Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Devil's Food For Lunch

I know it's a little early, but....

"Documentaries battle for market share" by James Sullivan Globe correspondent  March 18, 2016

Both groups saw the Demoulas feud as inherently cinematic, with a fractured family fighting over a $4 billion, 75-store regional chain that’s beloved as a community fixture. When “Artie T.,” as he was known throughout the company, was pushed out, employees and customers demanded his reinstatement. He was, they said, an old-school boss who keeps prices low, takes care of his staff, and never forgets a face. Appearance-wise, Arthur S.’s corporate look didn’t contrast well.

The truth of the Market Basket saga is more complicated. In the 1990s Artie T. and his father, Telemachus “Mike” Demoulas, lost multiple lawsuits to Arthur S. and his siblings, who claimed they were defrauded of their shares after the death of their own father, Mike’s brother, George Demoulas.

“There are no angels” in the Market Basket story.....

The devils, you say?


I picked up some ham and cake.

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