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Victimization by the Mainstream Media

"Victimization by the Mainstream Media" by Patrick Herbert, Contributor Waking Times  |  July 30, 2020

It has become increasingly obvious that the corporate controlled mainstream media exists to demoralize the public by cherry-picking stories that favor a narrative that promotes victimization.

Incidents that are in the minority are amplified, and with purposeful repetitive selection give the impression that the conditions and circumstances surrounding a particular narrative are in the majority.

I have observed the effect that mainstream narratives have on both the collective and individual level, and the ferocious intensity with which people are convinced that the world that they read about has a one-to-one correspondence with a reality that they believe exists right outside their front door.

One need not look any further than the ocean of mask wearing individuals walking about in public, convinced that the breath of their neighbor or fellow pedestrian is a weapon of mass destruction.

The media has purposefully promoted the concept that those who do not wear a mask are an existential threat to you and your family. According to them, you are a victim to their callous behavior; that ultimately freedom loving people who refuse to wear a mask are a threat to society. This is intentional, for as you have been victimized you will willingly forgo any of your freedoms for a guarantee of safety.

Oh, and for good measure, the media will add that they are probably Trump supporters and thus COVID-19 deniers, a tactic sure to enrage the reader even further and a blatant effort to steer the reader politically.

While the fake pandemic is a great example of the media’s role in victimizing its audience, this tactic has been deployed for long before then, primarily for the promotion of a political, racial, and gender divide as part of the effort by those at the top to divide and rule over the population.

As the attention span of the average reader has shrunk, the media has focused its energy on manufacturing loaded headlines. For the most part, it is the headline exchanged between people who do not have the time to read the content but want to lend credence to their own perspective on an issue. A heavy emotionalized headline will do just that, and using technology you can fire that headline in every direction like a machine gun.

These headlines are thusly shared rapidly via text messaging or as a post to timelines on the various social media. As the world is currently filled with an army of social justice warriors (SJW), so too are their timelines filled with selective headlines that emotionally emphasize the severity of the issues they feel they are valiantly fighting for or against.

Reading through the cherry-picked and heavily manipulated headlines on mainstream media news websites, we can see the reoccurrence of common themes: everyone is a racist, everyone desires to keep women and minorities down, members of the LGBT+ community are in danger, and COVID-19 is killing everyone, everywhere, at every moment.

Victimization. Demoralization.

Also manipulated are the pictures that accompany the stories. Normally, these are selected in ways that will further the psychological impact of that which the article is trying to convey. A story about Joe Biden making gaffes will be accompanied by a picture of Joe Biden looking confused. A story about COVID-19 will show covered gurneys surrounded by people in hazmat suits. A story about racism will show pictures that emphasize the narrative, such as a picture of people in robes typically worn by the Klu Klux Klan. I have even seen stock photography of young white men holding torches, mouths open as if yelling, with a headline suggesting they were white supremacist Trump supporters.

With these elements combined tactically, it should be quite obvious that we are not confronted with organizations that seek to inform us but instead to propagandize us along a divide, and within that divide they seek to victimize and demoralize us.

The divides are many, from political, to race, and right down into gender, with there being radical subdivisions as we have been introduced to various complexities related to gender and further complicated by what we are told is a biological misunderstanding, with a narrative that is going so far as to try and alter our own perceptions of our own gender biology.

J. K. Rowling has been incessantly attacked for a seemingly innocent defense of what she considers to be the definition of a biological female, something that she has lived and identified with her entire life. Those attacking her feel some level of injustice has been bestowed upon them, that somehow they are being denied their own identity. Some go so far to claim that these grievances are no less destructive than a physical attack. How did they reach these conclusions? Victimization.

Certainly we all experience discrimination at some point in our lives but the truth is it happens in perpetuity when one reads the headlines and stories promoted by the mainstream media. There is a definitive psychological impact and the people behind the engineering of these divides understand this. You do not have a black vs. white, man vs. woman, gender biology vs. gender fluidity, religion vs. religion, woke vs. unwoke, without the victimization of one or the other.

There is no better place than to engineer this divide by promoting victimization than through the corporate mainstream media elements most consumed by a majority of the population: television news, newspapers, magazines, and websites; an effort done most intentionally in order to manipulate large swaths of society into divided positions much like on a chess board.

It is the narratives that they build in our minds that allows them to control us emotionally, for we forgo any semblance of emotional control when we allow ourselves to become victims. We are segmented into like-minded collections, played against each other across the board in whichever way is politically, financially, and/or socially expedient to the corporate media masters for reasons that they seek to benefit from. The majority of humanity, the 99%, are thus relegated to the role of simple pawns in a much larger game whose existence they may never even be aware of......


"Dispatches from the War: New York, Trump, physical freaks" by Jon Rappoport, July 31, 2020

Take a deep breath. Ready? In today’s episode of the current president in the iron mask, and a 77-year-old physical freak, Biden, with a brain aneurysm (and twelve doctors) who won’t make it through the swearing-in ceremony if he’s elected, leaving the fate of the nation to one Kamala Harris; and a country smoking in ruins, sold out by Fauci to the Chinese—hold your horses, no self-respecting B studio will green-light this mess, it could never happen, this is America, this is the land of the rednecks with big guns ready to invade governors’ offices alongside coiffed soccer moms who see their kiddies quarantined and locked down in schools after several snot-bubble sneezing third graders test positive on a viral assay geared to inflate case numbers…

What do they have on President Trump? Is it his taxes? Something much worse? A night in a hotel room? I’m asking, because the US GDP has just dropped more than 30 percent this past quarter—the greatest collapse in US history. Bar none. And what is the president saying, what is he doing? Besides wearing a black mask. And talking about operation warp speed to develop a killer Gates vaccine. And wondering whether the presidential election should be postponed.

Recently, I wrote five consecutive pieces directed at Trump, urging him to use the full power of his office to force open the economy of the country, come hell or high water, deploying the military or the DOJ—because the economic wreckage was that bad, and the danger line had been crossed months ago—and how much more evidence does the man need to convince himself this is an economic war being waged against The People, under the cover of a fake pandemic? Does he need Fauci to confess before a tribunal, Gates to admit he’s a Howdy Doody eugenicist on YouTube, the UN to issue a directive swearing allegiance to Mao and Stalin and Lenin and turning over its priceless piece of NYC real estate donated by Rockefeller to ANTIFA? Would that do it? Does he need raging mobs of dispossessed and evicted Americans attacking the White House and being gunned down by troops? Would that do it? Does he need a spinning silver Saucer landing in the Rose Garden with gray men stepping out holding a communique from the Milky Way Council of Elders stating America is finished? Would that be enough? Or does the president just want to wear a black mask and not find his ass with both hands?

In 1928, Edward Bernays, the wretched father of modern propaganda, wrote: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…”

It’s obvious that the global virus fakery called COVID depends on The Individual conceived as a social construct. He is now a carrier, infector, transmitter, vector of disease.

Even more important in this personality makeover, he is now a socially conscious member of the community of share and care and collective goo.

“Once we convince you that you’re an altruist down to your toes, we can manipulate you six ways from Sunday.”

That’s the synthetic part. You take a direct ideal—humans helping other humans—and you twist it into papier mache and plastic and cartoons and deflating politeness and robothood and automatic reflex and stimulus response. Everybody’s a good neighbor in Pleasantville. Everybody wants to “save the world.” There is a new gloss over society. Shiny. Oh so shiny.

This operation takes decades to perform. It involves constant messaging on television, in classrooms—especially in classrooms—in the workplace, in homes, in churches.

And when the operation succeeds, guess what? The government can enlist untold numbers of people in self-immolating programs on behalf of Humanity. Pull the trigger, obtain compliance.

“Of course I’ll go along with the masks and lockdowns. Anything to serve a higher cause.”

Yes, indeed.

A new identity has been glued to The Individual. He is no longer just himself. He’s been made “better.”

Again, the trick is starting out with something genuine—and then twisting it into an artificial shape and imposing it on the mind.

Plotline: people were once strong, independent, resistant, and highly suspicious of all efforts to entrain them into cartoon versions of themselves. But after enough messaging, they became docile.

Thread: Once upon a time, pro athletes were highly difficult to control as “citizens.” But then came the concept of being role models. Which meant: behaving. Which meant doing good works in the community, for charity, for the less fortunate. Nothing wrong with good works. Certainly not. But hidden in the background, there was a successful effort to make these men over into obedient members inside society’s structure, willing to follow orders on behalf of the greater good. As defined by appointed anointed officials. There was a reversal in their minds—along with very large amounts of money….have to protect that cash…

Sports tough guys, billionaire team owners submit to COVID.

I stand in awe of their cowardice.

Not one of them will grow a pair and say NO to COVID. They obey senseless and destructive government directives like abject weaklings. The whole lot of them.

As the three major sports leagues in America try to open their seasons, the athletes bend and bow before warnings: THE WHOLE YEAR COULD BE LOST IF ENOUGH PLAYERS TEST POSITIVE. That little worm Fauci actually controls their every move, their dollars, their careers, their teams, their fortunes. And they take it.

The team owners, rough and ready capitalists who do cutthroat business like pirates of old, meekly submit as well.

Yes, these sports heroes and their owners do exhibit all the signs of living in a state of hypnosis about “the pandemic.” But that’s too easy as a final answer. The athletes are supposed to have enormous reserves of adrenaline and courage. They play through pain. They endure injuries that would make ordinary civilians flee to Disability.

And yes, it’s about the money, just as it was about the money when the China-Nike scandal blew up and pro basketball stars kept their mouths shut about the horrific human rights abuses (mass murders) in China, in order to protect their shoe contracts. Sure. Money.

But again, it goes beyond that to basic courage and independence, which these players are showing NONE of.

No guts, no glory.

Some of the more famous athletes are acting as overt whores of the State. They make little video vignettes for propaganda television. They’re “at home with the family,” urging the public to go along with the hammer directives of the State lockdowns, which are destroying millions and millions of lives.

The athletes and the owners and the coaches have fitted themselves into the weave of society at a level that is the ultimate choke.


Where are the sons of bitches of days of yore who went out there and ran and hit and slid and tackled and blocked and fought and clawed for every advantage? These modern-day Sampsons have had haircuts. They’re bald.

I try to imagine what men like Ted Williams and John McGraw would have done and said in the face of a Fauci lockdown warning. It would have been a sight to behold.

There was a time when the men who built cars at the Ford factory—who staged a massive sit-down strike at their work benches and wrestled the right to unionize away from Henry Ford himself—these men would have rushed INTO work, no matter what, if told they had to stay at home and lock themselves in because of a GERM.

Now, like little lambs, the athletes’ unions fold up their tents and obey the governors’ edicts.

Take all the coaches of all the sports in the country—not one of them is saying NO to the lockdowns and the insane directives about distancing and masks. Not one coach among all these tough guys, most of whom are former players, is saying the whole vicious charade is insane and he’s not going to give in.

These athletes have been mind-controlled at a level that is astonishing, given how they used to think and live and play their sports. Their natural impulses to do good have been turned against them, through the magic of years and years of propaganda messaging.

—Now let’s turn from these bald Sampsons to the people of New York.

I was born there. One of my early memories was looking across 2nd Avenue at a candy store. This was 1943. The candy store no longer sold Fleer’s bubble gum—the best bubble gum—because the latex was needed for the War effort. But the rumor was, they peddled it under the counter for an exorbitant two cents a chunk, with the cartoon inside the wrapper.

When I was 22, after growing up in the suburbs, I moved back to NY and for several years lived among some of the smartest asymmetric people in the world. You could have an argument with the dumbest person in the city and it would be a smart argument. Everyone had opinions, and they could back them up. There was no such thing as political correctness, believe me. If you had uttered the phrase, no one would have known what you were talking about.

New York was a great city. The thing was, no one was proud to BE a New Yorker. That false synthetic layer of goo came much later. In the old days, there was no pose, no artificial front. People had ideas, they had talent, they had survival instincts.

The best jazz musicians in the world lived and played in New York. When a giant like Bud Powell was playing at Birdland, you could get in for a dollar and sit in a hard wooden chair and listen to him until two in the morning. A buck for the greatest pianist in the world.

And now, the city is wrecked and boarded up, and the people are locked in.

Out on the street, the few aimless glazed pedestrians wear masks. They’re not the same people. They’re replacements. Pods.

OVERNIGHT, the people of New York could throw off the whole phony pandemic, not only for themselves, but the world. They could come out of their apartments and go back to work, defying the petty little lunatics like Cuomo and De Blasio. They could open up their restaurants and bars and stack in the customers. They could start building again. They could open wide the libraries and museums and fill the concert halls. They could open up the little groceries to all comers. They could laugh in the face of the public health authorities.

And it would be OVER.

In 1962, that’s exactly what would have happened. And not for some cause. Not for the chance to do a little virtue signaling. Not for the sake of “being a New Yorker.” For survival. For continuing to live their lives, people would have shaken off that slimy fraud Fauci like a five-minute bad dream. A joke played by an idiot.

They would have looked at the screaming lockdown headlines in the newspapers on the corner stand and shrugged and gone on their way. “You’re telling me I can’t walk down the street and listen to John Coltrane at the Jazz Gallery on a summer night? You’re out of your mind.” And the Termini brothers, who owned the club, would have packed the place even tighter than usual, just to thumb their noses at the mayor and his con artists. They would have put in a call to their contact at Democratic Machine headquarters. And it would have been OVER.

No one would have obeyed. Independent scholars would have walked into the 42nd St. library, as they did every day, and gone to the reference desk and asked for manuscripts on ancient Roman law and the Walt Whitman papers and the early maps of the city. The quiet upstairs macrobiotic restaurant on 2nd Avenue (1962) would have served supper as usual. The Cedar Bar on University Place would have turned in another raucous night. The Irish bars would have been jammed. A chamber orchestra in Washington Square Park would have performed Vivaldi, with the sounds of traffic from 6th Avenue in the background. Miles Davis would have played at the Apollo. If Ravi Shankar was in town, he would have done a couple of stunning hours of ragas at the Asia Society and adjourned to an East Side apartment to continue on until dawn. No one and nothing would have obeyed a lockdown.

Pandemic? Virus? Get serious.

That New York…where is it? Who are all these one-dimensional super-politicized puny goofs of the city swearing allegiance to the medical fakers? Are they waiting for gold stars on the blackboard from the teacher?

In the old days, New York had DISDAIN. You didn’t get by with platitudes. You didn’t blithely mouth Left or Right and get away with it. The city was plugged into its own non-stop bullshit detector. What did you have to OFFER? Aimless blabbermouths were consigned to a special circle of Hell.

There was no political PROGRAM. Today’s “New Yorkers” would apparently be afraid to live in a landscape like that. They wouldn’t know which way to turn. They have a desperate need to become slaves to an IDEA. In this case, an idea about a virus.

In the 1960s, concealed by the Vietnam War, the city was undergoing a transformation into a cartoon of itself. That’s when the synthetic notion of “being a New Yorker”—based on nothing—started to take hold.

There were many reasons. Mind numbing leveling television. The raising of children to be targets of advertising and fetish objects in a consumer society. The new New Yorkers were taught that liberal politics were a necessary adjunct of their status. Liberal equaled big government. Messaging from every possible quarter was aimed at turning the people of the city into servants of share and care as defined by government…

Going to doctors and acquiring diagnoses of physical and mental conditions was starting to take off as a social trend. It was part of “good behavior” and “being good.” The medicines and the vaccines were, of course, toxic. Street drugs were also trending upward. Although no one wanted to admit it, because “being good for the greater good” was paramount, the city was taking in more immigrants than it could handle. There weren’t enough jobs. Desultory schools were steamrollered. Even skyscraper architecture was moving away from unique structures like the Chrysler and the Empire State, into functional steel and glass boxes. Signs of the minds. “We need more offices so more people can be good workers for good companies.”

With people dumbed down enough, they would fall for any con. Any piece of shiny gloss. And it was provided:

New York media (the greatest communication center in the world) covered the rise of New Money as if it were a perfumed cultural signal of a dawning epoch. By the 1970s, intellectuals in the city were reading hyped chronicles of the emerging $$ stars of Manhattan. Painters, fashioneers, stock speculators. And yes, Trump. The content of these celebs’ output was entirely irrelevant. All that mattered was that it was ringing up extraordinary sales in inflated dollars.

To view how thin and vulnerable new New York had become, and how brainless—when, in 2020, the fake pandemic hit, and lockdowns were announced, the population promptly folded, and went into mask and social distance mode without a whisper of protest.

In short order, the city was made over into abject wreckage, shuttered, obedient, loyal to a psychotic delusion.

In a silly song he recorded long after its internal demise, Frank Sinatra said New York was the city that never sleeps.

Now that’s all it does.

CODA: If the September 11th attacks had happened in 1962, there would have been no need for Billy Joel or the Yankees to rally “all New Yorkers.” The people of the city would have looked at the firemen and cops as human heroes risking everything for other humans. Period. That would have been enough. More than enough. That would have gone deeper into souls and minds. Where it counts.

—Entraining minds. The job of the super-State. Reworking independence into devotion to a synthetic pose of altruism.

But in this phony pandemic, it’s good to be BAD…


Also see:


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Globe Says Lockdown Will Last Through 2021

It's featured above the fold on the front page:

"It’s looking ever more certain that we’ll all be working from home, and going to college and kindergarten from here, and eating every meal onsite, and vacationing and exercising in place, too, until Q1 2021 at least....."

Straight from the horse's rear, and I stopped reading there because of the byline. If you check the bottom of the mail you will know why. Furthermore, I found that the lockdown is expected to be through May 2021 or, in the worst-case scenario, October 2021 or even later -- but they trust voting by mail!

The schools will NOT be opening this fall:

"BPS nurses, teachers, bus drivers rally against reopening schools without proper safety measures" by Naomi Martin Globe Staff, July 29, 2020

Boston school nurses, teachers, and bus drivers demonstrated Wednesday at City Hall against reopening schools in the fall, saying conditions amid the pandemic would be too dangerous without massive investments in protective gear, new staff, rapid coronavirus testing, and air ventilation systems.

Chanting, “We want to go back when it’s safe,” dozens of school staffers said they missed interacting with students in person but felt returning to classrooms without adequate safety measures would jeopardize their lives and those of their families, students, and students’ loved ones.

For the alleged educators to have thrown in with this fraud proves they don't care about the kids. The damage to the kids caused my fear, masks, distancing, and isolation is worse than anything the legendary COVID could have done to them. A whole generation has been irrevocably warped, and the education $y$tem went along with it. We all know it is about $tate or federal funding getting cut off with them. 

That's why the pre$$ is screeching about cases (was told deaths were going to be 2.2 million, remember?), and second wave narrative is to cover-up the criminal fraud perpetrated by political puppets and their $tring-pulling overlords.

Maybe someday they will teach kids the truth.

The demonstration, which came amid national threats of teacher strikes this week, was among many signals of growing tensions in the increasingly political fight over the safety of reopening schools as the fall draws near.

“Honestly, it is not safe. We can’t go in,” said Esther Onuoha, a school nurse at Community Academy and Greater Egleston High School. “We are willing to go back, but it has to be safe for us.”

Trump has to be unemployed and sent packing before being locked up by the Communists, 'er, Democrats after the show hearings (ever notice the clothes fit the person, as well as the masks fitting thieves?)! Then they will go back.

See this:


"Scientists in a Nordic study have found that keeping primary schools open during the pandemic may not have had much bearing on contagion rates. There was no measurable difference in the number of coronavirus cases among children in Sweden, where schools were left open, compared with neighboring Finland, where schools were shut, according to the findings. The study compares two countries that share similar societal models, including access to universal health care, but that adopted very different strategies to tackle COVID-19. Sweden avoided a proper lockdown, while Finland imposed tougher social distancing. Indicative data show there is no difference in the overall incidence of the laboratory-confirmed cases in children aged 1 to 19 years in the two countries; contact tracings in primary schools in Finland found hardly any evidence of children infecting others, according to the working paper by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. What’s more, there’s no increased risk for teachers, according to a Swedish comparison of cases among day care and primary school staff, compared with risk levels in other professions. It’s not the first time researchers have raised questions about the merits of shutting schools during the pandemic. A French study last month found that schoolchildren don’t appear to transmit COVID-19 to peers or teachers. That investigation established that children seemed to show fewer symptoms than adults, and to be less contagious, but the authors also said more research was needed."

Yeah, if the $cience doesn't come back the way you want it, disregard it.

Class dismissed!

She said she has no space to isolate students exhibiting possible coronavirus symptoms from other students while they await a ride home. Many nurses’ offices are converted closets and lack sinks for basic hand-washing, she said.

In a statement, the school district insisted its plans for the fall are predicated on shielding children and employees from the coronavirus. “The health and safety of our students and staff remains the top priority of the Boston Public Schools,” the district said.

The last part was met with a snort of incredulity seeing as those neglected and dilapidated schools still have lead in the water fountains, etc. 


"Flint, Mich., residents whose health and homes were harmed by lead-contaminated water scored a legal milestone Wednesday when the Michigan Supreme Court said they could proceed with a lawsuit against public officials for the disastrous decisions that caused the scandal. “Plaintiffs in this case raise some of the most disturbing allegations of malfeasance by government actors in Michigan’s history,” Justice Richard Bernstein said. The court’s opinion was a key procedural step in long-running litigation. The Supreme Court said Flint residents could pursue a claim of diminished property values. Residents also can argue that their rights were violated by the use of corrosive water from the Flint River."

Where was BLM then, huh?

Never mind that Flint looks like Gaza, and you know, managing water is a government’s “most important policy challenge.” 

‘‘I'm sure when I was 2 years old I was somewhere eating a paint chip,’’ he said with a chuckle, and he encouraged parents to get medical checkups for their children. ‘‘They will be fine . . . as long as we’re looking after them’’

I know 
he ate lead as child, but they won't be, jerk. The damage from lead poisoning is irreversible, and never mind what they are spraying overhead as they did last year, too.

Authority is full of public relations prevaricators, people!

Then it was time to turn in, and if the kids are going to have to go through that just keep them at home.

Wednesday’s rally came as educators protested across the state and the country against reopening schools. Educators from Malden and other districts, along with the Massachusetts Teachers Association, plan to rally Thursday outside the offices of the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education asking for reopening decisions to be rooted in public health standards with full funding.

On Tuesday, the American Federation of Teachers, a national union, threatened to authorize limited “safety strikes” among teachers as a last resort if their safety needs aren’t met.

You mean their demands?

They said above this is an "increasingly political fight," so the teacher is a distorter at best, liar at worst.

How sad it is that a once-fine system of education has become what it has: a $elf-$erving hellhole of indoctrination and inculcation.

Public employee strikes are prohibited in Massachusetts, but school bus drivers, who work for private contractors, echoed the federation’s warnings of strikes if their safety demands are ignored. USW Local 8751, which represents Boston school bus drivers, said Wednesday that four drivers who worked in the school district’s food-delivery program died in April of coronavirus, which the union blamed on unsafe working conditions.

The local bus drivers union said it “raised 1,000 fists of Solidarity” with the national teachers union’s warning of strikes if health and safety demands “remain unmet.”

Don't worry, you won't be driving anybody anywhere. 

Enjoy the pink slips that will soon be showing up.


What you are seeing there is akin to the strikes and work stoppages in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, and we know how that came out, don't we?

What is commonly called Fascism -- although today's U.S. corporate hybrid is perhaps the pure$t form to date) -- and brutal Soviet Communism,  which resulted in the most singular mass slaughter in all of human history, rivaled only by the China and Mao. It was Mao that initiated China's "Great Leap Forward" by toppling past icons, erasing collective memory of history, and burning books while mass-murdering millions.

Nevertheless, "Helen Jenkins, an epidemiologist at Boston University, said she thinks their “demands are totally reasonable,” but the lack of funding for such efforts is also a reality schools must contend with while superintendents and principals across the state agree with teachers unions about wanting to ensure the safest schools possible, but he disagreed with the unions’ approach because it “feels to me a little more confrontational than trying to work together.”

Oh, you sensed that, too, huh, and why would that be?


Speaking of books, get the bonfire ready:

"In the fall of 2018, when former CIA director John Brennan decided to write his memoir, he asked the agency for his official records, including his notes and any documents he had reviewed and signed that were classified. The CIA said no. Brennan learned that the CIA was following the orders of the man he had spent the previous two years publicly excoriating — President Trump, who in August 2018 ‘‘had issued a directive . . . that purportedly forbids anyone in the intelligence community from sharing classified information with me.’’ Brennan recounts his battles with the president in the memoir he eventually wrote, with limited access to unclassified and heavily redacted material: ‘‘Undaunted: My Fight Against America’s Enemies, at Home and Abroad.’’

That guy should be in prison. He lied to Congre$$ while under oath and was one of the prime figures who peddled the Steele dossier on Capitol Hill, thus setting the FBI wheels in motion so they could spy on the Trump campaign. This now known knowledge, and just because the pre$$ ignores it to protect the perps doesn't make it untrue.

Just to clarify, I don't think any literature should be burned or websites taken down -- not even the repulsive pre$$ and their bull$hit. It's up to the citizen-consumer of such swill to divine the truth through the pieces of turd.

Marching right along:

"The United States is cutting back its deployments in Germany by nearly 12,000 troops and shifting some of those forces around the continent, including relocating some units to Belgium and Italy, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper announced Wednesday. About 6,400 troops are set to return to the United States. The move is certain to rankle European leaders and anger both Democratic and Republican lawmakers who see the US troop presence on the continent, especially in Germany, as a cornerstone of post-World War II order. The Pentagon’s decision to cut US troops in Germany from roughly 36,000 to about 24,000 is in keeping with President Trump’s “America First” approach and his deep-seated drive to bring home US forces from wars started after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001....."

That's the way the New York Times spun it even though he isn't allowed to withdraw from Afghanistan.

All these years I have said bring the troops home; however, I now want to leave them there because I'm worried about where they would be domestically deployed:

Trump and Ore. governor agree to deal on federal force

Despite videos, Park Police official says restraint used

Use of plainclothes officers during N.Y. protest criticized

Minn. police identify man who sparked violence

That "news comes amid rising concerns of right-wing agitators purposefully stoking violence at protests, and last month, federal prosecutors charged supporters of the right-wing ‘‘Boogaloo Boys’’ movement for incidents including killing a security officer at a federal courthouse and plotting firebombs and explosives at a government building and peaceful protests — all with the aim of stoking racial conflict."

So often these days, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what is in print is the TRUTH!

It's the pre$$-supported and approved rioters who are destroying cities and the ones agitating violence. The "right-wing agitators" -- whatever the hell that means -- are holding their powder and patiently waiting.

Thus, as Trump bets on law and order as a path to reelection in another cynical move, designed to provoke anger and unrest in urban America — and more fear in the rest of the country as he makes everyone less safe as he falls into the moral and money traps set for him, Joe Biden must choose a Black woman for vice president but not this one (the item was totally scrubbed from web and Globe, pun intended):

"President Trump Wednesday defended his decision to promote the views of Dr. Stella Immanuel, who pushed hydroxychloroquine as a cure for the coronavirus and has also said that endometriosis is caused by sex with demons, and Trump lashed out at social media companies for labeling Immanuel's comments misinformation and removing the video that featured her. The video showed a group that has dubbed itself America's Frontline Doctors, standing on the steps of the Supreme Court claiming that neither masks nor shutdowns are necessary to fight the pandemic, despite a plethora of expertise to the contrary. It was live-streamed by the conservative media outlet Brietbart and viewed more than 14 million times -- fueled by tweets by Donald Trump, Jr. and retweeted by President Trump, which have been deleted. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have removed or restricted the videos. Immanuel made the unsubstantiated claim that hydroxychloroquine is a "cure for COVID." Both the Centers for Disease Control and the World Heath Organization have disputed claims that antimalarial and antiviral drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and chloroquine can help treat or even prevent the coronavirus. Last month, the FDA revoked an emergency approval that allowed doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to covid-19 patients even though the treatment was untested.

Those tech companies are acting more like Turkey, and the FDA is the "gold standard" according to genocidal BG, so the much cheaper and more effective HCQ needs to be removed from the menu. There are so many other off-label prescriptions for other things regarding ADHD and ADD with the kids, but the pre$$ and authority, they no care!

Anyhow, I watched the video and was impressed with hope. now I'm feeling this whole thing may have been a big set up to discredit those of us still sane with reason and common sense out here regarding distance and masks.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration continues to stockpile 63 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to use against COVID-19 as some patients with lupus, which the drug is proven to work against, can't fully fulfill their prescriptions. Trump's Tuesday briefing devolved into self-pity as he lamented that his approval ratings were lower than those of two top governmental medical experts. Just over a week after he began a rebooted efforts, driven by rising infection rates and sinking poll numbers, to talk about the virus in terms more in line with medical consensus, Trump was again making unfounded claims and defending discredited medical experts. It was the sort of eccentric, science-deficient performance that many of his aides believe unnerved the public during the spring and has come to gravely threaten his reelection prospects. Noting that Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the government's top infectious disease expert, and Dr. Deborah L. Birx, his administration's top coronavirus coordinator, have high approval ratings even as his own have sagged, Trump added: "And yet, they're highly thought of -- but nobody likes me. It can only be my personality," he concluded...."

That is where the report ended, and credit was given to "WIRE SERVICES."

I can see why no "news agency" would want to associated with such garbage above as they jab at the President. 

The self-pitying bastard was lamenting his low approval = pre$$ projection.

He was again making unfounded claims and defending discredited medical experts = pre$$ projection, and they prove it by citing such "experts."

An eccentric, science-deficient performance that unnerved the public = pre$$ projection.

Ends with the "nobody likes me" trope making him sound like Napoleon = pre$$ projection.

If the shit wasn't so serious, it would make you laugh:

"Immanuel, a pediatrician and a religious minister, has a history of making bizarre claims about medical topics and other issues. She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches. She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious, and, despite appearing in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress on Monday, she has said that the government is run in part not by humans but by “reptilians” and other aliens....."

She must be a David Icke believer, and that doesn't mean he is wrong (need to scroll a couple pages for a moment if you are now reading this).

Representative Gohmert tests positive for coronavirus, cancels Trump trip

Of course! 

Critics get COVID, now the House has an excuse to mandate masks when not behind closed doors, and whatever you do don't go to a Trump rally!

"An unforeseen summer surge of coronavirus cases in countries that had seemingly quelled their outbreaks is helping to drive the unrelenting growth of the global pandemic, undercutting predictions that a ‘‘second wave’’ would not occur until the fall. Japan, Israel, Lebanon, and Hong Kong are among dozens of places reporting record numbers of new cases in recent days, many weeks after they had crushed the curve of infections, reopened their economies, and moved on, and in some countries that had brought numbers down, notably in Europe, the reopening of borders, bars, and nightclubs is being blamed for a small but noticeable increase in cases.


In Belgium and Spain, the number of daily infections has surpassed levels not seen since early May, prompting authorities to reimpose some recently lifted restrictions. The United States, Brazil, and India are still fueling the bulk of the pandemic’s growth, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the new cases reported globally over the past week. Many other countries, including in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, have not yet reached a peak in infections, officials at the World Health Organization say.

F**k the CRIMINAL WHO, and the reason those places are the bulk is because those citizens are the most like sheeple and are believing this endless BS!

Of course, on deck is a real bioweapon, or are they going to lie about that, too?

Most places experiencing new waves of cases still lag far behind the United States, Brazil, and some other parts of the world in per capita rates of infection. Japan, for instance, has only around 230 infections per 1 million people, compared with more than 13,000 infections per 1 million people in the United States, but since the beginning of July, the number of new cases in Japan has climbed by more than 60 percent, a growth rate equivalent to the United States’, alarming a country that had trumpeted the ‘‘Japanese model’’ for containing the virus. In Australia and some other places such as Hong Kong and Israel, all of which had appeared to defeat the virus, infections are growing twice as quickly as in the United States, or even faster, suggesting there is no end in sight to the virus’s spread.

I'm sorry for interrupting again, readers, but I'M SICK OF THIS CRAP! 

Start doing the math above, and the death rate starts plunging through the floor!

THIS has reached the level of TOTAL LIES by the PRE$$ and THEY SHOULD NEVER BE TRUSTED AGAIN! 


A million new infections are now being reported every four days worldwide, pushing the total to well over 16 million cases. Some of the countries where the case numbers are rising or raging are in the Southern Hemisphere, now experiencing midwinter, such as Brazil and Australia, but the new increases are also afflicting regions that had been bracing for a fall wave, predicted as people spend more time crowded together indoors and lower humidity facilitates the transmission of the virus, said Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College in London. A worrying question now, Spector said, is how much worse the virus spread will become when winter does arrive in the Northern Hemisphere."

The WHO simulation was supposed to conclude in September 2020, but things are going so swimmingly for the evil genocidal bastards they are continuing on.

As for King's College, that is the BG-funded appendage that produced the discredited model of Neil Ferguson.

This is ALL CRAP, readers!


"Guatemalan hospitals say they have had to bury dozens of victims who have never been identified, and one hospital is creating archives in hopes that once the pandemic passes, their relatives will come looking for them. Workers at one of the country’s largest public hospitals have started photographing patients who arrive alone and too ill to give their personal details. Those who die unidentified are placed in body bags with transparent windows over the faces in case relatives finally arrive. Protocols that call for rapidly burying the dead during a pandemic only make the situation more difficult, officials say. The government has reported more than 47,000 confirmed infections and more 1,800 deaths nationwide. Byron Fuentes, director of the Public Health Ministry’s Public Cemetery Administration, said that so far no one has come forward seeking any of the 41 men and 22 women they have buried, identified only as “XX.”

Probably because they don't really exist, like when the politicians broke into the Brazilian hospital that was allegedly overflowing and found empty coffins and an unfinished hospital.

Alleged mass graves with unknown corpses, huh?

Sounds Soviet to me.

"US officials say Russian intelligence officers are spreading disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic through English-language websites, trying to exploit a crisis that America is struggling to contain before the presidential election in November. Two Russians who have held senior roles in Moscow’s military intelligence service known as the GRU have been identified as responsible for a disinformation effort meant to reach American and other Western audiences, according to US government officials. Russian officials on Wednesday rejected the accusations as “conspiracy theories” and a “persistent phobia.” One of the sites posted a response denouncing as “categorically false” the American assertions that it was linked to the Russian military intelligence service or was involved in propaganda. The information had previously been classified, but US officials said it had been downgraded so they could more freely discuss it. Officials said they were doing so now to sound the alarm about the particular websites and to expose what they say is a clear link between the sites and Russian intelligence. Between late May and early July, one of the officials said, the websites published about 150 articles about the pandemic response, including coverage aimed either at propping up Russia or denigrating the United States. Officials did not say whether the effort behind these particular websites was directly related to the November election, though some of the coverage appeared to denigrate Trump’s Democratic challenger, Joe Biden."

The headline was "US jabs Russia over claim of spreading disinformation," and the level of OFFENSIVE INSULT from the $hit PAPERS is BEYOND BELIEF at this stage! 

May God, no matter what you call him, help us all:

Saudi Arabia hosts symbolic, very different hajj this year

I'm told the "hajj is one of Islam’s most important requirements, performed once in a lifetime, and rather than standing and praying shoulder-to-shoulder in a sea of people from different walks of life, pilgrims this year are social-distancing — standing apart and moving in small groups of 20 to limit exposure and the potential transmission of the coronavirus.


Meanwhile, closer to home:

"Hampered for months by one novel crisis, the Legislature is on the verge of something else that’s unprecedented: spiking its own calendar to make laws. The House on Wednesday unanimously passed an order to suspend a legislative rule, including a looming Friday deadline to finish formal lawmaking, and give legislators until January to complete a raft of unfinished bills. The top official in the Senate said that chamber, too, supports the proposal, all but assuring lawmakers will continue to mete out legislation in the coming months, including while they face reelection. The order, unveiled Wednesday by House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, would suspend a rule lawmakers first established 25 years ago to complete “formal business” at certain points in the two-year legislation session, including by July 31 in an election year. The Legislature traditionally still meets in informal sessions for the remainder of the session, during which a single lawmaker can derail proceedings, but the rule’s intent was to avoid formally debating bills as legislators campaigned for reelection, and lame-duck legislating after Election Day. In a statement, DeLeo said the emergence of COVID-19 created “unprecedented public health and fiscal challenges” and that by suspending the rules, the Legislature could meet in formal sessions for the “remainder of the year and ensure that the pressing matters debated by July 31st are resolved. No one can predict what might happen over the next five weeks, much less the next five months,” DeLeo said....."

Then why are so many things be cancelled so far in advance, Bob?

Actually, some can predict what will happen over the next while since the Rockefeller report wrote it down 10 years ago and Event 201 gamed it out before the WHO began the two separate simulations -- with one resulting in the deliberate release of a deadly pathogen, slated for fall 2020.

Better kayak away from those sharks as fast as you can given the unwelcoming atmosphere.

"With calls for police reform continuing, Boston city councilors are considering establishing a civilian police oversight board with subpoena power that would investigate complaints about police, review internal affairs probes, and make disciplinary and policy recommendations. Oversight from the board would serve to promote professionalism of Boston police and enhance community relations, according to backers of the proposal. “Boston is not immune or exempt from incidents of excessive force, misconduct, or racism,” said Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell, one of the sponsors of the ordinance, at Wednesday’s council meeting, which was conducted virtually....."

The BPD is allegedly the model for the rest of the country, and that won't be helping the mother in Mattapan.


Two Dorchester teenagers, 15 and 16, arrested on gun charges

Where is BLM when you really need them?

Not at the beach, that's for sure:

There was no social distancing among these beachgoers at Madequecham Beach on Nantucket July 4.
There was no social distancing among these beachgoers at Madequecham Beach on Nantucket July 4 (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)

God Bless Them for providing inspiration and hope.

"Nantucket health board to consider earlier restaurant closings in wake of rise in coronavirus cases" by Travis Andersen Globe Staff, July 29, 2020

With coronavirus cases climbing on Nantucket, the local Board of Health is mulling measures such as earlier restaurant closings in an effort to stem the spread, officials said Wednesday.

The island, which has a winter population of roughly 17,000 and a summer population that can surge as high as 40,000, on Tuesday reported 39 positive COVID-19 tests since the start of the pandemic, according to the town and Nantucket Cottage Hospital, which updates the tally daily around 5 p.m.

The 39 positive tests mark a sharp increase from last week, when the tally stood at 26 as of July 22, according to the state Department of Public Health. The 26-person tally had represented an increase of just five cases over the prior two weeks, according to DPH.

The latest state data released Wednesday showed a total of 30 cases in Nantucket, with eight of those reported in the previous 14 days.....


Also see:

Mass. reports 356 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 29 new deaths

Numbers are already going back up, so you know what that means:

"After a rise in COVID-19 cases, RI governor delays the next phase of reopening" by Dan McGowan Globe Staff, July 29, 2020

PROVIDENCE — Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo is reducing the state’s limit on social gatherings from 25 people to 15 and extending Phase 3 of the state’s reopening for another month, rather than moving into Phase 4.

What is it about that 16th person that WILL have COVID?

After a successful three-month battle to dramatically shrink the number of coronavirus cases in the state, new infections have risen gradually over the past month, a worrying trend that could threaten the governor’s plan to reopen school buildings Aug. 31.



Since July 5, when state health officials recorded a three-day average of 26 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, that rolling average has ticked up and stood at 91 cases Tuesday. The state Department of Health also reported 119 new cases, the largest single-day total since May 29, with at least 100 new infections on five days over the past week.

By Wednesday, the number of new cases had dropped to 61, but Raimondo said the numbers are concerning.

“We’re partying too much,” Raimondo declared during a press conference. She said the state has been able to trace multiple coronavirus cases to gatherings in backyards and restaurants in recent weeks.

Maybe they are PROTESTING TOO MUCH, you insufferable bi*ch!


"Five people were arrested Saturday night as a protest that started in front of the Providence Public Safety Complex quickly became hostile. About 150 people assembled after sundown outside the complex, which was barricaded off and surrounded by police officers in riot gear. The demonstration was organized in response to the arrests of two people at a Black Lives Matter counter-demonstration outside the complex on Thursday -- and in support of protesters in Portland, Ore., against federal agents. A flyer had circulated on social media announcing the protest in Providence “against federal invasion,” telling people to “rally at the pig pen... Stand against police violence from the modern slave patrols, on the unceded territories of Narragansett, Wampanoag nations, in solidarity with demonstrators facing federal invasion.” The demonstration was immediately contentious, said Providence Police Major David Lapatin. Protesters and police clashed outside the station. Lapatin said demonstrators set off flares and threw bottles and balloons filled with paint at officers. Joan Steffen, 27, of Quincy, Mass., was charged with three felony counts of assaulting police and resisting arrest after police said she threw balloons of red and blue paint at three officers. Steffen’s LinkedIn profile lists her as a student at Harvard Law School and intern as a student attorney for prisoners’ legal services of Massachusetts. She could not be reached for comment Sunday. Educators were among the four Rhode Islanders charged with misdemeanors. Lauren Matthias, 30, of South Kingstown, a teacher at the Paul Cuffee School, a charter school in Providence, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Police said she rode her bicycle into an intersection to stop traffic while they were arresting Steffen and then fought with officers. In an email to the Globe, Matthias confirmed she was a Providence educator and noted the bruise on her forehead, but she did not respond to questions about the incident. “The Paul Cuffee School will review the matter in accordance with its personnel policies and determine the appropriate course of action,” Keith Oliveira, executive director of the Rhode Island League of Charter Schools, said in a text message Sunday. Gregory Waksmulski, 38, of Pawtucket, a librarian whose resume includes working as a program instructor at the Wheeler School in Providence, was charged with obstructing police. He did not respond to a request for comment Sunday. Michael Simpson, 24, of Providence, is charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing police; he is accused of trying to stop police from arresting Steffen. Ella Fassler, 27, of Pawtucket, a freelancer writer whose bio describes her as a prison abolitionist, was charged with unlawful use of a laser and obstruction. Police also seized smoke grenades, a gas mask, and spray paint, according to a police report. Police Chief Hugh T. Clements Jr. told WPRI-TV that no officers were hurt but a unmarked cruiser had its windows smashed while officers were inside. Protesters eventually dispersed before 11 p.m. “We promote safe, peaceful protests. We will not tolerate violence,” he told the television station."

Is that ANY KIND of EXAMPLE to SET for the KIDS!?

Do those "protesters" really represent America?

Since March 1, Rhode Island has had 18,800 cases of the virus, and 1,007 residents have died. It already is likely to be the third-leading cause of death in the state in 2020, behind only heart disease and cancer.


"Anthem’s second-quarter profit doubled to nearly $2.3 billion, as a pandemic-induced drop in claims and a new business pushed the Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurer’s earnings past expectations. The insurer’s stock jumped 6% at the start of trading Wednesday, erasing about half of the loss it had incurred so far this year. The nation’s second-largest insurer also said Wednesday it was leaving its 2020 earnings forecast unchanged, following a pattern established by its competitors. Insurers haven’t touched their guidance despite big quarterly earnings growth because they aren’t sure what lies ahead. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of the economy in the second quarter, which meant fewer surgery bills or other big claims, but companies expect at least some of those postponed procedures to take place later this year. Anthem executives told analysts during a Wednesday morning call that they don’t expect another full shutdown like earlier this year, even as COVID-19 cases spike in many regions of the country. They also said they’re already seeing some surgeries like joint replacement procedures rebound. “Some things can only be delayed so long,” noted Chief Financial Officer John Gallina....."

Who died in the interim or will die going forward from the medical e$tabli$hment's neglect and criminality in collaborating with the COVID $CAMDEMIC?

Now take a knee during the anthem before the game (I never look at the $port$ $ection anymore, sorry).

The recent rise in infections came after more than a month of stability that saw new first-time positive cases drop to just 18 on June 28. That’s a dramatic decrease from the state’s highest case count of 420 back on April 23.

Hope you enjoyed the time out of the house, for you shan't see such a thing again.

Rhode Island recorded fewer than 100 new cases a day for 41 consecutive days starting June 11 before returning to triple digits on July 21 when it reported 107 cases. The seven-day average is 91.

Another leading indicator of the upward trend is the rate of positive test results. State officials have long pointed to that rate as a key indicator because the number of tests administered on any day can vary widely. On Tuesday, 3.2 percent of tests were positive, the highest single-day rate since June 10.

The positive test rate fell below 2 percent on Wednesday, but Raimondo said the health department is closely monitoring the state’s basic reproduction number, which is designed to explain how the virus spreads once a person is infected. Raimondo said the state wants a reproduction number of 1.1 or lower, but it has ticked up in recent days.

Screw their bogus models, ginned-up numbers, and and flat-out lies as they throw numbers at us.

“We believe that that increase is 100 percent attributable to social gatherings that are too large,” Raimondo said.


Can people not see through this rank political hypocrisy and the LIES that surround it?

Like other states, Rhode Island has relaxed some of its restrictions on shops, restaurants, and other businesses to allow the economy to gradually reopen. Raimondo and other state leaders have urged residents to avoid large crowds — especially at beaches — but Wednesday’s decision to reduce the limit on social gatherings to 15 was the first large-scale restriction that has been changed.

Go out and protest social justice though, right?

Despite the increase in cases, hospital admissions have remained relatively stable, with 74 residents were hospitalized with the virus as of Wednesday. There were 12 patients in intensive care, and six were on ventilators.

Raimondo has said she wants all public schools to reopen on Aug. 31, although she and Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green have said they’ll allow health officials to make the final decision.....


Before moving on, I want to clear up one thing: there NEVER WAS a REOPEN!

That is another FALSE MEDIA NARRATIVE to conceal the never-ending lockdown, forced vaccination, and Great Reset they are promoting.

The media LIED about REOPENING!


Brown University fulfills its $10 million pledge to Providence public schools

It's 13 years later, too late, but I'm sure they will take whatever $$$ they can get these days.

Also see:
Former star surgeon indicted in murder of estranged wife in Dover

He was once a star surgeon who must have completely fallen apart despite the history of domestic violence -- at least that is what we know.

What about the kids?

Man and woman arrested day after 11-month-old overdosed in Fall River

Here is what they look like, and thank God COVID has eclipsed the opioid criss (both brought to you by the same people).


Let's hope you have a place to stay under house arrest:

"As Mass. eviction ban heads to court, it’s attracting attention nationwide; Chicago, Los Angeles, other cities oppose effort to overturn Governor Baker's freeze" by Tim Logan Globe Staff, July 29, 2020

A lawsuit challenging Massachusetts’ toughest-in-the-nation ban on evictions is heading to court on Thursday, and some big names are weighing in on the case.

Some 30 cities and counties, including Chicago and Los Angeles, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the nation’s foremost researcher on evictions have filed briefs in the case supporting the state’s halt on nearly all eviction filings because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, a collection of landlords and trade groups are joining two Massachusetts landlords in asking a Suffolk County judge to overturn the ban immediately.

If he doesn't overturn, we are Communi$t.

Those arguments will be heard Thursday in a Boston courtroom, as the landlords seek a temporary injunction to block the freeze while their case moves forward. Potentially at stake are the homes of thousands of renters across the state who have fallen behind on or stopped paying rent during the pandemic.

For now, they can’t be evicted, thanks to a measure lawmakers passed in April, which Governor Charlie Baker last week extended through October, but landlords say the law violates their rights, effectively requiring them to provide housing, with no compensation, for months, and while some landlords can delay their mortgage payments, managing an apartment building comes with many expenses, said Mitch Matorin, who owns a three-family house in Worcester where one of his tenants has stopped paying rent. Matorin is one of the lead plaintiffs in the Suffolk County case and a similar one filed in federal court in Massachusetts.

“I’ve got to keep up the place, and there’s no money to do it,” Matorin said in a recent interview. “You fix one problem by saying no one should be evicted, but that creates a new problem for landlords.”

They are looking to take your property, like Communi$ts!

Matorin’s argument was echoed in amicus briefs filed by other landlords and their trade groups around the state. They contend the moratorium amounts to an illegal “taking,” arguing other businesses that were shut down in the pandemic didn’t have to continue to provide services, and they argued that fully halting evictions — which in Massachusetts require a judge’s order — violates their constitutional right to access the courts.

“This is no mere procedural rule,” wrote an attorney for a Cape Cod landlord. “The Courthouse door is entirely closed,” but in an emergency like this, lawyers for the state say, that is justified. The economic and public health impacts of widespread evictions amid the outbreak of a potentially fatal infectious disease outweigh any potential harm to landlords, they argue, and, they note, the moratorium is temporary, set to end in October, though state law allows Baker to extend it again.

That is EASY for THEM TO SAY!

The BANKS still want their PAYMENT, or this happens:

"Santander slumped to the first loss in its 163-year history after the COVID-19 health crisis forced it to write down the value of its businesses across the globe. The Spanish bank is paying the price for rapid expansion into areas hit hard by the pandemic — such as UK consumer finance and low-quality US loans — with a $14.8 billion writedown on assets to reflect the worsening economic outlook."

Gotta keep them healthy above all others.

A wide range of housing advocates, tenant groups, and cities and counties filed briefs of their own, supporting the state’s defense of the moratorium.

Evictions are likely to fall hardest on lower-income and nonwhite renters in Massachusetts — the same population being hit most by COVID-19 — and exacerbate long-running disparities in Greater Boston’s housing market, wrote several researchers, including Matthew Desmond, who runs Princeton University’s Eviction Lab. Ending the ban now and forcing people out of their homes would probably worsen the pandemic and risk overwhelming already-taxed health and social service providers, wrote lawyers for the City of Chicago. They filed a brief cosigned by 28 other cities and counties, including Somerville, Boston, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

“The country is facing the possibility of millions of people displaced from their homes if at least some of the protections do not remain in place for the foreseeable future,” they said.

Tell it to the banks, a$$holes!

There is some common ground. Advocates on both sides voiced support for rent-relief programs, which would help tenants keep up with their payments and thus help keep their landlords solvent, but so far, those programs have been modest. Massachusetts has allocated $38 million to rent relief since March, a fraction of what studies indicate would be needed, especially with the $600 federal unemployment payments ending this week. Many cities and towns have launched smaller programs of their own.

Yeah, it's not that big a priority for our criminal leaders.

Larger-scale federal relief — such as the $100 billion package approved by House Democrats — remains stalled in Congress. Meanwhile, a moratorium halting evictions on federally financed housing ended last week, and other states where housing courts have reopened have seen the numbers of eviction cases rise sharply.

Oh, yeah, the Democrats will save us.

Advocates on both sides warn that a wave of evictions will eventually hit Massachusetts, too. The moratorium doesn’t forgive rent, after all; it just blocks evictions for nonpayment. Eventually, those bills will come due.

When that happens could be determined by a judge on Thursday.


All done for your own good, propriety owner, and be sure to do the legally-obligated yard work.

There is also graffiti that needs to be washed away.

Also see:

COVID-19 vaccine developed by Beth Israel, Johnson & Johnson, enters early-stage trials

I'm told the "testing in humans follows promising findings from a small study involving monkeys as Dr. Dan Barouch, head of Beth Israel’s Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, said researchers were encouraged by the results of the monkey study, and he hoped the vaccine would prove effective in humans, and that “we’re doing the human trials because we don’t know the answer,” he said. “We were very pleased with these results, and these data increase our optimism about the potential for this vaccine candidate.”

"JetBlue will become the first US airline to test an ultraviolet cleaning system, as the carrier and other businesses boost their efforts to protect customers against potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. About the size of an airplane’s beverage cart, the portable machine uses ultraviolet light to reduce the presence of pathogens. The cleaning machine can be rolled down the aisle and with extendable arms treat a midsize airplane in 10 minutes, according to Honeywell, which manufactures the device and is supplying JetBlue with eight of them. Originally developed for use in hospitals, the technology has been found to reduce certain bacteria and viruses, but no testing has been done as to whether it can protect against the coronavirus, Honeywell said in a news release. JetBlue is conducting a 90-day trial with the machines at two of its main operating cities: John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida."

So now not only will your ears pop, you will exit the plane blind.

Don't look out the window, either.

Boeing reports $2.4 billion loss in second quarter due to pandemic, 737 Max grounding

Let the layoffs begin.

Chief of trade group quits amid workplace complaints

I'm told "Scott Solombrino, a longtime Boston limousine industry executive, has resigned as CEO of the Global Business Travel Association after complaints by current and former employees that he created an “extreme toxic environment” at the trade group, says a letter sent by current and former employees to the travel group’s board alleging racist and misogynistic comments by Solombrino directed at employees and outsiders."

Better buy a new suit:

Biggest supplier to Brooks Brothers expects to take a big hit

The troubles of Brooks Brothers are unspooling across the garment industry.

Snap discloses gender, race of workforce for first time

Snap's chief executive is Evan Spiegel, and he is reputed to be a Snappy dresser.

Shopify soars as merchants shift their business online

I'm told "Shopify nearly doubled its revenue in the second quarter, crushing analysts’ estimates as a flood of merchants moved their businesses online during the coronavirus pandemic, and that a key metric that represents the value of all goods sold through Shopify’s platform, surged 119 percent from a year earlier," so turn up the mu$ic:

"Spotify, the world’s largest audio streaming service, gave some hints of improving trends in advertising sales and music listening with its second-quarter results. The Swedish company said Wednesday that advertising revenue fell 25 percent in the quarter from a year earlier, unsurprising as the world reeled from the coronavirus pandemic, but most of the trouble was in April and May, with June down only 12 percent, suggesting the ad slump is abating. And growth in the key metric of monthly active users exceeded Spotify’s expectations in North America, where music listening started to rise again in May and is back at pre-COVID levels, according to Billboard."

Sorry, I can't here you, what?

"GE sees long recovery ahead after progress on costs, cash" by Ryan Beene Bloomberg News, July 29, 2020

General Electric Co. predicted slow gains in operations this year and next after the coronavirus pandemic battered results in the second quarter.

The jet-engine division has tracked “early signs of improvement” in flight departures on the path to a lengthy recovery, GE said in a presentation as it reported results. The company burned through $2.1 billion in industrial free cash in the second quarter, less than the $3.3 billion drain expected by analysts.

They must mean servicing the war machine

“It’s really about sequential improvement from here,” chief executive Larry Culp said on a call with analysts. “The environment remains challenging, but with respect to those things that are within our control, we think health care is well-positioned to lead, the turnarounds in power and renewables continue, and we’re expecting a multiyear recovery in aviation.”

Culp is trying to get GE back on track after the pandemic upended a turnaround he began after taking the reins in 2018. GE on Wednesday posted double-digit declines in orders across all its industrial businesses in the second quarter, with comparable sales drops in all units except renewable energy. Revenue in the aviation business plunged 44 percent as the virus gutted air travel and dimmed the long-term outlook for aircraft sales.

“COVID-19 clearly put us back,” Culp said in an interview. “It will take us a little longer, just because of what’s happened in aviation, in particular, but that said, I have more confidence today than I ever have that we’re going to see this transformation through.”

It's a fundamental shiftre$tructuring, and forced labor tran$formation, readers, and now you know whom to blame if things go wrong.

The company has accelerated some aspects of its overhaul, he said. GE has reduced debt by roughly $9.1 billion this year, bolstered cash to $41 billion and taken steps to eliminate $2 billion in costs and preserve $3 billion in cash.

GE recorded a $1.8 billion unrealized pretax gain during the quarter on its plan to sell its stake in Baker Hughes in the next three years. The company will use the proceeds to pay down debt. GE’s stock was down 4.49 percent Wednesday to $6.59.

The second-quarter results generally matched investors’ low expectations, John Inch, a Gordon Haskett analyst, wrote in a note to clients. “It seems apparent that GE’s fundamentals including cash flow challenges are likely to persist for many quarters/years with no obvious recourse as the company has largely sold what it can,” Inch said.


So glad the Globe $old us on that lemon, aren't you?


"Even though General Motors was able to reopen its US factories for the last half of the second quarter, the company still lost $806 million from April through June. The Detroit automaker closed its plants on March 18 and they remained idle for two months due to the coronavirus. Production didn’t resume fast enough to stem the losses. Like other automakers, GM counts revenue when vehicles are shipped from factories, so it had little money coming in for about seven weeks in April and May. GM burned through more than $9 billion during the quarter, including nearly $8 billion from operations and $1.1 billion in capital spending. It lost money before taxes in all of its business units save for its financial arm. In its traditionally profitable North America wing, GM lost $100 million....."

This is going nowhere, readers, and the Globe says unemployment benefits do not discourage work even though the pre$$ narrative has pointed to that to explain people not taking jobs back.

I gue$$ it is whatever bull$hit is needed at a given time, huh?

Speaking of bull$hit:

"Fed sees dim economic outlook as virus squeezes economy" by Christopher Rugaber Associated Press, July 29, 2020

The Federal Reserve expressed concern Wednesday that the viral outbreak will act as a drag on the economy and hiring in the coming months and in a statement at the end of its policy-making meeting Wednesday, the Fed acknowledged that the economy has rebounded from the depths of March and April, when nearly all states closed down nonessential businesses, but it said the ongoing coronavirus pandemic “will weigh heavily on economic activity, employment and inflation.’’

The Fed announced no new policies in its statement. It said it will also continue to buy about $120 billion in Treasury and mortgage bonds each month, which are intended to inject cash into financial markets and spur borrowing and spending.


They are pumping money into banks, and that's where it is staying!

In one of the few changes from their previous statement in June, the Fed policymakers added: “The path of the economy will depend significantly on the course of the virus” — an acknowledgement that uncertainty about when the health crisis might be solved has complicated the Fed’s ability to set interest rate policy. It’s an observation that Chair Jerome Powell has made, in one way or another, for months as most states have succeeded only fitfully in controlling the virus and the ability of businesses to stay open.

Yes, the virus drives the economics, and if so, it is going down!

“A full recovery,’’ Powell said at a news conference, “is unlikely until people are confident that it is safe to engage in a broad range of activities.”

Doesn't help when state potentates are closing down the bars and beaches!

In the meantime, he said, “We are committed to using our full range of tools to support the economy. We will continue to use these powers until we are confident we are solidly on the road to recovery.”

Pablum. Pure pablum.

The Fed’s overall message that it would keep rates low indefinitely was widely expected by investors, and reaction in financial markets was muted. Stocks maintained their gains, and Treasury yields held steady.


That's not what the Globe reported below and too the right:

"Wall Street rallied Wednesday, and the S&P 500 climbed 1.2 percent for its best day in two weeks after the Federal Reserve kept the accelerator floored on its support for the economy. US stocks began rising as soon as trading opened, and momentum picked up after the Fed said in the afternoon that it will keep interest rates at their record low as the economy struggles through the recession created by the coronavirus pandemic. The Federal Reserve also said it will continue to buy about $120 billion in Treasury and mortgage bonds each month to support the economy. Aid from the Fed, along with stimulus from Congress, helped launch the stock market’s turnaround in March. The S&P 500 is back within 3.8 percent of its record set in February. Besides the action in Washington, this is also a frenetic week for profit reports from the biggest US companies. Several reported results for the spring that topped Wall Street’s expectations, even though they were far below last year’s levels from before the pandemic. Advanced Micro Devices rose 12.5 percent after it reported a stronger jump in profit for its latest quarter than Wall Street expected. The chip maker also raised its forecast for revenue through 2020. Starbucks gained 3.7 percent after it reported a loss for the spring that wasn’t as bad as analysts were expecting. L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, soared 35.4 percent for the biggest gain in the S&P 500 after it laid out plans to slash its annual costs by $400 million, including through laying off workers." 

The stock had been struggling for years before turning higher in the spring, and analysts say the cost cuts should help bolster the company’s profitability -- the company that was owned by Wexner, friend of Epstein, as the ma$$ media has once again memory-holed that story.

At least there are still the photos:

"Eastman Kodak’s stock more than tripled for the second straight day after the company won a $765 million government loan to launch a new business unit making pharmaceutical components. It surged 318.1 percent to $33.20, up from $2.62 on Monday. Big technology CEOs, meanwhile, testified at a House of Representatives subcommittee hearing on whether their companies have grown too big and harm competition. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google’s parent company have been some of the market’s strongest stocks through the pandemic, much as they’ve been for the last several years, on investors’ expectations that they can continue to grow almost regardless of what the economy does. Their stocks have grown so valuable that they can sway the S&P 500 and other indexes almost by themselves. Those four, plus Microsoft, account for nearly 22 percent of the S&P 500’s total value. The big tech-oriented stocks have had a few stumbles in recent weeks, but they remain far ahead of the rest of the market. Amazon added 1.1 percent Wednesday, Apple rose 1.9 percent, Facebook gained 1.4 percent, and the Class A shares of Alphabet were up 1.3 percent. Gold extended its record run and rose 0.4 percent to settle at $1,953.40 per ounce after touching $1,960.00 in the morning. Benchmark US crude oil for September delivery rose 23 cents to settle at $41.27 a barrel Wednesday. Brent crude oil for September delivery rose 53 cents to $43.75 a barrel. Overseas stock markets were mixed....."

A COVID CUI BONO, and the $tock market is a RIGGED WEIGHT to generate PAPER WEALTH for $ICK P$YCHOPATHS!

Economists say the Fed has time to consider its next policy moves because short- and long-term rates remain historically ultra-low and aren’t restraining economic growth. Home sales have picked up after falling sharply in the spring. The housing rebound has been fueled by the lowest loan rates on record, with the average 30-year mortgage dipping below 3 percent this month for the first time in 50 years.

With the economy struggling just to grow, small businesses across the country in serious danger and unemployment very high at 11.1 percent, few investors expect the Fed to hike interest rates for perhaps years to come. After its previous meeting last month, the Fed had signaled that it expected to keep its key short-term rate near zero at least through 2022.

Wasn't the SBA and PPP meant to $ave them?

Beginning in March, the Fed has slashed its short-term rate, bought more than $2 trillion in Treasury and mortgage bonds and unveiled nine lending programs to try to keep credit flowing smoothly.

Since the Fed’s previous meeting in June, the pandemic’s threat to the economy has appeared to worsen. The number of laid-off workers applying for unemployment aid has exceeded 1 million for 18 straight weeks. Measures of credit card spending have declined, and companies that track small-business employment say the number of people at work has leveled off, far below pre-pandemic levels, after having risen in May and June.

Way back at the beginning of this I said the  coronavirus was a cover for the planned collapsing of the economy, and it still stands. That's what the WHOLE $CAM has been about so you would blame the thieving bankers and politicians!

The Fed will likely provide “forward guidance” at its next meeting in September, economists say.

In recent speeches and appearances, Fed policymakers have sounded largely pessimistic about the economy. Several, including Powell, warned in late May, as many states began allowing more businesses to reopen, that a resurgent virus could imperil any recovery.....

That was when he started swinging elbows.


Want to save your small business?

Go mask-free:

"There’s a Wrinkle in Stores’ Mask Policies: Enforcement" by Michael Corkery New York Times, July 29, 2020

Christopher Vanderpool works shifts as a “health ambassador” at a Walmart in Fayetteville, N.C. For $11 an hour, he stands in the parking lot asking customers to put on masks before entering the store.

Many abide by the rule. Others, the 18-year-old said, “will say ‘No, I am not wearing that garbage,’ or some expletive.”

“Everyone is so tense,” Vanderpool said. “I would be scared to confront people.”

Big retailers have made strong statements recently about their new rules requiring customers to wear face masks when shopping, saying that the health of their workers and customers is paramount, but when it comes to enforcing those mandates, the companies are taking a decidedly hands-off approach.

Only because of Winn-Dixie.

Walmart has told employees that they should not prevent a customer from entering the store if they refuse to wear a mask. Walgreens said that “for the safety of our team members” the company would not bar customers without masks from its stores. Lowe’s also said it would “not ask our associates to put their safety at risk by confronting customers about wearing masks.”

Part of the reason is the unconstitutionality and discrimination of such a thing that will motivate lawsuits.

Many shoppers and workers say the retailers’ reluctance to police their customers’ mask-wearing ultimately renders the new rules toothless and will perpetuate the spread of the coronavirus, and workers find themselves thrust onto the front line of a cultural and political war over masks that can lead to ugly confrontations and, at times, violence.

The mask is sure off the provocative pre$$.

Last weekend, two episodes stood out: In one, a video of an altercation involving two shoppers in Walmart wearing masks with a Nazi swastika went viral, while a man was arrested after an incident in a Walmart in Palm Beach County, Fla., in which he pulled a gun on another shopper who had asked him to put on his mask.

What about all the harassment of those who haven't wanted to wear a mask, Globe? 

Why are you ignoring that and only spewing out of one side of your mask?

Vanderpool said Walmart should hire security guards to enforce the mask rule and protect employees from contracting the virus. “They should be able to say if you don’t have a mask you cannot come into our store,” said Vanderpool, who is enrolled at Brown University in the fall.

What a good little totalitarian!

In a statement, Walmart said, “We are pleased that the vast majority of the 150 million customers who visit us each week are wearing masks.”

The retailer said that if someone didn’t want to wear a mask, managers “will talk to the customer and try to find a solution. We do not want our associates to do anything that could lead to a physical confrontation.”

Otherwise they might not spend their money there!


I will be ending on a sad note for what I saw this morning was totally deflating. Out on the street were what I assume to be teachers or day care providers who were leading masked kids that could not have been more than 5 years old on a rope line!

I don't think i have ever seen a sadder sight, and feel so, so sorry for the children who will be growing up in the BG's hellish pharmacological and technological dystopia that has been designed for them.