Crimes of Empire 
“We need to try to understand the extraordinary evolution this phenomenon has gone through that…when it first started it was, the deaths were real but the story was bogus and in around about 2012 we had this amazing transformation whereby actors could apparently do it without needing real–you know- you’ve got ketchup all over the place instead of real blood and that was a real change I think.” -Dr. Nick Kollerstrom on the Kevin Barrett radio show, January 2016.
Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.53.10 PM
Drill casualties: spot the difference. (Source)

Cribgeworthy shot of faux bomb victim in Brussels. Logically fake victims can mean only one thing-no real attack has happened.
A drill of a subway bombing took place three weeks before the 3/22 Brussels attacks. Drill casualties have better wounds! (Source)

This classic shot sums up the farcical nature of what we are currently expected to believe. Fake wounded victim writhes randomly and laughably as people walk past ignoring the ridiculous spectacle. This is definitely not the aftermath of an attack.

On a satanic holiday a grand deception.

Since the year 2012 almost all of the supposed terror attacks in Western nations are confirmed and proven hoax events. This is the new model. The early indications are that the Brussels attacks were of the same genre. Fiction. Joining the entire wave of Euroterror that has taken place over the past 14 months at Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher Delicatessen, in Copenhagen, in Paris on Black Friday and in the genuinely hilarious French train psyop.

Gladio was the cold war synthetic terror/ strategy of tension, Gladio B as coined by Sibel Edmonds was similar to the original but with Muslims replacing communists as the enemy.

Gladio C is very similar to Gladio B but instead of false flag terror attacks such as 911, Bali and London 7/7 the events are entirely staged. These are drills that are enacted, filmed and sold to the public as authentic terror attacks.

Whether or not it is tactically intelligent to make the hoax argument when people are likely to be more receptive to a false flag narrative is a completely separate issue. The false flag attack narrative is no longer the truth when it comes to modern psyops and those who cling to the false flag narrative and pretend that these events are real, are not telling the truth.

It can be rather tricky positively proving that these events were feigned, faux and fraudulent and from a tactical point of view it may well be unwise to attempt to convince everyday people of this as the truth is so far beyond the reality they occupy that this hypothesis may only alienate them and cause them to see you as insane.

Nonetheless, the truth does matter; it is important even when to all intents and purposes the event might as well have taken place. The response to these things is such that it might as well have happened. Those who have swallowed the “terror” narrative and felt the real emotions that this narrative caused them to feel will never believe the whole thing was a fraud, but none of this changes the fact that this is the case.

It is astonishing the way so many intelligent people will respond like automatons whenever something like this happens. The whole political/media gang play their roles mindlessly like wind up robots with their pathetic attempts to blame their political opponents for the faux tragedy.
Everything that people are saying about this event, that is predicated upon the authenticity of the attack is nonsense.

ISIS Claims attacks were revenge for Belgium’s mighty 6 plane anti ISIS campaign that ended last July!

One of the more amusing things about the Brussles attack was the attempt to create a motive where none exists. Thus when “ISIS” made their claim of responsibility via a social media account that could be run by absolutely anyone,the group tried to say that the attack was in revenge for Belgium’s participation in fighting the “brothers” in Iraq as part of the “International Coalition”.

There are two funny things there, one being that Belgium ceased its involvement in Iraq last July having stationed six F16 jets in Jordan for less than a year, the other being that even when they were purportedly coalition members they did absolutely nothing, like most of the members of the US led coalition who generally make one or two attacks for PR purposes and then disappear into oblivion.

Belgium’s Exit From Anti-ISIL Coalition’s Bombing Campaign in Syria and Iraq | Global Research

The British and French campaigns are perfect cases in point, a big political noise followed by one or two “pageant” attacks and then nothing.

2009 photo of the section of Zavantem airport where the incident of March 22nd took place.


Given that the attack took place only days ago the evidence is still to be developed but it can be stated with confidence that the Brussels airport attack was not an authentic event based upon the footage that has been released.

There are several videos that purport to show the immediate aftermath of the Brussels attack. There are two major anomalies in these videos that immediately strike the critical viewer. There are no bodies inside the terminal that has supposedly just been attacked, nor any wounded. Some people, appear to be wounded as you watch the start of the video but as you watch they get up and walk away, dazed at worst.

Mayhem in Brussels airport: Immediate aftermath of Zaventem bombings

The absence of wounded and dead people at the scene of the event is a core problem. When you add to that the many videos of the outside of the building at approximately the same time that also show no people with any significant wounds, it becomes pretty clear what has happened, although the authors of the Brussels psyop deserve a lot of credit for the innovation of apparently bombing the empty building before moving in the cast to conduct the psyop.

This is a clunky hypothesis but does seem to be the best explanation for the fact that the building has been damaged yet there are no victims of any veracity to be seen.

Fake Wounded People Mean the Event Cannot Possibly be an authentic attack

A tremendous effort has been made with the Brussels operation, and in the days since the event a massive amount of evidence of an “ISIS terror attack” in Brussels has been amassed by the establishment media in an attemtp to sear the Brussels narrative into the mind of the credulous audience. Some of it is superficially convincing such as the much used photo below, but even here critical scrutiny makes it clear that these are fake victims. We are told that the lady in the yellow top and black bra had her clothes blown off by the force of the blast yet she has not suffered any cuts, abrasions or other injuries to these areas. This is not credible and neither is the woman with the paint blood n her hands blithely talking on the phone beside her. Look at the woman on the phone’s face. Does she look like someone who has recently been witness even to a traumatic incident? Or does she appear to be having another mundane run of the mill day?

Survivors of the airport attack in the aftermath.
Has this woman been even in the same city as an actual terror attack? Of course not.
Here is an empty stretcher, with a little blood smeared for verisimilitude. A tactical that was also used in Sydney.
Here we have the same steetcher, the empty stretcher PIXELATED to avoid the poor viewer being upset by the fact that they are looking at an empty stretcher with some blood spattered upon it. This hilarious, dirty little tactic was very prominent with the Charlie Hebdo hoax when people were told they could not look at the fake shooting of the policeman in the street because it was too graphic. It actually showed the entire event was a fraud 100%. A pixelated empty stretcher is a strong marker of a faux event.
Empty stretcher with a portion of fake blood at the Sydney siege, December 2014.
Trouser bombs strike again
A classic reprise of the trouser bomb first experienced in Boston in Brussels.

Props mismatch idicates the truth. The clothes are shredded by shrapnel that failed to break the skin. This is impossible. This is costume shredding.