Friday, December 31, 2010

Globe Going South

Just like their circulation.


Va. man pleads guilty to terror charges 

FBI says military-related shootings linked

Shooting at Coast Guard office in Va. similar to four other recent incidents 

Va. sturgeon may be key to fish’s recovery

Va. Tech could face fine in shootings

Third suicide at William and Mary illustrates challenge of prevention

Granddaughter allegedly thrown to her death

Man accused of D.C. threat to be evaluated

Also see: DC Metro

Time to get off this train.

North Carolina

N.C. murder suspect arrested in N.Y.

Judge orders N.C. school to admit girl with nose piercing

Missing N.C. girl not seen in weeks, police say

Case of missing N.C. girl called homicide 

Police match remains with girl’s DNA

Life for man accused in scaring death 

N.C. city wages battle to restore Christian flag to war memorial

Authorities worked to contain two buffalo yesterday that had been roaming the streets of flooded Windsor, N.C.
Authorities worked to contain two buffalo yesterday that had been roaming the streets of flooded Windsor, N.C. (Jim R. Bounds/ Associated Press)."

Looks like I'm stuck with the buffalo. Watch where you step.

South Carolina

S.C. governor still seeing lover, ex-wife says

South Carolina governor uncertain about plans

Confederate flag roils S.C. neighborhood

Man, 78, accused of threat to kill Obama

South Carolina secession gala is target of protest

Secession gala evokes pride and anger in South Carolina   

Ever get the feeling that the divisive, supremacist, elitist, regionally-prejudiced Globe is pushing a certain agenda about a certain group of people? 

Also see: South Carolina's Saving Grace 

Yeah, can we put the selective manipulation and distorted prism of the past behind us for once, Globe?

Mass. sex offender arrested in S.C.

They caught one of our perverts?  Did they even get a thank you?

Back to the mind mold:


Georgia office to remove paintings of slaves

Apologies sought for Jim Crow-era rapes 

So when is the AmeriKan military going to start apologizing?

Court considers forcing suspect’s medication 

Isn't that a form of rape?  

US judge accused of buying drugs, sex

Judge pleads guilty to 2 drug charges

Huge haul of meth seized in Georgia

Ga. school district wins $1m top prize

Atlanta zoo’s panda pregnant

Pastor vows to fight accusations of sexual misconduct

Pastor, 3 others die in church van crash

I guess that's the end of the sermon. God called him home.


"Ala. children tortured, warrants say" by Associated Press / December 10, 2010

An Alabama man charged with murdering his two young children allowed their stepmother to torture them by binding the little girl and boy with duct tape, stuffing one in a suitcase, and forcing the other to stand in a corner all night, according to arrest warrants.

Too bad he didn't work for the state. Then there would be no charges and he would be absolved.

John DeBlase, 27, is charged with two counts of murder, child abuse, and corpse abuse. Scattered bones and a skull found in the woods of rural Mississippi on Wednesday are believed to be the remains of his 3-year-old son, Chase. Authorities are still searching for the remains of his 5-year-old daughter, Natalie.


Related: Woman to be extradited in child deaths

Also see:

Father of missing Ala. youths charged with murder

Ex-trooper pleads guilty in civil rights killing

Man’s extradition to Ala. held up over death penalty

State senators indicted in Ala. bingo plot

I think I just hit it because I'm moving on to.... 


Kidnapping case draws attention to lack of database of deceased

Man declared dead in ’94 is alive, held in slaying

Miss. man dies weeks after exoneration

Miss. governor will free convict if she donates kidney to sister 

WTF?  He a front man for the organ-running ring?


Fire in abandoned La. building kills eight 

Chinese drywall maker to repair 300 homes

Officer called looters animals, witness says  

Nothing like a good whiff of state fascism wherever it is found, 'eh?  


Ark. school official accused of antigay posting

Evangelist’s sex-crimes verdict upheld

Sandy Buchanan (left) and Dana Richardson waved to the bus carrying the jury yesterday after evangelist Tony Alamo’s conviction on 10 accounts of sex abuse in Texarkana, Ark.
Sandy Buchanan (left) and Dana Richardson waved to the bus carrying the jury yesterday after evangelist Tony Alamo’s conviction on 10 accounts of sex abuse in Texarkana, Ark. (Evan Lewis/Texarkana Gazette via Associated Press)

"Shouts of “Bye, bye, Bernie’’ - Alamo was born Bernie Lazar Hoffman - came from a crowd gathered on the Arkansas side of the courthouse, which straddles the Texas-Arkansas border."

Let's cross over then:


Texas priest charged with seeking hit man to kill teen who accused him of abuse

DNA test casts doubt on guilt of Texas man executed 10 years ago for 1989 murder

Gunman at University of Texas fires shots, kills self; no one else injured

Body found on Texas ranch is that of former governor’s son

Polygamist sect leader arraigned in Texas on sex charges 

Texas panel votes to limit references to Islam

Bighorn sheep get new Texas home

In Texas, peyote dealers struggle with dwindling supply

I've been knocked out by too many Boston Globes.


Ignored Tenn. fire fuels debate nationwide 

Rescued miner headed to Graceland

Man convicted of murdering 6 in Memphis

Manhunt underway after 2 postal workers slain in Tennessee

Smoke forces AirTran jet to divert to Memphis 

Maybe the Globe can help 'em shovel out of the snow.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Surprise in San Francisco

JIT for dinner:

San Francisco bans fast-food toys

Would someone please quiet that crying child back there? 


Transgender workers thrive at San Francisco thrift store

Pilot stirs uproar with airport-security videos 

No surprises there, either.  

Sig heil, San Fran.

Blogging Delayed....

Is blogging denied, dear readers. My apologies. 

As DeLay trial opens, court tries to keep politics off jury

DeLay swapped funds illegally, jurors told

DeLay portrayed as leader in PAC

Prosecutors in Texas rest case vs. DeLay

DeLay’s fate in hands of Texas jury

DeLay convicted of political money laundering  

Careful, readers.  Don't use your five freebies from the BG all at once.

Charlie Rangel Censored

He is here anyway.

Rangel walks out as House ethics trial begins (By Paul Kane, Washington Post)

My unread printed paper article was AP so.... 

Rangel found guilty of ethics violations (By David Kocieniewski, New York Times) 

Yeah, my unread printed paper carried that article; however, it is a NYT's piece and I no longer like reading NYT ever. 

House ethics panel seeks censure for Rangel (By William Branigin, Washington Post) 

NYT, WaPo, what's the difference? Hot poop A vs. cold crap B?  

Rangel attempts to avoid censure 

House votes to censure Rangel (By Paul Kane and David A. Fahrenthold, Washington Post)

Despite censure, Rangel still defiant

Related: Rangel Removed From House Chair

Yeah, now he has to sit in the back row. Some punishment.

Charlie Rangel's Farewell Party 

Apparently not thanks to the pathetic voting public.

Also see: Rangel Legislation: Mandatory Military Service For ALL Americans 18-42 yrs old


"House trial linked to OneUnited postponed" by Beth Healy and Donovan Slack, Globe Staff / November 20, 2010

The House ethics committee yesterday said new evidence prompted it to postpone the trial of Representative Maxine Waters, who is facing charges that she improperly helped Boston-based OneUnited Bank seek federal bailout funds in 2008 while her husband was a stockholder of the bank....  

It doesn't matter what color or gender they come. Scratch a politician and they all bleed scum.

According to the Associated Press, the material was an e-mail between Waters’s chief of staff and grandson, Mikael Moore, and staff of the House Financial Services Committee. AP reported it had obtained a copy of the e-mail, which indicated Waters remained involved in the drafting of Congress’s bank bailout even after she had made others aware she had a potential conflict of interest with OneUnited.

OneUnited received $12 million in bailout funds in December 2008, after the bailout bill was passed....

According to the Investigative Subcommittee’s June report, OneUnited chief executive Kevin Cohee, as well as the bank’s top lawyer, Robert Cooper, contacted Waters in September 2008, after the bank had lost $50 million on investments in the mortgage agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when they were taken over by the US government. Waters allegedly called then-Treasury chief Henry Paulson and arranged a meeting.

Guess who got stuck with the bills, taxpayers. 

Then the banks foreclosed to seize properties anyway.

Waters maintains she was looking to help an association of minority banks, of which Cooper was chairman-elect. But at the Treasury meeting, the OneUnited executives asked for a bailout for their own bank, according to the ethics report....

The delay of Waters’s hearing came one day after the House ethics committee voted to censure Representative Charles B. Rangel of New York for 11 violations, including failing to pay taxes on rental income from a villa he owns.

I hope the wrist slap didn't hurt.


Related: Handling of Waters case by Frank’s panel is under scrutiny 

Barney Frank, another scum in the bankster's pocket. 

Waters wants ethics committee investigated over delay of trial 

Also see: California Bank of Waters

Black Bank Robbers in Suits and Suites 

Not that one group should be held to a higher standard; however, it was hoped that those that were on the bottom for so long would have been a bit more honorable and decent. 

How naive was I.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gaza Two Years Later

Gaza: Two Years after the Horror

Monday, 27 December 2010 Ronan Macfield

Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) - This week marks the second anniversary of the horror inflicted on the people of the Gaza Strip. Nothing has changed! Gaza has returned to its pre-invasion state of siege, confronted with the usual international indifference. Two years after the Israeli assault that lasted 22 long days and dark nights, during which its brave people were left alone to face one of the strongest armies in the world, Gaza no longer makes the news. Its people die slowly, its children are malnourished, its water contaminated, and yet it is deprived even of a word of sympathy from the President the United States and the leaders of Europe.

The dehumanization of the Palestinians of Gaza continues unabated. But now the urgent question is how to hold Israel accountable to international law and basic principles of human rights in order to forestall further escalation.

One way to begin holding Israel accountable is through direct witness and citizen solidarity. For example, on December 27, an Asian aid convoy comprising of politicians and activists from 18 countries will arrive in Gaza in an attempt to break Israel's four year siege and to remind the world of the cruel consequences of the siege and the massacre.  It is one f the remarkable undertakings by international Civil Society organizations that have decided to take action into their own hand after the miserable failure of the “International Community.” Some of those activists experienced first hand what it means to show true solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza when nine Turkish activist were brutally murdered in broad-day light on Mavi Marmara.

While in Gaza, the convoy's activists will undoubtedly hear stories that will curdle the blood. During the massacre, one Israeli soldier commented, "That's what is so nice, supposedly, about Gaza: You see a person on a road, walking along a path. He doesn't have to be with a weapon, you don't have to identify him with anything and you can just shoot him."

Israel could not have carried out its brutal assault, preceded and followed by a punishing siege, without a green light from leading world powers....


Gaza 2009, like the Sharpeville 1960 massacre, cannot be ignored. It demands a response from all who believe in a common humanity. Nelson Mandela pointed the way to this shared humanity when years ago he stated, “But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Now is the time to boycott the Apartheid Israeli state, to divest from its economy and to impose sanctions against it....


Related: Israelis kill 2 militants in Gaza border action

Nope, nothing has changed at all. 

Also see: Israeli firms to help build Palestinian city

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Health Law to Result in Rationing

But don't look to the corporate AmeriKan media to diagnose it for you.

With new health law, mergers a concern

Hospitals, clinics, and doctor groups have deployed a small army of lawyers and lobbyists to try to persuade the Obama administration to relax or waive older laws intended to thwart monopolies and to protect against shoddy care and fraudulent billing of patients or Medicare.  

Just looking out for your health, dear Americans.

Consumer advocates fear that the health care law could worsen some of the problems it was meant to solve — by reducing competition, driving up costs, and creating incentives for doctors and hospitals to stint on care, in order to retain their cost-saving bonuses.  

I kept typing it and typing it, but did they listen?

Also see: Obama's HMOs

At least there is Medicare:

Doctors shift away from elderly patients who use Medicare

Doctors across the country describe similar decisions, complaining that they’ve been forced to shift away from Medicare toward higher-paying patients, either privately insured or self-paying, in response to years of penny-pinching by Congress

After all the money they have poured in all these years? 

So who stole the loot?

Also see: Obama's Healthy Lies

At least the ill can get coverage, right?

Health plans for high-risk patients lag

The new program continues to attract only a fraction of the projected customers.

At the same time, since the high-risk insurance pools began in late summer and early fall, the medical bills have been much higher than anticipated in a few states, raising the question of whether the $5 billion that Congress has allocated for the program could run out even if relatively few people join.


The new health care law [is] experiencing growing pains. 

All that time it took to write and pass the thing and it's a PoS on its arrival?

US mandates strict new cost management for health insurers

Industry watchers said the final regulations wound up being more manageable than investors initially feared.  

Yeah, you SEE who is FIRST UP in the CHECK-UP LINE, 'eh? 

Investors = Wall Street in newspaperese!

Health insurers face rate hike rule

Health insurers will have to justify some rate increases starting next year under a proposed federal rule.  The federal government will not have the authority to reject rate increases, but....  

Then "but" nuthin'!

Also seeJudge voids key part of Obama health care law

Doesn't matter. 

They have that covered, can you believe it? 

Fallback plan could save health care rule

Even if the Supreme Court ultimately agrees that government cannot require individuals to carry health coverage, the Obama administration could borrow a strategy that Medicare has used for decades to compel consumers to join new insurance groups.

Medicare’s coverage for doctor visits is voluntary and carries a separate premium, yet more than nine in 10 older people sign up. The reason is simple: Those who opt out when they first become eligible face a lifelong penalty that escalates the longer they wait.  

This is the government that is supposed to be TAKING CARE OF YOU, huh?

The same kind of penalty could be incorporated into the health care overhaul to replace its current mandate that all those who can afford a policy must get one.  

And remember when they said no death panels?

"When a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning touched off a political storm over “death panels,’’ Democrats dropped it from legislation to overhaul the health care system. But the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation, starting Jan. 1.

Hey, what is one more lie from a government and mouthpiece media that is full of them day after day?


Also see: Obamacare the End of Employer-Based Health Plans

That was supposed to be the foundati.... sigh. 

I'm not feeling too good, readers.  Happens every I ead a Boston Globe. 

Blizzard of Boston Globe Snow Stories

One wonders what else they are obscuring:

Early-winter wallop
Storm tests patience, fortitude of travelers
NE greets storm with caution, appreciation
Snowstorm blankets East, frustrating holiday travel
Advocates aid homeless on snowy Boston streets
Wild, woolly, and gone
Passengers stranded at Logan could be in for a long wait
Blizzard leaves Northeast travelers bleary-eyed 
Cold, white, windy — but maybe not a blizzard
Coastal towns faced flood, fire, and fury during peak of storm
Challenges of cleanup seem to bring out best in neighbors
For plow drivers, just another long, snowy shift
As snow tapers, stories accumulate
Early storm may be a bonanza for N.E. ski resorts 
Paying plows by inch, not hour, can save a city’s snow budget

I'm so buried in Boston Globe s*** I won't be able to read those. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

The whiteout wipe out has left to too tired to read the Globe. 

I thought you might enjoy this nugget from the New York Times:

New York Times claims global warming creates the record cold weather!


Here is the letter I just sent to the New York Times, which they probably will not print, but you should post anywhere you see more of this warm = cold nonsense.

I hope the New York Times is smart enough to understand that this claim that global warming makes cold weather is not science, but science fiction; a plot device lifted from the science fiction movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, and interestingly enough the same film Al Gore stole computer-generated ice cracking from for his so-called “documentary”.

The global warming cult and its financial arm, the “Carbonazis”, have invested a huge amount of time and money and political capital selling the need for a carbon tax to the world, to fund the new global environmental authority as a step towards global government. But three harsh winters in a row have sounded the death knell for the warmista predictions, and this “hot climate makes cold weather” nonsense is a Hail Mary pass to save the agenda in the face of harsh winter reality setting in, by claiming that the cold weather is what the theory of global warming predicted.

Yet we know this is nonsense. Back in 2000 the Hadley CRU (the institution at the heart of the Climategate email and software scandal) stated “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”.

In 2008, scientists were claiming there would be no ice at the North Pole.

Also in 2008, the warmistas were claiming that winter as a whole no longer existed!

And only last October, the UK Met Office declared that global warming would result in a very mild winter this year.

Interesting fact: the Chairman of the Met Office board, Robert Napier, is or has been:

* Chairman of the Green Fiscal Trust*
* Chairman of the trustees of the World Centre of Monitoring of Conservation
* a director of the Carbon Disclosure Project
* a director of the Carbon Group
* Chief executive of the World Wildlife Fund UK

He is also a member of the Green Alliance.

Entire careers and funding have been built on the theory that the Earth is getting warmer, and people like JUDAH COHEN, whose blurb indicates is part of the global warming establishment, are writing now that heat causes freezing in an effort not to lose their jobs and funding despite having totally blown predicting what was going to happen.

There is more at stake here than just academic tenure and scientific funding. Around the world, local governments struggling with the harsh economy have heard the constant proclamations of warmer winters and have slashed their budgets for winter preparations, secure in the knowledge they would not need as much road grit, ploughs, or fuel oil as previous winters.

The result is that the disaster of these last three winters has been magnified by lack of adequate preparation. Already Britain has sold out of standard snow tires and is running out of road grit. Budgets for winter contingencies are already exhausted across Europe, and most tragic of all, the millions of people made homeless by the Wall Street excesses of the last ten years are freezing to death as heating fuel for shelters and warming centers runs out. Dozens have died just in Santa Barbara California.

The blood of all those dying in winter accidents on unprepared roads, or freezing to death, is on the hands of those academics, media pundits, and scientists, who all signed onto the global warming agenda because it was fashionable and trendy and the source of vast amounts of research grants, together with the investors who planned to do to the entire world with carbon what Enron had done to California with electricity; force people to buy a carbon credit, a mythical commodity literally created out of thin air that was planned to fuel the next great Wall Street bubble.

The New York Times does itself and its readers a grave disservice when it runs op-ed pieces by environmentalists with clear conflicts of interest, especially when said op-ed ignored a decade of predictions of warmer winters to claim that record cold is what their pet science-fiction theory actually predicted, and that one can make ice by heating a pan of water on the stove.

Shame on the New York Times for not exercising due diligence in vetting these global warming propaganda pieces. One would almost think the Times has reverted to those pre-Titanic days when you reported that intelligent life was building the canals on Mars!

Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
War is Peace
Warming is Cooling
(Apologies to George Orwell)

Michael Rivero 



"A little bit of history about the NY Times.

Back in 1912, the New York Times was just another New York paper, fighting for circulation with sensational stories about the how the canals on Mars had actually been photographed and revealed in the August 27th issue the construction of 2 new canals by the Martians in 1911.

As part of their attempts to lure more readers, the New York Times had invested in a Marconi wireless set, a radio receiver whose antenna was atop the building that housed the New York Times, but whose operators were featured in a street level room with large windows, not unlike a department store showcase window. Passers-by could gaze through the window at the Marconi operators playing with this latest high-tech gizmo.

But on the night of April 14th, the wireless operators at the New York Times picked up second and third hand reports of a ship in trouble out at sea. Details were sketchy, but the night editor of the Times knew that a story about a ship sinking was going to sell more newspapers than a ship that was saved, so in the absence of any real information the New York Times rolled a special late-night edition. The editor had guessed right, and the next morning the New York Times was the only newspaper on the street reporting that RMS Titanic had sunk the night before. That one story transformed the New York Times overnight from just another tabloid into New York's top newspaper; a position they have held ever since." -- Wake the Flock Up

I'm so glad I no longer read or visit the New York Times website.  What a PoS paper.  

Update: FULL COURT PRESS! Democracy Now drinks the "Global warming makes cold weather" Kool-Aid 

How sad.  I used to watch the show religiously about six years ago, but now I never even think about it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Globe Shutout and Shutdown

Seeing as I've already used my five free stories for the day and the snow has started to come down these are the stories I might have read.  

Storm gives parts of South white Christmas, heads north  

Snow in Alabama?

Eastern Mass. braces for blizzard

Looks like I will be busy most of today and tomorrow.... 

Page one

From the Pentagon to the private sector
The Globe analyzed the career paths of 750 of the highest ranking generals and admirals who retired during the last two decades and found that, for most, moving into what many in Washington call the “rent-a-general” business with defense firms is all but irresistible. (By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff)  

Not really news, is it?

Inside related:

Seminars teach officers how to land industry jobs

Airport scanner companies hiring former federal workers

That's why the war-profiteering label has been applied.

The $elf-$erving intere$t$ never end$ when it come$ to war!

Schools lag on bullying strategy
Forty percent of Massachusetts school districts have not filed bullying-prevention plans with the state, despite a Dec. 31 deadline for administrators to comply with a new law that seeks to improve protection for students in the classroom and beyond. (By Jenna Russell, Globe Staff) 

And beyond? 

Actually, acne is the real cause of many teen suicides -- and I blame the overly-image conscious media for that! 

Related: The Boston Globe's Invisible Ink: She's No Princess

I think I'm done getting bullied by the Boston Globe, readers. 

Charlie, out from the underground

He can go back now, Globe.  

Pope urges Catholics to keep the faith around world

Oh, I have faith; I have just lost it in my church. 

‘You are not forgotten about’ 

You are here. I can't read everything. 

O’Malley holds prayer service at shelter

I'm skipping prayers today, sorry.  
I seem to lose my appetite the minute I open the Globe in the morning.

Gee, you sure can see where the war agenda is headed, huh?

Good Lord, I'm so sick of being divided and split by the supremacist AmeriKan media!
Looks like this is the end:

"When a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning touched off a political storm over “death panels,’’ Democrats dropped it from legislation to overhaul the health care system. But the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation, starting Jan. 1.

The media-deemed crazies were right after the left-wing hollered liars?


Boston Globe about to go for a review, dear readers. 

Cholera For Christmas

That's what the U.N. gave Haiti!

Haiti in dire need of soap to help combat cholera epidemic

The terrifying cholera outbreak is quickly spreading.

Related: Haitians Hot Under the Cholera

You would be to if the media implied it was your fault.  

Time for a diversion:

Plethora of candidates jockey to lead Haiti

Haiti's presidential election revolves around personalities rather than parties or issues.

Just like ours, Americans!  

Related: Haitian immigrants vote in mock election

Major presidential candidates call Haiti elections fraudulent

Monitors deem Haiti vote flawed but valid 

Who could ever believe in elections again? 

It's enough to make you sick:

"Cholera epidemic in Haiti overwhelming rural clinics; Health agency says 650,000 people could get infected" by Ben Fox, Associated Press / December 5, 2010

LIMBE, Haiti — A gray-haired woman, her eyes sunken and unfocused from dehydration, stumbles up a dirt path slumped on the shoulder of a young man, heading to a rural clinic so overcrowded that plastic tarps have been strung up outside to shade dozens who can’t fit inside.

On the path to the clinic, another cholera victim lies dazed, her head bleeding because she couldn’t stay atop the motorcycle taxi that carried her along the twisting country roads to the treatment center on the front line of Haiti’s sudden battle with cholera.

Nearby, a 16-month-old girl wails as a nurse prods her with a needle, trying to find a vein for the intravenous fluids she needs to save her life.

Many feared Haiti’s growing epidemic would overwhelm a capital teeming with more than 1 million people left homeless by January’s earthquake. But, so far, it is the countryside seeing the worst of an epidemic that has killed nearly 1,900 people since erupting less than two months ago.

Rural clinics are overrun by the sick, straining staff and supplies at medical outposts that could barely handle their needs before the epidemic....

Dr. Benson Sergiles, a doctor from Cap-Haitien:  “It’s getting worse by the day.’’  

Who stole all the aid loot?

The Health Ministry said there have been more than 80,000 cases since cholera was first detected in late October and the Pan-American Health Organization projects it could sicken 650,000 people over the next six months.  


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, reporting to the General Assembly on Friday, said that statistics about the epidemic are rough estimates because the cases are concentrated in slums and rural areas with little access to health care.

“Our teams believe the actual number of deaths and current infections may, in fact, be up to twice as high,’’ he said, adding that Haiti will require hundreds of more doctors, nurses, and thousands of community health workers to deal with the outbreak.

The cases are also rising further into the countryside, as at the little clinic near Limbe.

Fear over the spread of cholera even triggered a violent witch hunt in the remote southwestern Grand Anse region, where locals have killed at least 12 neighbors on suspicions they used “black magic’’ to infect people, national police spokesman Frantz Lerebours said.

Cholera made its first appearance on record in Haiti near the central town of Mirebalais. From there it spread north through the Artibonite region. It has sickened thousands in the capital, but it is the vast rural population that is most vulnerable because cholera is spread by bacteria in contaminated water, and poor rural people often have no access to clean water and no clinics nearby.
See: Cholera Comes to Haiti

Now watch the media try to BLAME the HAITIANS!

“Most Haitians live in rural areas, and most don’t have latrines,’’ said Dr. Louise Ivers of Partners in Health, a Boston-based aid group. “Most people have to do their business in a hole in the back garden and drink water from an unprotected source.’’

It is these people who have the fewest options when they get sick. “Why do you die from cholera? Because you don’t have access to health care,’’ Ivers said.


Yup, U.N. DOESN'T WANT to focus on WHERE it came from -- and the MOUTHPIECE MEDIA DUTIFULLY COMPLIES!

"Haiti says cholera has killed more than 2,000" by Associated Press / December 7, 2010

A boy suffering from cholera was treated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, yesterday. Thousands have been sickened by the disease. 
A boy suffering from cholera was treated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, yesterday. Thousands have been sickened by the disease. (Guillermo Arias/ Associated Press) 
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — More than 2,000 people have died of cholera since late October, Haitian officials said yesterday, and more than 91,700 others have been sickened by the disease.
Cholera had never been seen before in Haiti before the outbreak began along the rural Artibonite River. Due to dire sanitation and systemic health care shortages, it has spread to every region of the country.

Aid workers have tried to bring the epidemic under control but it continues to rage, especially in rural areas....

Also yesterday, a motorboat overloaded with Haitian migrants slammed into a reef off the British Virgin Islands and capsized as it tried to evade authorities. Five people were killed, including two infants.

Such is the hard life of a Haitian.


Related: Field cut to 2 in Haiti presidential race

"Protests shake Haiti after vote; Many doubt official tally of first ballot" by Deborah Sontag, New York Times / December 9, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Violent protests, ignited by preliminary presidential election results in Haiti that were widely considered suspect, shut down this troubled country yesterday and threatened the fragile stability that has held since the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake.  

We just accept them here in AmeriKa now because it really doesn't matter whether red Turd A or blue Turd B wins. Both are beholden to banks and Israel.

Businesses and schools were closed, streets emptied of traffic, and the international airport was closed. Protesters set fire to the party headquarters of President Rene Preval’s chosen successor, and many hundreds marched on the Electoral Council offices, where United Nations peacekeeping troops repelled them with tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash-bang grenades.  

So much for keeping the peace.

Protesters barricaded streets with heaps of earthquake rubble and burned hundreds of tires, sending plumes of black smoke into the air.   

Still not cleared nearly a year later.

The marches and clashes interrupted an otherwise eerie stillness with chanting, drums, gunfire, and sirens. Haitian radio reported that four protesters had been killed....

The Nov. 28 elections were marred by disorganization, voter intimidation, the ransacking of polling stations, and fraud. Preval said yesterday that the election had been deemed valid by international observers.

I say their credibility was just flushed down the Haitian toilet -- if they had one, that is!

But electoral observers from the Organization of American States and the Caribbean countries gave a less than resounding endorsement, saying they did not believe the “irregularities, serious as they were, necessarily invalidated the election.’’

Shortly after the preliminary results were released, the US Embassy expressed its own skepticism about the “irregularities’’ of the election results and their inconsistency with findings of an independent Haitian group that had posted thousands of observers across the country. The group found Manigat and Martelly to be the front-runners.  

RIGGED ELECTIONS are becoming the NORM -- if they weren't always!


You know what news I'm looking for, readers -- and it ain't s*** politics!

"Haiti officials will recount disputed vote; Decision made after protests roiled capital" by Jonathan M. Katz, Associated Press / December 10, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Martelly’s supporters again paralyzed streets in the capital yesterday, piling earthquake rubble into barricades and squaring off with police and UN peacekeepers....

Meanwhile, scientists yesterday reported the strongest evidence yet that a cholera outbreak that has killed more than 2,000 people in Haiti can be traced to South Asia.

The analysis fits with, but does not prove, the controversial idea that the disease came from UN troops dispatched from that region.


DNA analysis found that cholera bacteria recovered in Haiti were nearly identical to strains predominant in South Asia and different from those found in Latin America, researchers said. 

If it is GOOD ENOUGH for CONVICTIONS in the U.S. (so much so that Massachusetts wants police to hold on to it even when they don't have a suspect) then it is GOOD ENOUGH for the Haitians! 

That indicates that cholera was introduced by people, rather than arriving through ocean currents or arising within Haiti, as has been suggested, said Harvard researcher Dr. Matthew Waldor. 

Nor is it the SQUALOR with Haitians have found themselves living -- for the LAST 50 YEARS!


Also see: DNA breakthrough may help Haiti fight cholera

Yeah, now that they have identified where it came from.

"Candidates reject plan for recount in Haiti election"  by Jonathan M. Katz, Associated Press / December 12, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Blockades and rock-throwing continued in a few areas, but violence had largely subsided in most parts of the capital by yesterday and many people rushed to reopened markets to stock up on food, water, fuel, and other supplies in fear that more protests could erupt.

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and a potential US presidential candidate, shrugged off a US travel warning and arrived in the Haitian capital yesterday, accompanying evangelist Franklin Graham on a visit expected to include cholera-treatment centers and other projects undertaken by his charity group....  

The nutty Christians trying to help Catholic Haiti?

Meanwhile, US immigration authorities will resume deporting some Haitians.



Sending them back to what? 

Haiti earthquake victim faces eviction from tent camp

Government and aid agencies, which have already built some temporary housing, have ambitious plans to build much more -- if they can find the land.  

We have plenty of empty houses here in AmeriKa.

First, rubble must be cleared.  

Well, what the hell have they been doing down there the past year?

It has been estimated by engineers that there's enough detritus in Port-au-Prince to fill dump trucks stretching halfway around the world. Removal is painstaking: Heavy equipment can't travel down twisting, pocked streets, and work must proceed gingerly, given the human remains and personal valuables that remain entombed.  

I'm sick of the f***ing excuses!  

We sure knock the stuff down fast enough with weapons of war.

Aid agencies predict some camps -- especially the big ones -- may turn into permanent urban slums akin to the city's Cite Soleil shantytown. Even if people do leave, there's no guarantee they will find a place to live.   

The Western Hemisphere's version of Palestinians.

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Quake victim’s kin ferry supplies for Haiti

Family keeping Britney Gengel’s last wish alive

US will pay for Haitian vote fraud

Nantucket man is jailed in Haiti on kidnap charge

Relatives fear for Nantucket man held in Haiti

US aid worker insists on his innocence

Haiti earthquake results in quicker US adoptions

Nothing like putting a MSM smiley-face on a pile of s***!

Yeah, the Boston Globe's gifts do stink!

Globe Xmas Gifts: Kashmir Sweater

A one-day wonder just like the day itself:

"All roads lead to Kashmir; Solving the dispute between India and Pakistan is vital to achieving a broader regional peace" by Basharat Peer and Sasha Polakow-Suransky,  December 24, 2010

Basharat Peer, an Open Society Fellow, is the author of “Curfewed Night.’’ Sasha Polakow-Suransky, a senior editor at Foreign Affairs, is the author of “The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa.’’ 

How did they get on ops space in my Boston Globe? 

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That's not something I've seen in my AmeriKan paper. 

In early July, the bodies of three young laborers killed by Indian troops were discovered in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir, unleashing a wave of protests. Police fired tear gas at protesters in Srinagar and killed a 17-year-old student, who was simply passing by. Soon, young Kashmiris armed with stones were battling Indian troops, who responded with bullets. An intense military curfew followed. From July to September, the Kashmiri intifada raged on killing 110 and injuring at least 1,500.

India has long resisted any outside attempt to mediate in Kashmir. The Indian government panicked after Barack Obama’s historic election in November 2008, fearing that Obama might appoint Bill Clinton as a special envoy to Kashmir as he had suggested during the campaign. And even before Holbrooke’s post was announced in January 2009, Indian officials and their allies in Washington lobbied furiously to have the words India and Kashmir excluded from the veteran US diplomat’s portfolio. India did not want to be seen as paying the price for US failures in Afghanistan by being forced to negotiate on Kashmir

Yet the occupation of Kashmir remains a stain on India’s democracy. Over 500,000 Indian troops and paramilitary forces are stationed there. Killings of civilians by security forces routinely go unreported and unpunished as a result of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which effectively gives Indian troops stationed in Kashmir a de facto license to kill 

Yes, it seems that MOWING DOWN MUSLIMS is OKAY in this world -- as is the DENIAL of THEIR OWN SELF-DETERMINATION that is GRANTED to OTHERS!

The most recent trove of WikiLeaks confirmed what human-rights organizations have long alleged: that Indian troops have systematically tortured Kashmiri prisoners.  


Wikileaks - The Tel Aviv Connection 

Wikileaks and Espionage - Israeli Style 

WikiLeaks: Advancing an Israeli Agenda? 

Sure seems that way.

Also see: Wikileaking Our Way To War

The AmeriKan Media's Poison Pill


Yeah, not a word about that.

After documenting widespread torture and sexual humiliation of prisoners who “were rarely militants,” the Red Cross told US officials in 2005 that it had concluded that the Indian government “condones torture.”  

Well, well, well, ONCE AGAIN we are talking about a U.S. ALLY and WAR CRIMES!

AmeriKan media SURE KEPT it QUIET, huh?


I'm getting a little warm, readers.

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Yeah, that was about the same time my Globe coverage stopped. 

Globe Xmas Gifts: Guard to Afghanistan

"At Camp Phoenix, a sprawling, razor-wire-wrapped compound on the outskirts of Kabul that is home to some 2,500 US and NATO soldiers, Molin is one of 170 members of the Massachusetts National Guard, part of the largest deployment of Bay State guardsmen since World War II. Inside the dusty base, it is Christmas. A decorated tree stands on the porch of the chapel. American soldiers sing “Silent Night’’ outside the mess hall. Santa poses for pictures. As their families back home mark the holidays without them, the soldiers try to find small ways to acknowledge Christmas while doing their job.



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Mass. soldier in Afghanistan reported killed 

Wartime losses hit hard in tight knit Fall River 

Slain Marine remembered for his determination 

Funeral of soldier killed in Afghanistan to be held in Salem 

And just how are we "helping" over there?

"Afghans lose faith in ability of US and its allies to provide security; New poll indicates shift in sentiment" by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post / December 7, 2010

Afghans are more pessimistic about the direction of their country, less confident in the ability of the United States and its allies to provide security, and more willing to negotiate with the Taliban than they were a year ago, according to a new poll conducted in all of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.  

And AmeriKa and her mouthpiece media are calling it progress!

But the changes in Helmand and Kandahar bolster claims by senior US military officials, including General David Petraeus, the top coalition commander, that the application of greater combat power and civilian assistance is starting to make a difference.

But the results also lay bare the challenge that remains in encouraging more Afghans to repudiate the insurgency and cast their lot with the government. 

I'm just wondering if you have had it with the corporate media horse s*** like me.


"The Afghan Defense Ministry also condemned a coalition airstrike that it said mistakenly killed two Afghan soldiers on Tuesday. The ministry said in a statement that three other Afghan soldiers were wounded in the airstrike in Charkh district of Logar Province in eastern Afghanistan. NATO said it was investigating the airstrike.  

Aren't those our guys?

Two NATO service members died yesterday following an insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan.

Who cares anymore? 

I wanted them out years ago. 




"Afghan blast kills 6 US soldiers; Troops had just moved into outpost" by C.J. Chivers, New York Times / December 13, 2010

ZHARE, Afghanistan — Six US soldiers were killed and more than a dozen American and Afghan troops were wounded yesterday when a van packed with explosives was detonated at a new jointly operated outpost in southern Afghanistan.

The Taliban swiftly claimed responsibility for the bombing. “We have killed numbers of Americans and Afghan soldiers and wrecked and ruined their security check post,’’ a Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, said by telephone. “We will carry out similar attacks in the future.’’


Was this one?

Afghan bombing kills 3 children

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Yeah, right, our "friends at the BG.

"Attacks in Afghanistan kill 3 kids, NATO soldier

The international Red Cross warned Wednesday of an increase in the number of Afghan armed groups operating in the country as bombings killed three children and a NATO soldier in separate attacks in southern Afghanistan.

Khan Mohammad Mujhid, the police chief in Kandahar province said a remote-controlled bomb, which was set up on a bicycle, exploded in a parking lot that serves as a gathering place for Afghans traveling to and from Saudi Arabia for the annual hajj pilgrimage.

"How could anyone attack this pilgrimage center?" asked Haji Alam, the father of two of the children who were killed. "I don't know how can a Muslim do that?"

They didn't.

Tens of thousands of Afghan and NATO forces have been deployed in the southern provinces of Kandahar and Helmand and have been making progress in their battle against the Taliban. 

Isn't it quite enough at this point, readers?  

When do you stop listening to a broken record?

Militants have responded with bomb attacks aimed at threatening the population and preventing the government from gaining the support of the people.

Right, that's just what a militant would do if he wanted to be counterproductive, cui bono? 


"Now stop and think here for a moment. All revolutions depend on public support. Revolutionaries try to first win the people before they take on the government. So, no revolutionary goes out and murders civilians in cold blood. Did Washington and his men just mow down a marketplace of their fellow colonials for the heck of it? No, they did not. Washington and the Founding Fathers knew that their revolution to build a new country needed the support of those who would live in that country. This is true for every revolution in history. Therefore, these acts of terror being blamed on the insurgency must all be fakes, committed by intelligence agencies working for the governments to be blamed on the insurgents in order to destroy public support for the revolution." -- Wake the Flock Up 

And the agenda-pushing paper turns it around 18-degrees and puts it on its head! 

That is why I NO LONGER BELIEVE THEM regarding anything.

Fighting also has continued in eastern Afghanistan, along the border with Pakistan, where the Haqqani network, a Pakistan-based Taliban faction closely tied to al-Qaida, holds sway.  

What network is that?

"Haqqani.... credited with introducing suicide bombing to the region.... cultivated as a "unilateral" asset of the CIA and received tens of thousands of dollars in cash for his work.... He may have had a role in expediting the escape of Osama Bin Laden.... In July 2008, CIA officials confronted Pakistan officials with evidence of ties between Inter-Services Intelligence and Haqqani. Haqqani has been accused of involvement in the 2008 Indian embassy bombing in Kabul.... The Haqqani Network is based in Pakistan and is believed to have links to Al Qaeda." 

Beginning to get the picture? 

The Red Cross has long been able to operate in even the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan because of a commitment to treat all comers and because of its ability to negotiate access with the Taliban or other insurgent groups.  

Negotiate with intolerant Taliban?  

Also see: Aid Workers Killed in Afghanistan 

Gee, who would want to do that? 

 But a rise of small armed bands across the country has made such negotiations more difficult, said Reto Stocker, Afghanistan head for the International Committee of the Red Cross, or ICRC.  


Often they don't know who to talk with to ensure the safety of their workers and the shifting security situation makes it too dangerous to risk going into many areas, he said.

"In a growing number in areas of the country, we are entering a new, rather murky period. We see that the proliferation of armed groups threatens the ability of humanitarian organizations to access those in need," Stocker told reporters in the capital, Kabul. 

It is CALLED PROGRESS according to the Obama administration.

In the past, Red Cross workers were able to get out to areas where there had been clashes or violent incidents within days. Now, sometimes it takes weeks or months, he said.

"Access for the ICRC has, over the last 30 years never been as poor and difficult in Afghanistan," Stocker said....  

Again, it is PROGRESS!

Also Wednesday, NATO said coalition and Afghan investigators have been sent to Helmand province to assess an incident in which coalition aircraft accidentally killed an Afghan civilian and wounded two children the day before. The aircraft was called in to support Afghan and coalition forces who came under fire Tuesday in Marjah district.   

More PROGRESS, I see!!


Globe's web replacement: Taliban rise in north Afghanistan (By Alissa J. Rubin, New York Times)


"Taliban attacks kill 13 Afghans; Raids include bus ambush in capital" by Amir Shah, Associated Press / December 20, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban fighters struck at Afghan security forces yesterday, storming an army recruiting center in the north that sparked a daylong gun battle and ambushing a bus carrying army officers in the capital — the first major attack in Kabul since May.  


At least 13 Afghan security forces were killed in the two attacks, with the firefight at the recruiting center in the northern province of Kunduz ending only after the last militant detonated his suicide vest, police officials said. The Taliban claimed responsibility for both operations.

The violence in Kunduz, where security has deteriorated during the past two years, came a day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited her country’s troops in the province.

“The purpose of her trip was to give morale to her soldiers. But today the successful attack is shaking the hearts of the occupation soldiers,’’ Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said.

Most fighting in Afghanistan has been concentrated in the south. An internal review of President Obama’s year-old war strategy unveiled Thursday noted progress against Taliban momentum, particularly in southern areas that saw a surge of international troop levels.  


But the Taliban have been showing they can strike outside those areas.  

Nor is the MOUTHPIECE AmeriKan MEDIA and its ENDLESS BUTS!

 NATO said an international service member died in a bomb attack in the south yesterday, bringing the number of foreign troops killed in Afghanistan this year to 690, according to an Associated Press count. Previously, the worst year of war was 2009, with 502 foreign troops killed. 



Related: Afghan Parliament to convene Jan. 20  

I'm sorry, the U.S. air strikes were censored and cut for you webbers.

"Afghans probe NATO raid that killed 2" by Associated Press / December 25, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan authorities said yesterday that they were investigating an overnight raid by NATO troops on a private security company that killed two Afghan guards. NATO said the operation was conducted following a threat against the US Embassy.  

Is NATO at WAR with Afghanistan?

Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary said the probe was looking into why international forces raided the compound of Tiger International, an Afghan private security company, killing two Afghan guards and wounding another two.

But NATO said the operation was conducted jointly with Afghan forces after “a credible threat to attack the US Embassy’’ was received. It said coalition forces coordinated with Afghan security forces and moved into an area where intelligence reports had located two vehicles thought to be loaded with explosives. 

Bin of bullshit.

The coalition forces were fired on after they had announced their arrival, and they returned fire, killing two of the shooters, NATO’s statement said. Two others were wounded, it said, and 15 people were detained in the operation. Those detained were released after a senior Afghan Army official arrived and vouched for them, NATO said.


Take care, America.  I'm going off-duty.