval disasters that are apparently unrelated to external enemies and it may not be easy to distinguish clumsiness from obfuscation and the “question is how are they going to spin this?

You just got the New York Times spin, and is it any wonder that I am sick of this rank-rot slop that passes for "news?"

To be honest, I'm sick of their self-serving whining, too:

"A U.S. State Department official called on Wednesday for the immediate release of two American journalists who were arrested by Myanmar’s military junta. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said the arrests of Danny Fenster and Nathan Maung were of deep concern, and urged that they be freed and allowed to return home to their families. “A free and independent media is indispensable to build prosperous, resilient and free societies,” Sherman told journalists during a stop in Bangkok, referring to Myanmar by its former name. Two other foreign journalists have been arrested by the military junta that took power in February after ousting the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi. Freelancers Robert Bociaga of Poland and Yuki Kitazumi of Japan have since been deported....."

No wonder America is in such a mess, and that's some diplomat! 

She just insulted them with the colonial reference after the alleged coup.

What is even more noteworthy is the full-page ad on page A5:

"Dear Globe Readers,

Journalists' rights are workers' rights are human rights.

As representativas of workers across Massachusetts and New England, we are troubled by the Boston Globe's use of the controversial law firm Jones Day to stifle the rights and voices of Boston Globe journalists and staff. We firmly believe workers must be respected everywhere, including the newsroom.

Journalists' fundamental workplace protections at New Englands largest newspaper must be safeguarded.

Please join us at.....

I'm stunned, readers, and the propagandists at the Globe can f**k off given the endless stream of agenda-pushing lies spewing forth from that piece of $hit, and I guess that answers the question of whether their has been an agreement.

I suggest you pieces of shit start a BLOG so it can be TAKEN DOWN like so many thanks to people like them!

I believe the word is chutzpah, and here is another jolt for them from the Boston Globe!

Below that is another dig at the past:

Turns out the mass murder of children wasn't an isolated incident, and truth be told, that shit stain needs to be pushed out of office as he seeks to avoid blame and cast it elsewhere (it poses as an expose as it covers things up, interesting!)

Meanwhile, the elephant in the room is limited hangout of a lab leak to facilitate war with China and cut loose some dead weight that is weighing down the agenda -- but at least they treat their children better than Canada.


"The Chinese government announced Tuesday that a man in Jiangsu province, northwest of Shanghai, had become the first person known to have been infected with the H10N3 strain of bird flu. In a statement, China’s National Health Commission emphasized that there was no evidence that the strain had the ability to spread among humans, adding that the risk of a significant outbreak was “very low.” The patient, a 41-year-old man who lives in the city of Zhenjiang, was hospitalized April 28 after having fever symptoms, the National Health Commission said. He was diagnosed with H10N3 a month later. Though the man remains under medical supervision, his condition was described as stable and meeting the standards for discharge. It was not clear from the statement how he caught the virus. The news of the H10N3 infection comes amid the devastation of the covid-19 pandemic, which also was first identified in China and is widely thought to have come to humans from bats through some form of zoonotic spread. A different strain of bird flu, known as H7N9, led to the deaths of around 300 people during an outbreak between 2016 and 2017, but varieties of avian influenza are common in China and, due to increased surveillance of the viruses, relatively easy to find in humans. Unlike in H7N9, there is no evidence that H10N3 can spread easily among humans. “The more we look for novel viruses as a cause of illness among patients the more we are likely to find them,” Gregory Gray, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at Duke University, told the South China Morning Post....."

I'm sure COVID-21, or whatever, will be arriving JUST IN TIME for the SEASONAL COLD and FLU season that starts next September!


Meanwhile, Biden continues to push for the kill shots with door-to-door canvassing for the mobile clinics and vaxxipass you don't need, making him a mass-murdering criminal and even with the 70 percent of adult Americans inoculated by July 4, experts say the United States may never reach herd immunity despite the cajoling and coercion.

Of course, that's not what the Globe was saying Sunday (btw, the view totals yesterday were 33, 69, 81, 74, 101, 119, 120, 70, 67, 112, 117) as we have already reached it for this nonexistent virus.

Now change into your bathing suit and go for a dip!


"A Tampa man who carried a Trump flag into the well of the Senate on Jan. 6 pleaded guilty Wednesday to one felony count of storming the Capitol to obstruct Congress’s certification of the 2020 presidential election. Paul Allard Hodgkins, 38, did not enter a cooperation deal with prosecutors, and he is not accused of any other wrongdoing or involvement with extremist groups. In admitting to the stiffest felony count charged by prosecutors against individuals not otherwise accused of conspiracy or violence in the Capitol riot, Hodgkins faces a prison sentence of 15 to 21 months under federal guidelines. His sentencing is poised to become a test case watched by other defendants deciding whether to accept pleas, several defense lawyers said. Hodgkins is one of about 450 defendants federally charged in the riots, which authorities said contributed to five deaths, assaults on nearly 140 police, and the evacuation of a joint session of Congress. Nearly half the defendants face only misdemeanor charges likely to carry no prison time for first offenders; however, about 200 are charged with obstructing an official proceeding of Congress and are accused of intending to impede or interfere with Congress’s confirmation of the electoral vote count. The charge carries a maximum 20-year prison term; meanwhile, another alleged Capitol rioter, Richard “Bigo” Barnett, the Arkansas man who was captured on Jan. 6 with his feet on a desk in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, is asking for some help with his legal fees....."

I'm sick of the "debate" regarding the staged and scripted false flag, sorry, as the Globe goes after the police and if you needed any more proof that the Globe is way out there, they claim they saw a UFO (here is what it looked like)!

What bothers me most is Tucker is falling for it, just like he is falling for the lab leak hangout in the latest constellation of garbage.


It's all about the $$$:

"Massachusetts lawmakers are seeking control over how the state spends nearly $5.3 billion in federal American Rescue Plan funds, setting up a potential clash with Governor Charlie Baker over where — and how quickly — the stimulus cash is distributed after a year of watching Baker make dozens of unilateral decisions to navigate the pandemic. Lawmakers plan to pass legislation as soon as next week that would push the funds into a coronavirus relief trust fund, where they would be “subject to appropriation.” The Legislature’s move also opened concerns about how quickly some of the money would get out the door. Other states have already begun sketching out their plans for the money. Governor Ned Lamont released his 42-page proposal in late April for how Connecticut’s estimated $2.6 billion share should be spent, including dedicating hundreds of millions for COVID testing, capital projects, and expanding broadband. (The governor and Legislature there intend to negotiate a final plan for the money.) Vermont Governor Phil Scott released his proposal the same month, and North Carolina’s Roy Cooper unveiled his recommendations in May. With Massachusetts enjoying better-than-expected tax revenues, Baker and lawmakers opted to build the upcoming budget without an infusion of the federal funds....."

Flipping below the B1 fold I find this:

That's what the disturbed DA Rollins is arguing after a Braintree man allegedly threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving after Game Four of the playoff series and he will be held accountable after giving Boston another black eye (of course, most fans are not like that), and rather than watch a boring baseball game why don't you take a bike ride instead (just busting your balls, readers).


Maybe you would like to take a stab at this?

"Fall River Superintendent of Schools Matthew H. Malone, who served as Massachusetts’ education secretary under former governor Deval Patrick, will resign in November after coming under fire earlier this year surrounding claims he harassed staff members in the district. An investigation found that Malone, who has been superintendent since 2016, used the word “retard” to describe an employee who has a disability and spoke inappropriately toward female workers, the Fall River Herald News reported....."

So what is Deval up to these days anyway?

Wow, it has been a tough year for Fall River, what with the trial of the former mayor making headlines nearly every day and as the trial continued we found that a local businessman testified that he placed a $75,000 cash bribe directly into his hands in what was a slew of financial crimes.

He was found guilty after closing arguments and the former wunderkind is now slated for execution by firing squad as he is now history.

Makes you want to sing out loud, doesn't it?


Time to hack out the rest of this stuff:

"Suddenly, ransomware has begun to feel like a digital pandemic, crippling one critical business after another. Last month, it was a pipeline delivering gasoline to the Southeast. This week, ransomware took down about one-fifth of the nation’s beef production, and on Wednesday, an attack hit the ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, but what is ransomware, why is it so devastating, and what can be done about it?

Suddenly, huh, even though Klaus Schwab and the WEF have been warning about and running drills just as they did before CVD?


It's enough to make you steaming mad in what is likely my final ferry ride, and I'm sorry that I am rapidly losing my appetite for Globe garbage.

Time to pull into port for your shot:

"Weary seafarers come ashore in US for J&J one-dose shots" by Brendan Murray Bloomberg, June 2, 2021

Ports around the US are rolling out vaccines for seafarers, extending a lifeline to thousands of mostly foreign workers who’ve spent the pandemic isolated aboard ships ensuring goods kept trading across a battered global economy.

From Boston to Houston and Los Angeles, and even in smaller trade gateways like Gulfport, Miss., local health officials and nonprofits are boarding container ships, tankers, and other cargo carriers to administer COVID-19 shots or, when possible, shuttling crews to nearby pharmacies and clinics.

The preferred vaccine for maritime workers: the one-dose Johnson & Johnson shot because they’re often docked for just a day or two.

In Los Angeles and nearby Long Beach, Calif., home of the nation’s largest port complex, a vaccination program that began in mid-May has reached about 500 visiting sailors on 11 container ships as of late last week, city spokeswoman Chelsey Magallon said.

Similar efforts are getting under way at nearly 50 US seaports, according to a list maintained by the North American Maritime Ministry Association.

Throughout the pandemic, seafarers have suffered a doubly harsh form of cabin fever. Travel restrictions prevented crew changes, forcing many to stay aboard beyond their original contracts and the 11-month limit set by maritime law. They’ve also been banned from disembarking in port for fear of spreading COVID or putting their vessel into quarantine for a week or more at the expense of millions of dollars.

“That’s a very big deal for sailors because they are essentially stranded aboard ships,” said Dick McKenna, president of the International Seafarers Center of Long Beach-Los Angeles, a hospitality club that offers logistics on land like Wifi, shopping, or health-care services. “Some of these guys have been out there for like a year — the suicide worry is high. The shots are a really big boost.”

Many of the world’s 1.6 million seafarers hail from poor countries like India and the Philippines that have struggled to inoculate citizens as quickly as the US, where vaccines remain abundant.

“It’s a huge welcome relief for these ships because all these foreign countries are having a hard time giving vaccines,” said Tom Jacobsen, who runs a pilot service at the Port of Long Beach.

About 400 miles north on the California coast, Oakland’s port is averaging vaccines for about 80 seafarers a day and offering them either on the ship or in a clinic, said John Claassen, chairman of Oakland’s International Maritime Center. Some recipients view their vaccine certificates “like a ‘get out of jail free’ card,” he said.

In the Philadelphia area, some 22 crews totaling 258 seamen had been vaccinated as of Saturday, courtesy of rides to local pharmacies, said Helene Pierson, executive director of the Seamen’s Church Institute of Philadelphia and South Jersey. “I’m averaging about 20 crew a day and about 10 ships a week,” she said.

Some sailors are stepping foot on land for the first time in nine months or longer.

Complicating the local efforts to deliver the vaccines are safety rules that require at least half the crew to remain aboard the ships — so the shuttles often have to make two or three trips between the port and drugstore. Other potential snags: many workers’ visas have expired, which prevents them from leaving the ship, or face US Customs and Border Protection rules against the arrival citizens of certain countries.

Despite coordination efforts that are “still extremely challenging,” 130 seafarers were vaccinated in 10 days in Delaware, according to Christine Lassiter, executive director of the Seamen’s Center of Wilmington.

For crews who might come from Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia, there’s an economic incentive to get a vaccination card.

“That card and paperwork are going to make them very marketable,” said Stefan Mueller-Dombois, an inspector with the International Transport Workers’ Federation in Long Beach.....

Why in the world would they trust J&J is beyond me after the thousands of lawsuits from women who claim asbestos in Johnson & Johnson talc products caused their cancer, something J&J kept secret for DECADES!

If only it were a one off, 'eh?

But go get your vaccine from them and win a prize as that crisis is nearly forgotten, but at least the state AG is on it.

Good Grief!


"A federal safety agency on Wednesday banned a range of infant sleep products that currently slip between gaps in regulations, an attempt to fix a loophole blamed for at least 90 accidental deaths. The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted 4-0 to pass the new rule. It requires any product designed for sleeping babies to meet within one year the mandatory federal standards already in place for cribs, bassinets, bedside sleepers, and play yards. Dozens of products currently for sale don’t fit into one of those categories, so they don’t need to measure up. The list includes a plethora of products marketed to parents desperate to get their babies to sleep, including devices that claim to help a baby sleep safely in a parent’s bed, along with baby tents and small sleepers known as travel beds or portable bassinets."

Now let's see, the vaccines have led to TENS of THOUSANDS of DEAD and yet the CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT and PRE$$ continues to jab, jab, jab, as they keep pedaling the pharmaceutical poisons.

HOW REvil (pffft):

"The world’s largest meat processing company has resumed most production after a weekend cyberattack, but experts say the vulnerabilities exposed by this attack and others are far from resolved. In a statement late Wednesday, the FBI attributed the attack on Brazil-based meat processor JBS SA to REvil, a Russian-speaking gang that has made some of the largest ransomware demands on record in recent months. The FBI said it will work to bring the group to justice and it urged anyone who is the victim of a cyberattack to contact the bureau immediately. REvil has not posted anything related to the hack on its dark web site, but that’s not unusual. Ransomware syndicates as a rule don’t post about attacks when they are in initial negotiations with victims — or if the victims have paid a ransom. While there is no evidence Russia benefits financially from ransomware crime — which has hit health care, education and state and local governments especially hard during the pandemic — U.S. officials say its practitioners have sometimes worked for Kremlin security services. The attack was the second in a month on critical U.S. infrastructure. Earlier in May, hackers believed to operate with impunity in Russia and allied states shut down operation of the Colonial Pipeline, the largest U.S. fuel pipeline, for nearly a week....."

Time to bury this post along with the Boston Globe.

Good riddance!