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Actually, no. I'm planning another massive toss-out of unread s***.


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At least we won't be getting fat on Globe candy

And at the bottom of it all (a$ u$ual):

"Calif. adopts cap-and-trade emission plan" October 21, 2011|By Jason Dearen, Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO - California adopted the nation’s most comprehensive “cap-and-trade’’ system yesterday, an experiment by the world’s eighth-largest economy that is designed to provide financial incentives for polluters to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

State officials said they hoped other states and Washington, D.C., would follow suit, calling the plan a capstone among the suite of tools California can use to reduce the pollution linked to climate change and cut dependence on foreign oil.

“For half a century every American president has been calling for America to move away from our dependence on foreign oil and become energy independent,’’ said Mary Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board.

“The reason we have not succeeded in addressing our addiction to petroleum is because we did not have the right set of policy tools,’’ Nichols said. “Now we do. Cap-and-trade provides a reward for doing the right thing.’’  

Why must someone be rewarded for that?


Some businesses regulated under the program say it will increase the price of electricity for consumers and hurt job creation by raising the cost of doing business in the state. But the program’s supporters expect cap-and-trade to spur economic recovery and innovation, by pushing business to invest in clean technologies....

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