Saturday, July 18, 2020

Novavax’s Vaccine Will Turn Us Into Insects

"Novavax’s vaccine approach is what’s known as a recombinant nanoparticle vaccine used in combination with a proprietary adjuvant, a compound that boosts the immune response. Synthesized pieces of the spike or surface protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, are grown in insect cells."

When you think of the mind-set of the sick psychopaths behind this massive evil, it's not surprising. They want those of you left to be busy little worker bees, ants in the Borg collective. 

We know a recombinant nanoparticle means its a GMO mechanism, with a proprietary adjuvant involved. That means you can't know what it is they are injecting into you because it is a bu$ine$$ secret, but thanks to the citizen journalists all across this world we know that is going to be some sort of digital identity or chip.

No pun intended, but I'm going to try and get through this tortuous post (the jerk-job and  obscene lies of the agenda-pu$hing pre$$ I cover are psychological means) as fast as I can and I hope you can find useful information where I may have missed it.

"Novavax, maker of a Covid-19 vaccine, is backed by Operation Warp Speed" by Helen Branswell, STAT July 7, 2020

Novavax has joined the ranks of Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers being supported by the U.S. government’s Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration announced Tuesday. The Gaithersburg, Md.-based biotech has been awarded $1.6 billion to support late-stage clinical trials and expansion of its manufacturing capacity.

Here is something you need to know regarding the trials and something the pre$$ skipping.

In return, Novavax will supply the U.S. government with 100 million doses — likely enough product to vaccinate 50 million people, assuming the product is safe and effective — starting in late 2020. The full amount is expected to be made available by February, Stanley Erck, the company’s president and CEO, told STAT.

“I think it speaks well of our platform that we’ve developed over the last decade, to be able to make vaccines quickly, reliably against emerging infectious diseases,” Erck said.

I'm a little irked at this evil I see before me.

Operation Warp Speed, the administration’s ambitious effort to fast-track Covid-19 vaccine development, previously announced it was assessing 14 candidate vaccines with a plan to winnow them down to roughly seven. Among the seven already identified: Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and a partnership between the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca.

That is why he has lost me, and this doesn't help:

"Teams of military medics were deployed in Texas and California to help hospitals deluged by coronavirus patients, as Miami area authorities began stepping up enforcement Friday of a mask requirement — echoing efforts in many parts of the world to contain surging infections. In Houston, an 86-person Army medical team worked to take over a wing of United Memorial Medical Center. In California, military doctors, nurses and other health care specialists were being deployed to eight hospitals facing staffing shortages amid a record-breaking case numbers. For millions of parents in the U.S., Friday brought new information about how schools would cope with the pandemic after summer vacation ends. California Gov. Gavin Newsom laid out strict criteria for school reopenings that make it unlikely that most districts will have classroom instruction in the fall. The guidance mandates that public schools in counties that are on a monitoring list for rising coronavirus infections cannot hold in-person classes and will have to meet rigid criteria for reopening. They also include a mandate that students above 2nd grade and all staff wear masks in school. Texas gave public schools permission to keep campuses closed for more than 5 million students well into the fall. Under the new guidelines, schools can hold online-only instruction for up to the first eight weeks of the school year, potentially pushing a return to campus in some cities until November. Most Chicago children would return to the classroom two days a week and spend the other three days learning remotely once the school year begins under a tentative plan outlined by officials from the nation’s third-largest school district. A final decision about in-person instruction for fall classes for the district’s more than 300,000 students won’t come until late August. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced she would override local school districts and require students to spend at least half of their schooling in classrooms. Her proclamation drew immediate criticism from the state teachers union....."

Putting the masks aside for a minute, one is absolutely alarmed at the above as well as the UTTER FAILURE of PUBLIC OFFICIALS! They are CRIMINALS! 

They have destroyed the economy, our lives, and freedom and liberty and thinks it funny! First it was to flatten the curve, then it was all sorts of excuses with their phased in shit while race rioting protesters went wild before we now allegedly find ourselves back in the same situation against all comments sense and reason. The goddamn public authorities are f**ing lying through their f**king goddamn teeth about everything now, and we know why and for whom. It's getting to be Bastille time, folks.

Beyond that, I notice the Globe has completely ignored the increased shootings and violence in all the $tinking cities. Only reason I say that is because they mentioned Chicago above.


"New York City was cleared Friday to take the next step in its reopening next week, allowing movie and TV crews to film, zoos to welcome reduced crowds, professional sports teams to play to empty seats. Visitors are set to return to the island that houses the Statue of Liberty — but not the statue itself, but malls, museums and restaurant dining rooms will stay shuttered in the nation’s biggest city. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the city is set to begin a limited version of the fourth phase of the statewide reopening process starting Monday, but he warned that New York’s progress is fragile as COVID-19 cases surge elsewhere in the country. New York City, which has seen the bulk of the state’s confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths, began reopening June 8, after the rest of the state. The rest of the state is already in Phase 4, which typically permits opening malls and certain arts and entertainment centers, but Cuomo said this week that even in Phase 4, New York City can’t have “any additional indoor activity” in places like malls and museums because of coronavirus transmission risks. New York City also has been barred from opening up indoor dining...."

The f**king insanity couldn't be more maddening. Liberty Island is open, but not Lady Liberty. Sure is an accurate metaphor for the times. Government shut down liberty, someone page the Founding Fathers. Who cares if they were white and owned slaves? This is what they were most afraid of, and it is why Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of tyrants every 20 years or so. We have waited far too long and far too patient.

Also see: 

"..... In the city’s scaled-down Phase 4, botanical gardens and zoos can reopen at 33% capacity, production of movies and TV shows can proceed and professional sports such as baseball can be played without fans in the stands, Mayor Bill de Blasio said. Major League Baseball plans to start a shortened season this coming Thursday, with the defending World Series champion Washington Nationals hosting the New York Yankees, and the Los Angeles Dodgers welcoming the rival San Francisco Giants. The rest of the league joins the fray July 24. Meanwhile, the National Park Service announced that the grounds of Liberty Island would reopen to visitors Monday after being closed since March 16, but there’s no reopening date yet for Lady Liberty herself, the statue museum or nearby Ellis Island. Meanwhile, Cuomo announced a crackdown Thursday on bars and restaurants across the state, saying too many have been flouting mask-wearing and social distancing rules, especially downstate. Taverns and eateries can no longer allow walk-up bar service or serve alcohol to people who aren’t buying food, and any establishment cited three times with breaking the rules will be closed....." 

That mass-murdering, smug, tyrannical f**king asshole should be the first to get the guillotine.

He's now the very definition of a dictator, and f**k your f**king $ports, your ball team, and $ham reopening with limited capacities that Trump is crowing about.

Oh, $peaking of them(sic) devils:

“Adding Novavax’s candidate to Operation Warp Speed’s diverse portfolio of vaccines increases the odds that we will have a safe, effective vaccine as soon as the end of this year,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement.

Novavax, which began a Phase 1/2 trial on May 26, expects to use a two-dose regimen of its vaccine, with the doses given three weeks apart, though the company will generate data aimed at determining if a single dose might be protective.

[Quick aside: I'm watching Andy Griffith on TV because observing the ma$$ media is part of my job, and an HPV ad comes on using COVID and parent actors to push to get that cancer-causing poison injected into your little girls and boys. Readers, this evil that has risen in the form of a va¢¢ine is an abomination upon the entire Earth!]

“Data will determine all of those things and we don’t have those data yet. What we do have are data that show you get a very significant bump on the second dose,” Erck said. Information on the company’s website suggests that “significant bump” is an eightfold rise in neutralizing antibody titers — the type of antibodies thought to correlate with protection.

Studies showed that 100% of mice and non-human primates vaccinated developed an immune response after the first dose. “The question is whether that is sufficient for some level of protection, and I think we’ll try to determine that in these trials,” Erck said. The data are included in a paper that is currently available in preprint, meaning it hasn’t yet been through the peer review process.

Erck said data from the Phase 1 trial should be available by the end of July. Novavax plans to start a Phase 2 trial within a couple of weeks of getting the Phase 1 data, and hopes to launch a large Phase 3 trial, involving roughly 30,000, in the third quarter of the year.

Novavax’s vaccine approach is what’s known as a recombinant nanoparticle vaccine used in combination with a proprietary adjuvant, a compound that boosts the immune response. Synthesized pieces of the spike or surface protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, are grown in insect cells. The vaccine can be stored at between 4 C to 8 C — refrigerator temperature.

Novavax has not yet brought a vaccine through to licensure, and one of its attempts, a vaccine to protect against respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, failed to achieve its primary endpoint in a Phase 3 trial several years ago, but earlier this year it announced data from a successful Phase 3 trial for a seasonal flu vaccine.

Oh, they were a going concern that had yet to have a product like Moderna, the superhero of the moment?

The company has already received $388 million from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, or CEPI, which requires grantees that receive manufacturing support to give right of first refusal of vaccines to the Covax facility, an entity established by CEPI, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the World Health Organization to secure Covid-19 vaccines for non-producing countries.

The Globe conveniently omits the fact that CEPI, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the World Health Organization are all heavily funding by the ringma$ter of the evil plan, Bill F**king Gates!

Erck said a recently purchased production facility in the Czech Republic, which the company believes can produce 1 billion doses of vaccine a year, will meet Novavax’s CEPI commitment. The company also plans to produce vaccine in India and Asia. “I think that takes care of a lot of the issues around potential border closings, so that vaccine will be available for the globe,” he said.

There is your reality check, straight from the demon's mouth.



"Moderna calls disagreements with government over COVID-19 vaccine ‘productive dialogue'; Cambridge biotech says it has resolved differences over how to run large clinical trials" by Jonathan Saltzman Globe Staff, July 7, 2020

Moderna on Tuesday confirmed published reports of disagreements it had with government officials over how to run large-scale human trials of the company’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine, but a spokesman for the Cambridge biotech brushed aside the matter, calling the disputes “productive dialogue.“

The disagreements have included how closely Moderna should monitor trial participants who might contract COVID-19 for changes in oxygen levels that could indicate a dangerous complication, as well as Moderna’s initial request for a lower threshold for proving its vaccine works.


All of the disagreements were resolved, according to the company.

“There’s always healthy scientific exchange when you have these kinds of actions,” said Moderna spokesman Ray Jordan. “I call it productive dialogue.”

A spokeswoman for Operation Warp Speed, the multi-agency federal effort seeking to get a COVID-19 vaccine to the American public as quickly as possible, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Reuters reported early Tuesday that tensions had flared between government scientists and Moderna, which in March got the first potential coronavirus vaccine into an early-stage clinical trial.

Moderna is receiving up to $483 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, to accelerate development of the vaccine. The authority has given billions of dollars to four other drug makers working on their own COVID-19 vaccines.

Going to be a Black Winter.

Moderna, which has never produced an approved drug or vaccine, has squabbled with government scientists over its planned Phase 3 clinical trial, delayed delivering trial protocols, and resisted experts’ advice on how to run the study, three unidentified sources familiar with the vaccine project told Reuters.

Not a good sign if the government has safety concerns.

Those tensions have contributed to a delay of more than two weeks in launching the Phase 3 trial, said the sources. It is now expected to start in late July. Moderna “could be on schedule if they were more cooperative,” one of the sources told Reuters.

The company’s vaccine was first injected into the arms of 45 healthy volunteers on March 16 in Seattle in an early-stage trial, a mere 63 days after company scientists obtained the genetic sequence for the virus. Moderna’s candidate uses messenger RNA, genetic material that instructs cells to make proteins that provoke an immune response. Researchers have explored that scientific approach for several years, but it has yet to produce an approved vaccine.

The truth is they have not isolated the "virus" at all, the tests are bogus and false, and their trials went incredibly bad despite the positive pre$$.

Moderna had hoped to start a late-stage trial, involving 30,000 patients, in the first half of July, Jordan said, but it was moved to the second half of the month as the company worked out details with officials from federal agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. STAT first reported the trial delay on Thursday.

One of the disagreements concerned monitoring of trial participants for a serious potential symptom of COVID-19 ― decreased oxygen levels ― in the event that the vaccine caused the disease instead of triggering an immune response to the virus.

They are really firing at as from all sides here. A fake virus to initiate all this with the gruesome culling of low-hanging fruit, plus the 4G and 5G weakening of the immune system to the counter-productivity of ventilators to the actual shot ALL depriving us of OXYGEN!

Yes, I do fear that people will be dropping dead in the streets come this fall and winter. 

Federal scientists have insisted on close monitoring of volunteers in coronavirus vaccine trials, and rival companies have complied with the request as they plan their testing, but Moderna questioned the recommendation as a “hassle” that slowed development, one of the sources told Reuters.

Talk about biting the hand that feed$ you!

Yeah, YOUR HEALTH FATE from COVID is in their altrui$tic hands, so don’t roll up your sleeve yet.

Jordan told the Globe that Moderna “wanted to defer decisions about the intensity of monitoring to the qualified physician caring for the patient rather than to dictate,” but “ultimately the company agreed to increased monitoring while still leaving discretion to the physician caring for the patient.”

Moderna has also drawn scrutiny for recent stock trades by some of its executives.

Several, including chief executive Stephane Bancel and chief medical officer Tal Zaks, have made tens of millions of dollars this year by selling company shares that have tripled in value following news of the company’s progress in making a vaccine.

Moderna contends that many of those stock sales were arranged before it began working on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Is anyone looking into that? 

Any investigations for the rampant in$ider trading that dominates our $y$tem?



"Moderna Inc. has been named the next member of the Nasdaq-100, a tech-heavy index that’s home to some of the biggest outperformers this year, including Tesla Inc. and Zoom Video Communications Inc. Word of the index inclusion, set to happen before the market opens July 20, added fuel to the vaccine developer’s Monday rally. Moderna climbed as much as 19 percent to the highest intraday since May 20 before closing up nearly 16 percent. Thanks to market-beating gains from Internet giants like Inc. and Netflix Inc., the Nasdaq 100 broke into record territory early last month and has kept on going. Since March 20, the index of leading nonfinancial Nasdaq-listed stocks has climbed 58 percent, compared with a 40 percent gain in the broader S&P 500. Moderna has soared more than 150 percent as the company tests its potential vaccine for COVID-19. After starting the year with a market value of about $6.5 billion, Moderna now exceeds $28 billion."

That made them big news:

"A COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Cambridge biotech Moderna in a collaboration with the National Institutes of Health spurred immune responses in healthy subjects who received it, although it caused mild side effects in many of them, according to the first published data about the small, early-stage clinical trial. “No matter how you slice this, this is good news,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US government’s leading infectious disease specialist, told the Associated Press....."

That comes from a conflicted, evil, $elf-$erving pos who shined up their last turd trial for them. 

That man is not to the trusted, for he is nothing but Gates' henchman.

"The World Health Organization’s chief on Monday slammed some government leaders for eroding public trust by sending mixed messages on the coronavirus and warned that their failures to stop their countries’ spiraling outbreaks mean there would be no return to normal “for the foreseeable future.” WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus did not call out specific politicians for criticism but said “too many countries are headed in the wrong direction’’ with the pandemic and some were not taking the proper steps to curb infections. At the same time, Tedros acknowledged how difficult it was for governments to respond effectively, given the economic, social, and cultural consequences of imposing restrictions. “The virus remains public enemy No. 1, but the actions of many governments and people do not reflect this,” he said. The director general’s remarks to reporters in Geneva came a day after the WHO reported yet another worldwide record of more than 230,000 confirmed cases in 24 hours. Ten countries accounted for 80 percent of the daily tally reported Sunday, and more than half of the new confirmed cases came from the United States and Brazil alone."

He isn't going to cry again, is he?

"A thousand deaths a day. Since late May, three months after Brazil’s first reported case of the coronavirus, it has recorded more than 1,000 daily deaths on average in a gruesome plateau that has yet to tilt downward. On Thursday evening, the federal health ministry reported that the country had passed 2 million confirmed cases of virus infections and 76,000 deaths. Even as cases wane somewhat in the biggest and hardest-hit Brazilian cities, the virus is peaking in new locations across the largest country in Latin America. Specialists blame denial of the virus’s deadly potential by President Jair Bolsonaro and lack of national coordination combined with scattershot responses by city and state governments, with some reopening earlier than health specialists recommended. An interim health minister untrained in the field is presiding over pandemic response. Bolsonaro himself is sick with COVID-19 after repeatedly flouting social-distance recommendations and undermining local leaders’ restrictions on activity. Brazil’s roughly 7,000 COVID-19 deaths in each of the last seven weeks is equal to several airplanes packed with Brazilians crashing every day, former health minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta told the Associated Press. “People have become callous,” Mandetta said. “When you say, ‘Yesterday there were 1,300 deaths,’ people say, ‘OK, then it didn’t go up. It was 1,300 people the day before, too.’” Brazil’s nearly 2 million cases is second only to the United States."

They pre$$ must be getting desperate to allude to a certain September morning regarding COVID, and I'm f**king offended by it.

Beyond that, at lot more people die of a lot more things, yet the COVID $cam has shut down the entire world, and Bolsonaro got sick after visiting the US ambassador as we are told the Brazilians are craving the vaccine.



There is something in the air but we can't see it:

"Despite fears of EEE-carrying mosquitoes, aerial spraying poses greater danger, environmentalists say" by David Abel Globe Staff, July 7, 2020

As the state ramps up its response to what officials fear could be another dangerous summer for eastern equine encephalitis, environmental advocates are warning them to avoid relying on aerial spraying to reduce transmission of the deadly, mosquito-borne disease, an approach they say has proven to be ineffective and endangers public health.

Once again, the state overreacts to a minimal problem regarding cases and deaths, and it begs the question WHAT are they DUMPING ON US from ON HIGH?

In a complaint to be filed this week with the state’s inspector general, the environmental groups argue that state records from aerial spraying last year, when Massachusetts experienced its most deadly outbreak of EEE since the 1950s, suggest that the application of the pesticides had little impact, despite significant expense.

Using chemicals that the US Environmental Protection Agency has found to include “possible human carcinogens,” the state deployed helicopters and airplanes to douse more than 2 million acres over 26 days last year, when six of the 12 people who contracted EEE died.

That means it will GIVE US CANCER -- for a dozens cases and handful of deaths!

These are the same people who killed our economy and destroyed our lives so they can protect us from COVID while Gates, Bezos, et al, get rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

Wake up and SMELL the STINK, fellow citizens!

Let's eat 'em like ants would!!!!!

At a cost of more than $5 million, state officials estimate that the aerial spraying eliminated only about a third of the mosquitoes, according to state records. In half of those applications of the pesticide, known as Anvil 10+10, there was no evidence that it killed any of the targeted mosquitoes.

At least Dow or Dupont will get a nice, fat, reorder at taxpayer expense. 

That's why they are dumping it on us?

“The bottom line is we are indiscriminately spraying known poisons over millions of acres, and we don’t know the environmental costs,” said Kyla Bennett, a former EPA scientist who directs Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility in New England, an advocacy group that filed the complaint.

At a news conference in Plymouth on Tuesday, Governor Charlie Baker and other state officials noted that EEE outbreaks usually last for two to three years, raising concerns that the number of infections this year could reach that level again.

“If there’s a big outbreak, it can be a really big deal,” said Baker, who urged residents to protect themselves by using insect-repellent and wearing long pants and long sleeves, especially at dusk. “It’s very dangerous.”

That f**king mass-murdering criminal is a f**king broken record. 

Time to tar, feather, and toss that f**K! 

C'mon, Massachusetts!


Public health officials defended the state’s use of aerial spraying, which they said they’re likely to resume later this summer as more EEE-carrying mosquitoes are identified. State and local officials began spraying from trucks several weeks ago.


They either don't care if you have cancer, or view it as a marketing tactic to drum up business as well as helping cull the useless citizens who are non-essential.

F**king EVIL!

Before last year, the state applied the same pesticide, which has been used by other states, in three previous years. There were no human EEE cases reported in Massachusetts from 2014 to 2018.

“The administration continues to use all available tools to prevent EEE,” said Ann Scales, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Health. “Spraying is only one tool — and a rare one — the state uses when risk levels indicate an immediate threat to human life and health.”

You saw the numbers above, readers. 

You know she is crapping out of her $tate-government mouth!

In response to concerns that aerial spraying of the pesticides can be toxic to fish and other aquatic species, bees, and other insects, she said: “Every effort is taken to safely deploy aerial application only in those places and times when it can have an impact on that risk without harming insect and fish species.”


God damn you all to HELL!

State environmental officials said they don’t spray the pesticides over certain areas, such as organic farms, commercial fish hatcheries, and ponds and other sources of drinking water. They also monitor honeybee hives and other surface water for any presence of the pesticides.

“The Commonwealth employs licensed pesticide applicators to ensure the safety of operations, including the handling of the product and pesticide-licensed pilots that fly the aircrafts,” said Katie Gronendyke, a spokeswoman for the state Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Another state liar, and that's what they say. 

The stuff is airborne and there is wind. 

You figure it out, and stay indoors!

At the news conference, Baker said aerial spraying was needed in part because mosquitoes carrying EEE — which were historically limited to Southeastern Massachusetts — have increasingly been found in other parts of the state. Indeed, the first mosquitoes detected with the disease this year were found in Franklin County, the north-central part of the state.

Well, that really strikes home and absolutely sends me into a f**king tizzy!

Raining COVID down on us, or some worse bioweapon?

Just in time for the SECOND WAVE and SHUTDOWN, huh?

He also said the changing distribution of the disease, which scientists say could become more likely as a result of climate change, underscored the need for the Legislature to pass a controversial bill that would make it easier for the state to conduct aerial spraying and take other steps to combat EEE.

Oooooh! The CONCERN and URGENCY of the THREAT is -- ONCE AGAIN -- tied to a LAW that would NEVER PASS were it not for COVID!

Yeah, this AIN'T ABOUT A V-I-R-U-$ anymore!

Time to swarm!

“It’s important that we think a little more about this as a statewide issue,” Baker said, but environmental advocates, many of whom opposed earlier drafts of the bill, said the state should be far more cautious about spraying.

I can not wait to see that evil f**k in hell, where I will disembowel him and feast on his innards!

Not only are there better ways to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes, they said, but there’s little evidence to show that spraying reduces the likelihood of someone contracting the disease, which often kills half of those infected and leaves as many as 80 percent of survivors with permanent neurological damage.

Again, it's the whether the reaction to the problem is proportionate, and in this case, no way.

So WHAT is REALLY GOING on with the SPRAYING of my HOME?

Instead of spraying, the state should be doing more to remove dams, better manage stormwater, and protect species, such as eels, that feed on mosquitoes, said Pine duBois, executive director of the Jones River Watershed Association in Kingston.

“We cannot poison our way out of this,” said duBois, who signed the complaint. “[Aerial spraying] is a practice that serves only to make people think they are safe, but it’s a waste of precious dollars. Put the money in environmental restoration and infrastructure improvements, and really solve the problem.”

It's thus like a mask, and it's not a wa$te to the chemical manufacturer, is it?

I think cancer is worth it to boost their bottom lines and keep their industry alive, isn't it?

Sylvia Broude, executive director of Community Action Works, and others raised concerns about the use of such pesticides when COVID-19 remains rampant.

“In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we should do everything possible to avoid using pesticides that can harm immune function and cause respiratory problems,” Broude said. “We’d like to see the state invest strategically in safer, proven methods of mosquito prevention.”

There you go. Now they can diagnose a coronavirus surge with all the accompanying fear and tyranny.



I would just like to remind the reader that it isn't "conspiracy theorists" or "deniers" that have concerns here, it is damn EPA people!


West Nile virus detected in mosquitoes in Mass. for first time this year

West Nile virus found in Boston mosquitoes for first time in 2020

Yeah, sure.

Also see:

"To slow the spread of the coronavirus, governments issued lockdowns to keep people at home. They curtailed activities that affected services like trash collection. They tried to shield hospitals from a surge of patients, but the cascading effects of these restrictions also are hampering efforts to cope with seasonal outbreaks of dengue, an incurable, mosquito-borne disease that is also known as “breakbone fever’’ for its severely painful symptoms. Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Indonesia have dealt with concurrent outbreaks of dengue and coronavirus. In Brazil, where there are more than 1.6 million COVID-19 infections, at least 1.1 million cases of dengue have been reported, with nearly 400 deaths, according to the Pan American Health Organization. Dengue cases are likely to rise soon with the start of seasonal rains in Latin American countries like Cuba, Chile, and Costa Rica, as well as the South Asian countries of India and Pakistan. Dengue typically isn’t fatal, but severe cases may require hospitalization. Prevention efforts targeted at destroying mosquito-breeding sites, like removing trash or old tires and other objects containing standing water, are still the best ways to curb the spread of the disease, but coronavirus-era lockdowns and other restrictions have meant that these efforts have been reduced or stopped altogether in many countries."

Be careful playing in the fields:

"If this were any other year, Ella Chandler, 19, would be playing cricket almost every day, but in this pandemic year, these Britons can be found in fields across the country, doing something they probably would not have imagined a few months ago: working as farm laborers, picking berries, and pretty much enjoying it. “It’s been really fun, but it’s been tiring and hard work,” said Chandler, a professional cricket player for a team in New Zealand whose season was cut short. On a recent day, she said, she picked almost 556 pounds of strawberries. “It’s quite satisfying,” she said. Besides the chance to make some — though not a lot of — money, the pickers said, it was a good way to meet and talk to people while the country was on lockdown and prove to themselves they could do something unexpected....."

I thought that was job western workers didn't want to do, at least, that is what my pre$$ has implied.

Maybe this will make a splash with you:

Is that a great white shark’s fin?

Better stay out of the water then.

They did net one, but you should have seen the one that got away.

"The New England Aquarium will reopen to visitors on July 16 with increased hygiene protocols, social distancing measures, and a number of other safeguards amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the organization said Tuesday. In a statement, the aquarium said there will be timed and contactless ticket entry, mandatory face coverings for everyone over the age of 5, and occupancy initially capped at any given time at 15 percent capacity, or around 240 visitors plus staff. There’ll be “enhanced cleaning efforts” throughout the facility with a focus on high-traffic areas, the statement said, along with contactless entry and one-way guest flow, and the photo station and cafe will remain closed for now, and those aren’t the only aspects of the guest experience that’ll look a little different. Take, for example, the Shark and Ray Touch Tank, which for now will be a “view-only experience,” according to the statement. Plus the Edge of the Sea Touch Tank and Science of Sharks exhibits will be shuttered and live performances suspended for the time being, the aquarium said, adding that its Simons Theatre will stay closed initially. Tickets are available online or by calling the aquarium weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. “We are thrilled that the Commonwealth and the City of Boston have deemed it safe for us to welcome back the public to our institution, and we are grateful for their leadership and guidance,” said Vikki N. Spruill, president and chief executive of the aquarium, in the statement. “These have been a challenging few months for so many, and we have missed our visitors. During our reopening, we are focused on providing a responsible, safe and fun experience for all.” Spruill continued, “We have spent a great deal of time on our reopening strategy to ensure we are creating a safe environment to fulfill our mission and an experience that people will love being a part of.” The aquarium, located on the Boston Harbor waterfront, “is a catalyst for global change through public engagement, commitment to marine animal conservation, leadership in education, innovative scientific research, and effective advocacy for vital and vibrant oceans,” its website says."

They are giving us all a bath and dancing a jig over it.

Are you ready for Pandemic II?

"Chinese public health authorities are taking precautions to prevent a bubonic plague outbreak in a remote northern region after a herder contracted the disease, although experts say the risk is low given the limited number of cases so far and the availability of modern medicine. The health commission in Bayannur in Inner Mongolia raised its public health warning to its third-highest of four alert levels on Sunday and banned the hunting, skinning, and transportation of rodents that might carry the bacteria, known as Yersinia pestis. The municipal government raised its alert level by one notch to ‘‘standard plague outbreak alert,’’ which means humans have been infected. ‘‘There is a risk of a human plague epidemic spreading in this city,’’ Bayannur’s health commission said in a statement....."

Oh, that makes me feel better.

Expect more cases as the world is turned into a slum at the behest of globalists and their political puppets.

"..... Over the past year, China has reported five cases of the disease associated with some of the deadliest pandemics in human history. The plague caused the Black Death that devastated the population of medieval Europe and repeatedly afflicted Asia and more recently Africa, but it has largely been controlled since the mid-20th century. World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday that the plague case count in China was low and the agency did not consider it high risk, but it was monitoring the situation with partners in China and Mongolia. Officials at Inner Mongolia’s regional center for disease control have warned that the plague may have long been circulating locally and that there is risk of human-to-human transmission, according to a statement posted online by the regional government last month. 

They going to let it run rampant by downplaying it like they did COVID?

Under the new measures announced in Bayannur, which will remain in effect until 2021, suspected cases of plague among human patients or sick and dead marmots must be reported immediately. The city of Beijing also urged residents on Monday not to go camping in Inner Mongolia, a vast strip of scenic grassland and desert that urban dwellers often visit. 

Looks like Agenda 2030 to me! Country is off limits!

The precautions against the plague are a reminder of the public health challenges facing Chinese authorities even as the country emerges from COVID-19. Last week, Chinese state-affiliated researchers published a paper warning about a new type of swine flu discovered in pig farmers with the potential to cause a pandemic, causing yet another flurry of international concern. The plague, which researchers generally believe originated from the Asian steppes, killed tens or hundreds of millions of people in several deadly waves throughout history. One particularly deadly wave in the 14th century traveled along the Mongol Empire’s flourishing trading routes and killed one-third of the population in Europe. Today, the disease continues to circulate regularly in many parts of the world but usually does not spark major epidemics or public health crises. Madagascar suffered several notable outbreaks in recent years that killed hundreds. The United States averages about seven cases a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Officials in China say they had about 30 cases in the last decade. Carried by rats and fleas, plague is usually treatable with antibiotics in its ‘‘bubonic’’ form, which attacks lymph nodes and causes fevers and boils, but the disease can lead to quick death if the bacteria infect the respiratory system or bloodstream in rarer conditions known as pneumonic and septicemic plague. China’s National Health Commission said it found five plague diagnoses since last year; four patients came from Inner Mongolia and recovered normally while one man in Gansu province died. Chinese authorities have not released details about the causes or circumstances of the cases. In the adjacent country of Mongolia, farther north, two herders died last year after eating marmot meat and contracting the disease. Chen Zhengming, an epidemiologist and China program leader at Oxford University’s population health school, said the plague has long existed in Inner Mongolia and posed limited risk. ‘‘From time to time the sporadic outbreak does occur in remote areas and China, mainly through its C.D.C. systems, has good response systems and experience in containing them rapidly,’’ he said. 

My interpretation of this article is the plague is being used as a cover for something else. 

The plague case, which was covered widely by the media in Beijing this week, was not the only health scare to emerge in recent weeks in China. The central government — and some international experts — called for calm after Chinese researchers reported that a new variation of the H1N1 swine flu, called G4, has ‘‘the essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus’’ and has already been found in some pig farmers. The paper was published last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and written by a team of veterinary researchers and epidemiologists including George Gao, head of China’s Center for Disease Control. White House coronavirus adviser Anthony Fauci testified in the Senate that US officials were ‘‘keeping an eye’’ on the newly reported G4 virus, but said he did not consider it an immediate threat."

Not yet, anyway, but at least we know what is COMING AT US THIS FALL!


"At least 163 potential vaccines have been developed for COVID-19, including about two dozen now in clinical trials, according to the World Health Organization. When one will be approved, however, remains uncertain. Now, a number of drug companies are trying another approach: bioengineered antibodies that could be injected into people to give them temporary immunity and serve as a bridge to a longer-lasting vaccineTillman Gerngross, a Dartmouth College bioengineering professor who is chief executive and cofounder of Adagio and its parent company, Adimab, said he believes that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, won’t be the last coronavirus to leap from animals to humans. “You can sit here now and take the position that this is never going to happen again,” said Gerngross. “We take the opposite position. It is going to emerge again.”

I think you can bet on it, even if it is as non-existent as COVID, and what do you mean it will only provide TEMPORARY IMMUNITY?!

"In the global race to make a virus vaccine, a state-owned Chinese company is boasting that its employees, including top executives, received experimental shots even before the government approved testing in people. “Giving a helping hand in forging the sword of victory,” reads an online post from SinoPharm with pictures of workers it says helped “pre-test” its vaccine. Whether it’s viewed as heroic sacrifice or a violation of international ethical norms, the claim underscores the enormous stakes as China competes with US and British companies to be the first with a vaccine — a feat that would be both a scientific and political triumph. China has positioned itself to be a strong contender. Eight of the nearly two dozen potential vaccines in various stages of human testing worldwide are from China, the most of any country, and SinoPharm and another Chinese company already have announced they’re entering final testing."

That why Moderna thought the government was "hassling" them?

How to stop them outside of a war, huh -- even though all world governments are on board with this evil and psychopathic agenda.

"China will impose unspecified sanctions on defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. after the United States approved a possible $620 million deal to supply missile parts to Taiwan, the latest in a series of punitive actions by the superpowers as relations grow colder. The move comes as tensions grow between the United States and China on a number of fronts, from the trade war and territorial claims in the South China Sea to the coronavirus pandemic and new security law Beijing imposed on Hong Kong. Zhao called on the United States to cut military ties with Taiwan — which China considers part of its territory — to avoid “further harm to bilateral relations.”

The Chinese backed down soon after:

"China isn’t seeking to confront or replace the United States as the world’s top technological power, but will fight back against “malicious slander’’ and attacks from Washington, a foreign ministry spokesperson said Friday, responding to recent accusations from the Trump administration. Hua Chunying said China’s chief concern is improving the livelihoods of its citizens and maintaining global peace and stability, despite what critics say is an increasingly aggressive foreign policy that looks to expand Chinese influence in the military, technology, economic, and other spheres. “As an independent sovereign state, China has the right to safeguard its own sovereignty, security, and development interests, to defend the achievements made by the Chinese people with hard work, to refuse any bullying and injustice against China, and to fight back against malicious slander and attacks by the US against China,’’ Hua said at a briefing. Her comments came in response to a speech Thursday by Attorney General William Barr in which he cautioned American business leaders against promoting policies favorable to Beijing. He asserted that China at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic had not only dominated the market for protective gear, exposing American dependence on Beijing, but had also hoarded supplies and blocked producers from exporting them to countries in need. Barr also accused hackers linked to the Chinese government of targeting American universities and businesses to steal research related to coronavirus vaccine development, leveling the allegation against Beijing hours after Western agencies made similar claims against Russia. Hua dismissed Barr’s accusations of cybertheft related to vaccine development as “absurd.’’

It is. They are all working on their own, and for good reason. 

Would you trust a western pharmaceutical?

Also see:

In Hong Kong, a proxy battle over Internet freedom begins

I'm more worried about my own, NYT scum!

"Britain announced Tuesday that it would ban equipment from the Chinese technology giant Huawei from the country’s high-speed wireless network, a victory for the Trump administration that escalates the battle between Western powers and China over critical technology. The move reverses a decision in January, when Britain said Huawei equipment could be used in its new 5G network on a limited basis. Since then, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced growing political pressure domestically to take a harder line against Beijing, and in May the United States imposed new restrictions to disrupt Huawei’s access to important components. Britain’s about-face signals a new willingness among Western countries to confront China, a determination that has grown firmer since Beijing last month adopted a new law to tighten its grip on Hong Kong, the semiautonomous city that was a British colony until 1997. Huawei’s critics say its close ties to the Chinese government mean Beijing could use the equipment for espionage or to disrupt telecommunications — a point the company, the world’s largest maker of telecommunications equipment, strongly disputes. Huawei described the announcement Tuesday as a disappointment and “bad news for anyone in the UK with a mobile phone.” The dispute over Huawei is an early front in a new tech cold war, with ramifications for Internet freedom and surveillance, as well as emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics....."

That is your Brave New Technological Dystopia, and here are the termites infecting it:

"Russian hackers trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research, intelligence agencies say" by Julian E. Barnes New York Times, July 16, 2020

WASHINGTON — Russian hackers, opening a dangerous new front in intelligence battles, are attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine research, the US, British, and Canadian governments said Thursday.


Started with the Skripals and election interference, and now this inane absurdity coming from the New York Times. 

What a pos paper!

I imagine this will disappear as fast as the Russian bounty story regarding Afghanistan, so don't expect any big changes ahead of expected talks with Kabul.

The National Security Agency said that a hacking group implicated in the break-ins into Democratic Party servers in 2016 has been trying to steal intelligence on vaccines from health care organizations.

That's a complete lie. The information in the servers was leaked by a disgruntled insider who is now dead, and you can't trust the fingerprints. This a frame job to create enemies and distract from domestic tyranny.

The group, known as both APT29 and Cozy Bear and associated with Russian intelligence, has sought to exploit the chaos created by the coronavirus pandemic, officials said.

The Russians are not alone in trying to steal vaccine information from the United States and other countries. The US government has previously warned about efforts by China and Iran to steal vaccine research.

Of course. That's the triumvirate there!

Well, my government can f**k off on this one.

There was probably little immediate damage to global public health, said Mike Chapple, an associate professor who teaches cybersecurity at the University of Notre Dame and a former National Security Agency computer scientist.

“The potential harm here is limited to commercial harm, to companies that are devoting a lot of their own resources into developing a vaccine in hopes it will be financially rewarding down the road,” he said.

Cozy Bear is one of the highest-profile, and most successful, hacking groups associated with the Russian government. It was blamed alongside the group Fancy Bear in the 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

When they keep repeating and repeating lies, what is one to do?

Btw, how can the Russians be such a threat when they are so damn sloppy, huh?

While the ties between Cozy Bear and Russian spy services are not always clear, the National Security Agency called Cozy Bear a Russian intelligence group Thursday, and the British government said that the hackers are almost certainly part of the Russian intelligence services.


MORE CRAP from the unholy and evil New York Slimes!

The US government did not say how much vaccine information the Russian group has stolen, or what damage to research efforts the hacking may have caused.

Some officials suggested the attacks have not been hugely successful but are widespread enough to warrant a coordinated international warning.


The three governments’ cyberdefense arms published advisories aimed at helping health care organizations bolster their computer network defense.

Ah, the $elf-$erving $oftware companies must be called (that's what the vaccine is supposed to be, and endless update from Bill Gates. He sees us as software, folks! EVIL!).

The National Security Agency and the British cybersecurity center declined to identify victims of the hacks, although academic organizations and labs doing vaccine research appear have been their focus.

The malware used by Cozy Bear to steal the vaccine research included code known as “WellMess” and “WellMail.”

The Russian group has not previously used that malware, according to British officials, but US officials said they were confident in attributing the attacks to the Russian hacking group. US officials declined to comment on the precise intent of the Cozy Bear hack.

Translation: THIS IS SHIT!!!!!!!!!

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for President Vladimir Putin of Russia, said Thursday Russia has no knowledge of or involvement in attempts by hackers to steal coronavirus vaccine research in the United Kingdom.....

Why would they even f**King bother?


Also see:

"The British luxury retailer Burberry plans to cut up to 500 jobs worldwide as it continues to grapple with the impact of the coronavirus on its business....."

"The British newspaper The Guardian said on Wednesday it would cut 12 percent of its workforce, about 180 jobs, as it faces a shortfall of 25 million pounds ($31.5 million) caused by the economic impact of the pandemic. About 70 jobs will be lost in the newsroom, with the other cuts in departments such as advertising, marketing, live events, and its job-search platform. The Guardian, Britain’s main left-leaning newspaper, had already delayed a companywide pay rise, furloughed about 100 employees and cut other expenses relating to marketing and travel, but the decline in advertising and sales of its print newspaper have created an “unsustainable financial outlook” for the media company. It’s a quick turn of fate for the paper, which recorded a profit in the 2018-19 financial year, the first one in decades, because of the success of its subscription program."

All Russia or China's fault, I'm sure.

"Stadiums and concert venues in England may reopen in the fall, but nightclubs will remain closed. All schools will welcome students by September, but wedding receptions will be limited to 30 people, and while pubs and restaurants reopened in England earlier this month, the local authorities will be granted new powers to close them when coronavirus cases flare. As Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain laid out a road map Friday to simultaneously ease lockdown restrictions and to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the coming months, the steps toward reopening came with a clear warning: There will not be a “significant return to normality” until November at the earliest, and “possibly in time for Christmas.” Britain has suffered more than any other European country from the pandemic, with more than 45,000 dead and nearly 300,000 infected, although it has succeeded in significantly reducing the number of casualties after they rose sharply in April and into May. Still, the lockdown has delivered a brutal jolt to businesses large and small, with at least 650,000 jobs lost in the first months of the pandemic, and the country expected to register its largest decline in annual GDP in 300 years. Now, as the country braces for a second wave of coronavirus infections, Johnson is walking something of a tightrope as he tries to restart the economy — people will no longer be encouraged to work from home starting next month — while also ensuring that the county’s health service is not overwhelmed. “I know some will say this plan is too optimistic, that the risks are too great and that we won’t overcome the virus in time,” Johnson said at a news conference from Downing Street. Britain should “hope for the best,” he added, but “plan for the worst.” The changes he announced Friday apply only to England, as Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have broad latitude to set their own guidelines in response to the pandemic. In discussing what will, and what won’t, be possible in the coming weeks and months, Johnson made clear that until a vaccine was widely available and there are no upticks of new cases, Britons should be prepared to bounce back and forth between eased restrictions and new shutdowns. “The timetable I am about to set out is conditional,” Johnson said. “It is contingent on every one of us staying alert and acting responsibly.” Any changes in the future, however, are likely to be localized, Johnson said, as England moves from “blanket, national measures,” to “targeted” action. The local authorities will be granted extended powers to cancel events or close public spaces if they face outbreaks, as was the case with Leicester, 100 miles north of London, where a second lockdown was imposed."

One from which we will never be coming out of, as British scientist have already admitted the virus has weakened and mutated to the point where a vaccine is impossible -- yet BoJo still wants to jab you.

Was he a passenger on Epstein's plane?

Won't even be able to flee to Canada this time:

"The United States and Canada are poised to extend their agreement to keep their shared border closed to nonessential travel for another 30 days, but a final confirmation has not been given, a person familiar with the matter said Tuesday. The official was not authorized to speak publicly ahead of an announcement this week, and spoke on condition of anonymity. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that a decision on the border would be announced later this week. The restrictions were announced on March 18 and extended in April, May, and June. Most Canadians fear a reopening, as their country has flattened the epidemic curve. Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said on Friday that an opening between the United States and Mexico “wouldn’t be prudent right now,” given that coronavirus cases in “the states of the southern United States, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, are on the rise.”

That made me laugh because I do not get that sense at all from the sources that come from Canada!


Ready to be experimented upon?

"Scores of academics call for ‘human challenge’ trials of coronavirus vaccine" by Martin Finucane Globe Staff, July 16, 2020

Scores of academics and prominent figures, including several Nobel laureates from Massachusetts, have signed an open letter calling for consideration of human challenge trials of coronavirus vaccines, saying such trials might be able to speed up development of the shots desperately needed to stop the pandemic.

Now it is SHOTS?

The letter, addressed to National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, urged the US government, its allies, the World Health Organization, and international funders “to undertake immediate preparations for human challenge trials” that “can greatly accelerate the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.”

In a human challenge trial, a small number of people would get the vaccine and then be intentionally infected with the virus to see if the vaccine works. In a normal clinical trial, thousands of people get the vaccine and researchers wait to see if the vaccine protects them as they go about their daily lives.

“I think we need to prepare for human challenge trials and for the possibility that we will need to do them,” said Marc Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and director of its Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics. “We should be preparing the plans, the protocols, the virus strains, the facilities, and other prerequisites to do them.”

You sick, evil bastard!

Tens of thousands of people have already indicated their interest, by offering to participate on a website. The idea also caught the eye of Congress earlier this year. Thirty-five House members, including Massachusetts Representatives Stephen Lynch and Seth Moulton, signed a letter in April asking regulators to consider using such trials.

Moulton, a Salem Democrat, said in a statement Thursday night that “tightening the timeline by even a week means thousands of lives saved.”

“We need to act as aggressively as possible to find a vaccine or treatment for this virus,” Moulton continued.

You know what? 

Those who signed the letter and the piece of shit Moulton here, YOU BE THE SUBJECTS!


Btw, there already are effective treatments ranging from vitamin C to HCQ, but the Big Pharma pre$$ suppresses and ridicules those remedies while promoting costly poisons as cures!

The potential for severe illness, or even death, of the subjects in the human challenge trial raises serious ethical questions. There is no cure for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, but some researchers believe there is a way to conduct the trials, with one key safeguard being the use of young, healthy volunteers who are less likely to be harmed by the virus.

Not with some it doesn't!

“If done properly, live Coronavirus human challenge trials can be an important way to accelerate vaccine development and, ideally, to save the lives of millions around the world as well as help rescue global economies,” the letter said.

The letter, which was posted to the Internet Wednesday, has 125 signers including experts in everything from epidemiology to philosophy and law.

What, $elf-$erving $cienti$ts who are bought and paid for to peddle propaganda?

A number of Massachusetts academics are on the list. Nobel Prize winners from Harvard, the University of Massachusetts, and Brandeis were among 15 laureates who signed the letter.

Is that supposed to impress me, because it is doing nothing but raising alarm at the evil behind all this.

The signatures were rounded up by 1Day Sooner, an organization that has signed up more than 30,000 volunteers from 140 countries for human challenge trials, said cofounder and executive director Josh Morrison. More than 2,000 of the study volunteers signed the open letter.

Damn fools! 

They must need the $$$.

Lipsitch, who signed the letter and has been an informal adviser to 1Day Sooner, was a coauthor of an influential article in The Journal of Infectious Diseases earlier this year proposing human vaccine trials that, Morrison said, inspired the formation of 1Day Sooner.

Like I said, all $elf-$erving cretins.

Lipsitch said the number of volunteers who have stepped forward says “there are a lot of people out there in the world who feel that it’s worth taking some risk to help humanity by helping develop a vaccine faster. I think we have to be very sober about it,” he said. “This is a serious undertaking, like joining the military or signing up for a dangerous mission, if you’re in some profession that has dangerous missions, or deciding to go climb Mount Everest.”

Yeah, the vaccine could in fact KILL YOU! 

This as the DEATH RATE from the mythical COVID drops through the floor. 

It's a 99.74 survival rate, folks!


Noting that the World Health Organization has issued guidance for ethically conducting human challenge trials, the letter laid out a list of protections that “should be clearly in place” for such studies.

Oh, now I feel better!

Skeptics of the idea include Jeffrey Kahn, director of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, who said he’s doubtful that a human challenge trial for coronavirus could be conducted while satisfying all the ethical obligations.

Too much remains unknown about the long-term health consequences of the virus for researchers to provide volunteers with full information about the potential risks of infection, Kahn said.

“Voluntary agreement isn’t enough for recruiting people into research,” he said in an e-mail to the Globe. “For me there’s too much uncertainty, making this premature and problematic.”

They are going to plow ahead at Warp Speed anyway!

Kahn added that isolating study participants would add further stress to heavily burdened medical systems, and said a challenge trial doesn’t guarantee that a vaccine will be available sooner.

“It will take months, maybe many months, for a challenge strain to be developed, assessed, and eventually approved by regulators,” he said.

Maybe NEVER!

Some, including members of the WHO advisory panel that developed the guidelines, have also raised other questions, including whether a vaccine that prevents the coronavirus in young, healthy people would work in older or high-risk people and whether such trials would really speed vaccine development, The New York Times reported. Questions have also been raised about whether a small challenge study would miss rare side effects that would become a problem when the vaccine is given to billions of people.

You know what? 


I would RATHER DIE than be injected with their POISON!

Morrison said it’s possible that human challenge trials could save months in the development of a vaccine for the virus, which has killed more than 588,000 people around the world, including more than 138,000 in the United States.

F**k you and your f**King jiggered numbers.

He said a human challenge trial for a vaccine could potentially be set up by the end of the year, and the answer to whether the potential vaccine worked would be available in “about a month,” but he also noted that some current regular clinical trials, such as those by researchers at Cambridge-based Moderna Therapeutics and Oxford University, could come up with results sooner.

Moderna is poised to enter the final stage of testing on July 27. It will enroll up to 30,000 adults at high risk of contracting the coronavirus, giving half of them a placebo and half the vaccine. Oxford is also already conducting final tests of its vaccine.

Problems can arise for a regular clinical trial if the amount of infected people in the population drops so low that vaccinated people in the trial’s final stage don’t have much chance of running into people who will infect them. That situation does not apply currently in the United States, where cases are surging in many states, but if it did at some point in the future, human challenge trials could step in, Lipsitch said.




Once the first vaccines have been approved, human challenge trials could be used to test new vaccines that might be better or to probe further into the details of how approved vaccines actually work, he said.

“I think it’s something that should be developed because we don’t know how long the pandemic will be raging,” he said. “It’s a tool we might need.”

Yeah, LIFE is going to be ONE LONG EXPERIMENT with ENDLESS VACCINATIONS so SICK, GENOCIDAL PSYCHOPATHS can construct their technological tyranny and medical dystopia and GET RICH!

Thanks for COLLABORATING, Globe, and helping them push their agenda.


The Globe is worried that politics could endanger the COVID-19 va¢¢ine and is urging citizens to get involved!


i stepped out to the supermarket for a few things and what did I find?

Lo and behold, they closed one entrance and are now limiting the number of customers in the store, and how is funneling us all together to go in and out helping us keep distance?

We are supposed to be in Phase 3 and loosening up, so why in the hell is the noose getting tighter? Reopening my ass!

What a f**king $cam this all is, and other than a handful of people (old guy with mask untied on one end because he needed to breath, bravo; older woman with mask on neck, applause) most are sheeple. 

It's sad, and I feel I shall soon be sealed off from everything.